Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Thanks to Laura's blog, I was able to find the myspace profile for the dude who plays the groom in the Panic! at the Disco video. Holy shit! i thought he was in the band and was like "shiiiiiit... Brenden Urie is the 2nd hottest dude in the band."

Fuck, every time a P!ATD song comes on i get happy. I know i'm not the only one of the reformed hipsters.

EDIT: I see he's an MC Chris fan... Hey Chris: do your girl a solid and hit that boy up and tell him i think he's pretty.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Death comes to his glasses, birth cometh to his pending high fashion modeling career:

ah, the things you find while falling into a myspace hole.

C'mon people -- get those endorsement deals rolling in. Dior Homme, i'm looking at you.

OK, so every so often, i get a call from the fine folks at Vivid Entertainment calling to see if i'd like to upgrade my subscription of Girls Gone Wild. Upgrade? Does that mean it comes with a tshirt? A drunken college girl ready to touch herself when i give her a drink and the prospect of getting said tshirt? I dont know because every time they call I interrupt them by saying "i'd actually like to cancel my subscription" which is followed by "you need to call the girls gone wild company about that". Which is followed by "could you give me their number?" which is followed by...


THEY HANG UP ON ME! I will foreve rbe getting fucking GGW until i'm old and gray and my tits fall off!

So I DVR "Steven's Untitled Rock Show" since each day it satiates my need for seeing all the best new emo videos. I was AIMing with Karen giving her the play-by-play of not only what I was finding on the internet and ebay, but also what I was watching. I decided to let you all in on the major-dorkage without her permission cause she'd say no-way.

Ultragrrrl: omg. aiden are hosing steven's untitled rockshow!
Ultragrrrl: i tivoed it
Karen: is wiL talkingabout me??
Ultragrrrl: yeS
Karen: scorE!!!
Ultragrrrl: omg!!! a noy video!!!!
Karen: fate!
Ultragrrrl: OMG. THE AIDEN VIDEO!!!
Karen: hahahahahahaha
Ultragrrrl: carlos looks amazing in the video
Karen: i cant believe he agreed to do it
Ultragrrrl: so cool of him to branch out.
Karen: and to think he thought the killers were "poppy"
Ultragrrrl: well, this is just him getting to his goth roots.
Ultragrrrl: i love the scene where he hangs upside down dressed as the crow
Karen: hahahahha i just love his lipliner
Karen: im totes stealing that one day
Ultragrrrl: lipliner is such a lost art
Karen: seriously, we need occasion to revive it
Karen: i was totes all about the lipliner with nude lipstick in jr high
Karen: what the hell was that mac shade that everyone had???

So can anyone help karen out with her inquirey?

Sunday, May 28, 2006


I know that some people have been having trouble ordering the Saints+Lovers single, so now you should be alright:

Click the button above to purchase the Saints+Lovers single featuring their cover of Joy Divisions "Atmosphere."

Saturday, May 27, 2006


I am kinda, sorta, totally obsessed with figuring out the meaning behind Lost. I sit on message boards when I'm home reading, reading, reading, and finally came across this message board thread which basically explains EVERYTHING. It could be a spoiler to you, or it could make you a little more obsessed. Either way, this person with his Quatum Leaping theories and Transhumanists ideas might actually be onto something. And by "might," i mean, definitely.

click here to be made geekier than you ever imagined

Friday, May 26, 2006


Last night I had such an amazingly fun time DJing at Stolen Transmission. The owner, Jason, booked a show to happen in the upstairs til around 12 or 1am, so he offered to have us DJ in the basement bar until the bands were off, but Karen and I were excited to DJ in a more intimate spot, so we asked if we could just stay there... and it was great. I love small spaces. I love DJ decks that are shorter and fit my tiny body. I like being RIGHT NEXT to the bar... I think Karen was stoked too. If you came and didn't know to go downstairs, i'm sorry. Next time I'll be sure to give a heads up. Maybe we'll have DJs on both floors from now on. By the way, Damone will be performing next week at midnight. That's June 1. You dont want to miss it. I know there's a bunch of dudes out there who read this that love that band.

