Friday, August 29, 2003

Oh my God!

I gave birth last night when Madonna and Britney made out. I swear to you. A fucking baby popped out of my body... all bloody and kicking and screaming. Holy fucking shit. Then, I went to the Fader party and drank a lot at their open bar, but somehow i managed to not be the drunkest person there (in my party at least). This was after like, 6 beers or something. I was just driving myself to work, but there was not much to work with. So at about 2am, i took the kids home so they could go to sleep and i listened to sigur ros and wished i was drunker.

Wednesday, August 27, 2003


I was just reminded that last night I tried to be good on my promise to snort coke off the ass of Giulia. Apparently i started yelling out to the crowd at SPRINGSTREET "Does anyone have any coke?" I imagine I yelled this more times than i should've. I tend to do such things.

its up to me now, turn on the bright lights!

my new favorite band:

holy shit i'm so tired. i forgot that alcohol makes me sleeepy the next day. i want to go home and listen to interpol over and over again and sleep.

Dear Body. I'm sorry i drank last night. We had a deal tho. Tuesdays are ok. Stop being such a brat and pull yourself together. I can't drink any more cokes because i feel cavities forming. I need to stay awake. It's up to me now, bring in the white lines.

I repeat...

Tuesday is my designated, day-of-the-week, drinking day. I can drink on tuesdays because i dont go out really on fridays, and I dont go out that much on saturdays (saturdays are the new night to stay in and watch tv).

So last night I drank. It started off with two margaritas at Life on B and 10th (ew, why?) with Lizzy and Maureen, and ended on 3 caronas at SPRINGSTREET. The Panthers and Japanther were both DJing and I met up with my brother and a few other friends. My friend Stephen had just come from dinner at the SoHo House and presented me and Giulia with the reciept so we could at least touch it. $20 for 3 shrimp. I dont eat the bugs, but fuck me, that's expensive.

Needless to say, even after 5 drinks last night, I never got drunk. Giggly, yes, but never drunk. How am i building up a tolerance? This is pants!

Duran Duran tonight. Imran comes from London. He's going with AFI to the MTV VMAs. Tim arrives on friday for the Springsteen shows. I feel like there are more people visitng other than that... but i'm looking at my long weekend and realizing that it's gonna be very expensive and very drunk. Oh sobriety, where are you?

Tuesday, August 26, 2003

cute band alert!

OK, I'd just like to point out that Jasper has posted up photos of Madison Strays. They get my nomination as cutest new band. Especially their bassist.

Losing my edge...


Now read this:
Tonight I'm going to the Yes!Selector party, and in response to the above letter that Laura posted on her site, I'm going to call an emergency knitting circle meeting of the BilderbergBloggers. Along with Chloe Svigney's brother, we're going to snort coke off the ass of our youngest member, Giulia, and then not talk to anyone within 4 feet of us. Certainly not you. Certainly not your friends. And definitely not to each other. We're too elitist to do such things. Then we're going to write about the whole thing on our blogs and be dissed by the The Anit-Blogger. Motherfuckers, i haven't seen a white person in so long, i've gotta find a mirror to remember what color i am.

Monday, August 25, 2003

think happy thoughts

Oh my God. I totally forgot. There's this guy that works at Pink Pony who totally looks like this Peter Pan guy:

At the Bjork/Sigur Ros after party I went up to him and totally thought they were the same guy. I was like "Hey! You're the Peter Pan guy!" and he was like "Huh?" and I said "The guy on the internet that dresses like Pan! That's totally you!" and he said no and floated away.

Dear Saturday Night...

Thanks for ruining my sobriety, or rather, my change in drinking habits. i went from drinking *maybe* one drink a night to 4 beers, 2 jack and coke, and one vicodin. At least i got to watch Sigur Ros/Bjork, drive bumper cars, and dance with a guy dressed as Pappa Smurf. But what the fuck man? I ended up falling asleep mid sentance while sitting on my couch watching TV. Fuck you Saturday night!

Saturday, August 23, 2003

Friday, August 22, 2003

To vike or not to vike, that is the question.

OK, so on second thought about the whole sigur ros/bjork show thing... Vicodin seems like such a great choice for the event. I will float. Pretty, pretty, pretty music. Fluffy clouds. I now remember that once i had to get surgery and was perscribed Vicodin for the pain. There was a sigur ros show shortly after this surgery so my friend Gideon and I popped a few pills and kept on poking each other and saying "feels like pillow." 6 people fainted at this show. None of those people were us.

