Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Losing my edge...


Now read this:
Tonight I'm going to the Yes!Selector party, and in response to the above letter that Laura posted on her site, I'm going to call an emergency knitting circle meeting of the BilderbergBloggers. Along with Chloe Svigney's brother, we're going to snort coke off the ass of our youngest member, Giulia, and then not talk to anyone within 4 feet of us. Certainly not you. Certainly not your friends. And definitely not to each other. We're too elitist to do such things. Then we're going to write about the whole thing on our blogs and be dissed by the The Anit-Blogger. Motherfuckers, i haven't seen a white person in so long, i've gotta find a mirror to remember what color i am.

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