June 8, 16, and 22 will be the Young Love residencey. I believe all but about 4 people got the YL singles they ordered.. what do you think? The sand on the packaging glows in the dark by the way!

Lately, Karen and I have been participating in what i like to call emo-offs when we DJ. She'll start off with some emo song, and i'll try to out emo here and usually it just ends in a fiery Brand New Deja Entendu mess. I went to the bathroom during our set and came out to hear Panic! at the Disco being played which was followed by Weezer, and then Taking Back Sunday... well, two TBS songs because Brian came over and asked us to play their new single. When I said "well, we're already playing an older TBS song... wouldnt that be a faux pas." he looked at me as if to say "you must be fucking kidding me... your entire set is faux pas" so we played "makedamnsure" next. Honestly, our emo-offs are hilarious to the two of us... not sure about anyone else there, but people were actually dancing a lot.

I really just enjoy watching people dance. I think that's one of the most fun things I can do in my life. And when people are dancing to songs I'm playing them, the feeling is immediately accented by immense joy. When i play a song that fails, the polar opposite happens and I scramble to find the song that will make people cheer. Usually, George Michael's "Freedom 90" will do that, or Dexy's Midnight Runner's "Come on Eileen" or the Strokes' "Last Nite." Last night people were really really feeling the White Rose Movement, which is great because that song is fantastic. I was overwhelmed with joy when the crowd swelled when i played Young Love's "Discotech," and even happier when Dan Keyes came over stoked out of his face.

So i bought a String Quartet Tribute to a band i love... It's actually pretty great. I think i found the album I'll play when I DJ weddings and need "dinner time" music.

Here's a song for you to download... can you guess who it is?

Thursday, May 25, 2006


So... in the comments section, can we please discuss LOST?

I mean, wtf, is anyone else more confused than before like I am?

Wednesday, May 24, 2006


I recieved this from Ben's friend Michael:

Basically, his mother wants to create a book of his selected works (poems, art, etc.), and she wants people to send her an email so that we get a list of people who are interested before interest teeters off...especially because she doesn't think she can bring herself to start the book for some time now.

So please, even if its given that you would be interested, just send an email to, so that Claudia feels/understands how ben affected/inspired/etc. the people around him.

(Ben's best friend since age 7)

Tuesday, May 23, 2006


I've had the blogger window open all afternoon trying to update this blog of mine, but then something comes up, and another thing comes up, and then i'm sitting here at 8pm hoping that I dont miss Art Brut at the Blender party...

You know when you're sleeping and you have to pee and all you do is dream about peeing? Suddenly, everything in your dreams takes a backburner to the fact that you have to pee? That happened to me the other night. I was dreaming that I had to save all these puppies and kittens but I had to pee so badly... then i found myself in the VH1 offices peeing into the water cooler cause apparently that was the bathroom, but it wasn't, so while i was trying to have a conversation with Paul and Carlos from Interpol (?!?!?), i was trying to hide the fact that I was peeing in a watercooler and telling them about a project I had in mind for them. I finally sprung out of bed and ran to the bathroom but couldn't go back to sleep and resume my dream about saving the puppies and kittens. Instead, I fed Bella who was annoyed that I woke her up.

Last thursday was a really fun Stolen Transmission (you can click here to see photos!). It was Brandon's birthday party, Young Love's single release party, Gurj, Darryl Palumbo, and Rob Hitt all Guest DJed tthat night... and while Brian didn't end up stripping like he did for Gurj's bday party last week (as seen on the left), that's not to say that i didn't end up seeing a stripper that night... or maybe trying to make my friend Casey as uncomfortable as humanly possible by giving him a half-assed lap dance at around 4am. Come 5am and Scientist Andy Eisberg was giving me a science lesson in everything humanly possible. That man can take the simplest thing and explain the scientific reasoning behind it in a way you understand... and i shit you not, he's a scientist.

