Saturday, November 29, 2003

Friday, November 28, 2003

The Feel Good Hit of the Evening

Wednesday night... A couple days later and what can i remember? Not all that much, but still quite a lot. It was another nail in the sobriety coffin. Not the last, but close. Had a little Motherfucker preparty at my house. We drank and smoked a bit and before long my bedroom was filled to the brim with cute boys. You know, a typical Wednesday night at apt 3a.

We all filed into a couple of cabs and headed to Mofo... it was a pretty slow night, which is understandable since everyone had already headed back to their homes somewhere other than NYC. I had a drink or 6 more and soon found myself dancing with the tranny and david la chappelle muse Amanda Leproire -- whom i'm totally fucking obsessed with -- on top of some platform. I think at some point I started making out with Greg, but in a total over the top way where I was pushing him around some area and knocking down things.

At around 6am I post partied til the sun came up. NYC was empty on Thursday. It was fa-reeeky.

It was one of those evenings that reminds me why Tim's nickname for me is Trouble.

I think i'm the only person who thinks those Rich Girls are actually really sweet and not awful in the slightest.

Wednesday, November 26, 2003

by the way...

Andy is the most clever human alive. No joke. I think he knows what the conversations are going to be before even entering them... like a reality show of sorts ... so he's able to think of these incredibly hysterical lines that have perfect timing.

You know what he called our cannibalistic universe that is eating other universes? Weapons of Mass Consumption.

He is genius.

My Top Ten

Right. I think one or two of these might've come out last year ... but at the very end. Anyway, here is my top ten in order:


2. British Sea Power - The Decline of British Sea Power - "Blackout" is the most gorgeous of songs ever. I remember seeing them in Brooklyn this summer and I gave birth to a litter of puppies when they played this song. It also caused the blackout of 2003.

3. Libertines - Up the Bracket - I liked it alright at first, and then i didnt like it and now i think it's so fucking genius and underrated, for real.

4. Blur - Think Tank - I didn't like it, then Andy told me to listen to it again. I did. And it's so surprisingly great. Like, there's no reason why they should've been able to write those songs that they wrote after all these years. I fall in love whenever i hear "Ambulance."

5. My Chemical Romance - I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love - I think this album technically came out a few times since last November. It's the best emocore whatevercore album ever. I know I'm biased, but seriously. They're amazing. I knew the moment i heard one song that they were going to be amazing. They have not let me down. I listen this album constantly.

6. Ryan Adam - Rock n Roll - I really didnt care about Ryan before this album. I would treat him just like anyone else -- which is pretty nicely typically -- but if i met him now I might drop to the floor and start bowing. This is how good the album is.

7. Radiohead - Hail to the Theif - I'm still debating wheater i'd like this album if Radiohead didnt write it and I still dont know. This is why they're so low on the list. If they rereleased the same album Muse or Coldplay did, people would be building cathedrals for them. HTTT was great, but like, their heads really need to be pulled out of their own asses.

7. The Darkness - Permission to Land - I don't care if they're practically a parody. This album is fun and awesome. I like Radiohead more than it for some reason.

8. Placebo - Sleeping With Ghosts - So great. Way better than their last album by far. I love Brian Molko.

9. stellastarr* - stellastarr* - God bless this band. such great songs. pixies meets the cure.

10. Pretty Girls Make Graves - New Romance -

11. Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Fever to Tell - This should be higher up, but i'm high up so i have no idea where to put it. Fuck. This album makes me want to rape little boys. It's just that good.

12. TATU - 200 km in the wrong direction - fuck off. this shit was awesome. hot lesbians!

13. Thursday - War All the Time - Fuck, i know this should go up way higher. I just cant even start thinking where. All i know is that Muse is number one!

14. The Music - The Music - i forget when this album actually came out. I love this band a lot. their live show is amazing and blows my mind. It's like a total Vike and Wine cocktail sometimes. You know when the lights are extra pretty and the music is extra loud but perfect and your legs feel like lead stuck to the dance floor... it's like that.

OK, that 14. but it's my list so fook you. I know that i probably missed some very essential ones. for this i apologize.

Off to motherfucker tonight.

Bubble Gobble

Click here. Print out. and color with crayons cause you're all retarded.


at least in this poll, someone decent will win:
SPIN Readers Poll


Check out the full page photo and text on my boys My Chemical Romance in Alternative Press. Mr. Ex Ultraboy is the one with the glasses and complicated hair. Not to be a total teeny bopper, but could these boys be any fucking cuter? Even my mom has a crush.

