Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Right now I'm gonna call bullshit, but it seems that the twitterwebs is all aflutter about Suge Knight getting arrested for the murder of Tupac.

Some of it seems to be stemming from this video, which i took from but you might notice that the part when they reporter says what Suge was arrested for is obviously an over dub AND... the date in the video is from May, and the KTLA site has nothing about this. Womp Womp. Better luck next time.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


I just noticed that Russia's President Medvedev is a total babe.



I've gotta hand it to the stunning Natalie Portman -- not only was her performance in Black Swan amazing, and with the chemistry between her and Mila Kunis lez-worthy, but she also managed to find a really great specimen to breed with. Benjamin Millepied, her dance instructor for Black Swan, is gorgeous and judging by his stomach tattoo, he's also a Bauhaus fan! Amazing!

Thursday, December 23, 2010


  • INTRODUCING: DENISOVANS! Ladies and Gents, it looks like there was once up to 4 different kinds of humaniod species roaming the earth -- Neanderthals, Hobbits, modern humans, and now Denisovans! So exciting. It looks like this species existed in southeast Asia and Australia and bred with modern human. I love how the concept of the evolution of man is changing! This is beyond fascinating!
  • North Korea's minister of armed forces said on Thursday its military was prepared to wage a "holy war" against the South using its nuclear deterrent after what he called Seoul's attempt to initiate conflict.
  • A wave of holiday terrorism has hit Rome. Both the Swiss and Chilean embassies were attacked with parcel bombs. Thankfully nobody was fatally injured.
  • Former Argentine dictator, Jorge Videla, has been sentenced to life in prison for crimes he committed against political prisoners in 1976.
  • So in addition to the mini-Ice Age upon us, it looks like 2011 is going to have one hell of a hurricane season for the Atlantic coast. I guess right now is a good time for me to make sure my parent's place in Hallendale is prepared!
  • Julian Assange is telling US journalists that they should basically be behind him because the people against him are against the First Amendment.
  • UNICEF and religious leaders in Indonesia are joining forces to promote breast feeding. Right now, less than 33% of infants are being breast fed in Indonesia ... and scientists have found that breastfeeding is one of the most essential things a month can do for a baby to make sure it's healthy.
  • A man in Bangladesh was beaten to death by his four wives, once they discovered he had four wives, which is legal in Bangladesh, but only with consent from the other wives.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Wow. Has it really come to this?


Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Gawker posted footage -- taken from BadTVblog -- of ALF outtakes that someone posted on YouTube. The story is that the un-aired footage comes from a VHS tape that someone purchased on eBay about 10 years ago and finally decided to upload for everyone's shock, awe, and amusement. Basically, it features ALF dropping the N-bomb about a dozen times... which according to Gawker's comment committee, is probably an on-set joke referencing an LA LAW episode that featured a plaintiff with Tourettes. Either way, the footage had me wowed. Don't play this outloud on your computer.

Here's the footage:

And the LA Law episode footage:


Monday, December 20, 2010


NSFW! Lindsay Nipple!

Thanks to Ashley and Audrey for sending over this video which i took off of Theophilus London's blog.

Old readers of this blog might remember how I used to say stuff like "my vagina just exploded" whenever I heard a song i loved, saw a great show, or saw a cute boy ... well, this video just made my vagina explode. Holy hotness. She might have some trouble getting an acting job... but the bitch can play hot at fuck. damn.

Oh, and this song is a cover of Tweet's song "Oops." I forgot that an actual song was attached to the video.


A few years ago I had a record label called Stolen Transmission that went through Island Def Jam. One of the artists signed to the label was an insanely talented and sweet teenager named Dan Hunter who went as PlayRadioPlay!. He was an earnest Christian that we all took bets on trying to figure out when he'd decide that he wasn't into Jesus anymore and into... other stuff. I liked that he was a Christian -- it meant that he'd be less trouble on the road... but he was a precocious kid and it was only a matter of time before the darkside kicked it. It took just about a year. The music industry can make anyone lose their faith in God.

After Stolen Transmission parted ways from Island Def Jam and eventually dissolved, Dan Hunter started a new project called Analog Rebellion. I assume the name change was meant to be reflective of his life changes, musical changes, and well, just changes in general. The music from Analog Rebellion saw more nods to Granddaddy than PRP! did, which seemed to borrow a bit from Postal Service.

