Thursday, September 30, 2004


Yo. My phone died. It's dead. gone forever. Please email me your number even if you think i've got it. thankyou.

Yo. My phone died. It's dead. gone forever. Please email me your number even if you think i've got it. thankyou.


I am desperately searching for cute photogenic ethnic girls for
an up and coming photoshoot mid- to late october. it pays 200
for a few hours of jumping around in fake rain. I am gonna style
it and its with an awesome photographer. His name is David
Black (

Do you know of any girls that could send me a jpg of
themselves to me? A friendster picture would work fine.
I need something today, tomorrow at the latest!

917 881 8613

Wednesday, September 29, 2004


This morning on the way to the subway i ran into my friend Mandy who was looking to find someone to take over her room across the street from me. The rent was super cheap and I thought about how my friend Jordache has been looking for a place, called him, and five minutes later Mandy found a person to take her place. Everyone was stoked.

So I thought, there's so many times when my friends are looking to fill an occupancey for a room. I post it up on here or go through my emails and find friends who are looking for a place... So i decided that this posting would be used to help people find a place to live in the city or wherever an apartment is available. i'm gonna put a link to this posting to the sidebar on the right so it's easy to access.

If you've got a room in your apartment that you wanna find an occupant for, post the details and shit. hopefully this will help some people out.

Tuesday, September 28, 2004


Some of you might remember me going on and on a year or so ago about my friend Barry from Scotland.

Barry is obsessed with drinking, only he calls it hoaching, and now he and his friends made a website dedicated to Hoaching.

Yesterday was not one of the best days ever.

As I rode my bike home from work, on second avenue, i got doored. Doored is what happens to bike riders when someone opens their car door without looking to see if there's any on coming traffic. I got sandwiched between two cars and a kneeful of my bike basket and slammed into something, i'm not sure what. It happened quite fast and i just sat on my bike trying to gain my breath back and compose myself so i could continue back home, get changed and still make it to the screening of DIG!.

I made it home, got changed, and biked over to the Sunshine to meet up with Josh and Karen, and to my surprise, Lizzy and Maureen were there too. Knowing that Mr. Thighs Wide Shut would be there I made a quick announcement as I entered the theater and promptly found Mr. TWS. Gave him a kiss and got myself ready for my second band documentary in two days (saw the Ramones doc the day before).

The concept behind DIG! is pretty genius. Basically, a young film maker spent 7 years documenting the life and friendship and jealousies of The Brian Jonestown Massacre and the Dandy Warhols. Two bands that started out as the best of friends and supporters turned into two bands who turned competitive and confused. The film's writer, producer, and director, Ondi Timoner, does a brilliant job of putting some sort of sense in a story line that seems anything from simple. It's playing for a month at the Sunshine theater in NYC, and even if you're not a fan of either band, the story is compelling. If you find yourself being a fan of the bands, you'll be stoked to learn that every song BJM ever recorded is available for free on their website.

After the movie, birthday girl Elhaam, Ben (whom i'd like to thank for getting me and my friends in to the screening), Karen, Josh and I went to the after party at 6's and 8's to meet up with Roddy and Rod Skywalker. There was free RedStripe and drink tickets-a-plenty, but something about the movie made me want to either do loads of heroin, or stay completely sober. I chose sobriety for once and spent the night sipping on water. You can see photos of the whole to-do here on Polaroid Scene.

Karen and the Rods and I decided to head over to Hi Fi for Jim Merlis' "I'm leaving!" party (we bumped into the delightful Kat who heard about my first spill and checked in on my condition), and on the way over i had my second bike accident of the night. SECOND. Right in front of Mercury Lounge there's a part of the curb that's sort of like a ramp for cars to drive up on. I misjudged this lip and was unable to maneuver my bike over it. Instead i skidded and then was hurled off my bike head first to pavement. I don't remember banging it, though Karen was certain i did. I recall my knees getting it pretty bad as well as my torso.

I felt so embarrassed that i just jumped right up and hopped right back onto my bike and continued on.