Tuesday, November 25, 2003

sofa king awesome.

I love knowing med students because I've got such a disturbing fascination with the dissection of human bodies. I typically ask people what the dead people's lungs looked like becasue that sort of interests me. When I asked a friend what it was like to cut up dead people, here's the super fucking awesome response i got back:

"Dissect-ed, baby, "when I dissect-ed." I'm done poking around up-in some dead chick's guts. I retired, to the garbage, my smelly formaldehyde scrubs and sneakers covered in somebody's-somebody. Some of the girls seemed to have fun joking with conspicuous "huge cock man." Of course the major psycho-insecure-flirt girl got that body. But then again these are medical students (i.e. people who grew up in caves deep under the earth's crust). I'm not sure if all of them had seen a dick in person before. One 65 year old dead woman had tattoos so a student near me went, "oh my god she has a tattoo, be careful, I bet she has aids." So I kept using his body's hand to scratch his butt and freak him out. Until he got me into trouble. I think the hands were my favorite part because I could use them to hold tools I wasn't using. The naughty bits of my body weren't in good shape. The nice old lady we had looked to be about 80 and everything in her lower abdomen was so pancaked together it was hard to tell what was what. Girls have very busy bodies. I was left wondering how women can get through life without peeing all over themselves. There's no room down there and no muscles to hold it in."

I think I could listen to this person talk about dead people's bodies for hours if all the stories are like this!

ow. ow. ow.

I'm sitting at home doing some writing for SPIN and my throat feels like someone had me swallow a catus and then poured lemon juice on the wound. Ow, motherfucking, ow. FUCK. My entire right side of my face hurts, even my teeth are hurting.

I think a wisdom tooth is growing or something... I dont know, I dont remember my mouth/throat being in so extreme pain in ages. I can't believe I'm going to end up using that vicoden pill for a painkiller instead of for fun.


I've had a shit load of people emailing and IMing me about that Muse song. Whoa. My site meter thing LITERALLY says that NOBODY reads this blog. Anyway, Muse's website posted their video for "Time Is Running Out" on their site. Click on "media" and then on "video" and chose "time is running out."

The video is the fucking shit. Matt Bellamy looks like Ian Curtis in it.


Last night I had a dream that I was in my old house -- the one i grew up in -- and i'm with Brian just sitting around. I get up to get something from my closet and this gigantic doll that i used to have (it was a porceline headed clown doll that was 3ft tall -- i had two of them) was hanging by a noose in my closet and nodding it's head no when peeked inside. I freaked out, slammed the door, and ran out. Told Brian who said I was just tripping or stoned or something. I agreed and we just sat around some more. Then the other doll that was seated near us started to move. At first, i was the only one that saw it cause it just sort of budged... but then it started to roll around. That's when Brian grabbed me and we went running out the door. I can't remember what happened to those dolls in real life, but I think they might be in a box in my parent's attic. I never want a doll ever again. Except for my talking Master P doll who says "Uhhhhh! Na na na na!"

What I learned from this experience is that I dont like sleeping alone sometimes, however, when I woke up, I was totally diagnol on the bed. There's no way I can share a bed with anyone else -- unless is a gigantic bed. Which doesnt exist in NYC.

Lastnight I went to some party with Ben for some movie that's opening on one screen. It was free beer so when the invitation came my way I couldn't pass it up. As I was downing a few drinks we all got excited that Boy George was there. So I called up Vicki and told her to get to the party so she could stare at Boy with me. Suddenly Boy was missing and then another Boy George appeared -- this time the REAL Boy George. Can you believe that there was a Boy George decoy? I felt like I was in Star Wars, except with a less attractive cast.

What I learned from this experience is that having a decoy is the new having drugs.

Monday, November 24, 2003

48 Hour Party People

Jenny put up photos from Saturday's party. Czech them out.

I should note that there was a VVIP room at this party. I was led by hand into it and the VVIP room turned out to be 7 guys in a really brightly lit room staring at each other, surrounding a bed, and muttering things every few moments.


You can download "Apocolypse Please" here: Right Click or whatever

And apparently the entire album here: right click or whatever.

I dont read Russian, so who knows... Thank you Scott!

It's time we saw a miracle...