On this new track, which I yanked from the Dallas Observer, he seems to play with the rhythm section of The Walkmen's classic "The Rat," while coyly playing homage to one of their earliest works "We've Been Had," in the title "You've Been Had (Machine)."

If you like that song, definitely check out the rest of his work. Daniel is insanely prolific and kind of brilliant. ... i can't believe how much he's grown!!!!


Friday, December 17, 2010


I'm going to be appearing on VH1's Top 40 Videos of 2010 tonight at 9pm:

Here are 35 of the Top 40 videos:

Adam Lambert - “If I Had You”
B.O.B ft. Hayley Williams - “Airplanes”
Bruno Mars- “Just the Way You Are”
Daughtry - “September”
Christina Perri - “Jar of Hearts”
Drake - “Find Your Love”
Eminem - “Not Afraid”
Eminem ft Rihanna - “Love the Way You Lie”
Jack Johnson - “At or With Me”
Jason Derulo - “In My Head”
Jay-Z & Alicia Keys - “Empire State of Mind”
John Mayer - “Heartbreak Warfare”
Katy Perry - “Firework”
Ke$ha - “Tik Tok”
Kid Rock - “Born Free”
Kings of Leon - “Radioactive”
Lady Antebellum- “Need You Now”
Lady Gaga ft Beyonce - “Telephone (Short Version)”
Linkin Park - “Waiting for the End”
Maroon 5 - “Misery”
Michael Buble - “Haven’t Meet You Yet”
Mike Posner - “Cooler Than Me”
Mumford & Sons - “Little Lion Man”
Muse - “Resistance”
Paramore - “The Only Exception”
Pink - “Raise Your Glass”
Rihanna - “Only Girl in the World”
Sara Bareilles - “King of Anything”
Sugarland - “Stuck Like Glue”
Taio Cruz ft. Ludacris - “Break Your Heart”
Taylor Swift - “Mine”
Train - “If It’s Love”
Travie McCoy ft. Bruno Mars - “Billionaire”
Usher ft Pitbull - “DJ Got Us Falling In Love”
Usher ft. Will.i.Am - “OMG”

Thursday, December 16, 2010


Tuesday, December 14, 2010


  • An international space team lead by Qatar, discovered a new planet. It's been named Qatar-1b and demonstrates how countries from all over can collaborate to make stellar discoveries.
  • China's Huawei -- a telecom solutions provider - will be investing $2 Billion over 5 years in India. Just another piece of business America lost out on.
  • Richard Holbrooke, the US Special Representative to Afghanistan and Pakistan, passed away.
  • South Korea thinks that North Korea has more uranium sites. SK thinks that NK is working on building a nuclear bomb. There's so much he-said/she-said going on between those two that i feel like I'm watching an episode of Law & Order: Sexy Crimes.
  • OOF! Yahoo! is laying off about 600 employees just in time for the holidays. Didn't they just hire a bunch of awesome bloggers for their site? My condolences to all of you. :(
  • Apparently someone forgot to give the European Union the memo about the state of Israel. They're laying the pressure down on Israel and Palestine to figure their shit out and live peacefully side by side so they can eventually move forward and recognize Palestine. Focus on Ireland, will ya?
  • South Africa just opened its first Space Agency in hopes of becoming Africa's leading Earth observation location. Is there competition?
  • Medicaid cuts are killing Americans basically. Can someone please figure out a plan B, please?
  • The Sun is FUCKING AWESOME. Check this out. Scientists just observed some crazy massive sun storm that totally will effect our telecommunications AND we're also in the middle of Mercury in Retrograde (that's when communications fail based on astrology... and sorta astronomy). Coincidence? I think not!
  • And finally, a Festivus miracle - an inmate cited his belief in the Seinfeld-created holiday of Festivus, as a reason to get Kosher meals in prison. Genius.

Monday, December 13, 2010


This video is taking my office by storm. We're all learning the moves so we can debut them tomorrow at the holiday party.