Anyway, Friday was one of most fun DJ gigs I've ever had. I DJed Jordana the Intern's prom! I'm so excited that she's going to be graduating soon because I need a full time intern like craaaaaaaaaaazy. Jordana took one of my best friends as her date and nearly everyone danced the whole time. It's so crazy because she goes to this Upper East Side school called Birch Wathen Lennox and you'd expect the whole thing to be filled with snobby girls who just wanna hear cheesy dance music the entire time, but instead, it was a bunch of cute little girls dressed like they raided Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's closet. When I played The Go! Team's "Huddle Formation" the dancefloor got filled... When I played Young Love's "Discotech" the dance floor got filled... When I played Nightmare of You's "My Name is Trouble" the dancefloor got filled and one girl actually yelled out "OH MY GOD! NIGHTMARE OF YOU!". I attempted to allow the Yeah Yeah Yeahs' "Maps" be the slowdance song of the night... but the kids were too stoked to slow dance. One girl requested I play the YYYs all night... Sia's "Breathe Me" and Nick Lachey's new ballad seem to get the couples awkwardly doing that slow dance thing. It was one of the more fun gigs I've ever had... if you want me to DJ your prom or whatever event is coming up in your high school PLEASE HAVE ME!

So saturday I spent the day loafing around. Made it down to TisWas at the Annex to see Melody Nelson DJ, and then to Cake Shop to see my friend Jesse's band Professor Murder, but after downing 3/4 of a bottle of wine AND 2 glasses of champagne, AND not eating, my hours were numbered and I found myself walking home at 2am. An early night. But that wasn't before bumping into Elliott and Nader on my way there... laughing about Nader calling me up at 5am while i was in Utah, and letting him know that I will always answer my phone, no matter the time.

Last night I came home right after work and went right to bed after lurking on myspace for far too long. Fast asleep by 11pm... oh dear, i cannot be fatigued! Tonight I party with Karen and Vicki! Yay!

Good news for all Permanent Me fans out there! Their EP Dear Virginia is available now! You can buy it online from various retailers or get the hard CD!

Click the button that most suites your fancy:

Incase you can't make it out to see Permanet Me out on tour with Cartel before they head into the studio, you can check out these great YouTube's of them.

Here's one of "Allison" taken at the Lincoln Theater... I love that you can hear kids singing in the background:

I love this one from Club Ritual in Long Island cause the kids are going fucking apeshit:

And for all you Real Magic TV fans out there, the band appeared on the site!

Monday, May 22, 2006


I've found myself kinda obsessed with Music Secret. I don't really get it at all. I know i've appeared on it a couple of times (apparently, my secret is that i've hooked up with Brandon Flowers -- which is laughable to anyone that knows either of us... I was more of a Wyatt girl). But i like looking at the graphic art the kids make. Theyr're ALL apparently obsessed with Fallout Boy and My Chem. Either they love them or love hating them... either way, say goodbye to about 30 hours of your life.

also, fluxblog is stoked on the oohlas!

Sunday, May 21, 2006


Does anyone know of a service that picks up clothes that one might want to donate to charity? I've got bags and bags of old clothes that I don't need, but there's just too many bags to lug around with just my two hands. Anyone? Thanks!

I'm gonna post more tomorrow... i DJed a prom the other night. it was awesome!

Friday, May 19, 2006


Permanent Me are SPIN.COM'S BAND OF THE DAY!

Also, last night i went to this converse party that SPIN was throwing and Josh madden was djing... DELIGHTFUL! check out the photos!.

Also, in case you missed hearing Daryl Palumbo DJ at Stolen Transmission last night, dont worry, you can still check out a photo of his RIDICULOUSLY ENORMOUS COCK (nsfw). I complimented him on it last night. Seriously, if my dong was that large, i would take photos of it CONSTANTLY and maybe just walk around with it hanging from my fly. Girls would be lining up to bone it.


Thursday, May 18, 2006


Also, this is kinda creepy:

Wednesday, May 17, 2006



I might very well be at that show. Still working out my scheduling... but it's looking good.

Last night I was in bed by 11pm. I've officially grown old. However, my brain was racing and my body itching uncontrollably. Much against everyone's advice, I decided to start watching Trainspotting. I haven't watched that movie in about a year or 3, and it's one of my favorites. I used to watching it every day, fantacizing about going to Scotland and meeting boys that look like Renton and dancing to Blondie and making out to Pulp, and the my early 20s happened and I did that over and over again. I was no longer the 16 year old sophomore befriending a boy that had a shaved head and bruises on his arms because I thought he was on heroin (he wasn't). I was the 23 year old cackling because she met yet another dude who had actually gone to rehab.

