Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Oh. and as far as my drinking goes... it's been smooth sailing (every time i say that i end up face down on my pillow with the world's biggest hangover).
Friday i had no drinks.
Saturday night I indulged in a half can of Milwakees Best (anyone that has come to my house in the past month and had that pushed on them can attest to the fact that it's practically water and not alcohol).
Sunday was a dry night, and last night i was dry as well.
Tonight, Brian's got British Sea Power, Imarobot, and the Polyphonic Spree DJing at his party at SPRINGSTREET (which i'm attending after the fucking awesome VISCIOUS show at sin-e -- mommy and daddy and blue sparks! hotness... thank you japser and audrey!).
I might drink tonight because i wanna do a "making out with ultragrrrl" from the expensive lounges of SPRINGSTREET... and i gotta say that "mowu" is just so much funnier when i'm racing some dood in some band to see who can drink more makers mark/coke.

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