  • Obamacare hit a snag when a judge in VA declared the part of the bill, which requires that people buy health insurance by 2014 or get fined, unconstitutional (did i put the comma in the right place? it doesn't feel right). I'm a fan of Obamacare because it allowed someone close to me get insurance AFTER being diagnosed with cancer. What a lifesaver! I wonder how this will impact everything.
  • The Bank of America is having their own version of Black Friday with their sale of over $1 Billion "Toxic Mortgages." Got an extra $20k laying around? Thought so. Buy some property, son.
  • Scientists believe they have found evidence of other Universes while studying the echos of the Big Bang (the echo of the Big Bang is a fairly new theory that suggests that the universe is like a Russian doll that's constantly beginning and ending). Scientists think that our universe is a bubble inside a larger body... think of it like when you make bubbles with your drool and some bubbles are inside other bubbles and etc. Each bubble is a universe. It's a lot to take in, so read this.
  • A new species of Lemur (Fork Lemur) was discovered in Madagascar and it's impossibly cute. I don't understand how Lemurs are primates. They look more raccoon to me. Can I get a second opinion on this please?
  • Want some birth defects to make your own Geek Love-style army of circus jerks? Good news: Chernobyl will now be welcoming tourists to their site in 2011.
  • A French teen held 20 nursery school children and their teacher hostage with swords. Nobody was injured. French teens are getting as fucked up as American ones. Well done!
  • Scientists are doing some pretty amazing things with stem cells like turning them into pancreatic tissue and complex layers of intestinal tissue. Could this mean that pancreatic cancer might one day no longer be as deadly as it is now? Let's pray. They're also doing some great stuff for diabetes... which, is estimated to afflict 1/2 of all Americans in the next 40 years.
  • A South Korean fishing boat sunk in the waters near Antarctica and miraculously, 20 people survived. Nobody knows why it sank. I'm hoping it has nothing to do with North Korea because I am not dressed for a nuclear war.
  • It appears as though Leonardo Da Vinci hid some letters and numbers in the eyes of the Mona Lisa! That man... always a trick up his sleeve.
  • A&P is filing for Chapter 11. This plus the fact that food prices are about to sky-rocket makes me think it's time to make a little garden in my apartment. Maybe i should be doing a better job of getting people to buy things they don't know they need?
  • A Dutch man has been arrested on suspicion of abusing up to 33 children under the age of 4 while working at a nursery and baby sitter. I'm against the death penalty (however I would probably kill someone with my tiny bare hands if they killed someone I love), but this case really seems like a great contender for capital punishment. Dude ruined tons of kids' lives. Disgusting.
  • The Netherlands is popping today -- a Dutch teen has been arrested as a suspect in the pro-Wikileaks hacking fiasco. Dude deserves a job at Google.

Friday, December 10, 2010


Over the summer a bunch of friends went to the circus in Coney Island and invited me and my friend Charles to come. As Charles and I walked down the corridor through the subway station at CI I spotted a poster for the circus we were about to see. "Dude," I said to Charles, "there's animals in this circus. I don't know how I feel about that." Charles didn't like it either, and we opted out, waiting on the beach until our friends go out.

Which is why I'm excited about the Rock & Roll Circus Party at Lincoln Center... instead of using animals for my entertainment, it looks like they'll be using bands. Same diff. Who's gonna take me? I'm a super fun date and I look like a chimp, so you wont be missing out on animals completely.

Thursday, December 9, 2010


Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Never forget.

thanks gawker commenter for reminding me how great this video is.


