Saturday, August 27, 2005


I'm in Miami right now soaking in the ... humidity. Ron Perry has become my Josh/Brandon stand-in for the weekend, which is totally fucking awesome because Ron Perry is really fucking wonderful. He always manages to find the cutest blond at the party to make out with... which is something those other homos i hang out with never do. Just kidding, i love homos. I also want to say how excited I am to get hate mail from you all in regards to that last sentence.

Lastnight I DJed the Revolver party at Pawn Shop, and I can't express to you my delight when I saw Merlin Bronques there. Seeing him makes me feel at home, and seeing the Miami kids clutter to have their photo taken by him was amazing. Check them out!

Today we went to some Yahoo! party that Good Charlotte were hosting and I saw that guy from Entourage that plays Eric (Kevin Connelly) with a very pretty and blonde Niki Hilton there. Pharrell was also there, in his underwear, taking photos with scantily clad models. I spent most of the party hanging out with Josh's brothers which was really nice since I only knew one of them well. I fucking love that whole family, and hope to make them my own one day... it already feels like I have.

Right now, Ron and I are at the MTV Hotel (I'm updating this blog from the lobby) and we're about to get some sushi. I'm hoping it'll be really good since we're on the ocean and everything. Then we're going to do TONS of Heroin because it's not poisoned down here like it is on the Lower East Side. Ah sweet unpoisoned bliss. I'm kidding by the way. Please know that.

Tonight I'm going to go to the SPIN/Kanye West party at the Shore Club and then I'm DJing the BAMmies (Bam Margera's party) at the Opium Garden with Kill Hannah. Josh's brother Benji might be joining me on the decks for a bit.

Sunday... what the fuck am I doing on sunday? I guess I'm going to the Killers/Fallout Boy party and then the My Chemical Romance/Greenday party. I DEFINITELY will not be at the VMAs because i will DEFINITELY be hungover.

Monday i'm heading to Orlando to have a reunion with my NOYBOYS. I miss them so much. I want to be surgically attached to Brandon so he never leaves my side. I'll have him on one side, and Josh on the other. It'll be like a hot, sexless, pointless, porn.

I love you,

Friday, August 26, 2005


Karen and I have left our party in good hands:


Vice did a great parody of "Do They Know it's Christmas Time" with Halloween featuring:
Karen O
The Arcade Fire
Sonic Youth

and more!

It's pretty funny, and as per usual, Karen O's voice sounds fucking gorgeous.

North American Halloween Prevention Initiative - "Do They Know It's Hallowe'en"

Check out the lyrics here.

Thursday, August 25, 2005


But I am a fan...

Check out the new eCard from Nightmare of You.

It features their first single "I want to be buried your backyard" which they just shot a video for on Shelter Island (thanks again to DJ Reiter for helping me figure out the bus system and shit). The video is adorable and takes place at this beautiful place with a lake and trees and nature. We all spent the day running around, drinking beers and blessing the grass under our ass. At the end of the shoot we all jumped into a pool in our underwear and laughed at each others lame undies. Our friend Jordan Silver styled the shoot and the boys looked amazing... they also found a few ticks on their bodies afterwards, so here's to hoping that they dont have lyme disease.

I'm leaving for Miami tomorrow. This hurricane makes me wonder if I'll be the only one there. A lot of the bands are playing this weekend at Reading/Leeds and will be flying into Miami on saturdaynight/sunday morning. It will really suck for MTV if half their rock performers are stuf in England instead of on the red carpet.

Monday I'll be meeting up with the Nightmare boys in Orlando, then Tampa then the sweet Carolinas. We want to DJ parties... so if you know where we can party, please drop me a shout on the party line:

According to this article, it looks like HIV is going to be a thing of the past pretty soon.

