Friday, August 15, 2003

OK. So I would like to apologize to everyone who was fucked by the blackout. I did not mean to listen to the BSP song "Blackout" so many times the power would eventually be turned off in order to give us an ACTUAL blackout. But alas, I guess things work in such ways.

Right now Sarah and I are at my brother's apartment on the Upper West Side where there is electricity. She's watching "How to lose a guy in 10 days" and I'm remembering how i cringed to no end while watching it in february/march when it came out. Geezus. I really, really, really wish that I saw that movie like, 10 months before it came out. Anyway... I think we're gonna go see some "Pirates of the Carribean" as soon as this is over so i can reclaim my balls.

I'm also debating going over to Lit tonight because Carlos D. is supposed to DJ there and I did tell him that I'd go see him DJ. But I'm feeling VERY hungover from yesterday's booze cruise, which I forgot to mention, was followed by endless drinking by the SPIN staff at HiFi. The ligths were off but the taps were still running. And so the entire entire staff of Spin was there drinking their money away. I hugged a bunch of glasses of water (the 4 watered down whiskey sours hardly gave me a buzz, so i was trying to conserve some hydration). When I got home me, Lizzy and Sarah gathered around a bottle of wine and Milwakees Beast.

OK. So it looks like i'm not doing pirates. It's late and I'm hungover a bit. I'd just like to point out how amazing yesterday was. Everyone was just so helpful to each other and smiling and happy and wonderful. Walking down the streets, it was like "no power, oh well." It wasnt like 9/11 where you were frantically scurrying in total fear that a million bombs were about to be dropped on your head and you were going to die and the last thing you said the people you loved was "hold my hair, i feel like hurling." Anyway, i got great photos of everyone just chilling out. Drinking beers on the streets. Smoking cigarettes in the bars. It was all really wonderful. Me and the girls went on the roof to look at the city without any lights on (save for a few of the emergency lights and hospitals). All in all... it was all sort of sweet. I'm sad that my friends missed seeing Bob Dylan. I've gotta be totally selfish and say that i'm sadder for myself for missing British Sea Power. I was really looking forward to this show. Awww... nuts.

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