Tuesday, January 6, 2004


iPod mini!

OK, since this is my (non)sobriety blog:
Last night Brian [site updated btw] picked me up from my apt and tried his best to fix my aching back which i seemed to pull while taking off my jacket(!!!). Go figure. We then went to my friend Kelci's going away party on Ave D. Kel is moving to Boston to go to Berklee School of Music, which is fucking awesome. She also happens to be the cutest girl ever. We met when I was 15 and she was 13, outside the girls bathroom of Dwight Englewood High School. We were both attending the Battle of the Bands and she complimented my hair (i think it was either blue, green or purple at the time) and she had her hair dyed some random color. It was like punk rock love at first sight. Amazingly, when I asked her who did her hair, her answer was "my dad." Anyway, back to the party: Kelci was drinking some pink drink that matched her pink pulled back hair and tasted like a watermelon jolly rancher. She immediately made me one, which i nursed for about 3 hours (it was very, very, very strong), and shoved viles filled with sweet liquor in all of our hands insisting that we take jello shots. Done and Done. By 1am, i was seeing double of everyone, including this girl that Kelci is best friends with who people were arguing about.
"She looks like Natalie Portman!"
"No! She looks like Angelina Jolie!"

God bless these punk rock doppelgangers.

After seeing double for a half hour, Brian and I went to meet up with Jordan who moved back to Detroit today to finish up his Journalism degree at UMich. Jordan introduced me to a clever word: "Sororitutes". Jordan is very clever and will be missed by me and all my friends. The three of us tried to do Karaoke at 2 in the morning, but when we pulled up to Nolita Tavern, it turned out that the place was about to go under renovation -- at that very moment -- and we found Sid & Buddy carting all their Karaoke equipment out of the joint. I guess the Aquarius will be at Brian's afterall!

don't let the daaaaaaaays go by/i should've been easier on you...

Anyway, goodbye my sweet friends! Best of luck!

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