Friday, November 21, 2003

Forgive me.

Tonight was a busy, busy, busy night. Went to see Franz Ferdinand at Pianos. They were great. So great. Reminded me of a band whose name I forget and whose lyrics I managed to totally fuck up when I sang them to my friends. They're not "I would like to shoot your daughter" ... it's something else... ATC? ATO? Anyway, they had also a very Joy Division sound to them with their guitars and dressed like Russian migrant workers or like Interpol would if they had less money. The bassist played with the straightest face as if he were about to burst out into laughter and I wish that I didnt wear a strapless dress cause it kept on slipping down which made it hard to dance. None of these sentances make any sense.

After Pianos I rode my bike (it's fucking cold and i'm wearing a dress AND platform boots) to Lit to see Five O'Clock Heroes and meet up with the boyfriends. I didn't see Raph, but I hung out with Greg. Oh, the band sounded like the Jam, and were great. The drummer is named Mike and he looks like Gavin from Bush. I also met this girl named Marni who recognized me from Brian's website. Marni was stunning. She looked like Angelina Jolie, but 5'3 and with a totally different voice. If I ever decided to finally bite the bullet and make out with a girl, she'd be the one. The resemblance is uncanny. You'd agree with me.

After 5OH i went back to Lit because both Daniel and Paul strongly, strongly suggested I check out a band that was playing cause they had opened up for Interpol at some point. Again, I've forgotten their names and think it might be a good time to quit some brain cell crushing habits. When I got to Pianos i found out that the band that i had never heard about until 45 minutes earlier wouldnt be on until close to 1am. I got tired of trying to avoid people and said "fuck this noise" and went to the Library to meet up with Rob, Marc, Lizzy, Maureen, Chuck, and Erin.

At the Library we talked about many very important topics like bloggers, Michael Jackson, and being a talking head. Talking about being a talking head was one of those really bizarre things that i pictured talking heads doing before I actually became one. I thought all the talking heads would get together and laugh about how they're on another tv show and kind of laugh at the normal people for not being on tv -- we sort of did that, but laughed at ourselves instead of others. Tomorrow I'm going to be taping "The Fabulous Life of Christina Aguilera" and my brother wanted to know when i became the xtina expert. Good fucking question.

About Michael Jackson: I dont understand how he was labeled as "black" on the mugshot thing. I mean, let's pretend Michael isnt Michael and he gets arrested and brought to jail and they're filling out the stats card... for a person who is not a super star international super star, they would've put "white" or "caucasion" for him. If you're sending out an APB on someone like Michael Jackson -- who isnt Michael Jackson -- and you're a cop on the radio, you're not gonna be like "Please be on the look out for a light skinned black male, 5'11 and 120 lbs" ... you're gonna be like "Please be on the look out for a gray skinned male, 5'11 and 120 lbs". Basically, what i'm trying to say is: Just like they changed California state law to require minors to cooperate with prosecutors on child abuse cases AFTER Jacko managed to settle out of court, they should change the way we list skin color. They should actually apply to a person's skin color and not their race. Michael Jackson, theoretically, would go unnoticed if he was running from cops and a nobody because they'd be looking for a black man. Jacko is clearly not this.

I wrote a lot tonight. Whoa. I'm tired and had nothing to drink at all. A glass of water. That's all. I'm now exhausted and I hate partying. I really do. I need to hibernate.

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