Thursday, August 7, 2003

I'd like to chop the balls off of men who sing so i can see if they'll sound like the guy from the Darkness. They're so rediculous it's amazing. I dont think i can even reach notes as high as he can and I dont have balls. I've got chutzpah, but that's different... and that's only when I drink. I've lost my chutzpah. Fuck. Sweet, sweet, sweet liquor, where are you?

My brother Albert suggested that I start attending AA meetings. AA is for those of us who can't control the devil. The devil and I are homeboys. These days he calls and he's like "Yo, what you up to tonight?" and I'm like "Oh, not much. I was thinking of meeting up with the boyfriends at Pianos" and he's like "Oh, can i come?" and i'm like "No dude, not tonight. Meet up with us on Saturday." and he's like "Cool. See ya then." Before it was like "I'm meeting up with the boys at Pianos, but maybe you wanna come over before then so we can make out for a bit and then meet up with the guys?"

I like Interpol more than I like the Strokes. My brother who thinks I should go to AA doesnt know who these bands are, but if you want to send me hate mail, do so.

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