Tuesday, June 29, 2004


There's a Midtown record release party tonight at the Delancey. No cover charge and free Vodka if you can fenagle your way in.

My friend Adi grew up in Peoria, IL. After high school he moved to Chicago for a little while and then up and moved to Israel where he's been living for a little over two years. He just recently started the army (a requirement for all Israelis) and has been keeping a blog about his life in Israel and in the services. Now his blog is filled with photos of really hot (male and female) soldiers carrying around semi-automatic assult weapons and gigantic tanks and shit. It's awesome. Check it!

Also kids:

Monday, June 28, 2004


More things added:

I'm DJing at CROBAR on Thursday. Yes, it's a superclub... I hope to find out if it has any super powers.
Anyway, here is the info:
Reed Room
Alex English (Girls & Boys) & Ultragrrrl (SPIN Magazine) playing
rock'n'roll & new wave

main room
Trevor Jackson (Playgroup) *DJ set*
Tiga *DJ set*
Dead Combo *live*
James F**king Friedman *DJ set*

To be placed on the Girls & Boys guest list for $10 reduced admission,
email Disgraceland@gbh.tv with your name and the number of guests you
are bringing. Just say you are on the 'Girls & Boys list' when you arrive at the door

Crobar: 530 W. 28 St. bet 10 and 11aves.

Also, my lovely roommate Lindsay is throwing another Ritalin Reading

Ritalin Readings!
Tomorrow (Tuesday) night at Pianos at 8 pm:

Sean T. Conrad.com's Sean T. Conrad!
Hysterical Comedian Jessy Delfino!
Breakup Girl's Lynn Harris!
The Black Table's Will Leitch!
New York Magazine's Elizabeth Spiers!
And Lindsay!


For all of you who are big Chuck Klosterman fans out there, here's some good news: Mr. Klosterman is going on tour! Yes! Now you too can see Chuck in the flesh and ask him questions and talk to him for hours about the Real World. You should also buy his book "Sex, Drugs, and CoCo Puffs" on paperback since it's finally available in that format.

Here are his tour dates:

July 12th, 7:00pm  - Joseph Beth (Cleveland)
July 13th, 7:00pm - Ruminator Books (Minneapolis)
July 15th, 7:30pm - Powell's Books (Portland)
July 19th, 7:30pm - Elliott Bay Book Company (Seattle)
July 20th, noon  - Real Networks Corporate reading (Seattle)
July 21st, 7:30pm - Cody's Books (San Fran)
July 22nd, 7:00pm - Green Apple Books (San Fran)
July 23rd, noon - Virgin Corporate "Lunchbox Hero" experience (LA)
July 23rd, 7:30pm - Skylight Books (LA)
July 27th, 7:30pm - Barnes & Noble (Astor Place) (NYC)

Friday, June 25, 2004


Seriously, I have the best job on earth and the best bosses on earth and the Killers are the best band on earth as far as I'm concerned. I heart the world.

Thursday, June 24, 2004


I don't think Iraq is ready.

This will be me tonight.

Wednesday, June 23, 2004


We'll float on... good news is on the way.

Tuesday, June 22, 2004


Until then... breif news bits like:

The Killers are playing Mercury Lounge tomorrow (wednesday) night with Johnny Lives! Be there.

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Saturday, June 12, 2004


My friend Sean McGrath died yesterday. Apart from being an all around wonderful person, you might have heard of his name because he was the former bassist of Saves the Day and also played in The Alps.

He'd been battling cancer for a couple of years. This is so sad. I really thought he'd pull through. I'm so sad.

Rest in Peace sweet boy.

Wednesday, June 9, 2004


Whoa, thanks a lot for everyone's support in all this. Basically, the official statement is this:
I felt like this blog was fucking with my political aspirations. Seriously, who can run for president if people think they have a drinking problem, or a drug problem, or are mabye questionable private lives? I'm worried that in 11 years when I'm 35, pregnant with my second child, married to the singer of the Killers, and on the campaign trail, someone's gonna bust out something like: "On September 10, 2003, you said "I feel like last night didnt happen to me. It was such a blur and a whirlwind and a confusion of senses that it was like something out of a really trippy movie out of england about the rave drug culture or something. only, minus the dancing." Now don't you think you should've been mourning the near-2 year anniversary of September 11. You are a bad canidate!" And the whole thing would be down the tubes. Tragic! I'd make a good president. Not sure which party I'd be on yet, but whatever party it is better have an awesome DJ!

