Monday, August 4, 2003

Last night at Shout!:
Greg: "Are you bored? You seem bored these days."
Me: "I'm not bored. I'm just sober."

Saturday was a non-sober night for me. School nights=sobriety. non-school nights=non-sobriety. this is how it works. So on saturday after dinner with Sarah Wilson i met up with Raphael, Greg and Peruvian Nick at Tis Was... which is now Tis Wasn't or Tisn't. I think we should start a "save tis was" foundation. It used to be so much fun. I'm considering renaming this blog to "What the fuck happened to tis was?"

Oh, and I went to see American Wedding with Barry last night. So fucking hilarious that I think I embarassed Barry with my laughter. There's a new version of "Laid" in the movie, and since that's one of my all time favorite songs i was totally stoked.

Officially two weeks since i've changed my drinking habits... a trend started from the night this photo was taken:

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