Friday, January 9, 2004


Last night I met up with Karen at Virgin Megastore in Times Square to see the Darkness do an instore. They played 4 songs: "Growing On Me," "Get Your Hands off My Woman," "I Believe in a Thing Called Love," and "Love On the Rocks." I waved my arms in the air above my head and nearly lost my voice while trying to sing along. I also stood too close to the speakers and nearly lost my hearing.

Afterwards i went to Dos Caminos with my friends Rob S. (not the lovely Sheff) and Jen. I ate a salad and guac and we talked about food poisoning and today Jen told me that she got sick from the food last night. I also had a prickly pair margarita -- frozen cause it's classy that way.

Then i went to meet up with Lizzy, Niki, Ariel, and Ariel's cousin Sjidre at Cafe Mogador for some more food, because, I like to eat, a lot. A goat cheese salad later and we were on our feet and headed to lit to meet up with Brian (whom I'm trying to set up with Ariel), and see the Jasons DJ (Roth and Consoli). Ariel is friends with this guy named Josh who is apparently some famous classical violinist and he met up with us there too... i tried very hard to convince him that he should start wearing eyeliner, but I don't think he was buying it. Niki tried to convince him to cut his hair into a fauxhawk, but he wasn't buying that either. Seriously though, he needs eyeliner. He did shock me by being 35, i thought he was 25. He also shocked me by bringing the little brother from Little House on the Prairie with him to Lit. Also there were the Von Bondies (sans Jason). I stayed away from them out of fear that i'd say something utterly retarded like "How's Jason's face?" or "Care for some punch?"

Jason Roth said that the new Melissa Auf De Maur album is awesome. I wanna hear it. Wonder if she's better than Katy Rose.

Tonight Sydney and her boyfriend Brett are coming over for Shabbat dinner. When Syd and I were little we both were 20 lbs under weight (which gave us very Somalian-like features) because we pretty much hated to eat. Whenever Syd would come over for Shabbat dinner she'd clear her plate (my mom is a great cook) and i'd just poke at mine as my mom yelled at me for not eating and praised sydney for her consumption achievement. These days my mom yells at me for the opposite reason, which is only magnified by my father's recent obsession with weight loss (he will tell you how many calories your food is, how many grams of fat it is, and tell you how unhealthy the bread and rice you're shoveling into your face is).

I bought the Phantom Planet album last night, despite owning it already. I wanted to contribute money to the music industry and reward a band for their good album. I bought, no joke, five copies of the interpol album when it came out.

The Information are playing at Sin-e with the Madison Strays on Tuesday, January 20.

Also, Franz Ferdinand are playing at North Six with PITTY SING!!!!!!!! On the same fucking night. I don't know how I'm gonna manage all these shows, but redbull will guide the way.

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