But I was also really touched by everyone who posted such nice things on the comments section and who emailed me with their concerns (not to mention called me, my roommates, and friends -- many of whom offered to be my publicist). I'm fine. My health is fine. My job is fine. I really wanted to lose readers (ie: the people who read this blog, post on it, and say they don't like me, yet waste their time with my drivel). Overall, I was just totally touched by how sweet the people who read this little thing are. My Goodness!

So this blog will return eventually. Hopefully nobody will care about it when it does (not to assume that people care about it now... but you get the idea), and I can continue to blog without someone making accusations and threats (word). I'll still be drunk. I'll still be making out with boys. I'll still be going out 39 times a week to see bands and tell you about them. But until then read SPIN. It's a good magazine!

Suddenly I feel a bit like Jay-Z. 99 Problems but the blog aint one.

Tuesday, June 8, 2004

Friday, June 4, 2004


I'm DJing at Rothko on Saturday night at around 1am-ish. Please come. It'll be fun and there will be dancing and good times had by all!

Here's all the important info:

This Saturday June 5
Another Saturday and another rocking party with the following bands/djs:
MyTvs: Record Release Party!!! MyTvs sound as if James Chance and The Contortions were still in their 20's and incorporated more catchy pop hooks into their songs.

Mixel Pixel: Mixel Pixel has found a way of integrating old Atari/Nintendo sounds with punk, electro, experimental, and rock elements that resemble in spirit Johnny Thunders and Suicide to make some fun tunes that will get the crowd partying. For fans of The Unicorns, Ween, Suicide, The Flaming Lips, and peeps with a punk spirit.

PJ Harvey: "Uh Huh Her" record release/listening party with giveaways. This is PJ Harvey's seventh album to date and it's as brilliant as ever. On this release she is bringing back some of her more raw and punk energy that she displayed on past great albums like "Dry".

Djs: Oil(Kanine Records) and Scott(OtherMusic) and guest Dj Ultragrrrl(Spin Mag) playing a mix btw. Brit/Indie/PostPunk/Nu-wave/Remix dance music.

Rothko (www.rothkonyc.com 116 Suffolk St. btw Rivington and Delancy, NYC)
Cheap Drinks all night from your lovely bartenders Juliette and Andrew
9:00pm-4:00am, $5 from 9:00pm-12:00 for bands, free after 12:00 to dance
*Also come celebrate Amelia Sutton(MTV) Birthday in dancing style!!!
Check www.crashinin.com and www.filter-mag.com for hot upcoming events and new band reviews/interviews.

Back on New Years Eve 98/99 I introduced myself to a boy who later became one of my very close friends. He was wearing a really cool marching band jacket and make up and looked like Adam Ant at his peak. I thought to myself that I wanted to be this person if i was actually a boy (something I really wish i was -- i'd make a great guy, especially with my knowledge of women). So we chatted a bit and he told me he was in a band in Chicago. I pretty much was like, yeah, whatever, everyone's in a band. I didn't think much about it. He told me his band was called Kill Hannah, and I noted to myself to at least check out a band fronted by such a cute boy. Shallow? Yeah. I was 18. Sue me.

A few months later I somehow befriended this other boy named Adriel (whom also later became one of my very close friends) on the nerd who was from Chicago. I was totally excited because after searching endlessly for Kill Hannah tracks I had come up empty handed and finally I found someone who could send me songs. So he sent me a tape of a bunch of songs from KH eps. I popped it into my car's tape deck (I was commuting from NJ to my internship at spin.com at the time) and was totally estatic. It was so much awesome. Dreamy, sexy, New Order-ish, MBV-ish... I was in love! I listened to that tape over and over again until it was finally eaten up by the tape deck.