I did not drink tonight. Just a sip of wine because it's shabbat and God wants me to drink.
My brother and i were trying to decide which model Diego Garcia should date. Uh... to those five of you who might read this, email me your suggestions and I'll post results. how interactive. i feel gay. Oh, speaking of gay, kate moss makes me gay.
Ok. so i made it through the wedding, drinking ONLY ONE drink. Jack and Coke. Since when do i drink Jack and Coke, i dont know. For whatever reason, nobody in my extended family recognized me. I know it's been a while since they've all seen me, and sure, i've got boobs and ass now, but c'mon... i can't look that much different. A couple of my cousins saw me on VH1 for that Eminem thing and they got a kick out of that, so that made me happy... cause at least they recognized me. Maybe drinking changed the structure of my face? I was looking at photos of me from when i was about 20/21 and i look younger and healthier. I also had no eyebrows because i had plucked them all out to be pencil thin. maybe that changed the way i looked?

Anyway, my friend Stephen is in town starting today. Tomorrow he's taking me to Sigur Ros. I will definitely stay sober for this -- as i do for ever sigur ros show --- because they're soooooo good au natural. I want to sleep. I'm tired.

i love the new kill hannah album. i feel like dressing like them all the time.

Thursday, August 21, 2003

OK. So last night at like, really late o'clock, i went to meet Eve and some people he knew at 3 of Cups. After 2 beers i got really depressed and wanted to leave. The average age of everyone there was probaly 35, and they were all depressing me with their eagarness to be an LA rocker... which is gross to me. A lot of my friends are nearing 35 but they are way cooler than these people at this bar. I was getting the heeby geebies... however, that might've just been from the lap dance i got from the belly dancer. Anyway, i think i overheard someone tell Eve that there wasnt a NYC music scene and i wanted to puke in her face. Also, someone told me that there were no parties at all on sunday nights, and this girl was like 2 years older than me. i think i'm retarded. i know i'm retarded.

Tonight is my second cousin Eric's wedding. I will be eyeing the bar and sneaking drinks into the women's room to down them at record pace. My dress is great. I look forward to meeting nice jewish boys who look like Ricky Martin.
Gezus, i really am boring when i'm not struggling with booze. I think I'm gonna loose the plot this weekend just to make things interesting again. Oh wait! Saturday is Sigur Ros and Bjork. OK! perfect vicodin toonz. My fridge is FILLED with beer and I'm not compelled to have any of it at all. There is even a cigarette on my table that i'm not bothered with. Saw the Libertines tonight. Poor Carl. He did a great job, but had to do twice the work now that Pete's out. The Living Things were great as well. Anyway... Yeah, i really didnt think i could ever be this boring while being so self absorbed in my own fight for sobriety, but fuck, i am. Eve just called, must meet him at 3 of Cups. I wont drink. Because i'm boring like that.

Wednesday, August 20, 2003

OK, so i've decided that Tuesdays are the designated "ok to drink on this school night" night. Way to start off the week, but it looks like i get myself so tired by Fridays (a night i can't even go out on because it's Shabbat and I need to be in Tenafly, NJ for dinner with the family) and Saturdays (a night that has become so over, it's like the trucker hat of days of the week), that i need at least one night during the week when i can not-so-firmly place my feet on the ground and say "Yes, please!" when someone offers me a boozybooze. Last night AWESOME Izler's gig at Pianos was great, and the 22's were like whoa. I would like to make out with every member of that band. I have a MASSIVE fear of the female junk, but boobies are OK. I DJed the gig(li) and got a shout out from the 22s, which i thought was sweet.

But let's talk about what we're all here to talk about: Alcohol. Last night was to be the last night Barry and I got to hang out before he was to head back to Scotland on thursday morning. The plan was for Barry to meet me at Pianos. This never happened. You know why? Because Barry is about to win the "Biggest Lush on Earth" award. Sorry Bar, but people have got to know that you can't make it from Hoboken to the LES in one piece while drinking a LOT of vodka with Coke on the subway. Apparently by the time Barry got out of the subway he was already in blackout phase and has no idea what happened last night. If you happened upon a cute drunken scottish boy who resembles Nick Jago of BRMC, please send me an email and let me know what the fuck he was up to because he has no idea. A cabbie that found his ID along with my number in his car said that he was dropped off at Penn Station very late at night. This is all we know at the moment. THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP.