  • Despite Julian Assange of Wikileaks being in prison for crimes that he may or may not have committed, the Wikileaks continue to flow. In today's edition of How the World Burns, we find out about a Saudi Prince and his Halloween party packed with Moonshine and hookers. Meanwhile, the Anonymous group has managed to bring down the Mastercard website and others that cut off Assange from his resources. Also, Australia is totally blaming the US for their golden child. Meanwhile, Joe Lieberman needs to chill.
  • Chile is going to have to answer a few questions: a fire at a Chilean prison killed 81 inmates and apparently the prison guards locked down the facility making it hard for firefighters to reach the source of the blaze.
  • A new species of stork has been found on Hobbit island in Indonesia. Giant birds and Tiny People... this sounds like the making of a sitcom if you ask me.
  • Obama held onto Bush-era tax cuts for the wealthy. Obama is claiming its to keep things moving along so the economy doesn't get effed. The Democrats are like WTF?!?! And Jim Hensen's Muppet factory have halted production of the Obama character since he's already a puppet.
  • Speaking of Bush-era garbage: Cheney is in hot water with the Nigers.
  • Scientists have identified an altered gene that can cause gender misidentification. I don't mean like, girls who wanna be boys or vice versa... I mean, girls with clits that look like dicks.
  • China's buddies wont attend the Nobel Prize ceremony since an imprisoned Chinese citizen is a winner.
  • A teen suicide bomber kills nearly 20 in Pakistan.
  • An advisor to the Chinese Central Bank says that the US economy is in the shitter - even worse than Europe's - but nobody will notice for another year. If you're into currency trading, buy the dollar now, sell in 3 months. Then buy the euro. I could be wrong, but that seems right. Jim Rogers says that the Fed is really really really understating inflation.
  • Remember Haiti? Their capital is up in a blaze due to riots over the Presidential elections. I hate to say it, but they're kind of fucked right now, aren't they?
  • A Japanese space craft failed to get into Venus' orbit and may have flown past the planet. Get it together, Japanese scientists.


I went to see My Chemical Romance last week at Roseland -- one of the best shows I've ever seen -- and the band played a song that I totally thought was Glasvegas and even tweeted that they were covering a Glasvegas song.

It was this one, which i can't embed, boo, but i'm purposely using a live version of the song because the recorded version doesn't have that Glaswegian vibe:

Does it sound like Glasvegas? If so, which one? I can't put my finger on it. Or is it the Temper Trap?

Either way, i'm not hating. I love that they're pulling that sort of influence! LOVE IT.

Monday, December 6, 2010


Some terribly addictive and sort of awful but genius songs / videos to share:

Thanks to Matt Rubano for this:

Thanks to Lawrence and Stef for this one:


JJ72 doesn't exist anymore, but when they did... they stole my heart. I always heard them as the delightful mixture of Placebo, Muse, Smashing Pumpkins and Joy Division. I loved the dynamics of Mark Greaney's voice so much that I wanted to crawl inside his skin and wear it as my own. I also thought he was the hottest thing on earth with weird teeth and Ian Curtis' face (only outdone by his drummer who looked even more like Ian Curtis than Ian Curtis). Oh, and they covered Pet Shop Boys... so, you know, fate and shit.

The first time I heard The Joy Formidable I told friends how much they reminded me of JJ72, and most people looked at me puzzled, except for my friend Johnny (a fellow Irishman just like JJ72). When I asked Johnny if he'd heard of TJF he said no. When I told him to check them out because they reminded me of JJ72, he said "Oh wait! I saw them play and said to my friends that they sounded like a female fronted JJ72."

I wish I had lots and lots of money so i could find my favorite bands from years ago that are no longer together and ask them politely to regroup and play a show for me and my friends and people who love them. JJ72 would probably headline.

Here are my favorite JJ72 songs. Please listen to them LOUDLY and enjoy.

flashvars="" allowScriptAccess="always" wmode="window" />

Here are a bunch of their videos:

Here are my reasons for picking each song:

"Formulae" - If you combined all the best parts of JJ72 songs into one track, this would be the one. Mark's angelic voice turning into a manic wail mixed with pixies-style song structures basically equals my heaven.

"Serpent Sky" - the bassline in this song is like sex. it's like having the biggest dong and knowing exactly what to do with it.

"I Saw a Prayer" - this track, from JJ72's second album takes things down a notch. more dreamy and romantic. Very Joy Formidable.

"Nameless" - a ballad from their second album. a total win.

"Snow" - I think this was the first JJ72 song I ever heard. I found out about them because they were opening for Muse in Europe so I went to their website and waited for 30 minutes for the video for this song to load so i could watch it. I waited another 30 minutes so i could watch it again. This was in 2000. The web was slow back then. The lyrics are entirely silly but wonderful all at once.

"October Swimmer" - Actually, maybe this was the first JJ72 song I ever heard. The lyrics are as weird as their name and the chorus soars in ways that would make Matt Bellamy totes jealz.