HiFi was fun. Karen and I faced off with a Rod on each team for pool. Her team won. I went outside to call Kill Hannah just as Japanese James, Canadian Melissa, and Rabblerousing Ryan pulled up together from the Von Bondies show at Irving. I downloaded some gossip with James. Gina came out of no where and looked like a gothic goddess and then the KH boys rolled up and gave me hugs that were too tight for my aching body. About an hour later I had to leave since my back was starting to fail on me.

Today, i feel like shit.

My brother just sent me the Roxy Music song "Mother of Pearl" since he thinks it reminds him of Franz Ferdinand. He's right.


Monday, September 27, 2004



for more photos of her wedding, go here

My new favorite blog, SomeBlogsAreBetterThanOther, could use the following html tip:

Please have your links open up into a new window. You can do this by following the following HTML coding guide:
(switch this symbol: "{" with "<" and "}" with ">")
{a href="http://website" target="_blank"}words that you think are clever{/a}

Now, just so you know, i'm not giving your blog attention to get on your good graces. I could care less. Anything negative that you could say about me, i've already said/heard about 39thousand times over. Sure, you can be 39001, but I'm too easy of a target. If you saw me in person, you'd be surprised by the gigantic target on my forehead.

For example: When my brothers and I broke the fast after Yom Kippur, we laughed about how you said that the doorways of my apt weren't big enough for my ego. My brothers suggested I look into that. I agreed.

Best of luck with your blog. I hope you take my advice with the HTML coding. My brother was a better anti blogger than you.

PS - The new Good Charlotte record is really fucking good.

Friday, September 24, 2004


Rock your body.
Tattoo you body right.

I got this link from the hilarious and hot kinderdoll Ollie.

dirty pistachio:
dirty pistachio: NO REGRETS MAN
dirty pistachio: IM GOING FOR IT, NO REGRETS
Ultragrrrl: holy shit. that's amazing.
dirty pistachio: can you imagine
dirty pistachio: being there
dirty pistachio: the day that guy wakes up and regrets all three of those?
dirty pistachio: god i wish i could be in more than one place at the same time.
dirty pistachio: the best part is
dirty pistachio: you know its like
dirty pistachio: a gay man or something
dirty pistachio: it has to be
dirty pistachio: do you think any straight man in his right mind would do that? i mean possibly a person off of mtv's real of those winner clubber types...
Ultragrrrl: the kylie tatto gave it away.

If you will direct your eyes to the right of the screen, you'll notice that there is a new opportunity for people to advertise on my blog. Now you might be thinking "why the fuck would you do this?" and i would like to reply with "why the fuck not?" It's kind of like when a movie has someone drinking from a coke can instead of a generic brand one.

So if you want people to read your blog or something, buy a cheap ad and your link will appear. Brian did it with his blog, as you can see if you click on his name.

Tackiness aside, Dan Marcus suggested I get a seeing eye mini horse. I should get one for my shih-tzu!

OK, i'm carbo loading for the 25 hour fast that's about to happen. Not only will I be fasting, but I'll also be away from all forms of communication. Crazy!

Thursday, September 23, 2004


Or not really. But whoa, check out this Rolling Stone caption. Hilarious!

Wednesday, September 22, 2004


I am a bit busy at the moment, but I will write later on about how amazing the Razorlight show was at Sin-e, and how surprisingly incredible the Green Day show at Irving was, but until then I would like to take this opportunity to discuss a little band I like to call THE GREATEST BAND ON EARTH RIGHT NOW WHO ISN'T ONE OF THE OTHER FOUR BANDS THAT I CONSIDER TO BE THE GREATEST BAND ON EARTH RIGHT NOW AS WELL.

You might know of them as Interpol.

Now, a few of you have written to me saying that you didn't really care for Antics, and I understand this. The first time i heard it I was confused. Paul's voice sounded different, the songs all sound same-y, and I just felt sort of cheated. Then I got a chance to listen to the album on a cdplayer (instead of the cassette tape my boss had given me from the label). I was still a bit "eh...." Until Alex (whose band the Madison Strays have a show on Friday at Rothko w/Pitty Sing), convinced me to give it another 10 shots. He promised me that I would love it once it penetrated my system. He said "It's better than TOTBL." I replied "That's total bullshit, dude." But gave it a whirl anyhow.

