Sunday, October 30, 2005


Lawrence and I were talking the other day and decided that Ellen's blog was the best one out there right now.

Think Karen Plus One meets America's Next Top Model.

A little back story: Ellen is a really close friend of mine who left all of us kids (and her bitty dog piper) back at home to go to London for about a month to model. All her new friends in London are models because that's all she interacts with. They're all hot and adorable and Ellen is really fucking hilarious. Really, even if you dont read the blog (which you should because it's great), the photos are worth the visit.

Friday, October 28, 2005


I hate promoting shit... but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. So in order of dates... here's your fun for the next few days:


come find out why we're nominated by Paper Magazine as one of the best nyc parties. come dressed up. make out with someone cute.


I went to this party on thursday night a few weeks ago and it was one of the best parties i'd been to in a while that i had nothing to do with and wasn't misshapes.

My brother is making his DJing debut at Gothamist's 5th Movable Hype show. Jen Carlson booked the night and the line up is pretty great: The Capitol Years, The Cloud Room, Snowden, and Bravo Silva. Smoke tons of weed and show up wearing comfy shoes.

So where do i start? From the beginning? From the end? An ending fitting for the start...

In all honesty, my life has been pretty busy lately. Non-stop, and when it stops, i'm not really in the mood to update my blog. Partly because a lot that happened in my day really can't be blogged. The people i see, the things I do... everyone wants their secrets kept secret and I'm starting to be one of those people.

Last week is all a blur of dates lined up. At one point my friend Robbie showed up with his incredibly good looking (and straight. and single) friend Juan. I ended up meeting up with them at some point, i think wednesday, at Hi-Fi... after having dinner with my family and israeli cousins. I then drove downtown, met up with Alex and co, went to Hi-Fi to meet up with Robbie and Juan and my friend Patrick who was in town with his band Youth Group that had opened up for Death Cab earlier in the night. We all stayed there til it was really fucking late. Gurj put us in a cab and we went home.

Thursday I went to see my old friend's band, Vega 4 play a showcase at Epic Records. I don't know if I was technically supposed to be there since that's a rival label to mine... but as a guest of the band, i thankfully wasn't ushered out. My friend Bruce plays guitar in V4 (they're now called Hopeland, btw), and I met him in 2000 when they were recording their first album for Capitol Records. A doppelgangher of Gaz Combs from Supergrass, I thought Bruce was the cutest thing I'd ever seen and made quick friends with him.

We remained close all these years. I know that having a friend for five or six years is no big feat, but in this city, that sort of thing happen rarely. I've always appreciated Bruce.

After Bruce's showcase I went home to see my interns and get working on the final NOY ST singles (which were finally mailed out!!!! at last!!!). I then took Sasha the Intern to see the International Jew Conspiracy and the Bravery at Roseland. I showed up with a flask of delicious peach flavored Zygo vodka and poured half a can of redbull down my throat and filled the rest of the can w/vodka. I started drinking during T(i)NC's set... which was good. By the time the lights went down before the Bravery's set I was a bit buzzed and feeling inhibited enough to have a wacky smoke. By the time the Bravery finally took the stage I was drunk, stoned, and happy. The people I was with, which was mostly people from Island records, all danced around with me. OK, so i'm not the BIGGEST Bravery fan, but their good songs are great. I really had a wonderful time... and since the venue was half full, i had tons of room to enjoy myself.

After the Bravery show i took Gurj with me to Mercury Lounge to see Patrick's band Youth Group. Gurj and I were having a drink with Patrick at the bar when Gurj's poor tired eyes started to give in. Poor thing had to go home before the band even began. I wish she stayed because she would've been there with me when the band played "Skeleton Jar," a song so gorgeous that it makes me want to climb inside the speakers just to get closer to the songs. Sadly, the band didn't play their cover of Alphaville's "Forever Young."

Once their show was through I bid Patrick farewell and headed to the Delancey for the Soulpusher party that Omri throws. I met up with the ridiculously amazing Lauren Ashley and Jenne. I was also supposed to meet up with Bruce, but I couldn't find him and just ended up dancing with Lauren and a friend of hers. I started to get a bit tired and decided that maybe my day was busy enough to warrent me going home. As I was walking out i ran into my friend Sioux who told me that Bruce had been on the roof of the Delancey waiting for me. So I went up and joined him. We caught up on our lives. He looked amazing. When I met Bruce he was wearing baggy skater jeans and skater shoes. This particular evening he was wearing tight pants and converse... finally! I could hardly recognize my suddenly fashionista'd Bruce. He looked so hot!