"Bumble Bee" - This song is a total Nirvana jerkoff fest and it's amazing.

"Not Like You" - Cutesy ballad that would be great on a christmas mix tape.

"Improv" - JJ72's most pared down song. shows how great Mark's voice is.

"Oxygen" - this song is HOT. was one of the first songs i'd ever heard by JJ72. i remember seeing the bassist in the video for this song and instantly crushing on her.

"It's a Sin" - obviously Pet Shop Boys are one of the greatest bands of all time and JJ72 agrees and did this awesome cover.

"Algeria" - this song was on the first album and was a perfect little window to what their 2nd album would become. fucking huge and epic and over the motherfucking top. i wish the last line before the chorus was "guide me through the chorus" instead of "guide me through the colors." that's my only complaint about jj72 ever.


The most racist commercial ever made me laugh out loud, very loudly. I love race relations almost as I love kicking puppies and punching kittens.

Friday, December 3, 2010


My friend Steven Klavier sent me this gem ages ago and it never gets old. Ever. Bonus points for including one of my all time favorite songs "Some Velvet Morning."


Major thanks to my friend Peter Gaston at for sending this over to me... not only did he introduce me to the Joy Formidable, but he also keeps me utterly satiated with their music.

Go to to hear The Joy Formidable play acoustic versions of "Austere," "I Don't Want To See You Like This," and a cover of Passion Pit's "Moth's Wings."

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


They're no longer around, but this song and video are classic. It makes me want to pump my fist into people's faces.


I've noticed that people have been finding their way onto my blog by searching certain terms, so I figured I'd help out those trying to find answers. Here are the terms people looked up in the past 24 hours to find this blog.
  • stolen transmission: that's a record label i used to run with Rob Stevenson. it started out as a singles label in my bedroom where me and my friends would make handmade CD singles that looked amazing. In this phase I released singles by: The Oohlas, Louis XIV, Nightmare of You, The Spinto Band, Apartment, Saints & Lovers, and Young Love. Rob and I partnered up (he guided me along the whole time leading up to the partnership) and made Stolen Transmission a joint venture with Island/DefJam. Our partnership lasted 2 years until Rob was ... fired (?). Via Island/DefJam we released albums from: The Horrors, The Oohlas, Bright Light Fever, The Photo Atlas, innerpartysystem, Schoolyard Heroes, PlayRadioPlay, Monty Are I, and Permanent Me.
  • Ultragrrrl/Ultragrrl/Sarah Lewitinn/Ultragirl/dj ultragrrrl: That's Me! You should also check out my wikipedia page or my DJ Press page.
  • "2 chicks 1 dick" pornstars i have NO IDEA what this means.
  • dave maresca: i went to middle school and high school with dave in Tenafly, NJ. He was great and had awesome taste in music. Here is his facebook.
  • blogsot joy division singles: yes, spelled incorrectly, but that's ok. you landed here. What exactly are you looking for?
  • boyfriend is a genius: it's true. they all were genius. all of them. i'm totally serious. one was a musical genius. another a writing genius. and the most recent is a master of many hidden talents.
  • brandon flowers wyatt: Wyatt Boswell is Brandon Flowers' best friend from growing up in Utah. He is super goodlooking and happens to be one of the funniest motherfuckers I've ever known. He isn't stoked when i post his photo online, but i will. This is him.
  • chris black done to death: chris is one of my most favorite people on earth. he is the coolest motherfucker i've ever known. I used to get in trouble at Stolen Transmission because nearly every expense i turned in was me taking Chris Black out when he was in NYC. Now he lives across the street from me and i don't see him as much as I'd like. Here is his Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. He managed to make a living by being cool, and i gotta say: he deserves that. He also manages Cartel and U.S. Royalty.
  • innerpartysystem stoya: You're looking for their video for "this empty love" ... the video was directed/shot by Penta. here it is.
  • little boy fuck / little.boys.fucking: i have no idea why someone would search this and find themselves on my blog.
  • park city resort discount sledding/park city sledding/park city sleading: i went to park city with the Misshapes and The Horrors one year for that film festival. it was so much fun. One night Leigh and Geo got an inflatable bed and brought it outside and we went sledding down a hill with it. that was so much fun. Here are videos of us sledding.
  • sarah lewitinn the ultragrrrl report: i used to cohost a show on FUSE called "FUSE on Tour" and I had a segment called "The Ultragrrrl Report." I don't think there are clips up, but there's a blog i used to do on the fuse site.
  • songs from life's a zoo: no idea... but i did go to the zoo once with my ex boyfriend (both david and brandon) and i think i titled the blog entry "life's a zoo."
  • team facelift blogspot: here's where i write about Team Facelift.
  • teen fuck: no idea.
  • thanksgiving dinner music: i dont have a list available, but i'm sure i can find one or make one.
  • this is sooo boring: i know, right?
  • ultra girl sxsw: i go there almost every year and try to throw a party each time. once was at the Redbull Space and the other was at Ben Brown's house and Idlewild played in his living room and i'm jealous of myself for that.
  • while you were sleeping sarah blog: more of that column here.
  • wyatt, ultragrrrl: I love Wyatt. I met him in 2003 with KarenPlusOne when we had dinner with the Killers their first time in NYC. I thought he was cute and the funniest dude. Brandon Flowers wanted us to get married. The two of them call me Jew. Wyatt is one of my "platonic boyfriends." What is that? That's a dude that you go everywhere with and share a bed with and spoon with but never make out or anything. It's like being married, sorta.
And lastly, these terms get the MOST traffic to my blog:
best animated gif
best animated .gif
best gif ever
greatest animated gif