So i sat in bed, itchy for no reason, attempting to watch Trainspotting. The beginning was fun -- watching a young Ewan McGregor flying through the streets in a yellow pallor, mindlessly laughing. I watched as drugs were injected and the monologue about not caring about a thing because of heroin. I watched for about 30 seconds more after a girl declares heroin better than any meat injection, and turned changed the channel. It's weird that what was once a glamorized fantasy is now a harrowing nightmare. I've seen people sick like that. Feared for their lives. Prayed that they'd get a less waxy complexion sooner than later... suddenly it all seemed too real.

I needed something less real.

So i put on 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' and was giggling in bed. Laughing uncontrollably. Jeff Greene is probably my favorite side-kick ever. He's perfect. Nothing Larry can do is wrong. He will take Larry's side on basically anything (except when it comes to dressing like Wizard of Oz characters). He adds nothing to grounding Larry. He feed's his crazy. He's warm and thoughtful. He's great. Sometimes I wonder if I'm Larry or David when I'm talking to Karen. Neither one of us will really disagree with the other ever, and almost always take a person's side on basically anything (sometimes we disagree on what party to go to or some shit). Thoughts on this Karen?

Tuesday, May 16, 2006


You've probably heard Gurj freak out about this band before, and I gotta back her love. This is Hell's new album is out now! When it comes to hardcore music and songs that sound like "roooooar!" then this is it... and even if you're not, you can still find something to appreciate in this.

You don't even have to read Marc Spitz' amazing book Too Much Too Late to enter this contest, but, it wouldn't hurt since the book is truly fucking great.

Click the banner to find out how to enter the contest by writing the song that the fictionalized version of me falls in love with.

Also, on a totally different note -- can someone re-design my blog for me? I've been told that i'm missing out on this whole "putting ads on blogs" thing (i told the person "i had text link ads from adbrite once, but Evelyn Bateman said i was a sell out so i took them down") and now i'm ready to sell out/cash in... or whatever terms you people feel comfortable with. If you think i'm gonna change my content, you'll be happy to know that the content changes nearly daily! Uh...

I got the new Girls Gone Wild DVD (i get a new one in the mail every month... there's a collection that i just give away to ppl when they come over). ANYWAY... This one is about Sex Starved College Girls. They're girls! in college! and they're sex starved! Try to think of Larry David and Jeff Greene from Curb Your Enthusiasm getting excited about this, and maybe you'll find it funny. Anyway, it's sitting on my coffee table now, and I just thought I'd share that with you. Oh, an no, i don't plan on taking porn ads. Unless they pay well. Maybe hipster porn ads.

Monday, May 15, 2006


Word'em Up!

The Saints + Lovers single is FINALLY available! Horay!

it contains their cover of Joy Division's "Atmosphere" that might be the best cover of that song I've ever heard. No joke.

The single is $4 and contains 3 songs. The CD sleeves were all hand painted works of art, seriously gorgeous, by Jordana the Intern. Truly one of a kind. Absolutely amazing.

Sunday, May 14, 2006


Brad Walsh is a man of many talents, and interviewing is definitely one of them.

Check out this interview with Ollie Stone of the Oohlas. It was a delight to read.

Saturday, May 13, 2006


I'm writing this from a very comfortable bed in Utah. Salt Lake City, Utah, to be exact. I'm here for something confidential, but I've met people I feel confident I will stay friends with once I leave. I called my boyfriend last night explaining to him the liberating feeling of walking by a person, extending your hand and introducing yourself and then just talking to them. about anything. there is never an issue that you're butting into a conversation. There's never the feeling that you're intruding. People are happy to meet you, and you're happy to meet them -- a feeling i've lost with age. It's really great to sort of feel like i did when i was 20 and all I wanted to do, desperately, was make friends. These days, when I try to do something like that -- walk up to a group of people (or even just one person) and introduce myself, i feel like i'm unwelcomed. I feel like I'm about to be the butt of their jokes. I fear that I will end up being written about on their blog or on a message board (it's happened... feeding into my paranoia -- just the other day i read a really mean comment about me on a msg board and realized it was by some dude that tried to take me home ... his wife was out of town... i disgustingly turned him down ... and he disgustingly ripped me a new asshole on ilm) So, I've learned to just hang back. Keep my mouth shut. Avoid as many social situations as possible. Stick to my couch where it's safe.

