Thursday, August 14, 2003


Last night. Justin. Justin. 1am. Justin. Went directly to Hole afterwards to have a celebratory drink with Maureen and Mary H and Dan A. Since i told Maureen about the show she bought me a drink. Makers and Coke. I barely got through one before wincing. I think i'm starting to hate alcohol. Today at work we're being forced to go on a booze cruise. that's in a half hour. One of the publisher guys asked if i loaded up on carbs so i could stay sober. I warned him that i've hardly eaten a thing and will be a drunk employee. I think he's stoked. Wait. i'm sober. no drinking!

Also, i'm OBSESSED with the song "Blackout" by British Sea Power. Beyond obsessed. Like, i've listened to it about 40 times today.

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