They all lead to this photo:
But here are more:


I used to love this At The Drive-In song "Napoleon Solo" so fucking much.


So much news to report. I hope I can get this done in a timely manner. Happy(?) AIDS day, by the way.

  • The biggest news ever, in the whole world -- so big that it's out of this world: NASA is holding a press conference tomorrow at 2pm about an "Astrobiology discovery." In other words: They probably found life on other planets. HOLLUR! To watch the conference at 2pm tomorrow go here.
  • The estimates are in and it looks like $1Billion was spent on Cyber Monday, making it the biggest ever. Maybe they should consider having a Cyber Monday midyear as well? Maybe people spending money before their Jobless Benefits end today.
  • Over 100,000 people apply for 1,000 available positions as flight attendants for Delta -- making it one of the most popular job searches since American Idol. Either that, or a lot of people love inflatable slides.
  • Bank Of America got some special treatment since the taxpayers were supporting it's ass. Basically, they hid the fact that they gave $6BILLION in bonuses to Merrill Lynch employees before acquiring ML ... and then, when they were caught for being sneaky, they only had to pay $150 Million to settle a securities law violation. Bogus.
  • Speaking of bogus bullshit - the average American might have to pay an extra $1600 in taxes due to the shit economy. Thanks Bank of America! I wont be too upset if B0A are the next wikileak victims.
  • Speaking of wikileaks... Assange, the man behind the leaks, is on Interpol's most wanted list, but not on Interpol's guestlist.
  • Looks like the Egyptian elections were rigged this year (and every other?).
  • North Korea and South Korea are still fighting it out. SK said that NK is totally gonna pull their earring out and cut them with a razor they hid in their mouth. Everyone just wants them to get it over with.
  • Another day, another incident of the TSA being total d-bags. A woman in a wheelchair went through security in a bra and panties so she wouldn't get felt up and violated (again). The TSA agents weren't pleased and made her miss her flight. Americans: 0, Terrorists: 1000.
  • Speaking of Terrorists... our environmental terrorizing government decided to give the coast of Florida a break and ban offshore drilling for another 7 years. Horay.
  • Don't Ask, Don't Tell is still up in the air. Nobody can decide what the report the Pentagon just released means exactly. So uh... if anyone can essplain it to me, that'd be great. It's ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING that there isn't a screening for the mental capacity of soldiers but there is one for their sexual orientation. You can't bang someone of the same sex but you can kill innocent civilians FOR SPORT BECAUSE YOU ARE A FUCKING LUNATIC. So gross.
  • Russia is working with America in finalizing an agreement on Russian baby adoptions after an American woman ruined it for the rest of the world by returning her adopted Russian kid by buying him a one way ticket to Moscow and having him board a plane alone with a receipt.