Tuesday, August 5, 2003

I always thought that I could never finish the meals at Mexican Radio because i was usually too drunk on margaritas to even keep my eyes open, but last night's dinner there with Maureen made me realize that I couldn't finish that stuff was because there's so much damn food on my plate. Anyway, no alcohol was consumed last night. None. None will be consumed tonight even though I'm going to Tracey's birthday party at SPINGSTREET... Diego Garcia, international sex god and father of many children, of the band Elefant, will be DJing. Friends have promised to hold my mouth open as they pour shots down my throat. I've got some pretty shitty friends.

Anyway, Jasper the Great has some photos on his site from the stellastarr* afterparty. Here's a preview:

Electro Greg

Guilia and Audrey

The worst DJ in NYC

Also, I'm in love with Laura Modernage, Melodynelson, and Jasper. So are other people.

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