Thursday, July 31, 2003

For those wondering...

I go on at 2:30am. DJs Mike Williams and Electro Greg will be holding fort with the mighty rock and roll until i get there and drink you under the tables. Wait. I wont be drinking.
Holy shit, that post seemed like a paid advertisment from A Drug Free America or something.

Drugs are great. Booze is fantastic. I miss them both and i plan on reaquainting myself with them shortly. There's nothing like dancing to Blondie when the lights are all over the place and you're totally loaded and you're not preoccupied with the fact that your coordination and balance stopped existing the day you grew two big boobies.
OK! So sobriety is so much easier after the first week, which is why I didnt update this on tuesday or wednesday. Let's see, monday night I did nothing, but doing nothing was fun because it meant that I could sit at home and watch tv. Tuesday night I went to the Viscious party at Sin-e (after getting dinner with Maureen, Lizzy and Tracey at Steak Frites) with my brother Lawrence. I went to check out a band or two -- all saddle creekers -- but got bored and spent most of the time outside chit chatting. Audrey told me how the first five times i met her i never remembered who she was because i was so drunk ... which is terribly embarassing because i fucking love her. I gotta say, this sobriety thing is an eye opener of sorts. Even though I was thinking of jumping off the wagon tomorrow, I think i might hold out a bit longer because i feel a fuck load better and probably look healthier, not to mention I remember shit.

Last night i went to Lollapalooza. Totally great. That's all.

Today my wonderful dear friend Barry comes to NYC. He's scottish, i dont think he's ever met a sober person in his life.

Tomorrow is stellastarr*, elefant, and Yeah Yeah Yeahs... PLUS I'm DJing the ss* after party. I'm definitely gonna stay sober until I get to the party, this way i can actually accomplish something.

Monday, July 28, 2003

I had a very lazy sunday at home. Did some house work, ate a lot, and rummaged online for a bit in an effort to learn something educational. Tonight I will buy rock and roll underwear from Victoria's Secret, then watch TV.

Bert from the Used was supposed to call so i can interview him, and surprise, surprise, he didn't. I think he could use a sobriety blog as well.

This week will be busy for me, but not as bad as usual:
Tuesday i'm seeing the 22s at Pianos, then heading to Sin-e for a very special Viscious party so i can see that guy from Calla perform.
Wednesday it's probably Lollapalooza, but i should probably decide on that already.
Thursday it's a knitting circle with the Bilderberg media group. then the Vue and then the Witnesses. ... or wait, was the knitting cirlce moved?
Friday, it's stellastarr* and Elefant! And my friend Barry is coming to town. He's scottish.

Sunday, July 27, 2003

I'm still sober kids. Last night i was supposed to go to alex's party but bailed out on it in favor of watching SNL and sleeping before midnight. I feel bad about not hanging out with Raphael and Adam like i said i would, but going out is hard when Alcohol is not only calling your name, it's shouting it while promising you an oasis of hot young men who want to dance all night long... ONLY IF YOU'RE DRUNK.

I did get dinner with Lance, which was nice. We ate at Suba.

Cheers Queers.

Friday, July 25, 2003

OK. So i had a sip of wine at dinner. My body literally shook. I think it's really starting to hate me for not drinking and is totally freaking the fuck out. Raphael and I are going to a party tomorrow night at Alexander and Ryan's place and I was thinking "i should invite Raph over to drink a bit before we head out to party." and then i remembered that i couldnt do that because sobriety wil continue until august 1.
Here are photos from Paul's birthday party:
I think that in one of the photos i'm cuddling the drink menu.
OK. I think my body is like "yo, bitch, where the booze at?"
Tonight I have to have a sip of wine at Shabbat dinner. OK, maybe since it's for religious reasons I'll make it a gulp of wine.
Holy fucking shit. I managed to go out to a club, DJ, and not have a single drop of alcohol DESPITE the endless amount of drink tickets. Holy crapola. This was after Paul's birthday dinner, and also after the Distillers show which i ended up missing by 15 minutes.

No boozy booze for me. God was it boring.

Thursday, July 24, 2003

OK. My lunch with Cappa went really well. We had pasta, talked about how you dont need drugs or alcohol to have fun, and he said I had a good aura.

Then I sat on his lap for a picture.

Now I'm going to Paul's birthday party at Baluchi's and then I'll be DJing at Bar13 at around Midnight.

Must nap.
Must shower.
Must not drink.
OK, so this is Cappadonna:

I've been instructed to sit on his lap for a photo and so far I've learned that he gave up all his material pocessions, lived on the streets, and became a cab driver. He and I have a lot in common. He's got triplets and I've got twins.
Last night Jake came with me to the Alien Ant Farm show at BBKings. We sat at a table like it was dinner theater, ate fries, and I drank a coke. They were really awesome. I met them afterwards backstage but I hate doing shit like that because I feel like such a groupie.

I then went to Caryn's birthday party. Everyone was drunk. I went home.

Everyone was drunk at home.

Today I have to interview Cappadonna for "Making Out with Ultragrrrl" and I really dont know shit about the Wu Tang Clan. They're great, ok. But what the shit am i supposed to ask? I told his publicist that I'd only do the interview if Mr. C ate lunch with me. She said there would be a buffet, but that's not enough. I want him to be stuffing his face so that our half hour goes by and I've only been able to ask him 3 quesitons.

Wednesday, July 23, 2003

I really like the Yeah Yeah Yeah's cover of "Mr. You're on Fire Mr."
I'm blaming this on sobriety.
Yesterday I stayed in. I was supposed to see my friend Max's band, but instead i picked up a falafel and fries and watched a reel of Christina Aguilera's greatest TV moments with Lizzy and Niki. When that was over I chatted with Raphael online and wrote some friendster testimonials. I then watch the Daily show and went to sleep. I woke up an hour later, smoked a cigarette and stared at the TV on mute. The airconditioning lulled me to sleep.

Today I am going to see Alien Ant Farm with my friend Jake. I'm then going to Caryn's birthday party at the Slipper Room. I'm staying for a spell and then walking home so I can catch either the first or second showing of the Daily Show and Tough Crowd.