Friday, August 1, 2003

OK, so last night it was August 1st at some point, so at some point i stepped gracefully off the wagon and had a couple of Caronas because 1. it was thursday and today is a summer friday which meant i wouldnt have to get back into work until monday. 2. Mr. Nicolson was a good 4 drinks ahead of me by the time I had a sip. Scottish people are given bottles of Jack and Coke the moment they're born. 3. I decided to handle my drinking in the most calmed down manner i could which meant not downing 4 drinks in 40 minutes.

I gotta say that when i woke up I was a little fuzzier than usual so i was able to see the absolute distinction between waking up after a totally sober night and waking up after a totally not sober night. I sort of appreciate learning this and will remember it next time i walk into a bar and think "OK, I would like to drink enough to jump up on a table and knock shit off."

For those whom would like to yell at me for cowering to pressure of Captain Morgan, please do so at, or AIM ultragrrrl ...

Right now it's thundering and i'd like to get off the internerd before i get zapped.

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