Wednesday, August 20, 2003

OK, so i've decided that Tuesdays are the designated "ok to drink on this school night" night. Way to start off the week, but it looks like i get myself so tired by Fridays (a night i can't even go out on because it's Shabbat and I need to be in Tenafly, NJ for dinner with the family) and Saturdays (a night that has become so over, it's like the trucker hat of days of the week), that i need at least one night during the week when i can not-so-firmly place my feet on the ground and say "Yes, please!" when someone offers me a boozybooze. Last night AWESOME Izler's gig at Pianos was great, and the 22's were like whoa. I would like to make out with every member of that band. I have a MASSIVE fear of the female junk, but boobies are OK. I DJed the gig(li) and got a shout out from the 22s, which i thought was sweet.

But let's talk about what we're all here to talk about: Alcohol. Last night was to be the last night Barry and I got to hang out before he was to head back to Scotland on thursday morning. The plan was for Barry to meet me at Pianos. This never happened. You know why? Because Barry is about to win the "Biggest Lush on Earth" award. Sorry Bar, but people have got to know that you can't make it from Hoboken to the LES in one piece while drinking a LOT of vodka with Coke on the subway. Apparently by the time Barry got out of the subway he was already in blackout phase and has no idea what happened last night. If you happened upon a cute drunken scottish boy who resembles Nick Jago of BRMC, please send me an email and let me know what the fuck he was up to because he has no idea. A cabbie that found his ID along with my number in his car said that he was dropped off at Penn Station very late at night. This is all we know at the moment. THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP.

Also, I've put up a police line-up thing in my bedroom that everyone who visits my house has to pose in front of. I'm giving some of my friends practice, and others are reliving bad memories. Either way, my mom is gonna be really worried when she sees it.

Laura is a genius.

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