Also, I've put up a police line-up thing in my bedroom that everyone who visits my house has to pose in front of. I'm giving some of my friends practice, and others are reliving bad memories. Either way, my mom is gonna be really worried when she sees it.

Laura is a genius.

Monday, August 18, 2003

Vicki rules. Knowing i was illin' she messengered me over some echinacea and zinc and ginger tea. Now i'll definitely be healthy enough for my DJ gig tomorrow AND the Libertines/Livingthings show on wednesday. NO DRINKING. No Drinking. If you offer to buy me a drink you are friends with evil. Unless you're trying to get me drunk so I'll make out with you... in which case you're stupid cause everyone knows i'm easier than that.
I would just like to point out that Laura at The Modern Age is the funniest person i know. She's funnier than you. She's funnier than the funniest person you know. She's that funny.

I didnt drink on saturday or sunday, but mostly because i was sick and couldnt leave my house. I was supposed to meet Lance for dinner on saturday but the walk from my bathroom to my couch left me light headed. I was in bed by midnight on saturday, and last night i took some left over meds from when i had strep and i think there was ephederine in it because i couldnt sleep. Instead i designed handbags using concert tshirts that were too big for me at 5:30am. The only way i managed to get any shut eye was by listening to Sigur Ros' "Aguytus Bruyopieanmjnfdpaoinfd" on massive headphones.

I think i should take up drinking again. I think i slept better when i was a drunk.

Saturday, August 16, 2003

The blackout ended on the Lower East Side at around 10pm, so rather than sit around at my brother Albert's apt with Sarah watching shitty movies and thinking of ten things i'd rather be doing than watching tv on the Upper west side, i found my friend Eve's number and went to meet up with him at Niagra. He bought me a carona and then we went to Lit to see Carlos DJ. At Lit, Eve and I learned from Carlos that the Libertines/BritishSeaPower/Livingthings show would be moved to either sunday or monday. How Carlos knew this information and Eve didnt (considering eve is in the livingthings) is beyond me, but we celebrated my sobriety and this news with a few drinks.

The BSP boys were milling about and I blamed them for the blackout. They blamed their sound guy. and I just drank. I never got drunk last night. I am pretty surprised considering i had three or four drinks. After last call Eve and I went to my rooftop to smoke cigarettes and drink the Beast, and Greg and Raphael drunk dialed me at around 5am and wouldnt get off the phone. I'm not sure what they were talking about. I think i've made plans with them for tonight, which is always a good time. At around 6:30 I sent Eve home so i could sleep til 3pm. which i did. NO hangover!

I drank last night because it wasn't a school night. And I never got drunk. The more the night went on the more my drunk friends would wander over to my seat at Lit, slur a few words, hug me and walk off. It's really funny to see people who are drunk off their asses when you're sober... but it's also kind of fun to be one of those people. But I gotta say, I appreciate BEING one of those people more when i'm one of them less.

I dont think this post is funny or anything. which pisses me off. i think i just ate too many french fries which isn't really helping anyone, now is it?

Friday, August 15, 2003

OK. So I would like to apologize to everyone who was fucked by the blackout. I did not mean to listen to the BSP song "Blackout" so many times the power would eventually be turned off in order to give us an ACTUAL blackout. But alas, I guess things work in such ways.

Right now Sarah and I are at my brother's apartment on the Upper West Side where there is electricity. She's watching "How to lose a guy in 10 days" and I'm remembering how i cringed to no end while watching it in february/march when it came out. Geezus. I really, really, really wish that I saw that movie like, 10 months before it came out. Anyway... I think we're gonna go see some "Pirates of the Carribean" as soon as this is over so i can reclaim my balls.

I'm also debating going over to Lit tonight because Carlos D. is supposed to DJ there and I did tell him that I'd go see him DJ. But I'm feeling VERY hungover from yesterday's booze cruise, which I forgot to mention, was followed by endless drinking by the SPIN staff at HiFi. The ligths were off but the taps were still running. And so the entire entire staff of Spin was there drinking their money away. I hugged a bunch of glasses of water (the 4 watered down whiskey sours hardly gave me a buzz, so i was trying to conserve some hydration). When I got home me, Lizzy and Sarah gathered around a bottle of wine and Milwakees Beast.