Yeah, hopefully, this weekend will repair the damage of age.

By the way, not all people with giant, gorgeous teeth are Morman, but it appears, so far, that all Mormans have giant, gorgeous white teeth. It's such a wonderful trait. Some celebrity examples to back my theory: Donnie and Marie Osmond, Brandon Flowers, John Heder.... there are more I'm sure. As someone with little wolf-teeth who is obsessed with giant chompers, I'm in teeth examining heaven!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Buy the New Young Love single!

That's right. It's for sale now. HOW EXCITED ARE YOU?
You can be the proud owner of the first Young Love release EVER. You've heard me, my interns, and Gurj, talk endlessly about how fucking genius this dude is and now uh... you can find out for real.

Click the Button Above to purchase the Young Love single for $4
1. Tragedy
2. We Want Drugs
3. Find a New Way (demo)
The single's sleeve is covered in glow in the dark sand and mirrors. there's a little added surprise in the cd... it's a good time. And you can hear "Tragedy" and "Find a New Way" on Young Love's Myspace page.

ALSO: There will be a party celebrating the release of the single next Thursday, May 18 at the Annex (152 Orchard St. btw Stanton and Rivington). Young Love's singer, Dan Keyes, will be doing a DJ set. Rob Hitt from Midtown/iSurrender Records will be DJing as well. AND it will be Brandon Reilly's birthday celebash. He's turning 25. Wow!

THAT'S NOT ALL In the month of June at the Annex for Stolen Transmission, we're going live show crazy:
June 1 - Damone
June 8 - Young Love (live!)
June 15 - Young Love (live!)
June 22 - Young Love (live!)

Um, yeah, that's right. Young Love is doing a residency at Stolen Transmission! Gurj will be there with endless panties to throw at him. Be there to catch them before he does.

See you tonight at Gurj's birthday???

PS - Saints + Lovers' single for their Joy Division cover of "Atmosphere" will be on sale on monday. You know you're excited.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006


something to do tonight after work:

Tuesday, May 9, 2006


(the above photo was taken from monkeycat... yes, monkeycat)

I'm honored that New York Magazine named me one of the most influencial new yorkers, but that hasn't taken the pressure to get married off me from my father:
"I am proud of you, I wish you luck and happiness in everything you do.
Mom and I always feet that you are on the right track, doing the right things and maintaining the high standard expected from you.
Keep up the good work and continue making us happy and proud .



Hahahahah. Amazing. I'm happy I finally made him proud! He may have to wait for the husband bit tho.

I haven't givent a really great diary-like entry in a while, so I'm gonna start that again i think cause my brain has the worst memory and over the weekend karen IMed me to say she just looked at a bunch of photos in a photo album and said "we've got a great life." She's right. I'm happy for every day of my life.... but i can never remember shit.

Friday night I met up with Brandon in the West Village. We went walking around and looking at puppies in the pet shops. There was still the male Brussells Griffon at Puppies and Parrots on Christopher Street and I nearly started crying as i saw it spooning with a little boston terrier. Seeing all those little puppies is hard. I miss my departed Maxine and cry almost every day about her. Everyone in my family does. She was the little sister, the daughter, the baby. I just stare at those little shih-tzu's in the store and want to start things all over again. Brandon had to drag me out of the store by the hand as i looked back teary. But I know that the right thing to do is to get a dog from a shelter if I'm ever REALLY ready for a dog.

We skipped out on seeing Art School Confidential and met up with Joe and Jenne at the Lion's Den to see Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad. As you might imagine, when it comes to reggea, i'm not really the genre's #1 fan. Suuuuuuure, Matisyahu is cool and a crazy hasid and I can kinda appreciate that. But when it comes to hearing bands that about 100 crazy hippies who do that hippy dance know, I don't know what's good technically, but i can tell you what i like, and I liked them.