Read more about the possible HIV anti-Virus.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005


It's 3:08pm and the NOYboys are still fast asleep. On a typical tuesday I have Jordana the intern come in and we sit around working on stolen transmission singles and watching tv... but today I'm letting the boys have their day off spent in a silent snoozefest. Apparently, i have quite possibly the most comfortable couch in lower manhattan, and brandon refers to my apartment as the black hole... once you're sucked in, it's hard to leave. He's right. I never want to leave and I hardly like having any sort of social interactions that require me to leave my apartment for longer than an hour.

On friday, I'll have to buck it up. I'm headed to Miami for the VMAs. I might be DJing on friday at the pawn shop for some Debbie Harry event and then saturday I'm djing with Kill Hannah for the BMAs (Bam Margera's party). Sunday are the VMAs (i'm still on the fence about going). Monday i'm flying to Orlando to meet up with Nightmare of Jews and then driving up to NYC with them. We're making a stop in Tampa, so i better see Chris Drama there.

All this out of apartment time will make me appreciate sitting at home and watching TV more.

When i do leave the house, it's for good reasons:

Friday was the stolen transmission party at orchard bar. We had a total blast, as always. I guess right now would be a good time for me to tell you all that the Tarts of Pleasure are going on vacation. We'll be back at the Orchard Bar on September 16 where we'll be throwing the Unofficial Sponge Afterparty. A simple phonecall could make it the OFFICIAL sponge party, but then it's not funny anymore.

Saturday night I DJed at Misshapes with My Chemical Romance's Mikey and Gerard Way. When I was younger, Mikey and I would go to TisWas every weekend and we'd dance to brit pop and obsess over blur and oasis and definitely radiohead. I guess people think that emo bands only listen to emo, cause they were shocked by the amount of brit pop and over all amazing music that mikey and g-rad were having me throw down.

There was an incident with some freaky, over eager goth girl who was beyond creepy. She was just kinda lurking in a very personal space invader kind of way. Some of us tried to ease her away from Gerard (who didn't even notice her apart from when she asked him if he wanted to take a drag of her cigarette... the girl was super fucking creepy), and when that didnt work, MCR's manager, Brian, had to ask her to leave the area. I found her at the bar crying into a glass of red wine... her tears literally falling into the glass. I felt bad, but remained slightly cautious of her.

Moments passed and she was back, hovering by Gerard and hanging onto the glass that separates the dj booth from the dance floor. I started to get freaked out. She stood about 3 feet from him crying. Anyone that knows Gerard knows that he's incredibly sweet to his fans ... but people kept this one away, and with good reason. After her creepy level went through the roof, Brian had to have her escorted out. She dropped to the floor and started to have convulsions and freaking out. She was promptly thrown from the club. As I was leaving, she tried to enter the club again, saying that she had to go in there to get cigarettes. When the doorman turned her away, she dropped to the floor and freaked out. An ambulance was called and the girl was taken away by paramedics who had to strap her down (by the way, they were not told about her creepy factor... she was just totally out of control). People think she was on acid, i think she was just batshit insane.

Overall, thoguh, the night was really fucking wonderful. The boys had fun (who would've thought they'd see the day when Gerard would be dancing in a DJ booth to Madonna, or MIkey leading people to sing Journey's "Dont Stop Believing"?) and everyone danced and were happy. Yay.

Sunday I went to Brunch with Jordana the Intern and her awesome mom Amy at Pastis. I love hanging out with those two soo much.

After brunch went to Kate's Joint for the birthday party of the future love of my life, Josh. He ordered so much food that people (well, me) were threatening to go into the bathroom to purge so they could continue binging. Ellen brought her dog and I tried to eat it.

Everyone loves Josh. Plain and simple. Anyone that has ever met him has become smitten with his kindness and generosity and overall wonderfulness. I am so thankful to have him in my life. I'm so lucky to have him be a part of me, and me a part of him. I'm so lucky that his mom made it with his dad and made him. yay!

[thanks trent for the image!]

Monday, August 22, 2005


For the third time in three weeks i've gotten pink eye. could someone please tell me what the fuck is going on with my eyes?

Friday, August 19, 2005


If there's something to thank a person for, music is one of them. Karen is one person I owe endless fruit baskets to. That girl has turned me onto more bands than anyone apart from my brother Lawrence.