Muse's "Apocalypse Please" is easily the grandest piece of music I've ever heard in my life. It's huge. It's a beast. It's one of the greatest songs I've heard in ages. You need to hear it. But like, you need to hear it on a really good pair of headphones and you dont even need to be stoned -- though that probably wouldn't hurt. There are no prominant guitars in this song, it's all piano driven and about the ... uh... well, Apocalypse, but not in an entirely cheesy way. Just sort of in a way that this song very well could make the apocalypse look really awesome and movie-like. In a movie, the world would be saved by someone miscast by Jerry Bruckheimer.

I listened to this song about 7 times last night trying to point out all the different parts to myself, miming the piano playing, air drumming, singing along like i'm some crazed politician giving the final speach. I feel like Mozart when i hear this.

Even Barry the Scottish liked it, and he HATES Muse. Now all I have to do is convert the delightful Rob S.

Send me an IM and i'll AIM the song to you. My AIM is Ultragrrrl.

Sunday, November 23, 2003


Oh. God. Hangover. Hell.

Last night I went to Ben's house to meet up with him, Lindsay, and Glenn (with two n's). Ben made me a totally awesome drink using Pepsi Blue (who knew you could still find that shit) and Rum... I drank a lot of these. A few other people came to meet up with us there including Brian, Vin, and his biazrro twin. My head hurts as i type this. I dont know if i'm making sense i'm sorry.

We all went to Ryan and Alex's house for Eva and Alex Moreno's birthday party. I drank more. Partied some more. I bit someone's arm. Brian took a photo of me and I think i flashed the camera and if that ends up on his site, i will be killed by my brothers. The party was fucking great as Ryan and Alex's parties usually are. So many people. All so cute. All so nice. All so drunk. I saw a lot of people that I haven't seen in ages ... like Sebastian! And I'm totally unable to go out these days without seeing the danger twins Carlos and Paul. I believe I'm accidently stalking them. Eva's boobies looked awesome. I tried to kiss them. She wouldn't let me. I didn't make out with anyone i dont think. I'm pretty sure I didnt.

I drank a lot and then some.

After the party I relocated some festivities to my house.

I'm watching the Spice Girls' "Behind the Music." I want to be a pop star.

I'm leaving a lot out from last night. I can't think.

Friday, November 21, 2003

So Awesome = Saucem

from Arye.

thank you mr. spitz

Markyspin: the band's called APB. scottish new wave from around '83. their big single was "Shoot You Down"

Forgive me.

Tonight was a busy, busy, busy night. Went to see Franz Ferdinand at Pianos. They were great. So great. Reminded me of a band whose name I forget and whose lyrics I managed to totally fuck up when I sang them to my friends. They're not "I would like to shoot your daughter" ... it's something else... ATC? ATO? Anyway, they had also a very Joy Division sound to them with their guitars and dressed like Russian migrant workers or like Interpol would if they had less money. The bassist played with the straightest face as if he were about to burst out into laughter and I wish that I didnt wear a strapless dress cause it kept on slipping down which made it hard to dance. None of these sentances make any sense.

After Pianos I rode my bike (it's fucking cold and i'm wearing a dress AND platform boots) to Lit to see Five O'Clock Heroes and meet up with the boyfriends. I didn't see Raph, but I hung out with Greg. Oh, the band sounded like the Jam, and were great. The drummer is named Mike and he looks like Gavin from Bush. I also met this girl named Marni who recognized me from Brian's website. Marni was stunning. She looked like Angelina Jolie, but 5'3 and with a totally different voice. If I ever decided to finally bite the bullet and make out with a girl, she'd be the one. The resemblance is uncanny. You'd agree with me.

After 5OH i went back to Lit because both Daniel and Paul strongly, strongly suggested I check out a band that was playing cause they had opened up for Interpol at some point. Again, I've forgotten their names and think it might be a good time to quit some brain cell crushing habits. When I got to Pianos i found out that the band that i had never heard about until 45 minutes earlier wouldnt be on until close to 1am. I got tired of trying to avoid people and said "fuck this noise" and went to the Library to meet up with Rob, Marc, Lizzy, Maureen, Chuck, and Erin.

At the Library we talked about many very important topics like bloggers, Michael Jackson, and being a talking head. Talking about being a talking head was one of those really bizarre things that i pictured talking heads doing before I actually became one. I thought all the talking heads would get together and laugh about how they're on another tv show and kind of laugh at the normal people for not being on tv -- we sort of did that, but laughed at ourselves instead of others. Tomorrow I'm going to be taping "The Fabulous Life of Christina Aguilera" and my brother wanted to know when i became the xtina expert. Good fucking question.

