Friday, January 23, 2004


Last night I did two things that are very out of character for me:
1. Attended a Starsailor show.
2. Arrived somewhere EARLY.

First off, i've often told my friends that I would throw myself out the window of my office if i ever had to hear starsailor's "alcoholic" song ever again. Second of all, i'm late to everything. I can't help it. I could be going to my neighbor's house and i'd show up a half hour late. But anyway, i blame the two above things on Laura and Jason Roth. For one thing, Jason made it so that the only way Laura could go see Starsailor (a band she loves) was if she was my plus one. Because I love Laura (and because she does the math for me whenever i need to save my money since i'm jew... but i do the driving) I agreed.

I met up with Laura before the show for dinner at Zen Palate with her friends Nick and Ben who are in a band called Surefire. Nick and Ben are both in high school. Get your hands off my teenagers, motherfucker.

The Surefire boys wanted to get to the show early, and well, I had nothing better to do in the bitter cold, so I went with them. Plus, they said that a guy named Johnathan Rice was going to open and I remember Stephen telling me really good things about him.

So I went. And Johnathan came out on stage and before I set my eyes on him I turned to Laura and commented on how he sounded like Ryan Adams mixed with Chris Martin. So I got up on a chair to get a better look and nearly fell off with shock. Johnathan looked exactly like my very own mail-order teenaged scottish boyfriend Barry (who is now 20 and no longer unique... kidding). Turns out, Johnathan was also 20 and scottish. I wonder if the two of them know each other. He lives in Williamsburg now, so not likely. Already Laura and Jason were saying "see! aren't you happy you came to the show tonight?!" OK, i confess, i was.

Ever since I got Laura the ticket to the show (by the way, she totally let me take her home last night -- oooh the things we did!) I promised Laura that I'd hurl a beer bottle at Starsailor if they started playing "Alcoholic." Second song in, they did. My first reaction was to crash my head into the table and laugh maniacally. After I did that i looked for a beer bottle, found none, buried my head, and laughed. I think i went into psycho mode cause i started singing along really loudly and out of tune. Sarah Wilson's friend Terry turned to me and said "whoa! is this your favorite song?" HA!

So thankfully that song passed through my system early in the night. And thankfully for the band I didnt have a beer bottle to throw at them. After a while I found myself actually enjoying the show -- which i'd like to blame on the absolutely great hypnotic light show. You know when you're like a six year old japanese kid watching an anime cartoon and you fall into seizure cause the light and animation is so fast but you cant take your eyes off the screen? That totally happened to me. I found myself singing along to "Good Souls" and screaming with joy when James the singer said "there's a band here called Surefire that you should all check out on sunday at Sin-e." how fucking sweet?

Basically i arrived at the show ready to kill, and left a fan. Strange how that happens.


So fucking cute.


You know how the NME said that Franz Ferdinand would change our lives and we all laughed and threw the NME across the room and said "what a bunch of fucking retarded monkey people!" Well, you know what? Fucking shit, they might've been right. If the Strokes wrote this album we'd all be too busy jacking off with excitement and joy to stand up and go to work and our economy would go down so quickly that another world war would end up getting started THANKS TO FRANZ FERDINAND AGAIN!.

Jordan the hot almost-teenaged breakfast clubber from Detroit said that Pulp's "Common People" will be the favorite song of the girl he falls in love with. I would like to trump Mr. Silver and say that the favorite band of the boy I fall in love with will be Franz Ferdinand. This month at least.

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