And you know what? Alex, with his little [insert private joke between me, him, and karen that could be considered inappropriate, but by me putting this here at least they will laugh] ears, is right. Antics is actually, way better than TOTBL. I mean, it would've been way, way, way better without "A Time To Be So Small" (I would've put "Percipitate" in there instead), but apart from that one song, which is at the end anyway, the album is fucking amazing.

So now, I present you with a picture of them:

Tuesday, September 21, 2004


Top this really fucking retarded link and this one.

Or this avatar:


NEWS ALERT. Apparently there was a manhole explosion and the green subway line is not running or some shit like that.

He hated The Killers, couldn't make me laugh, and I heard he kills puppies for fun. Now he's gone... and just in time for Yom Kippur!

And now i'll reveal TMFTML's identity.

*drumroll please*

Ladies and Gentlemen, please click here.

Last night started as any other night would. Karen and I went to check out a space for as new party we want to throw. We picked up my friend Josh afterwards and headed to union square where we all parted ways for a little while. Karen and I met back up at bar ELEVEN for Audrey's party that we were DJing (or pressing play and stop on the cd decks as some of you like to point out), and had a great time. We danced. We sung off key like dying songbirds of prey. We hugged and kissed our friends and played a set consisting of all songs we wanted to dedicate to each person there -- including "here comes the bride," which I had in my collection from the wedding i DJed a couple weeks ago (by the way, i love djing weddings if anyone needs a dj).

After our set we danced around to Audrey's set for an hour and then headed over to the Darkroom to meet up with people. Me, Karen, Leigh and Michael sat at a table taking photos of ourselves doing the Leigh photo face that all those people on this blog said she pulls in pictures. I made fun of her for being too young and too skinny. It was fun. Razorlight were also there, and I managed to remember that they were playing a show tonight at Sin-e (8pm if you want to go) and asked to be put on the list. Being ever-so-polite, they assured me that i'd be taken care of. There will be an after party for their show at the Darkroom tonight, incase you're looking for something fun to do.

Anyway, we were all enjoying ourselves, chatting about family and friends when Pete the barback came up to me holding my drivers license. "Is your name Sarah?" he asked. "Yeah, what's up Pete? What are you doing with my drivers license?" "Your bag was stolen. Some dude took your money, but i think everything else is in there. We found it in the garbage with some other purses."

I went to the bar to collect my items with the other girls when Josh asked if everything was there. I told him all was there except for my money (which i knew was stolen), my phone (which, if you've ever seen it, really is a piece of shit and hardly works), and my digital camera. I was packing my shit when i realized that Josh had disappeared. I looked around for him for a bit and went outside to see if he was there. I ran into Pete who then asked me if i got everything back.
"Yeah, cept for my camera and phone."
"Oh, your friends got that stuff back."
"They did? What are you talking about?"
"They found the dude who stole it and beat him up. Everything was recovered."

I walked up the block where i saw a bunch of cop cars and found Josh and Co. talking to a couple of cops while another few were trying to handcuff the robber. The thief was yelling that he didn't steal anything, yet, each time they reached into his pockets to pull out whatever my friends were unable to get, someone would claim their item. "Hey! you stole my stripper scented perfume!" I yelled at the dude as the cops pulled my victoria's secret love spell spray out. However, my phone and my camera were still missing. The dude was screaming from the cop car that he didn't steal anything and that he was the door man for the Darkroom as Jason (the owner) and the actual doorman stood by in disbelief.

Josh's friends told me that the dude was standing about 40 feet from the darkroom trying to sell our stolen goods. Can you fucking believe that? Forty fucking feet! Dude, if you're gonna sell our stolen shit, you should try going to at least orchard street or Houston. Don't stand across the street from Max Fish! So the dudes spotted him, he started throwing a bunch of shit around and they managed to hold him down to collect the remaining items (which included another girls' phone, travelers checks, etc.). The guy was possibly on something -- they suspect cocaine -- since he was flipping around like a fish and unresponsive to the blows they were giving him (btw, i dont condone violence at all, but i guess in this case it was needed).

I told the guys i still hadn't found my phone or camera and started picturing the person he sold my phone to calling the people in my phone book. To be honest, and i'm really not trying to be like "oooh, look whose number i have in my phone!" i was sort of worried that whomever got my phone would end up texting/calling up the musicians i have in there and telling them they suck. "Hello, Matchbox Twenty? You suck!" I don't have mb20's number, but you get the picture.