About Michael Jackson: I dont understand how he was labeled as "black" on the mugshot thing. I mean, let's pretend Michael isnt Michael and he gets arrested and brought to jail and they're filling out the stats card... for a person who is not a super star international super star, they would've put "white" or "caucasion" for him. If you're sending out an APB on someone like Michael Jackson -- who isnt Michael Jackson -- and you're a cop on the radio, you're not gonna be like "Please be on the look out for a light skinned black male, 5'11 and 120 lbs" ... you're gonna be like "Please be on the look out for a gray skinned male, 5'11 and 120 lbs". Basically, what i'm trying to say is: Just like they changed California state law to require minors to cooperate with prosecutors on child abuse cases AFTER Jacko managed to settle out of court, they should change the way we list skin color. They should actually apply to a person's skin color and not their race. Michael Jackson, theoretically, would go unnoticed if he was running from cops and a nobody because they'd be looking for a black man. Jacko is clearly not this.

I wrote a lot tonight. Whoa. I'm tired and had nothing to drink at all. A glass of water. That's all. I'm now exhausted and I hate partying. I really do. I need to hibernate.

Thursday, November 20, 2003


I love "Toxic" by Britney Spears and "Me Against The Music" has totally grown on me.

These little words...

I've finally added four words to my MSWord spell check:

Fucking little boys.

You know how Michael expects us all to accept his "I'm a kid at heart, that's why i love hanging out with kids" excuse for why he's always around brats? Well, when I was 10, the boys i liked were also 10. So if he's a kid at heart, then he's probably trying to bang little boys.

Just a thought.

Oh, and according to the New York Post, he was giving little boys wine and sleeping pills. Maybe Jacko and I should hang out.

In my heart, i'm a 19 year old girl.

I also am totally girl-crushing on Gwen Stefani from the "It's My Life" video. She's so pretty. I want to be her ... and then fuck her husband.

This will be a blog about my sobriety...

Mom: Sarah, how's your drinking situation?
Me: It's alright mom. Haven't been drinking much at all lately. You were right, it's so great not to drink.
Mom: Great! And how are the boys?
Me: Great mom.
Mom: Why is your nose growing like Pinnochio?
Me: We're Jews mom. Our noses grow.

This morning I found a pill of vike in my purse. What the fuck? I have no idea how that got in there, but I was so super stoked to find it. I think the pill fairy (fairie?) dropped it in there during my less sober of days. My previous life.

Yesterday I had to stay home sick. Lizzy spent all of last week home ill and Vicki came over for like 5 hours on saturday and sunday and got really ill and the both of them wondered how i managed to stay alright. Tuesday night it hit me and I forced myself to stay home and recover. At night I got dragged out by my brother, Leight, Seth and Guilia to see Love, Actually. I am still in love with Hugh Grant.

Afterwards I hussied up and went to meet up with the stunning 30's movie starletLindsay at the Coral Room for what was supposed to be the White Stripes after party. They never showed up. But Lindsay's friends were lovely and sweet and cute and one of them looked like the singer of JJ72 -- a band that one person in NYC seems to care about. And that one person is me.

Oh. Little Stevie was there! And so was Carlos. This time we weren't dressed alike.

Wednesday, November 19, 2003

I suck.

I suck because last night on my way to Karen's house from Times Square -- where i was going to pre-party -- my phone died. So i had to haul ass to my house on the LES, charge my phone, and by the time I got up to Irving, Kill Hannah were already off stage. I've flown to Chicago before to see them play and the fact that I was unable to get to 14th street just makes me so mad. Granted, I've seen them like, 6 times in the past 4 months, but their live show is just that good. Have you ever seen 5 cuter boys in your life on stage? I would guess the answer is no.

Anyway, the Darkness were so fucking good. It was retarded. Totally fucking retarded fun. I felt like a retard cuase I was so happy... and experienced joy in ways that only a retard could. Maybe I was just drunk, but I love tards.

Justin is so great and can sing so well and he's so not attractive. It's like proof that I actually enjoyed a show when i'm smiling the whole time and don't want to fuck the singer for at least the 50 minutes that he's on stage. The command that Justin had over the crowd was just heads above the Bowery show where you could sort of see that they were really nervous. There was no nervousness last night.

Hal, the jewish rock photographer trapped in Mick Jagger's body, provided for some fun times during the encore while he was perched on Adam Mandel's shoulders. Justin seemed to enjoy it at first, quite a bit, but then i think he got nervous when the spotlight was off him. I definitely enjoyed watching Hal. And I definitely enjoyed Justin's preying mantis pretending to be a bunny dance move.