OK. So it looks like i'm not doing pirates. It's late and I'm hungover a bit. I'd just like to point out how amazing yesterday was. Everyone was just so helpful to each other and smiling and happy and wonderful. Walking down the streets, it was like "no power, oh well." It wasnt like 9/11 where you were frantically scurrying in total fear that a million bombs were about to be dropped on your head and you were going to die and the last thing you said the people you loved was "hold my hair, i feel like hurling." Anyway, i got great photos of everyone just chilling out. Drinking beers on the streets. Smoking cigarettes in the bars. It was all really wonderful. Me and the girls went on the roof to look at the city without any lights on (save for a few of the emergency lights and hospitals). All in all... it was all sort of sweet. I'm sad that my friends missed seeing Bob Dylan. I've gotta be totally selfish and say that i'm sadder for myself for missing British Sea Power. I was really looking forward to this show. Awww... nuts.

Thursday, August 14, 2003


Last night. Justin. Justin. 1am. Justin. Went directly to Hole afterwards to have a celebratory drink with Maureen and Mary H and Dan A. Since i told Maureen about the show she bought me a drink. Makers and Coke. I barely got through one before wincing. I think i'm starting to hate alcohol. Today at work we're being forced to go on a booze cruise. that's in a half hour. One of the publisher guys asked if i loaded up on carbs so i could stay sober. I warned him that i've hardly eaten a thing and will be a drunk employee. I think he's stoked. Wait. i'm sober. no drinking!

Also, i'm OBSESSED with the song "Blackout" by British Sea Power. Beyond obsessed. Like, i've listened to it about 40 times today.

Wednesday, August 13, 2003

forgive me sobriety for i have sinned:

It's been a day since my last post. I'm still in love with British Sea Power. Went to Audrey and Japser's Viscious party last night after hosting a little pre-party bash at my apartment starring Barry, Raphael, Andrew, and a few of their friends. Viscious was amazing and sold out. I spent that entire time sober, but then I went with Lizzy and Barry to Yes!Selector at SPRINGSTREET to see British Sea Power spin. They were great. They were nice. They were drunk and all passed out all over the place on couches. I suddenly found myself drinking a Makers and Coke and then attempting to drink a second (i got only half way through), when i realized it was time to go home.

I will try not to drink tonight. Justin Timberlake goes on at 1am apparently and I think I'll need to take a nap before the show if I want to rock my body and get naked before the end of the song or whatever. I'm thinking of going over to the Hole afterwards because it'll probably be dirty and fun and drunk... but not drunk for me.

Oh, tomorrow I've got a company outing. We're being put onto a boat and told to drink. Now, since i'm being TOLD to drink... should I? I mean, that would be totally awesome if i got really drunk and demanded a raise or tried to go shot for shot with the publishers. Geeezus. I need a nap.

Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Oh. and as far as my drinking goes... it's been smooth sailing (every time i say that i end up face down on my pillow with the world's biggest hangover).
Friday i had no drinks.
Saturday night I indulged in a half can of Milwakees Best (anyone that has come to my house in the past month and had that pushed on them can attest to the fact that it's practically water and not alcohol).
Sunday was a dry night, and last night i was dry as well.
Tonight, Brian's got British Sea Power, Imarobot, and the Polyphonic Spree DJing at his party at SPRINGSTREET (which i'm attending after the fucking awesome VISCIOUS show at sin-e -- mommy and daddy and blue sparks! hotness... thank you japser and audrey!).
I might drink tonight because i wanna do a "making out with ultragrrrl" from the expensive lounges of SPRINGSTREET... and i gotta say that "mowu" is just so much funnier when i'm racing some dood in some band to see who can drink more makers mark/coke.
Holy shit. Last night I went to see British Sea Power with Greg and I swear to you that I was totally impregnated by the music. I stood there for like 30 minutes with my mouth gaping wide open in total amazment. Holy fucking shit. I can't wait to see them on friday at Irving.

Saturday, August 9, 2003

Holy crap. The new muse album, Absolution is so good it's giving me a headache. i had shabbat dinner at my aunt Nancy's house in Brooklyn tonight. it was my cousin Renee's birthday. I could feel the after affects of over drinking and totally started to feel like shit. i think that at exactly midnight my body was like "haha. i'm gonna fuck you over..." and i started getting crabby. Lawrence and i listened to Roxy Music on the way home and he wouldnt let me play him the Venus in Furs covers. Smart man, my brother. He was genius enough to buy Renee albums by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Pixies, Lillix, and the Freaky Friday stk. Dinner at my aunt's house is like eating with 4 little jewish Chris Rocks. Totally hilarious.

