Wednesday, January 7, 2004


Much to the British people's delight (or dismay, rather), me and a huge group of kids will be embarking on a trip to London just in time for the NME awards. It's gonna be me, the boyfriends Raphael and Greg, their roommate Andrew, my friend Karen, hopefully Vicki, definitely Rob S, the bf's friend Marissa, and some other folks who decided that paying $325 for a round trip ticket on Virgin Atlantic was reasonable for a long weekend (let me know if you think so also so you might be included on debauched times). Last time me and Greg went to London we spent the entire time running around from bar to bar, gig to gig, drinking our weight in booze. Many people were convinced that they had seen our group Debutaunt, and were fans. We're hoping for the same bullshit this time. We're working on showing the Brits up, and really, there's nobody better for this task than the kids mentioned above. God save the Queen and God save our livers.

In other news, I had incredible sushi last night at some place on the upper east side called Sushi by Gari. I'm still full.


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