The guys told me that the dude had been throwing shit around and that my phone was probably among the stuff being tossed, so it could be under a car. Josh and I started walking up the street looking under cars when he got the bright idea to call the phone. Just as I stood in front of a car, my phone started ringing... it was sitting on top of the hood!

Still no camera. :(

For those of you who can't get into the Razorlight show or the Green Day show tonight, Inouk is playing at Tonic and definitely worth checking out. Is anyone gonna see Metric tomorrow at the Bowery?

And since putting Leigh's photo up brought me a shit load of extra traffic yesterday, i figured i'd put another one up. This time there's a little something for everyone with the addition of GEO.

Monday, September 20, 2004


Acclaimed novelist and my own personal Jesus, Marc Spitz, is having a Birthday Party cause he's aged.

Incase you wanna buy me a gift instead of him, i've got my eye on this lovely bag.

Otherwise, Marc likes all things Smiths related, and things for kitties and baked goods.

Ultragrrrl: new sienna miller photos!:
KarenRTAG: damn her
Ultragrrrl: SOOOO PRETTY.
Ultragrrrl: Dare i say, she's looking better than kate?
KarenRTAG: i was about to say!
KarenRTAG:: look at kate moss actually not looking so good!
Ultragrrrl: she needs a nap maybe.
KarenRTAG: and perhaps a baby?
Ultragrrrl: she's got a baby.
Ultragrrrl: eating pills of ex maybe.
KarenRTAG: hahahahahaha
KarenRTAG: that would be the greatest david lachapelle photo... sadies baby and kates baby lounging by a pool rolling on ex
Ultragrrrl: hahah.

Fuck you Britney!

Sunday, September 19, 2004


Uh oh! A new MisShapes Gallary is up! You know what that means? MORE PHOTOS OF THE GORGEOUS LEIGH! Yo, will someone put me in touch with a modeling agent for her? Who ever suggested she be a Guess model was spot on!


Mr. and Mrs. Federline broke momma Spears' heart and got surpise nuptuals. Check it out at steregum.


As I was walking my dog to my mom's car she had another, worse, seizure. We brought her to the Animal Medical Center on the upper east side and after a few tests, they couldn't find anything wrong with her. She still needs to get her heart examined and her brain checked since she could have a problem in both those areas. She's really old, so i guess that if she did have problems there, it's a bit hard to fix. I love that little one so much. More than I could ever express.

I'm home sick at the moment, and not totally with it. My mom dropped my blind/deaf 15 year old shih-tzu at my apartment at 8am this morning so i could baby sit her. I took her for a walk and just as we were about to come back into my apartment she had a seizure. She started flayling her legs about and just flattened down on the ground while sticking her tongue out. I didnt know what to do. She's had strokes before I think, but I don't think I've ever had to deal with one of her seizures. With humans, seizures come and go, and the person can be normal. I'm hoping this is the case right now, cause she's just sleeping.

Wednesday was the first night of Rosh Hashanna, marking year 5023832 in the Jewish calendar. My family did dinner at my parent's house where we discussed my dad's suddenly lucrative eBay business. He produced an envelope that had the signatures of a bunch of former presidents that he bought in an auction and told us of his plans to sell it. I started to feel sick and faint, so i left the table as my brothers were yelling at him for bringing the autographs to the very messy dinner table.

You know the thing about the jewish holidays, and i'm sure the heeb ladies will back me on this one, is that it's hard as fuck to find something decent to wear for Shul. Karen and her roommate Brigid call the clothes that you can wear on the holidays Shul-friendly, and the problem with these clothes is that they're just sort of ugly. Long, personality-less skirts, boring tops, boring jackets, boring shoes. So i decided to wear this black dress and sienna miller/kate moss inspired belt and slouchy black suede boots. I was covered up very well... the only problem was that i decided to put on my make up in the car and apparenly ended up looking like a goth. My lipstick was too red. my eyes were outlined too darkly. My brothers reminded me that i wasn't going to misshapes, while my mom said that she loved the way i was dressed. I go to this super posh upper west side shul for sephardics, and got a few stares. One woman asked me if i changed my look. She had the same name as my mom's mom, Fortunee.