Right now I owe endless thank yous to BrandonR for finally being able to turn me onto Elliott Smith. Yes, Elliott Smith. Welcome to 6 or 7 years ago, Sarah.

Back in 1999 I went to see Elliott and had a really bad experience with someone that turned me off to him. Everytime I listened to him I thought about this bad experience and couldn't detach the two. I convinced myself that he was overrated. So dumb. Even after reading that great piece in SPIN a few months back, I couldn't bring myself to listen to him.

But then, about a week ago, BrandonR decided that I had to listen to an Elliott Smith song or two. He thought carefully about what to play me and chose the song that he had been singing on and off for the past hour: "Pretty (Ugly Before)".
"i felt so ugly before. i didnt know what to do."

I sat on my couch, stoned and focused. When that was over he declared "I want to play another one for you," and stuck "King's Crossing" on. I recognized that one since I remembered how in the Spin article the writer wrote about how Elliott's sister and girlfriend sang a line on that song and immediately after reading that I listened to that one song only once or twice.
"Give me a reason not to do it."
"Because we love you!"

I know I'm so late on this. I know it's so lame that i'm JUST NOW DISCOVERING HOW GENIUS Elliott was. But I guess it's better late than never, right?


tATu is back and they're no longer lesbians (I think one got pregnant, acutally, and had a kid). No, they're definitely not.

Thank you Thighmaster for this video.

Watch tATu play killer Russian prostitutes.

Wow. See you on TRL... or not.


1. Does anyone have a contact over at Zima? Yes, the malt bevvy that you, like myself, experienced your first drunken night with in middle/high school. Ideally someone in their marketing department. Are they even still around? Please advise!

2. Does anyone know who represents the band Sponge?

thank you and good night.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005


This morning, BrandonR, Ryan, and myself tried to get breakfast at Teany. When the three of us approached Ludlow we saw that it was a full on police scene. We shrugged, hoped that nothing serious happened, and then went our respective ways.

When I got into my office I recieved an email from BrandonR telling me that there was tragically a murder at Teany To-Go. We all know people who work there, so we're all really nervous and scared. I'm not sure what prompted the murder or how it occured. All I know is that I'm really sad for the person who died and their families. There's nothing that one can say to make this news any less tragic or sad. Nothing.

I was also told about more deaths due to a bad batch of drugs, and thank my lucky stars that there's nothing harder than pot going into my body, and even that is going to end soon as per my brother's request. But six deaths have happened in the past week due to a bad batch of either heroin or cocaine (i think it was the H-bomb), and there was some huge crackdown in williamsburg.

When I found out that people were doing heroin again I became a bit confused. Wasn't that very ten years ago? Didn't we learn from those mistakes? Don't people do pain killers now instead?

But no matter...

What I'm trying to get at is: If ever there was a time/reason to NOT DO DRUGS - knowing there's a poisoned batch floating around might be it.

My thoughts are with those who knew the person who got murdered at Teany and the families who lost loved ones due to drugs in the past week.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005


Anyone reading this know the best way to get from NYC to Shelter Island on a day like today?


As I sat behind my laptop fastidiously trying to find the song from the commercial I just saw, BrandonR turned to me and said:
"You do realize that we might be superfans. You and I. This is it. We're 'Instant Star' superfans."
"Shhhh!" I said, "Pause Degrassi, I found that song!"

We had previously watched the episode promo twice to hear Jude perform her totally acoustic-Hole-like performance, and after each watching, Brando and I high-fived each other. I am so stoked, I thought that episode's song was going to be "Your 21." For Instant Star fans, I think this one is better than the mashup she did with S-to-the-H-to-the-A-to-the-Y.

Instant Star Alexz Johnson - Skin
Instant Star Alexz Johnson - "Waste My Time" (the Jude and Shay mashup)

Also, totally off topic, but just a bit of a fashion tip for boys --

A couple of months one of my friends asked me to pick up a specific pair of pants for him at H&M. He told me to pick up as many I could find in his size and that he would pay me back when I gave them to him the next time he was in NYC.