I had to say goodbye to Bruce after about an hour because my body was about to break down.

Friday I had a meeting on the upper east side. On my way to the meeting Rob Hitt called to see if he could come over to my house later cause Fuse would be doing something about a band on his label (i surrender records) named Valencia. I told him to meet me at home and i'd make sure it would be tivoed. Then Patrick called me because he wanted to see the OC that i Tivoed where they had his band's Alphaville cover playing. He was also on the upper east side, so after my meeting we met up and headed home together. Between Rob and Patrick, we had a whole "lets watch ourselves on tv" party. It was fun.

Patrick had to go to meet up with his band, and some more friends came over to party before heading over to the Orchard bar for a fun filled dance fest.

Then on saturday i saw madonna in the flesh.

more updates coming soon.
love always,

ps. since so many of you are crazy Josh Madden fans... look at this cute photo:

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Tuesday, October 25, 2005


I swear i'll be giving a proper update sometime today that wont consist of what Jordan suggested I make it: "I've been really busy doing a ton of fun stuff. I don't have time to write about it all, so i'll just start from scratch, starting now."

i'll try my best to do a real, proper update.

Until then...
In the Paper Magazine Nightlife Awards.
I can't believe I'm nominated! (twice, even, if you count Stolen Transmission! yay guys!)



Sunday, October 23, 2005


I've been really busy lately and so I'm sorry I haven't been posting.

What have I been busy with? Watching Madonna DJ at Misshapes is one thing. Here's a photo my roommate Gurj took. In the background is Jeppe from Junior Senior. He looks STOKED.

Friday, October 14, 2005


Is it Friday already?

Lastnight, after my fast, my Brother Lawrence and I went with Rob and Alex S. to see My Chemical Romance at the Continental Airlines Arena. We were a little late because my mom first loaded up Alex and Rob with homemade Egyptian delights like spinach and cheese konafa and baklava before sending us on our way. i"ll write about the show later, but my ears are a little deaf from all the kids screaming at the top of their lungs. Honestly, they were louder than the band, and I'm still in a slight bit of shock over the experience.

After the show, I went with Rob and Alex to this new(?) party in Brooklyn that the Misshapes crew were DJing. It was at this really amazing loft space called Monsoon (or was it Mamoun?... it was on N.10th between bedford and driggs), and pretty much seemed like the type of party you would see in a movie that was supposed to be the quintessential New York City party... only it was in Brooklyn. I NEVER go to Brooklyn, but I'd actually return to this thing in the future. I guess it's every thursday, but I'm not 100% sure.

Anyway, my legs are exhausted from all the running around, dancing, and jumping around I did last night, but not tired enough to keep me from exploding into bursts of fun at tonight's STOLEN TRANSMISSION. Will you people come say hi to me when you come?

Wednesday, October 12, 2005



As my Brother Lawrence put it, iPod just made it WAY EASIER TO WATCH PORN... Like 150 hours of it on your iPod.

Dear Apple:
Please send me your products for free. I will write about them.

Begins at sundown. Ready, set, GO!!!

Hey observant Joos, have fun fasting and repenting.

Here's an issue i face whenever I repent: I think about all the things I'm supposed to be repenting and all that goes through my head is "man, that was so fucking fun. i'm going to relive that moment in my mind on repeat for the next hour to get me through this day quicker." and then when i'm done i say to myself "ok, that was wrong... don't do it again." But do i listen to myself? No. I do it again.

Sorry God. I'll try better next time.

Sunday, October 9, 2005


Congratulations to Scott and Eliza! Today they are getting married! I'm so excited for them and will be wishing them the best of luck this evening at their wedding.

Friday, October 7, 2005


Check out Jordana the Intern's blog!

The above quote was a line said by the Bela Lugosi character in Ed Wood (and i suppose whatever movie it came from), but it's a line that's being uttered by one of my friends, Baron.

Baron is in his mid-20s. He works in finance. He hails from Orange County, CA (the real OC), and he's got one of the best tastes in music out of anyone i know. Another remarkable thing about Baron is that he's HILARIOUS and a walking party.

