Wednesday, November 12, 2003

No Smoking please

Lindsay just reminded me that you can still smoke at Lit. When Greg and I were in London (by the way, he is the best travel companion ever, you should ask him to travel with you even if you dont know him), we kept on forgetting that we could smoke in clubs and even restaurants. We've gotten so used to not being able to smoke anywhere that we were like "whoa, look! people smoking! while eating! while drinking!" We also agreed that we didn't like the smoke so much even thought we're both smokers. The german word for oxygen is something that sounds like "sourstuff" but spelled differently. Also, emergency landing is "not landing" ... they dont really mess around those germans, do they?

Oh, speaking of Germans, when i went to Madame Toussaud's wax museum I took a photo with Adolf Hitler, but i took my star of david necklace from my neck and put it around his for the photo. The germans were laughing hysterically. some of my friends thought i was totally sick in the head. It was Greg's idea and i think he's a genius.

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