Wednesday, November 19, 2003

I suck.

I suck because last night on my way to Karen's house from Times Square -- where i was going to pre-party -- my phone died. So i had to haul ass to my house on the LES, charge my phone, and by the time I got up to Irving, Kill Hannah were already off stage. I've flown to Chicago before to see them play and the fact that I was unable to get to 14th street just makes me so mad. Granted, I've seen them like, 6 times in the past 4 months, but their live show is just that good. Have you ever seen 5 cuter boys in your life on stage? I would guess the answer is no.

Anyway, the Darkness were so fucking good. It was retarded. Totally fucking retarded fun. I felt like a retard cuase I was so happy... and experienced joy in ways that only a retard could. Maybe I was just drunk, but I love tards.

Justin is so great and can sing so well and he's so not attractive. It's like proof that I actually enjoyed a show when i'm smiling the whole time and don't want to fuck the singer for at least the 50 minutes that he's on stage. The command that Justin had over the crowd was just heads above the Bowery show where you could sort of see that they were really nervous. There was no nervousness last night.

Hal, the jewish rock photographer trapped in Mick Jagger's body, provided for some fun times during the encore while he was perched on Adam Mandel's shoulders. Justin seemed to enjoy it at first, quite a bit, but then i think he got nervous when the spotlight was off him. I definitely enjoyed watching Hal. And I definitely enjoyed Justin's preying mantis pretending to be a bunny dance move.

Afterwards Guilia and I headed over to Sin-e for the Viscious party. All the usual scenesters were there. It makes my sudden appetite for hermitage so much easier if it means I can see all my friends in one fell swoop by walking two blocks for 30 minutes. I learned, on this excursion, that Dennis Realistics is playing an acoustic show on monday and will be playing many cover songs. "Faith" by George Micheal might be one of them. When I saw Audrey she asked me if I was drunk. I said no. She looked at me funny and then i said "Yeah, ok. I am drunk." I will go sober again. But like, when I'm pregnant or something. Who am i kidding?!

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