Wednesday, August 27, 2003

I repeat...

Tuesday is my designated, day-of-the-week, drinking day. I can drink on tuesdays because i dont go out really on fridays, and I dont go out that much on saturdays (saturdays are the new night to stay in and watch tv).

So last night I drank. It started off with two margaritas at Life on B and 10th (ew, why?) with Lizzy and Maureen, and ended on 3 caronas at SPRINGSTREET. The Panthers and Japanther were both DJing and I met up with my brother and a few other friends. My friend Stephen had just come from dinner at the SoHo House and presented me and Giulia with the reciept so we could at least touch it. $20 for 3 shrimp. I dont eat the bugs, but fuck me, that's expensive.

Needless to say, even after 5 drinks last night, I never got drunk. Giggly, yes, but never drunk. How am i building up a tolerance? This is pants!

Duran Duran tonight. Imran comes from London. He's going with AFI to the MTV VMAs. Tim arrives on friday for the Springsteen shows. I feel like there are more people visitng other than that... but i'm looking at my long weekend and realizing that it's gonna be very expensive and very drunk. Oh sobriety, where are you?

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