I remember once driving around Tenafly to a friends house blasting a song, feeling like a total iconoclast in comparision to the kids i went to school with who were all still getting stoned to DMB, the Dead, and Phish. Despite their illadvised taste in music, I thought they were always so much cooler than me, and wished that maybe, just maybe, one of them would hear the cool songs blasting out of my car and be like "Sarah, that's some cool stuff. What is it?" It never happened. Little did i realize that i was a huge dork for blasting the songs really loud out of my Nissan Stanza.

Anyway, the point of this is this: Today I got a package in the mail from Mat Devine, the singer of Kill Hannah. He wrote: "Here are a couple copies of the disc we just pressed -- please, you have to let the cassette go... it's a dead medium." Enclosed were two copies of The Curse of Kill Hannah 1996-1998. A collection of the songs from their early EPs that made me fall head over heels in love with them in the first place. Once again I'm sat here at my desk, blasting "Chloroform," hoping that at least one cool kid people i work with will stop by my desk and say "hey, that sounds pretty cool. what is it?"

Anwyay, the track listing for anyone else who might be a fan of Kill Hannah:
1. Hummingbirds the Size of Bullets
2. Kill Hannah
3. He Believes in Time Machiens
4. The Trains are so Loud
5. No One Dreams Anyway (demo)
6. Hummingbirds the Size of Bullets (remix)
7. Sleeping Like Electric Eels
8. Dazzle These Nights Dead
9. Held on By Wires
10. Agent Orange Skies
11. Stunt Pilots
12. Love Sick
13. Chloroform (Slow Reaction)

Thursday, June 3, 2004


For every boy who admits that boys are retarded -- there's a girl out there who will do the same and admit that girls are fucking retarded sometimes.

We all say we want Lloyd Dobbler... when in reality we want to save Steff. It's total and utter bullshit.

I'm home sick today. My body is slowly deciding to not work. It's been protesting with me for the past week and I finally lost the war. Blows.

Wednesday, June 2, 2004


I've been really busy these past few days, save for the last night where I just sat in a daze in front of the TV for about 4 hours watching episode after episode of season 3 of "The Family Guy" with the new roommates (we try to take a night off from boozing and slutting it up every once in a while to recharge... i'm joking of course, sort of). It was an exhausting weekend.

Before I go into talking about my weekend... about the photo: "A man was fined nearly 300 dollars for drunk driving a donkey cart in a small South African town and then telling police he was unconcerned 'because the animals knew the way home.'(AFP/POOL/File) " What an ass!

Last week I mentioned something about my parent's house being haunted. I've got no doubt in my mind that it is. After dinner on friday night I went to use the powder room for things that one does there -- and the light turned off when i was in a very compromising position. Thinking that the lights went off in the rest of the house as well, I grabbed a magazine to cover my junk from the world and ran to the door. It was stuck and i couldnt get it open. I panicked and yelled for my mom like the little bitch i am. I got it opened and to my disbelief, the rest of the house had light. Everything had light, but the bathroom i was in. I touched the light switch and it turned right back on. This ghost hasn't been around the whole time, and if it has, it hasn't been really interested in hanging out with us. But lately it's been racing across the room while my mom is on the phone, making my blind dog bark at the air, and has one hell of a sense of humor, shutting my lights off as I sit on the can. My aunt thinks it's a friendly ghost. You can buy shit from my parents' ghostly garage sale this weekend.

Saturday I went out with my mom, aunt, and my cousins who are about 11 and 16. My little cousins are so fucking awesome... i'm stoked to be related to them. My cousin Renee is a gorgeous little girl who looks like a supermodel mixed with an Olsen Twin. She's 11 and short for her age, but stylish as hell. She was wearing this pin striped pair of pants, black chuck taylors, a layered top, and a blazer. I was like "Whoa, you look like you're in the Strokes!" her older brother, Eric (16), said "yeah, that's the look she's going for."

We went to H&M and then I took Eric to Search & Destroy -- which he totally dug, but didnt get anything, and then we went to Urban Outfitters (dont front like you dont go there too... I know you do).

The Streets' "Fit But You Know It" is totally fucking Blur's "Parklife." How fucking fun!