I was exhausted after the show that Brandon and I just went back to 3A. I'm so tired these days. Late nights seem like a distant memory to me.

Saturday was a gorgeous day for a memorial. Since a lot of Ben Chappel's friends couldn't make it down for his funeral last month, his friends decided to throw a little mid-day tribute to him at Hanger bar, a bar owned by his good friends Betsy and Natalka. Inside the bar and hanging outside were all his friends who came to celebrate the life of their friend. The walls were lined with photos of him ranging from him as a wee one in the bath tub with his sister, to all the other women in his life and Jeff Tweedy. It was a lovely tribute.

I then hopped in a cab and made my way to Bamboozle just in time to see Permanent Me, who are just blowing my mind these days. Them now, compared the them when I first saw them play is like night and day. They exude confidence and write amazing pop songs that would make Rivers Cuomo jealous. My good friend Rob Hitt is putting out their EP on i Surrender (their LP will be out on ST later this year), and the EP was selling like hot motherfucking cakes. You can see them on the road with Cartel starting tomorrow. Do it. Trust. And buy their EP here at Smartpunk.

Unfortunately, because of the memorial, I missed Monty. Missing a Monty show is like knowing that you could have a massive vat of the best ice cream and getting to it by the time it melts. The best thing about the bands on my label is that they're really good. I like that about them. Haha.

At around 1:30 am, Karen came over to 3A to meet up with me, Brandon and Brian. We had a quickie drink of pink wine and went over to Misshapes where we stood in the corner and sexually harassed everyone around us. Petey Wentz was there. He's cute. He's no wiL aideN tho, and that's why we went (well, for wiL and Leslie's DJ set, of course). at about 3:30 we all left. I think.

Sunday I returned to Bampoodle with Brandon and we were greeted with the rumors that an older man had tragically passed away during Fallout Boy's set. The concept is completely terrible when you imagine that he was probably there with his kids and trying to have a great time with them. So sad. I hope it's not true.

I spent most of the time with my friend brooke drinking beers and trying to pretend that I'm a 20 year old just like she is. Getting around Bamboozle when you're my age is hard, I dont know how kareN, jennY, gurJ, norA, and briaN did it. Oh wait, yes I do. They got around so much because they were stalking wiL from Aiden! Everyone one of those shits chickened out in getting a photo with him DESPITE being about 3 feet from him constantly. When gurJ, brookE, and myselF made it to the catering to eat, i spotted wiL in the emorbid flesh eating while wearing red makeup. I was stoked out of my fucking face, but lacking a camera, so I let him eat and just got over excited. Brandon and Ryan met up with us and couldn't believe how in a matter of 3 days we had turned wiL into a hipster icon. ironic or not, he quickly became the most anticipated band dude to possibly decend upon Misshapes... Anyway, I think that after Gurj's report from the Panic! at the Disco show, she's moved her obsession from wiL to Brendan, the fallen morman.

We came home after Bamboozle, leaving the Bam and the booze behind us. I was exhuasted, but stayed up til 2am watching the Wilco movie "I Am Trying To Break Your Heart."

By the way, last night I was taking the subway listening to my iPod on shuffle when a pretty and gentle female voice appeared in my head singing "you broke my heart" over and over again like a little angel. I looked at my iPod and found the name Lavender Diamond scrolling across my screen. You know when you're feeling a certain way: happy, in love, heart broken, sad... something about a piece of music can move you to tears? This was one of those moments. I don't know how the EP found it's way into my iPod, but I sure am glad it did.

Oh, and this photo makes me happy... check out the t-shirt Jessica is wearing!

She loves ST music!

Anyone else have a picture of them wearing this shirt??? send to me!

Thank you Julie Pietrangelo for this link to Daily Puppy.
Which led me to this link to Pandavix.
And this link to Adorablog.

Oh dear...

Monday, May 8, 2006


<- This is my roommate Gurj Bassi. Her birthday is on friday and we're celebrating on thursday. So if you would like kiss her and shower her in gifts of affection, you can:
Thursday 11 May
11pm til she passes out
The Annex, 152 Orchard St (between Stanton and Rivington)

No cover charge, no RSVP, just turn up in your birthday suits

I love you.

Hello new readers.