Afterwards Guilia and I headed over to Sin-e for the Viscious party. All the usual scenesters were there. It makes my sudden appetite for hermitage so much easier if it means I can see all my friends in one fell swoop by walking two blocks for 30 minutes. I learned, on this excursion, that Dennis Realistics is playing an acoustic show on monday and will be playing many cover songs. "Faith" by George Micheal might be one of them. When I saw Audrey she asked me if I was drunk. I said no. She looked at me funny and then i said "Yeah, ok. I am drunk." I will go sober again. But like, when I'm pregnant or something. Who am i kidding?!

Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Back to the old ways.

I use a Mac, so i dont know if this works, but it seems really cool if it does.

I still feel like upchucking, but I'm listening to the Katy Rose album and strangely it's making me feel better. Or maybe I'm feeling better from the Egg McMuffin and Coke... hangover cure. Typically the Katy Rose album might make me puke.

Last night I went to the Thursday/Thrice show at Roseland and discovered that Jack White was at the Track's magazine party that I blew off because I wanted to hang out with my friend Mat. When I say hang out, i mean, straighten Mat's hair. I wish I had before and after photos. Instead, I'm gonna make this photo my desktop image I think. Mat's in the middle. His band are opening up for the Darkness tonight. I've been blacklisted by the Darkness. I love you, but i've chosen Kill Hannah.

Missed Thrice but Roseland was a massive sweat box, so i'm assuming there was moshing. Thursday were awesome and I was so fucking drunk by the time they came on. My friend Mikey and I were running around upstairs chasing each other and smacking people's asses. He's got a mohawk now, which i bit. I was hoping to bite off a bit like you might with an icicle, but that didnt work. The two of us were retarded amounts of drunk and acting like 15 year olds who've never been drunk before -- i'm shocked we didnt get kicked out.

Oh, there was confetti. that was awesome. I liked the confetti.

Then I went with Karen and Sarah and Carolyn and Gina to the after party. I dont remember the after party very well because it was open bar and I was double fisting non-stop. I have no idea how i managed to get in bed at night but i woke up with the tv on in the morning. I really wanna see what my liver looks like at this point.

Oh my god. The following exchange just occured:
Friend: I woke up with a smile on my face and this message on my cell "WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU STOP MAKING OUT WITH WHOMEVER YOURE MAKING OUT WITH AND GET THE FUCK OVERHERE."
Me: That's a funny voicemail. Who left it?
Friend: You did.


Sarah Wilson is really happy today. And she should be.

I'm really hungover today and didnt want to leave the house. I wanted to hug the toilet until my insides were all over my outsides.

Monday, November 17, 2003


I just got a CD in the mail from a group called The Lost Patrol. At first, judging from the boy on the cover, I thought it was The Honorary Title, but then I realized that it was actually Dennis Lyxzen from the (International) Noise Conspiracy and the Refused.

I've listened to three songs so far and whoa man. Is that shit mellow. Mellow, nice, but like the exact opposite of the Refused. Do you remember when you first saw the Refused video for "New Noise" and thought that your life was saved? That was cool.

AWESOME! has just been updated... incase you needed a reason to not work.

Oh JC...

Truer words have never been uttered: "Some girls dance with women/ knowing it will get some attention/ I wanna get in with them/ so get me a drink and lets go!"

Sunday, November 16, 2003

Hoo Dee Hoo!

Missy Elliott was fucking amazing last night on SNL. Bands are usually so boring on that show (there have been a few exceptions), and hip hop artists? Forget it! Even not on SNL live hip hop shows are boring (i like hip hop... i'm not one of those rock-only snobs). But Missy last night was awesome. I was staring in absolutely awe as she had dancers do the river dance and make it look cool. I was like, fuck, why didnt I think of that? She even said that the dance was called "The Dutch"... but we white people know... it's the river dance. I can't wait to see that shit blow up on the dance floors.

Watch the video for "Pass The Dutch".

PS - In October, Laura brought me a copy of "Pass the Dutch" when I was DJing the Libra bash for Elliott, Jo, and Sophie. It was TOO bass heavy for me to get people moving, so i'm waiting for a remix.

Oh, and I heard some other Britney songs today from her new album In the Zone while watching the MTV special of the same name, they were REALLY FUCKING GOOD. I can't wait to get the album! I saw a couple kids waiting at the Virgin Megastore in times square tonight on my way to dinner with my family -- they were waiting to meet Britney on tuesday.

