Thursday, August 21, 2003

OK. So last night at like, really late o'clock, i went to meet Eve and some people he knew at 3 of Cups. After 2 beers i got really depressed and wanted to leave. The average age of everyone there was probaly 35, and they were all depressing me with their eagarness to be an LA rocker... which is gross to me. A lot of my friends are nearing 35 but they are way cooler than these people at this bar. I was getting the heeby geebies... however, that might've just been from the lap dance i got from the belly dancer. Anyway, i think i overheard someone tell Eve that there wasnt a NYC music scene and i wanted to puke in her face. Also, someone told me that there were no parties at all on sunday nights, and this girl was like 2 years older than me. i think i'm retarded. i know i'm retarded.

Tonight is my second cousin Eric's wedding. I will be eyeing the bar and sneaking drinks into the women's room to down them at record pace. My dress is great. I look forward to meeting nice jewish boys who look like Ricky Martin.

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