A day or two later when Josh called me while I was shopping at H&M, he asked me what I was looking for and i told him: Slightly shiney, tapered black pants from H&M with the PINK label... women's pants.

"Oh, I have two pairs of those that will be his size. You can give mine to him. I gave a pair to my brother. They're great." (Yes, Josh is sooo giving that he would give someone a pair of pants that he loves because they want them. I've literally seen him give the shirt right off his back to someone who liked it. I am so lucky to have him in my life.)
"Thanks, but I think he'll want new ones."
"Then you have to go to the H&M on Lexingon and 50th or something. I think they're the only ones who carry it."

After that, everytime I assist one of my guy friends in shopping, those are always the pants i look for, and those are always the pants that get bought. So boys with skinny legs... go find those!
This summary is not available. Please click here to view the post.

My Brother, Lawrence, has gone emo. Bromo? That can work in two ways. I have Bromos.

I had something written here, but my brother called me and told me how my story was very similar to someone else's -- and i actually like the other person who told me the story... and i guess it didn't actually make that much of a dent in my brain since i totally forgot about the story until he reminded me while I was out in the country and away from a computer to change the entry and save face. sorry.

anyway... while i'm not about to go back to that bar and find that boy who likes really fresh sushi (though, maybe he'll recognize himself on here ... hi!... i guess that when I was 4 I peed my pants cause I hated peeing. i thought imperfect people peed.

I'm glad that when I came home it was to the boys in my life that love animals. The ones who have proven that they can be selfless and unconditionally loving to something that relies on them.

Saturday, August 13, 2005


Listen to "Munich" by Editors. Listen to "Munich" by Editors. Listen to "Munich" by Editors. Listen to "Munich" by Editors. Listen to "Munich" by Editors. Listen to "Munich" by Editors. Listen to "Munich" by Editors. Listen to "Munich" by Editors. Listen to "Munich" by Editors. Listen to "Munich" by Editors. Listen to "Munich" by Editors.

You can do that on their website RIGHT HERE

(Click on Music)

Friday, August 12, 2005


I've fallen in love. In love with a song. We're going to live a morose life together in the English countryside and make little babies who are as sad as the gray skies above their heads. Ahh… the Editors' "Munich". We will live a happy life together… or at least a happy month together before I find something else to obsess over.

Speaking of obsessions… sick obsessions... I'm still obsessed with the Nightmare of You album. Since the single is sold out on my end, I don't think the band will mind too much if I post the A-Side, "My Name is Trouble." The song is a hit if I ever heard one. Fuck it being a hit, the song is FUCKING GREAT. And if any of the b-sides wind up on the web, I wont be bummed cause they're so good. I want them to be heard by all!

Nightmare of You – "My Name is Trouble"

If you come to the Orchard Bar tonight for Stolen Transmission, you'll hear that song…download it so you can sing along with me and Karen.
(Orchard bar is on 200 Orchard street (corner of Houston) in the Lower East Side … Karen and I DJ from 1-4am).

I have no energy to write about the bands I saw this week, but I'll tell you that the highlights were:
Five O'Clock Heroes
Army of Me (holy shit)
MC Chris

Wednesday, August 10, 2005


Right about now, a bunch of people may have recieved their Nightmare of You single. What do you all think?! I'm obsessed with the B-sides.

I'm not posting this to make a political statement. I'm posting this because I think it's cool.

Secretive "guerrilla" artist Banksy has decorated Israel's controversial West Bank barrier with satirical images of life on the other side.

Also, apparently the password for the Bauhaus show in NYC is: Bela

Monday, August 8, 2005


Hey Floridians - What's the best way to get from Miami/Ft. Lauderdale to Orlando? Is there a bus or a train or some sort of easy transportation to take? Like, can you hope on a boat in Miami that looks like Mickey Mouse and take off? Please let me know. Thanks! By the way, this means that I'll be joining the Nightmare of You/Vandetta Red tour in Orlando, and up through to NYC if anyone wants to see the bands play, take us out, buy us dinner, ask us to DJ, etc.

