Saturday, August 16, 2003

The blackout ended on the Lower East Side at around 10pm, so rather than sit around at my brother Albert's apt with Sarah watching shitty movies and thinking of ten things i'd rather be doing than watching tv on the Upper west side, i found my friend Eve's number and went to meet up with him at Niagra. He bought me a carona and then we went to Lit to see Carlos DJ. At Lit, Eve and I learned from Carlos that the Libertines/BritishSeaPower/Livingthings show would be moved to either sunday or monday. How Carlos knew this information and Eve didnt (considering eve is in the livingthings) is beyond me, but we celebrated my sobriety and this news with a few drinks.

The BSP boys were milling about and I blamed them for the blackout. They blamed their sound guy. and I just drank. I never got drunk last night. I am pretty surprised considering i had three or four drinks. After last call Eve and I went to my rooftop to smoke cigarettes and drink the Beast, and Greg and Raphael drunk dialed me at around 5am and wouldnt get off the phone. I'm not sure what they were talking about. I think i've made plans with them for tonight, which is always a good time. At around 6:30 I sent Eve home so i could sleep til 3pm. which i did. NO hangover!

I drank last night because it wasn't a school night. And I never got drunk. The more the night went on the more my drunk friends would wander over to my seat at Lit, slur a few words, hug me and walk off. It's really funny to see people who are drunk off their asses when you're sober... but it's also kind of fun to be one of those people. But I gotta say, I appreciate BEING one of those people more when i'm one of them less.

I dont think this post is funny or anything. which pisses me off. i think i just ate too many french fries which isn't really helping anyone, now is it?

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