After shul we headed to my dad's sister's house in brooklyn for a marathon lunch that ended around 7. Then we went to my mom's brother's house for dinner. My family does nothing but eat. Seriously, i know people comment on my weight sometimes, but it's seriously a wonder that I'm not obese considering the way my family eats. By the end of the evening, my brother's and i were in agony. I got to hang out with my teenaged cousins though, which was awesome. We just sat there for an hour or two talking about the emo bands they love and how they think the Taking Back Sunday song is about pulling a fat girl. My cousin Eric is so cute. He looks like a combination of Jake Gyllenhaal and Frankie from My Chemical Romance, and will totally be a lady killer in a couple years.

More to come... my mom just arrived to pick up my dog.

Friday, September 17, 2004


First off, thanks to everyone who posted in the below post. Basically the reason I asked is because I felt like my blog was really going off course -- it became less of what it was originally supposed to be, which is a diary of my drinking escapades originally intended for my family/friends, and more of a "here's some interesting news...". Which isn't bad. But i was doing that because that's what i figured people wanted to read. The only comment I'm gonna comment on is the one where someone said i don't support female bands enough... I post quite often about Giant Drag, The Oohlas, and The YYYs. I don't typically like female singers, so that might be why my femme pickings are slim.

I'm gonna give a lovely recap of my Rosh Hashanna aka "The day Jews eat from the moment they leave Shul until they pass out from a food coma." But I'm working on some stuff at work and I'm really feeling sick, so I gotta just concentrate at one thing ... or at least try to. You can look at some photos from MisShapes when Jarvis Cocker DJed with Audrey, Kat, Irilijana, and the Tarts of Pleasure.

I'm DJing at Red&Black on saturday, solo, and as TARTS OF PLEASURE on Monday at Eleven from 10-12 for Audrey's party. Please come.

Anyway, here's an IM i had with Mr. Thighs:

ThighDaddy: where's u get yer name?
Ultragrrrl: it's a story right up your alley!
ThighDaddy: i love alleys
ThighDaddy: kate &
Ultragrrrl: hahaah
Ultragrrrl: when i was 16 or 17 my brother worked at this company, and his boss was thinking of investing in this product called UltraFemme. it's like a diaphram for women to wear when they have their period.
Ultragrrrl: before investing in it, my brother asked if i'd give my opinion on it. i tried it out. hated it, and told him to tell his boss not to invest. his boss didnt' listen and it was a failure.
ThighDaddy: LO_IK$RBH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!@~$%#
Ultragrrrl: and so when i needed to get an email address for AOL, i told my brother that i wanted something that ended in grrrl
Ultragrrrl: cause i saw a photo of frances bean cobain where kurt wrote on her belly "diet grrrl"
Ultragrrrl: so i wanted to be moongrrrl (after a hair dye i used called moon something)
Ultragrrrl: but my brother decided to call me ultragrrrl insteadd.
Ultragrrrl: and that's where i got the name. i was named after a feminine product.
ThighDaddy: amazing
ThighDaddy: have u ever posted it?
ThighDaddy: i mean, that story?
Ultragrrrl: no. not yet.
ThighDaddy: i lovessssssss it

Thursday, September 16, 2004


I'm just wondering... why do you people read this blog? I want to know. I get a lot of hits everyday and I was just wondering what people who come here like to read. Do you like finding out about new bands? Do you like reading about how many drinks i had last night? Do you like getting silly links to cute baby animals and other retarded shit i find online? Do you like reading about how i'm a crazy jew? What is it? In other words, what would you, as the reader, like to see more of on here. Feel free to answer anonymously in the comments section. thank you and good night.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004


My friend Justin works at eBay. I'm not quite sure what he does there, but every once in a while he shares with me funny stories from work and sends me some of the totally bizarre auctions people put up.

So, would you like to buy a playstation?

(image from ThighsWideShut aka, the bestester blog about Thighs)

Now go listen to Apartment if you know what's good for you. I wish they had their song "Wishing Machine" up there. That song breaks my heart cause I'm in love with the girl that came from the bay... it's such a long way.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004


From the Sun: THESE baby gorilla twins showed they are thumb-thing special when they were unveiled yesterday.