Friday, August 8, 2003

If your name is Barry, please call me because I've lost your number. Thank you.
if you click on this link you will love me for ever and ever:
totally fucking hot
Dear Devil,
I hesitated to call you yesterday when Tracey told me that I could take a summer friday today, which meant that I didnt have to come into work. So i paced around and thought about it for a while. I went to the Walkmen show with Greg, Raphael, and Andrew. It was pouring but the band was awesome. I dont think the wet look is for me, but my boys looked hot. We went back to my house so i could change and get my records for the DJ gig. You came over to hang out with the boys for a bit. We went to the club that used to be Shine on and canal. They renovated the space and it's actually totally fucking great with a really nice stage and i'd say it's one of the cooler clubs i've seen in a while. Not cool looking like FUN was, but it was really decent. You came to me in the form of 4 Caronas and 4 Makers Mark and Coke-a-cola. I couldnt say no. You're very agressive sometimes. I wanted to tell you to fuck off, but like, everytime I tried to say something you would interrupt and force yourself into my mouth. What the fuck dude? Totally uncool. This morning I woke up and felt totally violated. I could smell you on my breath and my sweat even smelled like you. You totally knocked me out. If you do that to me again, i swear, it'll be the last time we talk for a long, long time. You're fired.


Thursday, August 7, 2003

I'd like to chop the balls off of men who sing so i can see if they'll sound like the guy from the Darkness. They're so rediculous it's amazing. I dont think i can even reach notes as high as he can and I dont have balls. I've got chutzpah, but that's different... and that's only when I drink. I've lost my chutzpah. Fuck. Sweet, sweet, sweet liquor, where are you?

My brother Albert suggested that I start attending AA meetings. AA is for those of us who can't control the devil. The devil and I are homeboys. These days he calls and he's like "Yo, what you up to tonight?" and I'm like "Oh, not much. I was thinking of meeting up with the boyfriends at Pianos" and he's like "Oh, can i come?" and i'm like "No dude, not tonight. Meet up with us on Saturday." and he's like "Cool. See ya then." Before it was like "I'm meeting up with the boys at Pianos, but maybe you wanna come over before then so we can make out for a bit and then meet up with the guys?"

I like Interpol more than I like the Strokes. My brother who thinks I should go to AA doesnt know who these bands are, but if you want to send me hate mail, do so.

What the fuck? Friendster is making me and my friends into gigantic question marks and now you cant see the photo of me balancing a beer bottle on my head. That's the pits man. There are kids out there who need to see what a lot of drinking does to your ability to reason and look sane. Retarded! What good is taken photos of yourself while drunk if you dont have anyone to share them with and say "hey, you're a total knobhead." People should call each other knobheads as well. Tim is a knobhead.

I saw this comedy skit that Jake directed last night. It starred the Man Show boy who isnt actually 10 but 27. This boy is a knobhead.

Wednesday, August 6, 2003

OK, so last night I was very bad. I went to Tracey's birthday and had 3 bottles of beer. I know it was a school night and I promised myself that I wouldn't drink... but Tracey said that it was her birthday and instructed me to drink in celebration. Seeing as she is technically my superior -- not to mention the most lovely Senior Editor who edits such wonderful features -- I listened to her and had a couple of drinks. I managed to not dance on any tables, not spill beer on everyone in sight (spill/pour/spray... same diff), and held conversations. I can't remember what I did for Tracey's birthday last year, but i think it involved the previously mentioned activities.

Tuesday, August 5, 2003

I'd just like to point out that i did fucking html. I used to have a job doing html work and thought i forgot everything, but alas, my sobriety brings memory!
I always thought that I could never finish the meals at Mexican Radio because i was usually too drunk on margaritas to even keep my eyes open, but last night's dinner there with Maureen made me realize that I couldn't finish that stuff was because there's so much damn food on my plate. Anyway, no alcohol was consumed last night. None. None will be consumed tonight even though I'm going to Tracey's birthday party at SPINGSTREET... Diego Garcia, international sex god and father of many children, of the band Elefant, will be DJing. Friends have promised to hold my mouth open as they pour shots down my throat. I've got some pretty shitty friends.