Anyway, Saturday night I made my way to Misshapes hear Audrey DJ amazingly, and to dance with Lizzy, Niki, Marc, and Greg&Raphael. Check out Me and the Boyfriends.

Andy found himself cornered by me so I could ask him details about the logistics of beheading a person. This sent Greg packing and made me thirsty for more knowledge. The best thing about having a friend like Andy, other then him being awesome, is that he's got this vast knowledge about science and medicine and can explain things to me in the most laymen of terms. He's like the indie rock Stephen Hawkins for retards like myself who like to ... uh... lay-men.

It's weird. A few months ago I would get quickly exhausted from partying. I found myself crawling back home at midnight the latest to find my bed and fall asleep. I guess with the weather being better I'm able to find myself crawling home at after 4am these days... which I did on saturday night with Andy, Brian, and a few of their friends. We didn't go home as much as we went to the new club on Delancey called The Delancey. We tried to get in cause we heard there was an open bar, and found ourselves out of luck with a doorman wearing ill-advised leather pants. I never saw this dude's face cause he was like, 39 feet tall. So Andy and his lady friends walked me home as the sun was rising.

Sunday night I went to the Trash party so i could DJ for the party kids. I really love DJing... it's like the most fun a person could have sometimes. I think I got really drunk tho, cause I remember straight lines were a joke, and I remember having a conversation with someone and having to keep my eyes closed (which hopefully made me look a bit pensive) so they wouldn't cross and give me a headache. I've been to Don Hills twice in the past month for the first time in ages, and both times, there were dancing half-naked people. Oy Vey. My parent's at least could breathe a sigh of relief that I wasn't one of those dancing-half-naked people. Not that there's anything wrong with it...

When I was sober during the night I got to see Jess' new band called Americana and was fully impressed. There's something there for sure. A mix of Smiths and a bit of Emo... it was right up my alley. Jess has the looks and charm that a frontman needs and I'm gonna keep a steady eye on these guys.

Monday it started pouring outside. I had invited some friends over a few days earlier promising a BBQ with lots of yummy food, but suddenly it didn't look like it was gonna happen. So me and the girls decided to cut our losses, tell people not to come over when they called to see if it was still on, and stick all the food in our fridge save for a few beers and some food that we were gonna cook up for ourselves. Needless to say, everyone figured that rain couldn't hold 3A down and showed up. We found an indoor grill and cooked up almost all the food we bought. Sorry to anyone i told to not come. We're gonna have a .. um.. rain date. I manned the grill, by the way, and made some killer chicken.

Yesterday morning my brain was fucked. I had spent the past three days partying and was really super tired. I found myself in Long Island interviewing a former member of a boyband who shall remain nameless (there's a clue to his itentity in the title of this blog posting) in his hotel room, and then later in his bus. The Singer (who will be called TS from here on out) and I got off on the wrong foot, arguing about race car drivers. He told me that some drivers could make up to $200 Million A YEAR. Yeah, you read that number right. So my thought was "I don't see why they don't just quit racing after they take home that $200 million dollar paycheck." This statement launched TS into a total ghetto accent that was so over the top, it was a parody of itself:

Me: "I don't see why they don't just quit racing after they take home that $200 million dollar paycheck."
TS: "When it's what you know, you do it."
Me: "Well, fine, but it seems unnecessary to keep it up if you're bringing home a check like that. All you need is one check and you're set for life."
TS: "They're just doing what they know. They can't help it. It's what they know."
Me: "Well, they should get to know something else. Something less life-threatening."
TS: (getting a bit hostile) "What's they supposed to do? Be an accountant?"
Me: (getting annoyed) "No, that's the point! They don't need a job. They can chill out. Hang out with their family. Go traveling."
TS: "Not when racing is all you know. You gonna tell a pilot to get a different job when all they know is flying?"
Me: "If I knew a pilot who brought home a $200 Million paycheck for one year of work, yes, I would tell him that."
TS: "Well, it's all they know."

According to the former member of a popular boyband that is possibly no longer together but features a member who went out with a popstar who is now looking like she had too many days snorting oxycontin, race car drivers aren't very faceted.

Tuesday, June 1, 2004