Friday, August 22, 2003

Ok. so i made it through the wedding, drinking ONLY ONE drink. Jack and Coke. Since when do i drink Jack and Coke, i dont know. For whatever reason, nobody in my extended family recognized me. I know it's been a while since they've all seen me, and sure, i've got boobs and ass now, but c'mon... i can't look that much different. A couple of my cousins saw me on VH1 for that Eminem thing and they got a kick out of that, so that made me happy... cause at least they recognized me. Maybe drinking changed the structure of my face? I was looking at photos of me from when i was about 20/21 and i look younger and healthier. I also had no eyebrows because i had plucked them all out to be pencil thin. maybe that changed the way i looked?

Anyway, my friend Stephen is in town starting today. Tomorrow he's taking me to Sigur Ros. I will definitely stay sober for this -- as i do for ever sigur ros show --- because they're soooooo good au natural. I want to sleep. I'm tired.

i love the new kill hannah album. i feel like dressing like them all the time.

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