Tuesday, January 13, 2004


Thanks to a reader, i just found out that the 38 year old dude that Britney gave the in and out to is John Cusack! Let's hear it for her giving it to Lloyd Dobbler! I didn't think i could love her more than i did before, but i do.

Also, Laura ModernAge is DJing on Sunday. Here's the email she sent:

To: pleasecometomypartyyougaymotherfucker@themodernage.org

Ok another reminder... I DJ way early on Sunday (starting at 9:30) but what
i didn't realize was 2 things: 1. the next day is a holiday, and you
probably have off work, 2. Rob Sheffield is DJing the same night, but after
me, and honestly, how much better could it get? BECAUSE ROB IS THE
AWESOMEST GUY EVER! (I know a lot of ppl go around saying such and such
person is "awesome", but for real, Rob really is.)

again, if you want to forgo the paying at the door thing, and prefer be
comped for the night, PLEASE EMAIL ME (laura@themodernage.org) your info and the number of guests
you are bringing.




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