The male and female are a rarity as gorillas rarely have more than one baby at a time.

Mum Kena gave birth at Barcelona Zoo last month but they were shown for the first time yesterday.

Their grandfather was 28-stone Snowflake - the world's only known albino gorilla.

A zoo spokesman said: "They are in perfect health."


Please go check out 9:30pm - The Morning After tonight at 9:30 at Rothko. They're totally fantastic and just your band if you're a fan of the Jim Carrol band. Marc Spitz likes them so much that he asked them to play his birthday party next month.

I'm not sure what you're doing Saturday night but there are two things going down that seem like they could be loads of fun (yes, i'm biased):

The Sons of Sound are playing at Sin-e (on the lower east side) at 9pm.

After that, hop in a cab to Brooklyn to hear me DJ songs at Red & Black. Maybe I'll make out with more boys and girls then I did last saturday at MisShapes, but probably not.

Monday, September 13, 2004


My friend Adam needs someone to move into his apartment and become his new roommate. Here's the info:

Available October 1

1 big bedroom in a 2 bedroom Lower East Side apartment
$1350 plus utilities
Huge living room
Hardwood floors
Computer/Cable TV

Just down the street from lots of great bars, cafes, shops and restaurants. Very close to lots of music venues.
Only 2 blocks away from either the F train Delancey stop or the J M Z

no pets

Contact Adam

Here's a trailer to a heartbreaking documentary Sum41 did with War.Child. They interview killer child soldiers and teenaged rape victims. they also get caught in cross fire:

I want to crawl into a hole and cry for living a shallow life.

Saturday, September 11, 2004


Is Avril engaged? Looks like Mr. Sum41 knows how to throw down the dollas for the bling.


My friend Jason from Moxie just told me about this really awesome thing happening on monday night that sounds like it'll be really fucking awesome.

Basically 6 writers, 6 directors and about 30 actors get together to write,
rehearse and perform 6 short plays all in the course of 24 Hours.

Actors involved are people like: Sam Rockwell, Matthew Lillard, Brooke
Sheilds, Anna Paquin, Rosie Perez, Billy Crudup, Anthony Mackie.

Here's the details:
In Association with MOXIE PICTURES


4th Annual New York Benefit to aid WORKING PLAYGROUND

Amanda Peet, Billy Crudup, Mos Def, Rachel Dratch,
Gaby Hoffman, Catherine Kellner, Matthew Lillard,
Anthony Mackie, Julianna Margulies, Mums, Rosie Perez,
John C. Reilly, Sam Rockwell, Brooke Shields, Brooke
Smith, Fisher Stevens, Lili Taylor, Frank Whaley and
other surprise celebrity guests race against the clock
in six plays, written, cast, directed, rehearsed and
performed all within 24 hours.

Performance to be held Monday, September 13th, 2004

SMART TIX (212) 868-4444

Wanna see dogs that talk? I thought so. Watch this. And hey, Brother Lawrence, watch it til the end for a dog that looks like Maxine!

Friday, September 10, 2004


OK. I know i'm a victim of hyperbole, but seriously, this one is fantastic. It's for My Chemical Romance's "I'm Not Okay". They have a live video that's on Fuse and MTV2 a lot, but this one, i like, whoa.

It was shot at the school where they shot Donnie Darko and the concept of the video is that it's supposed to be a trailer to a teen movie -- it's even shot on film.

I am late for dinner, so you're gonna just have to copy and paste the following appropriate links into your browser, i dont have time to do the HTML:

Just got the new Pitty Sing album. Fuck. It's really good. It's really fucking good.

Thursday, September 9, 2004


Set times for tonight's show at the Roseland, since some of you are wondering:

7:30 - The Futureheads
8:30 - The Delays
9:30 - Franz Ferdinand

A puppy shot a puppy murderer. Watch your back, fucker.

EDIT: Look at the walking dog.

Jarvis Cocker from Pulp


The Tarts of Pleasure: KarenPlusOne and Ultragrrrl (hey, that's me!)

WILL BE DJING (aka selecting music from our collections that we hope will make you dance despite no beat matching)

No guest lists.

