Thursday, November 20, 2003

This will be a blog about my sobriety...

Mom: Sarah, how's your drinking situation?
Me: It's alright mom. Haven't been drinking much at all lately. You were right, it's so great not to drink.
Mom: Great! And how are the boys?
Me: Great mom.
Mom: Why is your nose growing like Pinnochio?
Me: We're Jews mom. Our noses grow.

This morning I found a pill of vike in my purse. What the fuck? I have no idea how that got in there, but I was so super stoked to find it. I think the pill fairy (fairie?) dropped it in there during my less sober of days. My previous life.

Yesterday I had to stay home sick. Lizzy spent all of last week home ill and Vicki came over for like 5 hours on saturday and sunday and got really ill and the both of them wondered how i managed to stay alright. Tuesday night it hit me and I forced myself to stay home and recover. At night I got dragged out by my brother, Leight, Seth and Guilia to see Love, Actually. I am still in love with Hugh Grant.

Afterwards I hussied up and went to meet up with the stunning 30's movie starletLindsay at the Coral Room for what was supposed to be the White Stripes after party. They never showed up. But Lindsay's friends were lovely and sweet and cute and one of them looked like the singer of JJ72 -- a band that one person in NYC seems to care about. And that one person is me.

Oh. Little Stevie was there! And so was Carlos. This time we weren't dressed alike.

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