Monday, August 18, 2003

I would just like to point out that Laura at The Modern Age is the funniest person i know. She's funnier than you. She's funnier than the funniest person you know. She's that funny.

I didnt drink on saturday or sunday, but mostly because i was sick and couldnt leave my house. I was supposed to meet Lance for dinner on saturday but the walk from my bathroom to my couch left me light headed. I was in bed by midnight on saturday, and last night i took some left over meds from when i had strep and i think there was ephederine in it because i couldnt sleep. Instead i designed handbags using concert tshirts that were too big for me at 5:30am. The only way i managed to get any shut eye was by listening to Sigur Ros' "Aguytus Bruyopieanmjnfdpaoinfd" on massive headphones.

I think i should take up drinking again. I think i slept better when i was a drunk.

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