Fuck You Saturday Night!

Last night I decided to say fuck you to the weekend and stayed in. Vicki came over and we watched that Amanda Bines (sp?) movie "What a Girl Wants". The movie's subtext was brilliant. Pygmallian. Karate Kid. It was all there. Anyway, I hate going out these days. I think I really over did it for two years where I went out every night until 4am. I think it was since 9/11... i was like "We could die tomorrow. I better party now!" I had a slut on each arm snorting coke off my rack until the wee hours as I poured crystal down my throat. OK, not really, but seriously close.

Instead i cut my bangs and did a bang up job on them.

I really, really, really like the new Phantom Planet song "Big Brat" (video). It sounds like it was influenced by Blur's "Crazy Beat"... which is fucking awesome.

I'm also totally in love with Razorlight. Their video is on their site and the song "Rip it Up" is like the Libertines meets the song "Twist and Shout". I'm going to find the mp3 or buy the cd and dj it.

Saturday, November 15, 2003

OK. i'm just gonna do a running commentary of the whole show.

The Coopers video wasn't very good. There was a narrative in it, which is something very British it seems or something, but the band wasnt even in it. They're so cute. What a waste.

Music these days is filled with a lot of "what should've made" ... at least in my opinion. It's like, the Muse and Coldplay albums are the albums Radiohead should've made (sacrelidge! you scream?). Oasis should've written some songs like the ones the Coopers wrote. The Strokes should've had as much of an interesting, head slapping, greek tragedy filled year as the Libertines had. U2 should've written the song "So Alive" by Ryan Adams. The Distillers song "The Hunger" should've been written by Courtney. Axl might have to off himself after he hears the Darkness album.

Funeral For a Friend wish they were from NJ and called My Chemical Romance.

Men shine when they sing with PJ Harvey. She looks amazing in this Josh Homme video. I wanna touch her hair.

Hope of the States - "Enemies/Friends" ... They're wearing military jackets. Very Libertines. Yes, I would rip off the Libs too. They have a violinist in the band and one of the members look like Roddy from Idlewild and they have a military style drum. That is awesome. A violinist too. I dont know if i actually like this band or if i'm just drawn to them. It's like British Sea Power meets Coldplay, but a bit more annoying cause the guy's voice isn't so good.

Ed O'Brien is hot. And I'd fuck Thom Yorke. But that's a given.

lostprophets now. MTV2 owes me Muse now. Unless they played it. fuck. OH MY GOD. NO MUSE?! WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS WORLD COMING TO? Or did they play them? I need to program a show on MTV.

Ed O'Brien = Hot. Thom Yorke = Sexy, Short, Fashionalbe. Phil Selway = Jew.
AND HOLY SHIT THEY'RE PLAYING THE "STOP WHISPERING" VIDEO! And wow was that a shitty video. Even though, I couldn't get closer to the TV to watch it. The Greenwood's have great hair genes. Thankfully, Thom stopped opting for the puerto-rican brass hair dye jobs.

oh joy!

My favorite track off the new Cooper Temple Clause album, "Blind Pilots", has a video and it's on right now! yay!

Oh My God. I am fucking Lucky.

I'm at my parent's house in Tenafly, NJ for shabbat and to look at my old dog Maxine (she's a 15 year old blind shih-tzu who is too cute) and MTV2's Subterranean is a special UK edition. Holy shit. Life doesn't get better. They had a band on called Razorlight that were like the Libertines, only not as good but still fucking great. They make me want to pick up a guitar and learn three chords so I can start a band and be drunk all day and all night and just sing about being young. Wait, i'm in a band already with Greg called Debutaunt. We're huge in London. Someone over there claims to have seen us play before.

I hope they play Muse. Maybe they did and I missed it?! fuck. I am dying to find out what that band's plans are for the States cause that album is great. I love it. I swear I'm gonna get fired from SPIN because I keep on trying to make people listen to it and sending out mass emails saying how much Absolution rules. Nobody there wants to listen to me. I'm gonna burn a bunch of copies and send it out to all the other people at work and label it "Radiohead B-sides album" or something.

Oceansize are on now. They're ok. I think i saw them play at the Boarderline in London with Elefant, but I'm not sure. I might've been too preoccupied by the couple having sex in the bathroom and wondering what flavor condom they were using since the condom machine in the bathroom had various flavors like "lager", "whiskey", and "margarita" ... it's like, that's the shit that gets you in that position in the first place. They should make Alka Seltzer flavored condoms or something. Sober the fuckers up.