My newly svelt older brother, Lawrence has revamped and updated his blog. Now it's more personal and focuses on the day-to-day rather than the world at large and I gotta say, I definitely dig it more. The other stuff was good, but way over my little head at times. I'm happy to see him back to blogging.

Holy shit, do I love you

Saturday, August 6, 2005


I watched this without the sound on so I can't back their music, but Idiot Pilot's video for "A Day in the Life of a Poolshark" is graphically brutal and pretty impressive. I love it.

The Nightmare of You single sold REALLY WELL and so I had to stop selling it momentarily so I could process all the requests. Thanks for your understanding! As for the orders already made, please expect them in the next week or two.


Brandon from Nightmare of You had to get emergency wisdom teeth extraction today so NOY had to drop out of their tour until (probably) August 10. Such a bummer. Here's to hoping that he gets well soon and saves me some painkillers.

On a lighter note, I went to Tenafly today to clear out what's left of my bedroom since my parents just moved. I found these great old school portraits, class photos, and an old letter I sent ot my friend Ali during the summer of 93 where I told her about my summer exploits. I will share it for you now (gramatical errors and all):

Dear Ali,
How are you sorry I didnt get a chance to write you my camp has kept me so busy. I went out with two boys this summer, one the first week the secondboy the 3rd week. The 1st boys name was Noah he was exactly 1 foot taller than me. I didn't really like him but I felt bad for him so I went out with him. He was the worst kisser not only did he bite but he almost swalled me. The second boys name was Boaz. He used to go out with Catt but she dumped him. He was a little better of a kisser than Noah but he to bit. Ilyssa and Catt dumped him for me yesterday. Disney World was awesome. So was the hotel. Did you go out with any one in camp? When you get back we've got to do something together but not going to town I'm kind of sick of town but if you want to go I'll go. Well I got to go. Love Sarah.

My mom and brother laughed their asses off when I read this to them. My brother was a bit freaked out that i was kissing boys when i was 13 and my mom thought my description of kissing was hilarious. They also were amused to hear that I had two "boyfriends" in the summer and had my friends dump the second one. 13 year olds can be ruthless.

ADDED: I forgot to add that when looking at a class photo from nursery school my brother asked me in a voice mocking me at age 3 or 4 "Where's BENJIIIIIIIII? BENJIIIIIII!!!!!"
I replied "How do you remember Benji?"
He said "You used to talk about him all day long 'MY BOYFRIEND BENJIIIIII MY BOYFRIEND! MY BOYFRIEND!!!!!!' when you were in nursery school."
"Oh my God! I can't believe you remember that. He and I used to kiss in the back of class during recess. I have no idea what his name is or where he is now."

One day I'll scan in that photo -- which has been colored on by me with marker -- and maybe i'll find Benji. The following year in school, my boyfriend's name was Matt Aronoff. We also used to sit in the back of class kissing, which freaked out our friend Jarod. I remember telling Jarod that he had to find someone that he loved to kiss. About 12 years later Matt started going out with my best friend in high school, Dalia. Anyway, it's nice to know that I haven't actually changed a bit since then. I'm still making out with boys, but instead of it being in the back of a nursery school classroom during recess, it's in the back of a club at misshapes.

By the way, this post was inspired by Rob Hitt's website. Please check it out.

Thursday, August 4, 2005


I rarely, rarely, rarely go to the Velvet Rope message boards because they're filled with bitter folks who don't like ANYTHING. Nothing. I have yet to see them like something. That's not my style, so I stay far, far, far away.

But today I got bored and curiosity got the best of me and so I went over and found this thread called INXS: THE SCAM

In it, someone posted:
"I have been holding back for a while, but I can't take it anymore!!

I was one of the final 50 selected to go to LA for the final round for the INXS:Rockstar show. I wrote a journal about my experience and described all 50 contestants I saw when I was there. From day one we were told 14 people make it to the show...14...14...14...14!!! I have contracts to prove this. Anyway, all of sudden the show airs and there are 15 contestants...go figure! I recognize all of them, except one...MIG! He WAS NOT at the audtions. I promise you!!

So I came to realize, Mig is the mole..the plant if you will. INXS probably recorded the album with him already, though that I can't prove.

Check this out: One of the songs we were given to learn was "We Are The Champions"...then it was pulled. They changed it. Could it be because MIG was the lead in the London production of 'Queen: We Will Rock You'? A Broadway type show. And isn't the TV show supposed to be about guys and girls who are struggling to make a career out of singing?? MIG has a career...go figure!!

The icing on the cake was tonight. Great reality setup. One guy slaughters a Queen tune last week..then Mig comes in to show he can save the day and really sing a Queen song...go figure!!
He has been singing them for a living!!!

Anyway, if you are a betting Vegas and get the odds on Mig. You walk away a rich man/ me!!

It's just disapponiting to know the band is using this program to jusat market themselves and a singer they have already selected. The auditions were really to surround MIG. Pretty sad..."

My friend Tanya sent me AIM Fight last week and I had yet to find a worthy opponant until today.

I was in the top 5% of people using AIM. I'm not sure what that means exactly, but it sounded impressive.

No matter what name I put in there, I won. Not only did I win, but I demolished my opponants. Victorious!

Then I got bored. So I entered in my friend Brandon's IM name, and found he was only 10,000 less than me. That might not sound like a lot, but my number was 56,000 and his was like 45,000. Again, I have no idea what all this means. So then I thought, "hmmm... who would have more IM buddies than Brandon? A ha! Crobin!" So I put in Crobin's name and he slayed me. He won. Crobin is a winner.

I don't know what the original source of this was because I got the link from a message board, but if you liked playing the game called Paperboy on Nintendo, then you will fucking love this version done by real folks.

Wednesday, August 3, 2005


Giant Magazine explains all the fuss behind the awesomeness of Joy Division.

Also, my Prom date Mikey Epstein, sent me this article called How To Find a Jewish Boyfriend. Evidently he's been speaking to my mom or something.

And to keep you entertained and me humbled...

Ultragrrrl: i thought "gall" meant "nerve"... like "you have some nerve"
Ultragrrrl: "he had the gall to call."
KarenPlusOne: doesnt it?
Ultragrrrl: oh, it does!
Ultragrrrl: i didnt scroll all the way down.
KarenPlusOne: hahahaha
KarenPlusOne: i can just see you taking the SATs.. like, picking B because you didnt realize there were 2 other choices
Ultragrrrl: hahahaha
Ultragrrrl: i did so bad on the SATs cause the day before i cut my hair COMPLETELY OFF. imagine it was longer than it is now and i cut it like as short as wynona ryder's hair in "girl iterrupted" but maybe a wee bit longer in the front.
Ultragrrrl: so i spent the whole time wondering if i looked good
Ultragrrrl: and was like "oh, yeah, important test in front of me!"
KarenPlusOne: i just remember drinking way too much coffee that morning and my hands wouldnt stop shaking
KarenPlusOne: i thought i was a drug addict

If I had guilty pleasures, The-N would be my number one source for it. Between "Degrassi: The Next Generation" and "Instant Star" and the creators/producers/writers affinity to naming the episodes after songs, I am so stoked every friday night. Karen can't get me out of the house and to Orchard bar until I've watched both shows (which are tivoed cause i'm usually eating shabbat dinner with my family while it's on).

I love "Instant Star." It's all sugar. The characters are hilarious, but relatable in a sort of Nickelodeon version of "My So-Called Life." And the main character's love instest, Shay, is too much for my eyes when he comes on screen. He's gorgeous.

Now that I work in the same building at The-N i want to sneak onto their floor and try to steal whatever shwag i can find.

Listen to "Waste My Time".

