Tuesday, January 13, 2004


My friend Karen recently realized that if her mom were to google her name she'd find her blog in which she speaks openly about smoking the marijuana. Luckily i dont have the same concern when it comes to my mom. For one thing, she has no idea what google is. Secondly, my mom was ready for a Spears-level intervention when I started this blog, so nothing would surprise her. Lastly, I don't talk about my excessive pot smoking, coke sniffing, or heroin usage on this blog. I save that for IMs with the friends.

Brian Battjer cheered me up by showing me photos of him and his friends being super duper homosexual GAAAAAAAAAY. I love laughing at homos.

I think American Idol is on tonight. I auditioned for last season (for a SPIN article that never saw the light of day). I spent two nights sleeping on a tarmac with a bunch of other hopefuls in Pasedena, CA. The entire time the kids sitting next to me kept on singing and singing and trying to get me to join in. I have a shitty voice, so i never did. BUT SOMEHOW, I managed to get a call back by singing the Smiths' "Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want." I didnt make it to the Simon rounds, but i did manage to tell off some of the pre-Simon judges when they asked me who wrote that song.

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