Tuesday, January 6, 2004


OK, for the record, Mommy and Daddy's account of their time in Vegas was a joke. I discovered this after emailing them about it. Whoops!

Anyway, the former Mr. Spears has already provided us with Quote of the Year and it's only the first week in January!

"...that's when we needed to tell everybody what we done did." - Jason Allen Alexander Spears

For real, I couldnt make that shit up if i tried. Thankfully, Stereogum provides a full transcript of Mr. Festivus' interview with Billy Bush on some Magazine TV show right here.

And here is the married couple:

Part of me thinks that the following thoughts ran through Brit's mind:
"Bennifer are here too, i'm gonna show them how easy it is to get married. Ya know, lead by example or something."
"Justin, you think you're such hot shit with your Hollywood actress. Check me out, biznatch."

Looking at photos of Britney, i'm seeing the puffy face, the tired eyes, the thrown together look... I'm beginning to think that maybe it's time she start a sobriety blog also. Girlfriend, hurry up and get with it before they toss you in rehab! Give me a shout and i'll show you how to set up a blog. Lay off the booze for like, two weeks. Trust me on this one.

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