Wednesday, September 8, 2004


Pssst... peep this video from New Rhodes. Thanks to my fellow nerd, Karen for the tip.

I think i'm in love.

Tuesday, September 7, 2004


OK, so the lovely Karen Plus One just IMed me saying "I can't believe you dont like the Departure!" and I was like "Well, I don't even remember what they sound like to be honest." So I went to their site, checked out their music video, and had to watch it about three times. It reminds me of older Blur mixed with Joy Divisoin. They're a bit like Apartment and The New Rhodes.

My friend Alex Chow needs to open his eyes to the hotness of Kate Moss... but until then, he's TRL Fan of the Week.

And if you're a fan of Ben Kweller and want to see a private acoustic show of his on thursday in the SPIN offices, please email me here: Limited space, so please contact me soon.

Wednesday night I'll be DJing the Radio4 afterparty at Rothko.
If you wanna go with r4 in the subject.
There will be an open bar 12:30 - 2:30 with Red Stripe & Vodka.
Plus, they just renovated the downstairs area and it's huge with a bar. If you plan on using the bathrooms, i suggest you bring your own soap.

Is this a dog or a dude? The world is weighing in. One thing is for sure, the dog that i met on Rivington street is wearing a hat:

Monday, September 6, 2004


That Taking Back Sunday song should be outlawed for it's addictive qualities. I'm gonna feel bad for the people I sit next to at work, cause that's going into heavy rotation.

Also, Brand New? Double you tee eff, man. I had no idea they were awesome, and I missed the memo about the singer being one of Morrissey's offspring (looks and vocals wise). OK, that "Jude Law" song is pretty whack, but "The Quiet Things that No One Ever Knows" is the song I'm all about.

I think this is what happens when you DiVo FUSE.

Saturday, September 4, 2004

Thursday, September 2, 2004


Yes, you read correctly. Now see this.

Or at least it looks like she's been checking it out for fashion cues:

take a bit of the libertines' rosary ...

mix it with a bit of the strokes' love of converse shoes and blazers...

and you get....


Dogs Die In Hot Cars isn't the worst name, but when I was younger I remember seeing all those PSAs on ABC while I was watching cartoons and they had this one about leaving dogs in cars and how they would die if you did that. I love dogs. I don't want them to die in hot cars or any cars. That's why I don't like this band's name.

However, the band, is great. They're like Dexy's Midnight Runners. Simple and fun. When I listen to them I feel like I'm watching VH1 Classics. I recommend the song "Celebrity Sanctum."

Speaking of VH1 Classics, if you have TiVo or DiVo or whatever, you need to have it record "The Alternative." It's like watching "120 Minutes" 17 years ago. The last episode had Jesus and Mary Chain, Blur when they wanted to be the Stone Roses, old REM, and the Plimsouls. It's the best music television out there.

Scott Lapatine is today's Gothamist Interview. Scott is awesome, if you didn't already know it. He said I can DJ his wedding. Well, ok, he didn't, but I'm gonna stand outside the shul in a trench coat and gigantic boombox playing a mix CD.

Wednesday, September 1, 2004


I finally made it back home. I asked the lady at the car rental place to stay on the phone with me this time so i wouldn't get lost finding the place like I did on monday. She was so sweet and directed me to where I had to go. They over charged though. Apparently with some credit cards you dont need to get a certain insurance coverage, and they naturally didn't tell me this. So my mom, being the darling that she is, is gonna call and sort things out. That will save me $85!

There's a new Misshapes Galler up right here. It makes me so happy to be home.

Friends, Tom's roommate Dave Shitehouse is in town this weekend. I'm warning you in advance because he's very cute so you need to meet him. I'll be taking him to Misshapes. You can touch him if he lets you. Hi Dave!

Karen is due back soon. I can't wait. I miss her. She went to Reading and all she brought me is mud.

Um... My Brother Lawrence is awesome. Read his blog.

And stellastarr* is playing their last show of the year at Motherfucker this weekend. You need to go. If you dont, you will die. That would be absolutely tragic, but we all have to die sometime.

Anyone know when the next Sons of Sound show is? I missed their last one and I feel like running into a wall as a result. Join me?

Oh! Tenafly people: Brad Miller (class of 98) got engaged!