Saturday, August 2, 2003

So I've driven the wagon right off the road, fallen off, and got lost somewhere in the gutter. I tell myself that I'm gonna only drink two drinks a night when I drink, but now i've instituted a new rule that I can only drink on the weekends, and drinking is what i'm doing... in full force. Last night I took one of the beers from stellastarr*s dressing room, it was glass and when i went downstairs to join my friends i was told that glass bottles werent allowed in the audience part of the venue. So there I stood for 3 minutes downing a bottle as fast as i could while talking to the beautiful Giulia. By the time I got to Manhatta (or whatever it's called), i was only one and a half beers in but already i was dancing on table tops and got the brilliant idea of shaking a bottle of Corona so that it'd squirt in every direction like an exploding champagne bottle. The patrons of the bar were stupid idiots (apart from the after party people), so i didnt mind dousing them in beer. Anyway... Barry didnt believe that I'd be so absolutely insane after only one beer, but i am actually totally nuts. My friend Jake swung by to celebrate the end of sobriety by buying me a lemon drop shot.

So in the end....

Total number of drinks: probably 5? 6?
Total number of tables danced on: probably 5? 6?
Total number of times i was threated to be thrown out: 2

Oh, and my brother Lawrence and my friend Adam went to the YYYs show and said it was awesome. I decided to skip out and give Lawrence my two tickets so he could find some cute girls at the ss* gig and take them. He was successful, yay.

Tonight I go over to Greg and Raphael's for the first time ever for some cheese and wine. This is code for: we're gonna do lines of blow off of the bodies of hookers. it's gonna be totally awesome.

Oh, i forgot to mention, stellastarr* were totally fucking amazing. I got great shots of them that maybe i'll figure out how to upload so i can pretend to be a blogger of the modernagemelodynelsonnewyorkdolljenykdivestar caliber. but not likely. Anyway, they were fucking awesome and i was so proud of them and i wanted to smoosh their faces and tell them that i love them and have their babies, but unfortunately i'm already pregnant with Diego Garcia's spawn (as is every woman who attended the elefant show last night). I'm naming the kid Moz Garcia. It will be born the child Morrissey wished he was.

Bottoms up sluts.

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