Tuesday, January 13, 2004


Stand back... i'm in the worst mood suddenly. I have no reason for it except for the fact that my body is totally in pain. My head is spinning. I'm seeing double. And I'm feeling extra vicious today. Maybe it's because i had 3 beers last night and twice as many cigarettes? Maybe my socks are too tight. I feel like i'm gonna black out as i'm typing this. I should go home. I just told Lizzy "I dont think X should crash at our apt. I fear for his well-being. He's messy, doesn't wash his hands, snores and I might stab him in his sleep." I still haven't caught up on my sleep from last time he stayed at my apt.

I'm not a psycho. Just at this very moment. I blame booze. Always a skapegoat.

Britney apparently had an intervention. She's in a sleep clinic, just like Kate Moss. It'd be awesome if they became friends with each other and talked about their nose collagen.

I'm looking to cut my hair like Anabel from Bow Wow Wow. Shaved on the sides.

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