Sunday, January 11, 2004


Poor Britney. She's really got herself into some problems. I was watching Leno with my mom on Friday and he asked her what was oldest age of a guy she's ever dated, and she pretty much alluded to sleeping with someone 38 years old as her oldest and 21 years old as her youngest. My jaw was like, on the floor. I mean, she didnt say "the oldest guy i fucked was 38 and he was wheezing the whole way through", but she might as well. She also totally reminded me of me when i was sucking down the boozers. Her ability to hold conversation, and her body language just screamed "hello, my name is Britney Jean Spears, and I am an alcoholic." Anyway, i found this on World of Britney:

Radio stations all over the country are reporting on their websites that Britney's new single 'Toxic' has been postponed until March 1st. This is all due to that bosses at her record label have now delayed the planned release and are considering banning any public appearances by Spears to promote it - fearing questions about the wedding will dominate. The world premiere of the Toxic music video has been rescheduled one day and will air on Tuesday.

These news came out after Britney failed to show up at work in Miami to to shoot a promo for an unknown feature. Nobody knew where Britney was and why she didn't show up. Well, it makes sense, Britney right now, probably has no idea how she will be handling this, as she has lots and lots of tough times ahead of her as she has not made her first public appearance (with statement) after the wedding. Some say she's spending some serious mother-daughter time back home, while some say she's currently in rehab (not the bad rehab, just the talking to psychologists type of rehab.). I'll keep you updated....


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