Wednesday, August 13, 2003

forgive me sobriety for i have sinned:

It's been a day since my last post. I'm still in love with British Sea Power. Went to Audrey and Japser's Viscious party last night after hosting a little pre-party bash at my apartment starring Barry, Raphael, Andrew, and a few of their friends. Viscious was amazing and sold out. I spent that entire time sober, but then I went with Lizzy and Barry to Yes!Selector at SPRINGSTREET to see British Sea Power spin. They were great. They were nice. They were drunk and all passed out all over the place on couches. I suddenly found myself drinking a Makers and Coke and then attempting to drink a second (i got only half way through), when i realized it was time to go home.

I will try not to drink tonight. Justin Timberlake goes on at 1am apparently and I think I'll need to take a nap before the show if I want to rock my body and get naked before the end of the song or whatever. I'm thinking of going over to the Hole afterwards because it'll probably be dirty and fun and drunk... but not drunk for me.

Oh, tomorrow I've got a company outing. We're being put onto a boat and told to drink. Now, since i'm being TOLD to drink... should I? I mean, that would be totally awesome if i got really drunk and demanded a raise or tried to go shot for shot with the publishers. Geeezus. I need a nap.

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