Wednesday, January 7, 2004


After not only promoting his book reading on my blog and to everyone within ear shot, i was quickly reminded of my retardation. I had an important annual birthday to attend that night. And since birthday's come only once a year...

Anyway, Marc wasn't pleased. He recommended i share with you all his not-so-kind words. I'm choosing to share them cause they're funny:

i don't know why i'm doing this cause you missed my fucking reading, which was the best one i've done yet and two kids came down (up?) all the way from new fucking haven, cn just to see me for 20 minutes but you couldn't come from the fucking lower east side ... [text omitted for special reasons] ... as much as i hate you right now, i still love the kids and i think the kids need [text omitted].  there's nothing you can do to me that will make me hate the kids... the kids in cure t-shirts and thick black glasses.  so fuck you, my man.  you can travel uptown for lunch, right?  you don't have to go to your best sort of friend's monkey baptism/key party in  some loft/former brass cockring factory on delancey street right?  right.  rock trash!  motherfucker!  i love you.  and you can put this on your piece of shit blog, you hebe lush.
ps. i really was good last night.  and i dreamt the kids loved me.

I do love Marc Spitz tho. This should be noted. And I dont mean the olympic diver/swimmer dude.

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