Monday, January 12, 2004


Michael T just sent out invites for his Birthday party this Thursday. The Flesh will be playing, and if i went gay for anyone, i'd go gay for their keyboardist. Not joking at all. Here's the email he sent out. He calls me "kosher putang" in it... that's sort of genius:

Ladies & Gentlemen-

I cordially invite all of you to "celebrate" the vacant life of Michael T.
This thritysomething year old filthy, cross-dressing, coke filled
menace to society has managed to live one more hateful year!
Shim will be celebrating it's b-day with fellow capricornian Yana C.
Whom, has the best set of Cocksucker Lips, since,!
This party is gonna get real kooky, so stay late and watch Misty reach for
new lows!

BROADCAST presents
The Michael T & Yana C
"Double Fisted" B-day Bash @Bar 13
Thursday, January 15th 2004
35 E.13st university pl [212]979-6677
No Cover/Doors10pm/21&Over/ID Please!

FULL OPEN BAR on Both Floors 11-12!

Hostess:Peppermint GummyBear-This is one Big Black Mama, she's FIERCE
and she will STOMP on you pasty white children if you try it with her!

Live Performance by:The Flesh@ 11:00pm

Late -Nite Cabaret Show @ 1:30AM
with T-Boy-New up & coming legend!
Milan & Coco- MT's- 2 black, back-up dancers very old skool back of the bus performance art pre Rosa Parks Realness!

Main Floor DJ's:
Michael T & Jess
Oh Jess, my dear little partner, still going through his "straight" phase
In about five years or so he'll be starring in the NEW "Alternative"
Hollywood Squares now called The Hollywood Triangle, jess sitting in the
center pink triangle, of course.

Plus, "The Ladies of Rock"
Christine Renee [The Hunt Club]
Karibomb [Dutch & Bullit]
Justine D [Motherfucker & Aktion]
Spinning:New Wave, PostPunk & 80's Pop!

For one night only! Michael T Dives into "The Vaginal Abyss" "The Bush Gardens" "Continental Seafood Platter" If i have to do it, i might as well do it all
at once! All American Bush [Christine] Kosher Puntang [Ultragrrrl] Eskimo Beaver [Karibomb] My personal favorite, Ching Chong Chow Chop Suey Cho Cha [Justine D] I get a free can of coke with the last one:)

Upstairs Host:
Lyle Derek-This Texas Homo is a Real Talker and Shmoozer!

JDH-This is what happens when you don't "Feed The Children"
Cowboy Mark-They're still talking about what i wrote the last time...
regarding this one. Now i live in "Fear" because i have the ABNHMLSC after me!
[Angry Bitter Nostalgic Half Mute Lesbian Society Club]

Spinning:60's Soul & Funk 70's Coke-Y Classics
& Booty shakin Jams!

Photo Exhibit by:Jeffrey Weiss
Decor:Stacey []
Door:Thomas O-Watch out for this one...Shady!!

Other b-Day Guests:
Jamie, Jeff, Jeremy, John, Miss X and the biggest Homocesspool in NYC...ZACH!

Treats & Eats from PINCH [pizzabytheinch]
I can usually take about 8 inches before i start screaming like a poor defenseless white woman!

Giveaways from Tony & Tina Cosmetics
[The children always need make-up!]

Promotions by: Andy Shaw-I have not ONE but TWO Orientals working with me!
[I'm an equal opportunity employer]

Dresscode-I know it's cold, but wear something cute for Mother T, it'll
make herm happy!

*The above was written by Michael T. This is MT:

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