Ohh... Interpol commercial. That band makes my heart beat in my pants. Why are they so good? Speaking of... Not sure if that photo of me and Carlos on Halloween worked, so go here:

I'm too sober tonight. I'm rambling. Must find something.

Friday, November 14, 2003

this is awesome

It's director's commetary for the Paris Hilton porn tape and the best thing i've read all day.

My legs hurt

My body hurts. I wanna puke. I wanna crawl into a ball and rock like a crack baby. This is how i feel today. Plus, I smell like fabreeze covering up saturated smoke and booze. The smell is making me queasy.

I saw the twenty twos last night. I really like them cause they remind me of Elastica a little, but for pretty much no reason other than the fact that it's three women and a guy on drums and they've got keyboards. OK, so maybe they're a bit like Elastica meets the Distillers or something. The way this band will end is this: They've got two stars in the band. Jenny the singer and Terrah the keyboardist. Two many stars are dangerous... even though Interpol pull it off alright.

Whenever Terrah sings I look at her dimples and wanna poke them.

I dont like Longwave.

Where is my Mind?

Lastnight felt like the first time i've been out in ages. I mean, i go out almost every night, but it was the first time in a long while that i've been out just to be out until 3:30am doing nothing but drinking and dancing to a weird mix of music.

The most dangerous thing about sweet drinks is that they're so good and refreshing sometimes that you just gulp them up as fast as possible. Next thing you know you're yapping about how you wish you were a guy so that you could get blow jobs from sweet little girls much like yourself.
"Yeah, yeah, that's nice honey."
"Now why dont you talk to my pants for a little while?"k

Ahhh... the joys of being a dude. They're endless. My rack hardly makes up for it.

Thursday, November 13, 2003

Wednesday, November 12, 2003

No Smoking please

Lindsay just reminded me that you can still smoke at Lit. When Greg and I were in London (by the way, he is the best travel companion ever, you should ask him to travel with you even if you dont know him), we kept on forgetting that we could smoke in clubs and even restaurants. We've gotten so used to not being able to smoke anywhere that we were like "whoa, look! people smoking! while eating! while drinking!" We also agreed that we didn't like the smoke so much even thought we're both smokers. The german word for oxygen is something that sounds like "sourstuff" but spelled differently. Also, emergency landing is "not landing" ... they dont really mess around those germans, do they?

Oh, speaking of Germans, when i went to Madame Toussaud's wax museum I took a photo with Adolf Hitler, but i took my star of david necklace from my neck and put it around his for the photo. The germans were laughing hysterically. some of my friends thought i was totally sick in the head. It was Greg's idea and i think he's a genius.

Rock N Roll over again.

My brother Lawrence set it up so that this blog is on now. hotness.

I fucking love the new Ryan Adams album. I'm not a big Ryan fan, but this album is very good. Very good indeed. When I was at a Virgin Megastore in London i heard it booming over the speakers and thought "what is this? this is fucking great?" and low and behold, it's the guy who's feet i tripped over at the NME awards last year. He was sitting down and I used his knee for balance. I should've kissed him or something.

Last night i went to Marc's book reading at CBs. He was so much better this time around versus the first time I saw him -- which was actually his first book reading ever. I drank a lot and a lot more. I drifted home while singing "The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow" like little orphan Annie. I had no money and felt like an orphan. When i got to Rush Hour I tried to buy a goat cheese salad but they wouldn't take credit card. Dave Prince and Ariel were there and saw my dilemma and Dave bought me a salad. So sweet. I had dinner and then downed a few Tylenol PMs so I could forget about my lack of money. I think tonight I will sell some CDs that I got in the mail today. THEN I WILL BE RICH.

"So Alive" by Ryan Adams is so fucking good it makes me want to get up on my chair and start dancing or something. But my big toe hurts and so that will hurt. I think i should get some painkillers for that.

Rock n Roll

The Ryan Adams album is really good. What the fuck. I was not expecting this.

Booty call Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton's cell: 310-990-7444
Don't believe me? Call it for yourself.

Tuesday, November 11, 2003

shake it!

Jake asked me to email this to everyone I know, so instead i'm posting it here:

Tomorrow is "National Everyone Listen To That Outkast Song At The Same Time Day."

At exactly 3:35pm, put on "HEY YA!" by Outkast and shake it, shake it, shake it, shake it, shake it, shake it, shake it, shake it, shake it, shake it like a poloroid picture.