Anyway, Baron is looking for an apartment in the city. email me ( if you've got a room he can sublet or rent or lease or whatever.


Buddyhead did a good one and posted new Depeche Mode tracks on their MP3 blog. Click here to go to the downloads.

Looks like Bush was on a mission from God. Wow, a President that speaks to God...

I went to see the Rapture last night at Crash Mansion. I found out once I got there that it was actually a secret show, which bummed me out cause I would've posted about it here so people who read this blog could get a scoop or some shit like that. I thought I was just so out of the loop that I didn't even know about the show until the last minute. Anyway, the band sounded fantastic and look as young as ever. They played some new songs which sounded a lot more straight forward and structured than their debut album. One song oddly reminded me of Yazoo's "Situation", and hopefully it'll be as big of a hit as the Yazooooo one.

OK, now for the IMPORTANT STUFF:

Tarts of Pleasure present... Stolen Transmission @ ORCHARD BAR.
200 Orchard St, right below Houston.
We DJ from 1-4
Not only do we DJ like a broken record, but we post like one too!


Tarts of Pleasure gueststar at.... MOVIDA.
7th Avenue and Leroy St, across 7th from Misshapes (sorry guys!)
I think we DJ from 1-3

Ok, thats all.

Thursday, October 6, 2005


I told El Brando that I would post that Nightmare of You will be doing a very rare, very intimate, acoustic performance at St. John's University in Queens, NY.

WSJU welcomes: Nightmare of You
Thursday, October 6th
St. John's University on the Great Lawn
FREE to all.

Sounds like fun. Wish I could be there.

I've been getting up at 6 or 7am for the past few days to do radio interviews for hours and hours to promote my book. It's been a very interesting experience that i've definitely learned from. My oldest brother Albert would listen in on a few of them and critique me endlessly. Mention the book more. Say the interviewers name. Mention the website. Spell things out. Sell your book. Sell your book. Sell your book. I want to sell my book, but when doing interviews at 7am, I sometimes forget things. I forget to remind the interviewer to mention the name of my book.

When I haven't been talking about myself to people I've never met, I've been going to Shul for Rosh Hashana. Happy New Years. I go to this shul on the upper west side that i've attended my entire life, and yet, I feel like I'm new there. I don't really know too many folks over there, and it's always been a dream of mine to meet a cute boy there... but there aren't many people my age. My shul is really wonderful because I believe it might actually be the oldest congregation in the US (or maybe it's the oldest sephardic congregation... not sure), and it's in this gorgeous building that looks like one of those classic churches, but far less ornate. My favorite part about going there is that there's this powerful male choir who sing the prayers. I'm not sure if the acoustics are remarkable in my shul or what, but I think a band should really record there one day.

Anyway... i wish this were real:

Monday, October 3, 2005


I'm not going to review the Across the Narrows show because: a) i hate reviewing things. b) i would end up just spending about 30 lines talking about how cool it was that the Killers played "Everything Will Be Alright" for the 3rd time ever -- their set up was the four of them at the front of the stage, each (save for Dave who was at his guitar) behind synths. c) I'd spend far too long discussing the poor advertising and marketing the promoters did for this event -- seems as if NOBODY knew about it and the attendance of about 4000 people proved this.

Instead, the only thing REALLY worth talking about was one of the funniest moments I've ever witnessed with my own eyes: Brandon Reilly and I were walking to the stage from the catering so we could watch the New York Dolls. Suddenly from behind I hear my brother Lawrence shout something like "the dolls!!!!!" We turn around to see him charging to the stage with a plate of GIANT chocolate cake in one hand and pepsi in the other. Both Brandon and myself couldn't process this image without falling to the ground on our backs and laughing our asses off. Mind you, moments before he came up to me, Brandon and Wyatt backstage, clutching a giant cone of blue cotton candy yelling "I JUST SAW DAVID JOHANNSON!!!!" I felt like a parent at the food court of Disney World hearing my 5 year old get stoked out over peeping Mikey Mouse.

Check out my brothers photos:
Lawrence eating cake, oranges and photos of the New York Dolls
Photos of the Killers and Misshapes

Sunday, October 2, 2005


I am posting this photo up because I fucking love it. I love it. I love it.

Sexy Party or Brandon Sandwich... yay.