Wednesday, January 21, 2004


First off, Franz Ferdinand are the fucking shit. i just went to see them tonight and spent the entire dancing and jumping up and down with my brother Lawrence. I couldnt take it anymore, i seriously had to give myself a time out for a moment and have the following conversation with... myself:

"there's not enough room for you to dance where you're standing."
"yeah, you're right. so try to move a bit. that should sort you out."
"true, but wouldnt it be so much cooler if you GOT UP ON STAGE and danced? like, the crowd could reallly use a cheerleader. they're moving, but you know you want to get up on that stage and dance like you're at don hills and someone's playing 'common people' or something."
"sarah, this isnt tiswas."
"but it'd be so much fun. how cute are they??? and i just wanna dance! dance! i wanna dance!"
"simmer down sarah."
"ok. fine. bitch. i'm gonna yell out something instead!!"
"do it!"

As a result, my friends came up to me after the show saying that they knew i was there because they only know one person who would yell like that... and that's me. I couldnt help it! you see the sort of fight i had to have with myself first? It's all very planned out and negotiated. My friend Eve, who I haven't seen in a month or two since he was previously living in St. Louis, found me after i yelled that. Like, it's my mating call or something.

Anyway, back to the band. Franz are danceable like Blondie. The singer has a voice like a crooning Mark E Smith meets Mick Jagger -- however, i'd like to point out that they totally remind me of that APB song "Shoot You Down". So fucking excellent. Everyone walked out of there with the biggest smiles on their faces. I skipped out on the post show drinking in favor of sleep. But i'm so excited about the show that I had to post about it! AAAAAH!!!

pretty boys:


I also got to see the Information for the first time tonight. They showed so much potential and Max the singer is a total dream boat. His girlfriend, whomever she is, is lucky.


I'd like to add that my TV is still broken. There is no picture and only sound. It's like having talk radio. I forgot that stepped into the time machine and went back to prehistoric times. Bullshit.

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