You know what to do. You know what to dooooooo.


Jake Fogelnest

Tonight I'm going to a book reading or something with Sia at CB's for Marc's book. I'm tired. I wanna sleep.

Monday, November 10, 2003

in the days when you were hopelessly poor, i just liked you more

I'm seriously thinking of chanigng the title of this blog as it's so totally untrue these days. I'm no where near sober. Infact, in London I was back to my old ways. I was enjoying lager after lager until my nights resembled something out of a quasi nightmare paired with a fantastic dream.

I laid in bed last night, totally sober, praying for alcohol to fall out of the sky and into my mouth. I laid in bed last night praying for some valium, vicoden, anything that would help me sleep. I stuck my fingers in my ears. I stared at the ceiling. My body really needed drugs and alocohol and something. I'm no longer sober.

I'm back home and not drinking tonight. I will have some tylenol pm and pray that tomorrow is ok.

Saturday, November 8, 2003

Hello from Albion

I'm in London right now and have been since monday. The weather has been surprisingly great and the food has been expectedly terrible. I think i've lost five pounds since arriving, and that probably includes five pounds in great british sterling. i'm so fucking broke it's crazy. I was expecting some freelance money to come in before my trip but that failed so my rent check ended up swallowing all my vacation funds. I've managed to get drinks off my credit card and from the kindness of strangers. Shopping didn't really get to happen cause all the places i wanted to buy things from were only taking money, and cabs swallow cash like a high school sophomore swallows ...

I got to meet up with an old friend last night, which was so overwhelmingly nerveracking. I ended up drinking 3 beers with him so that i would stop shaking in my pants and then went to meet up with my friend Oli who gave me another beer and fun. We headed over to the Barfly to see Johnny Lives and after realizing that i had drunk an unbelievable amount of beer and forgot to eat anything the entire day, i sat down and asked to be taken home.

The funniest thing about this trip is that Elefant have been in London as well and so we've all been hanging out together a lot. I went to one of their gigs at the Boarderline and Diego dedicated a song to me. After the show i went into the bathroom and was treated to another show of two people fucking in the bathroom stall next to mine. A bunch of us started to line up to go in an Diego saw that I was trying to re-enter and got really concearned saying that i wasnt old enough for such things. We all then went to the Columbia Hotel and had more beer after more beer and Diego told me i wasn't old enough for coke either. I agree.

Oh, Greg and I are in a band together called Debutaunt. Brandon, Elefant/Interpol's manager is now our manager. We're huge over here.

Saturday, November 1, 2003

London Calling...

It's been forever since I've updated this bastard and I wish i could remember what I've been up to. The week has been so long. Monday, Tuesday and Thursday i was DJing. Each of those night I indulged in drinking. Yes, drinking. I drank and enjoyed it and found myself dealing with social situations a little bit better. All my drinks were free, which was great because I was so fucking broke.

I gotta say that last night I did a pretty bang up job dressing up like Carlos. I totally fucking adore Carlos. He's such a wonderful and great person... I hope that he knows that my costume was in tribute and not to make fun or anything. He's in the ranks of Madonna, Boy George and Meg White (whom i dressed up as last year and yesterday for work), so i guess he's iconic! Anyway, we got a photo together at Motherfucker. The party was fun, but my fucking rack was hurting me like a bitch because I actually taped the twins down as much as I could so I could look like a boy. But that didnt work to well and i ended up with a shelf instead of a rack.

Anyway... So far tonight I've gone to see the Walkmen. They were great. Hamilton cut off his hair and seems to have bulked up -- like he's been lifting weights. He's always looked like he could kick someone's ass, but now he looks like he spent the past month doing it. In a little bit i'm gonna head over to the Mercury Lounge to see British Sea Power. Both the Walkmen and BSP are a couple of my favorite bands, but I'm just so fucking exhausted that I'm having a hard time totally enjoying myself.

I need to get a good night's sleep tonight. Tomorrow I'm leaving for London for a week with Greg. I'm really excited about the trip but i'm worried i'm gonna exhaust myself. Sometimes I think I should save my vacation days for a tropical setting rather than an urban one ... but the men in london are too fucking cute to pass up sometimes. I'm gonna see a few shows, dance at a few clubs, make out with a few boys. It's gonna be fun. Drinks will be had. Oh yes, drinks will be had.

To see me on Halloween dressed as Carlos D with Carlos D at Motherfucker, copy and paste this in your browser:
or go to: