Thursday, December 29, 2005


The lovely Karen got me Wet Hot American Summer on DVD for Hanukah. I had never seen it... and was told it was an absolute classic. So I watched it. Loved it. And am now blogging about it. I also watched The Baxtor this afternoon with BrandonR and we loved it. For those who like WHAS, "The State," and "Stella," The Baxtor is with all the same dudes. Great shit.

A bunch of people have been wondering what's going on for New Years Eve. All that I know about is Misshapes. It's gonna be a ton of fun and as a hint to who will be guest dj... let's just say that sugar, he's going down.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005


Riley sent me this link... i'm sniffing a future fued? Just kidding.

Clinton Street Baking Co... still good for Brunch.

The movie Munich ... a good conversation piece.

The movie King Kong ... Stockholm Syndrome meets Beastiality... delightful.

Friday, December 23, 2005


Cause you're going to funky town... or you're going to the Lower East Side tonight to party at the Orchard Bar.

While I wont be committing myself to any hard labor to prove that i have as much of a right to complain about the now over public transportation strike, I will be playing song that will keep you warm. The strike is over. Hopefully everyone found something to be happy about. Hopefully people managed to save money and go Xmas shopping today. Hopefully, I'm hopeful.

Lastnight Alex and I went to Albany with our friends Steve and Matt to see Monty. The car ride up was just about as enjoyable as the show itself. Monty play for 20 people like they're playing for 2000 (which will soon happen, i'm sure). God bless them and their love for a good show. I can't wait til Warped Tour comes around and I can ride around with those monkeys.

If you're ever in Albany, may i suggest you check out the Red Robin and get the Onion Ring Stack. It's 13 deep fried onion rings stacked like a christmas tree and served with delightful dip. Once you have that, a burger and the bottomless fries, you can kiss your stomache goodbye. I fell into a food coma on the way home only to be woken up by Steve playing "Under Pressure" loudly on his car stereo in hopes I'd wake up and answer some Muse trivia.

Today I went Christmas shopping with BrandonR. We went to Union Square where they've got this really lovely outdoor market. The weather was pretty much perfect (sort of God's way of saying "ok, now that the subways are working, i'll give you pleasurable weather") and we got to check out all the nifty little crafty booths scattered around. I found some inspiration for future projects, and bought myself some Manic Panic hair dye so i can redo the color. I'm taking a cue from Ollie and will be going for the color called Ultra Violet. I'll let you know how it turns out.

i love you.

Thursday, December 22, 2005



Last night I took a delightful $20 cabride to the Lower East Side, thanks to that nicely planned MTA Transit strike. Oh, guess who loves spending $40 a day on cab rides? Not me, that's who. Bowery Ballroom is about 7 blocks from my house, so no matter what, if I went to the show or not, I would've had to spend that money getting from my office to downtown. Freezing temperatures makes walking in this weather not really an option. Every penny matters to me (as it does for most people), so that $40 (that it cost to get to and from work) represented $40 I wouldn't have for rent, dinner, plane tickets, and other luxuries like, say, somebody's christmas gift.

Seeing Nightmare of You play one of the best shows I've ever seen them play made up for it. All that touring has whipped my little boys into shape, making them tight like a man's anus. Brandon, high on excitement, was, dare i say, sexy on stage. Whoa. Minus that moment when he snot rocketed. Not so sexy.

After their set I met up with Brandon upstairs for a drink when Dennis from the (International) Noise Conspiracy approached us. "You know, I'm pro-strike," he said, "I think it's a good idea." Having just had my wallet totally raped (not to mention TOTALLY LOVING MONEY), I wasn't about to let that comment go unchallenged.
"You would!" I replied, "All you want is a controversy, you dont even know what you're talking about."
"You would strike too if you were promised things and didn't get them."
"Those people make more money than all of us [They make roughly $50k/year]and I just spent $40 getting to and from work. Other people don't have that money. They could've done something else like slowed down service."
"Yeah, well, I'm pro strike. I think it's a good thing and I'm going to say so on stage."
"Go ahead, and while you're at it, why don't you give all your fans $10 vouchers for cabs so they can get home."
"I gotta go."

Fuck that shit. Fuck being told by someone who doesn't even live here that this strike is a good thing, particulary when he probably got driven around everywhere by a town car paid for by his record label. Fuck that shit while his fans had to pay an arm and a leg to get to his show. You want anti-capitalist ideals? How about sharing the profits you make on the 93 different T-shirt designs with all the bands on tour? I'm typing this while stuck in a cab that will cost me another $20 ... that I've been in for the past hour. I've got to pee and I'm not exactly stoked.

On a totally different note: I DJed the SPIN Magazine Year In Music Party at Rothko which featured 2 Stolen Transmission bands: The Five O'Clock Heroes and the Spinto Band. The Heroes' single will be available for purchase in January and well, if you're smart you will have already downloaded the Spinto Band's "Oh Mandy" or more ideally, purchased it. As Karen says everytime she writes about the Heroes, I can't believe they're not signed. I can't believe I didn't sign them. Shit. Wait, maybe I should. Maybe East West should. Somebody should, this shit it stupidly good.

We Are Scientists also performed that night, but Brandon and I had had too much to drink that we actually managed to time travel and I don't remember their set at all. I think at one point I may have tried to make out with my friend Vinny, but I'm not 100% sure. I definitely sent him a text message at some point that he resent to me the next day that made absolutely no sense. I wish I knew what was going through my head at that point, and I also wish I knew what happened to an hour of my life.

Tomorrow I'm going to Albany with Alex to see Monty. They're like cartoon characters to me. I fucking love those boys. If you get a chance, go to their site and check out the videos they posted of their recording sessions. We all had a two night slumber party last week and despite sleeping a total of 4 hours in 3 days, I'd sit at home at 4am waiting for them to all arrive so we could totally goof off for a few hours. I la-la-la-la-love them.

Also, i forgot if I mentioned this or not, but Yes, Virginia are now called Permanent Me. It's so hard to get a band to pick a name sometimes. Yeesh!

Tuesday, December 20, 2005


I figured I should get better aquainted with the bands that Rob A&R's (being the killers' #1 fan isn't enough), so I decided to give the new Thrice album a listen for the first time since it came out. It's not all rooooooar like I thought it would be. Actually, it's almost like a hybrid of the Deftones and Muse. I'm pretty sure their last album didnt sound like this, which may be a good or bad thing for fans. I know that a lot of Muse fans read this blog, so I would recommend it to them.

I also started decorating my work area with publicity posters that were in our closet... it's mostly a bunch of Killers images where brandon looks like Freddy Mercury. I might rasturbate an image of the Oohlas or Permanent Me so I can make it more Stolen Transmission central.

I'm not feeling too hot. I think I have a fever and my back hurts from picking Brandon Reilly up. I was really excited to see him for the first time in a month and lifted him up in the air, and I'm paying for it now. He's a light boy, but my grip was totally off.

Speaking of Brandon, Nightmare of You are Playing tonight at Bowery Ballroom with the International Noise Conspiracy and the Tarts of Pleasure are hosting the afterparty at the Darkroom. Come by at around 11:30.

Sorry for the lack of humor. I just had a bit of Moet, and that still couldnt knock me from my funk.

Friday, December 16, 2005


There's a really good reason why i haven't been posting lately: On Tuesday I officially started up Stolen Transmission Records. The proper label that will release full length albums from bands. I never thought in a million years that I would love a job as much as I do, but only 4 days in and I'm smiling from ear to ear all day long. From the moment I wake up til the moment I drop (which has been in the DJ booth a couple of nights). Our offices are located in Island/Def Jam so today I passed by Jay-Z and we said hello to each other. Last night at our holiday party, JayZ and LA Reid gave my partner, Rob Stevenson, a super awesome shout out. He is, after all, the best of the best in the rock world. Even New York Magazine thinks so! I just simply cant believe that I get to learn from and work with someone as extraordinary as Rob, and if I were to ever break the rules and get a tattoo, it would say "learn from rob."

Last weekend I went to California to visit the oohlas to check out the songs they've been working on for ST. There were moments when I sat there in their studio yelling at them. Yelling shit like "FUCK YOU GUYS FOR NOT PLAYING THIS SONG FOR ME EARLIER!" and "HOLY FUCKING SHIT." i'm so excited and proud of this band. They're making a record that I believe in 110%. They're doing something I can't help but flip the fuck out for. I can't wait til i can post some MP3s.

Apart from listening to new Oohlas music, Friday night I went with Ollie to see Cave-In. This was after having a muffin that ollie buttered for me... with some funny butter. Towards the end of the night GregOohlas decided that it looked like I needed to go home so he put me in his car and we drove around Hollywood listening to the Oohlas and I dont think I've felt so perfect in my life. I didn't want the car ride to ever stop. Ever. But once it did, i nested myself (filled with del Taco) on Ollie's couch and slept til the next morning.

Saturday me and the Oohlas went to the KROQ Almost Acoustic Xmas. Two of the bands that Rob signed were playing and so we got there pretty early to see them. Thankfully we got there early enough to witness the hilarity of Avenge Sevenfold. Ollie said it best when she said that they're so bad that they go full circle and are awesome again. Somewhere there is a void that Kid Rock left open and they feel the need to fill it, and fill it they will. I wouldn't be surprised if they become huge. Am I a fan? No. Do I think it will be huge? Yes. And I'm sure the girls in Santa themed bikinis dancing on stage think so too. Next up was Thrice. The singer of Thrice sings like this: ROOOOOOOOOOOOAR. No, wait, he sings like this: ROOAAAAAAAAAAAR. They sounded killer until the sound dude fucked up during a song they were supposed to play with a string quartet and Dustin ended up singing a capella. Lucky for him, he sounded great. Then Chino from the Deftones joined him for a song.

Then Gurj's favorite band, Fallout Boy took the stage. Call me biased, but I'm buying whatever brand of emo they're selling. Tough crowd for them to take on. Dudes were screaming for Korn (or KOOOOOOOOOORN). Pete W handled the situation well and promised the crowd that they would be off the stage shortly... meanwhile i screamed for them to play "Dance Dance."

I watched the rest of the show from backstage until Nine Inch Nails came on. Ollie and our internerd friend Riley jumped into the audience and danced and sang. We were those people. "Those People" that you dont want to stand next to because they're singing too loud and dancing a bit too much. Once NIN were over we momentarily loitered and then hopped onto a bus that took us to the Renassaince Hotel to drink at the bar. We all got shit faced. Said embarassing things. Called it a night.

I managed to crawl out of bed on sunday to rejoin Rob for day 2 of the KROQ show. Sunday's show was probably more up to all of your speed: Death Cab, Bravery, Coldplay, White Stripes, and Depeche Mode. The White Stripes are unreal. They are consistantly a fucking amazing band. Jack continues to appear like a complete pscyhopath genius. Meg continues to appear to be a 5 year old with a killer rack banging on drums in hopes that her ex-husband doesnt yell at her up afterwards cause she fucked up.

Coldplay was pretty great as well. They're pretty much always sweet on stage. They're like the peanut butter of rock: satisfying.

When Depeche Mode came on, either I was exhausted from a few hard nights and completely hung over, or the energy on stage was completely gone. I ended up falling asleep at my seat. Rob's friend Lucy Walsh woke me up and said it was time to leave. DM were still on, but I beelined it to a cab so i could fall asleep. Which I did at Ollie's while watching a show on the Disocvery channel about a 750 lb man. He died.

Monday Riley came to hang with me and Ollie. We nerded out about people from message boards that we met each other on. Who is dating who. Who's met whom in real life. What they're like. A mini-board meet-up of sorts.

At the end of the night I hopped on a plane and returned to NYC, took a 2 hour nap and went to my first day of work. (I just need to interject and say that Alex Shenitsky is the best. He just brought me a bellini. apparently we drink bellini's up in this piece on fridays). My first day of work was eventful and fun and it was followed by a marathon DJ evening for the Tarts of Pleasure. First we DJed from 7-12 at the Fuse holiday party (VJ Steven Smith joined us for the last hour and killed it... he's a fucking great DJ), and then we cabbed it to the Dark Room to DJ our Modern Art party. That went on til about 4am. So that was about 8 and half hours of DJing. By the end I was passing out and being served Jagerbombs by the bartenders in an effort to keep me awake.

Wednesdeay I had a showcase at Fat Baby with Permanent Me (formeally Yes, Virginia as of this morning), Her Daily Obsession, Foriegn Islands, and Monty. Permanent Me is a new band on ST. They make me want to be 16 again and ruling the halls of the mall with my boyfriend. Their songs are undeniably catchy and I feel so fucking blessed to have them in my life.

Her Daily Obsession played their 4th show ever. Sarah's sounded stunning and I think that she's got my favorite voice of all the Madden kids. Lawrence is a huge fan of theirs, and I'm just happy that he got to finally see them.

Foreign Islands is, without a doubt, my favorite live New York City band. Seeing them reminded me of seeing Franz for the first time at Pianos a million years ago. Go see them if you ever get the chance.

Monty, like Foreign Islands, is another band you need to see live. They fall into a genre called Action Rock. They're kind of like a Bert McCracken fronted Muse with horns. Nobody at the showcase knew what to expect, but when i turned around everyone's face was lit up with a massive smile. Alex attempted to start a circle pit consisting of just me and him. He's much stronger than me (and he was much drunker) so it took the man power of myself and Permanent Me Joe to stop his attemps. It was HILARIOUS.

Last night I/DJ had a holiday party... which brings us back to where I started.

Maybe now you all get why I haven't updated in a while.

Come to the orchard bar tonight to see me and Karen DJ. For only 3 hours this time. Flirt with our coatcheck girl, Gurj. Maybe James from Foreign Islands will be bartending and you can ask him for a CD.

But first, listen to this AMAZING new song from Elefant. I think it's the best song they've done yet.

Elefant - "The Clown"

Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Tonight is ON bitches! the dark room is officially re-opening tonight for MODERN ART TUESDAYS and in celebration, jason promised to be drunk and "stupid" which will most likely mean giving out free booze to you revelers on a whim. 11:30 pm onwards...

JEEZ... can i get you guys enough free booze this week or what?

By the way, how hot are my girlfriends?


I'm so fucking stoked, it's not even funny. Why am i stoked? Well, for several reasons. For one thing, i'm throwing a showcase party. It's going to be one of those shows that you will possibly regret missing one day... so don't miss it.

FAT BABY (112 Rivington St. @ Essex)
8:30-9:30 Free Zygo Vodka

8pm - Yes, Virginia
9pm - Her Daily Obsession
10 - SPECIAL SURPRISE GUEST (soooo good)
11 - Monty

Really, you don't want to miss this show.

I also just came home from Los Angeles where I got to hear new Oohlas music. The album is going to be stupidly good. I wish I were Ollie Tamale. I think I'm gonna be the first Olliebee.

Wednesday, December 7, 2005


Misshapes will be at Don Hill's this weekend... Yes, the former home of the beloved TisWas party (where we all used to party when we were younger). Unfortunately I will be in California attending the KROQ Almost Acoustic Xmas show... maybe Pete Wentz will write a song about it. If you see me at the show or anywhere else in LA, please say hi. I like meeting new people.


I know that i've been lacking in any sort of personal updates. It's just a phase i'm going through ... a busy phase. I wake up, i run off to work, and remain running around til about 2 or 4am and then repeat. That sort of thing will take it's toll on a person and make them not want to update their blog. Many times it's because you realize that it was just a little over a week ago you were at MSG watching Bon Jovi, and you realize it was just under a week ago you were in Atlantic City watching Depeche Mode and the Bravery and playing Blackjack for the first time (and not losing terribly!), you realize that it was just last night that you were at home recovering from exhaustion and completely unable to leave the house until the very end of the evening. Hi, I need a vacation from fun. How pathetic?

Anyway, tonight, december 7 karen and i have been asked to dj a quickee set for the west side crowd at SWAY. thats at 305 spring street, btw greenwich and hudson (right by don hills), and we're djing from 11:30 til 1:30 while the bartenders dole out $2 shots of jack daniels.

And as per usual, the Friday night party at the Orchard Bar is still happening. Kids are still dancing. We're still DJing. Cute boys in bands are still flirting. You should be there.

Thursday, December 1, 2005


My favorite vodka company was nice enough to provide Stolen Transmission with an OPEN BAR!!!!

Zygo Peach Flavored Vodka!!!!!


go to that show. i've heard amazing things about Foreign Islands and Man In Gray.