This is Buddy:

Buddy is the adorable mascot of a fantastic blog called CityRag. He was saved from an animal shelter that is on it's way to losing it's funds and closing down. As an animal lover, this killed me (you have to see Alex's immitation of me looking at photos of dogs online that need rescuing... he even manages to look like he's crying like i do!).

Go to this link on CityRag and donate. $2, $10, $100... anything will probably help these people out.


The nerds I get to totally fucking nerd out with about music hit me up this weekend to let me know that Muse's first single "Supermassive Black Hole" leaked onto limewire. Super music nerd fans are usually the biggest, gayest, geekiest flock of muse fans. Especially emo dudes. Can someone explain to me why so many dudes in emo bands would get down on their knees and suck Matt's dong at a drop of a hat? Not that i dont think he's a fucking genius, but it's all a very hilarious phenomenon.

Anyway, I think "supermassive black hole" sounds like Britney Spears' "Do Somethin'" ...

Click here to decide for yourself.

EDIT: OMG it looks like someone else heard the similarity and mashed the two songs together!!! LISTEN HERE to the supermassive black dong

Friday, May 5, 2006


Did anyone watch LOST the othernight? I would type more, but i dont want to spoil it for anyone, so lets continue this in the comments section for those of us who saw it.

if you dont watch LOST, download it now on itunes before the weather gets too good that you dont want to leave your house ...

Thursday, May 4, 2006


no. you are.

OK, if you've ever seen the Tarts of Pleasure DJ, or wish you have... vote for us by clicking here.

There's a band playing annex tonight (may 4) for Stolen transmission. They have to be unannounced cause they're going on tour with AFI soon, and their name isn't Dillinger Escape Plan and the singer lives in my apt. They go on at 12:30. Free. 152 Orchard St (btw Stanton and Rivington).

Please add Leslie Simon to your myspace. She's an editor at Alternative Press and one of the coolest girls out there. She invented emo. true story. Then go see her DJ on saturday with a bunch of emo bands at misshapes. emo. emo. emo. Dudes from AFI, Thursday, Men Women and Children, and she told Gurj that she'd bring wiL Aiden.

What else is going on????

hmm... Young Love's single is going on sale soon. I wanna do a release party at Stolen Transmission since he is our number one fan. Yippee!

see you at bamboozle?

Wednesday, May 3, 2006


For those who like watching LOST (and have dreams about it like me), you gotta check out this message board thread. Apparently, in the UK (where they're just beginning season 2), they ran a commercial for the Hanso Foundation that was supposed to appear to be just a regular TV ad. If you were sharp, you caught the number (0800 66 66 40), and called it. Well, just go to the message board to see what happens when you call, or try for yourself (for those dialing from the us: 011-44-800-66-66-40). i hit option #5 and got goosebumps. At least there are some clues about where they are and why.

I'm so excited for tonight's episode that I actually had a dream inspired by Lost. I was on the island with everyone on the show, and oddly enough, Matt Rubano. A few of the women decided to make rafts to see how far they could paddle out and swim back. Meanwhile, a bunch of us found a hut on the island and i found a little dog (yay), but i was scared of it (boo). Dakota from Life With an Astronaut showed up and he and Matt found guitars and started playing "bloody up your dress" from the band the Medics, which was beyond trippy and surreal. Then Matt tried to kiss me. When I told him i had a boyfriend he said "you wont be seeing him anytime soon." Way to go Matt. Scamming in my dreams. Needless to say, i stayed loyal to my mizz-an.

Also, this might rule your life a bit:

Incase you were really anxious to hear new Bright Light Fever music, you are in luck. And if you haven't ever heard BLF before, this might make your undies a bit stokies:

If you're in the Sacramento area, you need to go see them live. Seriously.
Saturday May 6th
@ The Underground Cafe in Roseville

Shiny Toy Guns
Kill Hannah
Clear Static
Bright Light Fever

All Ages. Show Starts at 8pm.