Also, in one of the episodes, Jude's best friend whose name i cant remember, said to this former boy band guy "While you were on stage shaking your ass, jude and i were locked up in our rooms listening to sonic youth and writing songs that could change the world."

Whenever someone posts on here that i'm "destroying music" i recall that line from that episode and think "what a bunch of fucking douchebags."

I nearly died when I saw this scene in Family Guy of Peter Griffin on E. Basically, imagine Brian the Dog as Brandon, Stewie as his cat Bella, and me as Peter.

Go here to hear about 39 different versions of Soulwax's "E Talking".

Also, I just want to talk about Soulwax for a minute... I first heard about the band from Belgium when they went on tour in 1998 or 1999 with Muse in the UK. Muse had a knack for finding amazing bands to take on tour with them (Coldplay opened up for them early on, for example), so I blindly decided to pick up the Soulwax record Much Against Everyone's Advice. It was complex, layered, and amazing along the lines of Beck's earlier work, but more streamlined and uh... Belg. The band later became really fucking famous as the DJ duo 2ManyDJs, which was great cause they were racking the $$ faster than with their Almo Sounds record. But i can't urge it enough... please download whatever music you can find from MAEA. Every song on there is good.

Tuesday, August 2, 2005


I just got an email directed to New Yorkers alerting them that Foreign Born would be in town on Thursday (Mercury Lounge) and Friday (Pianos). I will do whatever I can to make it to their shows based on this one song:

Foreign Born - "We Had Pleasure"

Nightmare of You is going on tour with Men, Women & Children tomorrow. MW&C are keeping the discopunk alive.

Men, Women & Children - "Dance in My Blood (demo)"

Nightmare of You - Men, Women & Children - THE TOUR:
August 2 Poughkeepsie, NY Club Crannell
August 3 Providence, RI The Living Room
August 4 Boston, MA TBD w/ Elkland
August 5 Burlington, VT TBD
August 6 Hoboken, NJ Maxwells w/ Elkland, Diamond Nights
August 7 Philadelphia, PA Pontiac Grille w/ I Am The Avalanche, Elkland
August 9 Buffalo, NY Mohawk Place
August 10 Syracuse, NY TBD 1/ Elkland
August 11 Baltimore, MD TBD w/ Elkland
August 12 Wilkes-Barre, PA Caf Metropolis

Monday, August 1, 2005


This morning when I was heading to work with Karen (we dont work together but we walked/woke/boke together) and I said "holy shit, i think last night i posted a photo of brandon, ryan, and joe on my blog with nothing written. just their photo. I cant be given my computer when i'm drunk."

So that would explain the post below. The other posts of my buddies... well, it's easier than writing and a picture tells a thousand words. I am having a lot of fun with my friends. we laugh nonstop. also, a lot of NOY fans have been checking out the blog cause of the single and i figured it'd be fun for them to see the process that it's created. i sound apologetic. i shouldn't apologize.

Last night I went with the NOY boys and a couple of their friends to dinner at Nobu. It was my first time there and the food was really fucking great, at least I think it was. By the time my food got to me I was already 2.5 sheets to the wind and dying of laughter. We were all so loud that we ended up sending two glasses of champagne to the table next to us and i think we were the last ones to leave. Our waitress recognized me from tv and I tried to get a free bottle of sake out of it, but I was unsuccessful, I think. I'm not sure really. I was bombed by that point. I don't even remember eating the last two pieces of salmon sushi i ordered or anything else. I was stoked though, cause brandon's best friend brian is in brand new so i got to geek out momentarily and be like "dude, your band is FANTASTIC." I think. Once again, I'm not sure.

I'm fairly certain everyone wound up at my house last night because I have photo graphic evidence and there were people sleeping on my floor in the morning.

I'm sitting at my desk at work now. I'd rather be hugging Josh.

I also need this in my life:

This is the Editor's song "Blood." When Karen DJed it at an Interpol after party, interpol came up to her and asked if it was them:
Editors - "Blood"

[ryan heil, brandon reilly, joe mccaffrey]