Anyway, Jasper the Great has some photos on his site from the stellastarr* afterparty. Here's a preview:

Electro Greg

Guilia and Audrey

The worst DJ in NYC

Also, I'm in love with Laura Modernage, Melodynelson, and Jasper. So are other people.

Read This

Monday, August 4, 2003

Speaking of American Wedding, Marti Zimlin and Jon Hurwitz just got engaged. Hot! Let's see the ring! CONGRATULATIONS!
Here's a photo of them with one of the doods from the Manic Street Preachers:
Last night at Shout!:
Greg: "Are you bored? You seem bored these days."
Me: "I'm not bored. I'm just sober."

Saturday was a non-sober night for me. School nights=sobriety. non-school nights=non-sobriety. this is how it works. So on saturday after dinner with Sarah Wilson i met up with Raphael, Greg and Peruvian Nick at Tis Was... which is now Tis Wasn't or Tisn't. I think we should start a "save tis was" foundation. It used to be so much fun. I'm considering renaming this blog to "What the fuck happened to tis was?"

Oh, and I went to see American Wedding with Barry last night. So fucking hilarious that I think I embarassed Barry with my laughter. There's a new version of "Laid" in the movie, and since that's one of my all time favorite songs i was totally stoked.

Officially two weeks since i've changed my drinking habits... a trend started from the night this photo was taken:

Saturday, August 2, 2003

So I've driven the wagon right off the road, fallen off, and got lost somewhere in the gutter. I tell myself that I'm gonna only drink two drinks a night when I drink, but now i've instituted a new rule that I can only drink on the weekends, and drinking is what i'm doing... in full force. Last night I took one of the beers from stellastarr*s dressing room, it was glass and when i went downstairs to join my friends i was told that glass bottles werent allowed in the audience part of the venue. So there I stood for 3 minutes downing a bottle as fast as i could while talking to the beautiful Giulia. By the time I got to Manhatta (or whatever it's called), i was only one and a half beers in but already i was dancing on table tops and got the brilliant idea of shaking a bottle of Corona so that it'd squirt in every direction like an exploding champagne bottle. The patrons of the bar were stupid idiots (apart from the after party people), so i didnt mind dousing them in beer. Anyway... Barry didnt believe that I'd be so absolutely insane after only one beer, but i am actually totally nuts. My friend Jake swung by to celebrate the end of sobriety by buying me a lemon drop shot.

So in the end....

Total number of drinks: probably 5? 6?
Total number of tables danced on: probably 5? 6?
Total number of times i was threated to be thrown out: 2

Oh, and my brother Lawrence and my friend Adam went to the YYYs show and said it was awesome. I decided to skip out and give Lawrence my two tickets so he could find some cute girls at the ss* gig and take them. He was successful, yay.

Tonight I go over to Greg and Raphael's for the first time ever for some cheese and wine. This is code for: we're gonna do lines of blow off of the bodies of hookers. it's gonna be totally awesome.

Oh, i forgot to mention, stellastarr* were totally fucking amazing. I got great shots of them that maybe i'll figure out how to upload so i can pretend to be a blogger of the modernagemelodynelsonnewyorkdolljenykdivestar caliber. but not likely. Anyway, they were fucking awesome and i was so proud of them and i wanted to smoosh their faces and tell them that i love them and have their babies, but unfortunately i'm already pregnant with Diego Garcia's spawn (as is every woman who attended the elefant show last night). I'm naming the kid Moz Garcia. It will be born the child Morrissey wished he was.

Bottoms up sluts.

Friday, August 1, 2003

OK, so last night it was August 1st at some point, so at some point i stepped gracefully off the wagon and had a couple of Caronas because 1. it was thursday and today is a summer friday which meant i wouldnt have to get back into work until monday. 2. Mr. Nicolson was a good 4 drinks ahead of me by the time I had a sip. Scottish people are given bottles of Jack and Coke the moment they're born. 3. I decided to handle my drinking in the most calmed down manner i could which meant not downing 4 drinks in 40 minutes.

I gotta say that when i woke up I was a little fuzzier than usual so i was able to see the absolute distinction between waking up after a totally sober night and waking up after a totally not sober night. I sort of appreciate learning this and will remember it next time i walk into a bar and think "OK, I would like to drink enough to jump up on a table and knock shit off."

For those whom would like to yell at me for cowering to pressure of Captain Morgan, please do so at, or AIM ultragrrrl ...

Right now it's thundering and i'd like to get off the internerd before i get zapped.