Tuesday, May 2, 2006


Recently I've been listening to a lot of Lee Hazelwood. Ever since listening to Lee and Nancy Sinatra's "Some Velvet Morning" -- which Lee wrote, but i found out about the track because of the Primal Scream cover -- I've found myself completely drawn to his voice. It's probably the voice that Ian McCulloch based his own impeccable voice, and maybe one of the most gorgeous male voices aruond. It's thick like molassas and passionate like a panther. I highly recommend you download "Some Velvet Morning" from iTunes, especially if you're even remotely an Echo & the Bunnymen fan.

Yesterday I came home and cut my hair with a razor along side Gurj. I was going for a sort of Natalie Imbruglia circa "Torn" hair-did, and I think I may have actually come close to accomplishing that. I'm impressed. Something I wish I had when I was in high school that would've made me infinitely happier is a fucking hair straightener. My hair straightener is my most loved styling apparatus. It's just a cheap revlon hair straightener, but it works wonders and no matter what haircut i have, it makes it look way better.

After doing this I went with Karen to see Cold War Kids at Pianos. They're playing there again tonight and tomorrow night, and I really recommend them. They're a four piece from LA that sound like an old Black soul band from the south circa-a long time ago. I think someone was actually playing a beer bottle at one point. Anyway, go to their myspace page and check them out. I really enjoyed the show and it was the first showcase I've been to in a while and loved. Also, Shandi from America's Next Top Model DJs at Pianos on monday... 80s music. Sounded pretty decent. I wanna find all the Top Models that moved to NYC and have them DJ the annex one thursday. If you're one of those girls, please email me:

After Pianos, Karen and I came back to mine so i could give her my old laptop that I bought a couple years ago off craigslist that smells like B.O.. It's seriously offensive. Everytime I open it, people are like "omg, is your laptop sweating? how does it smell like B.O?" It works ok, and has a massive hard drive of 10 gigs (WOW!). We sat around discussing Aiden. Not even their music as much as how much the singer of Aiden looks like Carlos D.

(in other words... how is Jenny Penny NOT OBSESSED with them?)

Tonight I'm going with the above mentioned Penny of Jenny to see the Yeah Yeah Yeahs at Hammerstein... then maybe Thursday at Irving... then maybe Dita Von Tiesse with Trent, the most famous Mexican in all of blogland.

Oh, I really hate having "secret" shows at the Annex, and I'm really sorry to do this, but a lot of times our friends wanna play Stolen Transmission but they can't announce it because they have another show in the city in the near future and contracts say "no advertised show" and shit like that. Even when they're your roommate...

So, with that, Karen's former roommate and one of the current residents of Apartment 3a (so you know, the people that live in 3a are: josh madden, gurj bassi, me, brandon reilly) is in a band. His (or her) band is going on tour very soon with a band that's not Aiden, but wears make-up. I may have put out this band's single.

At Stolen Transmission
Thursday, May 4.
The Annex (152 Orchard st. btw Stanton & Rivington)
21 +

Also, I got great news: I managed to convince Young Love (aka Dan Keyes) to let me release a single on Stolen Transmission! Only 250 of them. There are 3 songs: "Tragedy", "We Want Drugs", and "Find A New Way (demo)". i'm gonna put them on sale on monday i think. I'm stoked out of my face. The singles are covered in glow-in-the-dark sand and mirrors.

Hopefully, i'll be able to put the Saints + Lovers single for sale too! Had a bit of an issue with the master recording (ie: it's gone missing), so i need to buy a new one. Kids, get organized or it may cost you. The single includes a cover of Joy Division's "Atmosphere" that will blow your mind and the CD sleevs are hand painted works of art created by the genius Jordana the Intern.

umm... I think that's it for now.

I love you?

Monday, May 1, 2006


GO HERE TO SEE IT: Stolen Transmission

I was going through some of my cds at home and I found this awesome piece of fun in one of my cd spools. I know that this technically has nothing to do with Stolen Transmission, BUT it kinda does. MCR and ST go way back... This video was taken for me by my friend Chris Kelly at one of MCR's first shows at an American Legion Hall in Cresskill, NJ. This was back when I was working with the band (which is why you'll find my name and old phone number at the end) back in maybe january or february 2002, just when Frankie had joined the band. Apart from that history, Mikey is a regular at the Stolen Transmission party... so it's fitting. Anyway, enjoy. xo sarah lewitinn