Friday, August 8, 2003

Dear Devil,
I hesitated to call you yesterday when Tracey told me that I could take a summer friday today, which meant that I didnt have to come into work. So i paced around and thought about it for a while. I went to the Walkmen show with Greg, Raphael, and Andrew. It was pouring but the band was awesome. I dont think the wet look is for me, but my boys looked hot. We went back to my house so i could change and get my records for the DJ gig. You came over to hang out with the boys for a bit. We went to the club that used to be Shine on and canal. They renovated the space and it's actually totally fucking great with a really nice stage and i'd say it's one of the cooler clubs i've seen in a while. Not cool looking like FUN was, but it was really decent. You came to me in the form of 4 Caronas and 4 Makers Mark and Coke-a-cola. I couldnt say no. You're very agressive sometimes. I wanted to tell you to fuck off, but like, everytime I tried to say something you would interrupt and force yourself into my mouth. What the fuck dude? Totally uncool. This morning I woke up and felt totally violated. I could smell you on my breath and my sweat even smelled like you. You totally knocked me out. If you do that to me again, i swear, it'll be the last time we talk for a long, long time. You're fired.


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