Saturday, January 24, 2004


Last night was Doug Brod's birthday party [ok, i'm totally interrupting this entry because i'm watching "Best Week Ever" on VH1 and it's making me so fucking happy -- think i love the 80s, but for last week -- which translates into the greatest crack britney spears' money can buy] which we celebrated at CB's with an open bar, rock bands, and the wheels of steel manned by Marc Spitz. I started dancing when he dropped the Hives and managed to find myself surrounded by people when "Hey Ya!" came on. I also gave Lizzy a lapdance when he started playing "Closer" by NIN. I arrived a bit late and brought my own booze even though there was an open bar. Four beers in and I still wasn't drunk. I was buzzed, but not drunk. I lost my balance a few times, but really, that was only because i was wearing platform boots. You know what I found out that was really awesome? Doug is a really awesome dancer! Also, i found out that there's such a thing as psychedellic hip hop and Alex P promised to recommend some songs to me to check out. I had a really fun time and ended up staying really late with Caryn chatting with Ben Kweller and his bassist Josh -- who were both super nice.

I then went to Lit to find my friends Eve, Jenny, Dan, and Rob, but wasn't so successful since I kept from going downstairs -- which is probably where they were. I managed to find the boyfriends, Greg and Raphael (actually, the moment I walked into the bar Raph and I spotted each other and we didnt even say hello as much as sang/acted out the song "Tainted Love" to each other since it was playing, hugged, and then walked alway). I ended up running into another Ben, whom I alerted, looks exactly like Diego from Y Tu Mama Tam Bien (sp?) -- well at least the photo of him in the new issue of Details. Diego that is, not Ben. I started blabbering endlessly about being a Jew and wanting to marry a Jew one day and having babies, and then digressed into how i just can't get enough of the british boooooooys. "I wanna breed!" i yelled at one point. I wonder if i was feeling jewish guilt for not being at home for shabbat -- but it wasn't my fault -- my mom's still in Miami.

I drank another beer -- which equals 5 beers, and never got drunk. Infact, i got sober WHILE drinking. This is such bullshit. I didn't even eat that much yesterday. The only thing I can think of that might've been off was drinking a Red Bull. Still, I call bullshit. I'm not sure who or what i call bullshit on, but I call bullshit.

Is it wrong that i find Ben Affleck very clever and funny and not so bad? I also really like Ashton Kutcher quite a bit.

Radio 4's "Dance to the Underground" was just used in a Mitsubishi commercial. That's awesome for them!


They are. Here, here, here, and here.

It sort of reminds me of that Nintendo movie starring Ben Savage and that Robin Williams movie TOYS where they had kids play war games to become better killing machines.

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