Tuesday, September 30, 2003

i could barely stand up straight...

OK, first thing's first: The birthday party on saturday isnt just for Elliot, but also for Jo Divestar and Sophie.

Speaking of Elliot, last night i went to that Fader party at the planetarium. I was shocked because the party was actually really great. It wasn't crowded, there was lots of free booze and cheese. I decided to keep it real and showed up munching on a veggie max from subway. I was told to put it away (which i did by shoving it in my mouth), but managed to keep my container of coke which i eventually filled with more coke and whiskey. It was watered down and diluted, so i didnt get drunk. I had a sip of this weird blue moon juice crap that tasted awful. I went into the light show thing expecting it to be super fucking cheesy but it was actually really great. I became incredibly nauseous after the 40 minutes of computer animation which included dancing, raving, glowstick-holding, heart shaped robots. The music was actually well chosen and the animation that goes with it was well done. I was super stoked to find out that an old friend from middle/high school was one of the people who worked on the animation. Hot shit!

Tim Sweeney and Gideon DJed. Tim was a fucking great DJ. Wow. It was like Bobbie Gillespie was spinning. Gideon's DJ skills have greatly improved from when we used to throw a party together. For one thing, he plays more recognizable tracks rather than the super obscure funk shit he used to be into, and apart from the fact that it takes me forever to get his attention (over the 30 seconds it took anyone else), he did a great job.

Anyway, back to the party. After the fucking light show roller coaster ride which literally made me feel like i was gonna hurl, I was happy to see solid ground. I danced a bit when GidRock played Joy Division. But that meant dancing alone, which is typical, but has grown tiresome.

At 11:30 we were all kicked out and so I rode my stupid bike 85 blocks home. Maybe more. I think more. It took me 40 minutes. When I rode my bike to the planetarium i thought it'd be a good idea to go via central park. Never again. The sun went down as i was riding and i couldnt find my way out. I took this unlit side road and totally thought i was either gonna get raped or crash right into a tree (i was riding very fast so i wouldnt get jumped and raped). Never fucking again. Never, never, never again. I hate it. I dont think i'll ride my bike again after last night. It's time for like, a car.

Sunday, September 28, 2003

L'Shana Tova or something.

The past two nights have been spent eating. I dont really remember going to Shul or getting dressed or anything about much -- but i remember the food. I'm glad that I eat meat again or else i wouldn't have been able to taste the sweet goodness of wadda-ednab (aka stuffed grape leaves) and stuffed onion.

Seeing everyone in my family (aunts, uncles, cousins, and people who are married to someone's husbands brothers and their kids), was surprisingly fun. My cousins, on both sides of my family, are fucking clever as shit and leave me speechless because I dont want to interrupt the course of action their normal thinking patterns usually go in. Usually the best jokes are those which are at someone elses expense, and in the case of my cousin Maurice, he made fun of everyone right to his faces on the dinner table while everyone became overwhelmed with laughter. Lizzy was my guest to one of the dinners last night (i had about 5 meals yesterday from 2pm-11pm), and she finally understood where i got my low brow humor from and why i'm not easily offended.

My family spent 15 minutes insulting Israelis as my uncle by marriage jokingly faught in defense of the little state he calls home. My family doesnt really hate israelis -- if they did, my aunt would've never been allowed to marry one -- they just like to point out what makes everyone different. And in this case, the thing that was different from Israelis and the rest of the world, is that Israelis would have a Bar-B-Q on Yom Kippur. Probably the only way you understand that sentance is if you are israeli, or deal with one on a fairly regular basis. I like israelis a lot. I think the men are super fucking hot and the women are as well. I've dated israelis. But one thing is that they're rude people. It's what makes them funny as fuck and wonderful to be around. No bullshit.

Anyway, I dont think i'ver ever laughed more in my entire life, and feel like referring that South Park episode again. I think that was the funniest night of my life, and i might never laugh again.

I didnt drink at all either -- well, except for a wee bit of wine. My aunt was offering us beers at her house at 1:30pm and was shocked that we all turned her down. I dont know, drinking at 1:30 in the pm just doesnt sound appealing. I think this proves that I'm not an alcoholic! At least not anymore. A true alcoholic would've been on that in a heartbeat and thought long and hard about how many more she'd be able to drink before leaving the house. I, however, was appalled by the idea of drinking. I'm a square now. It's true.

I'm gonna see Lost in Translation tonight with my roommates. I like Japanese culture and pointing out our differences. Time to eat again. mmmm...

Friday, September 26, 2003

Hang the DJ...

I'm DJing at Broadcast on October 2. I've been told that there will be drink specials and you can smoke in the roof garden (weather permitting).

Also, I'm DJing Elliot Aronow's birthday party at Lolita (corner of broome and allen streets) next Saturday.

And I've got new glasses that make me look like one of those porno-secretary people, whom, when they tear them off, the wakka wakka of the wawa pedal begins and in comes the dude with the 9inch penis to give me a progress report or something.

Happy New Year!

Right. So today is the first day of Rosh Hashanah and so that means that tonight and tomorrow I'm in total Jew-mode -- which actually isn't any different than most days for me to be honest. I'm going to be eating a lot more oily food than usual, and since I don't drink as much anymore, I will be less crabby towards my family. Usually I'm able to handle about 3-5 hours of retardation from everyone, but once my body says "time for booze," I turn from Dr. Jekyl to Mr. Hyde and become really unpleasant towards my family saying "ugh..." a lot. But you know, to my credibilty, I can't say that it's not deserved.

Last night I went to my very first book reading, and thankfully it was of two people's whose work I really admire -- Marc Spitz and Chuck Klosterman. This was Marc's first book reading and he did a really amazing job. He was so nervous that it was really charming. I know that in about a month he will have the whole thing down pat and wont even break a sweat the next time he has to read an excerpt out of his book.

Chuck was so totally fucking awesome. Rather then read a bit of his book, he gave us all Cliff Notes on what to say when someone asks us if we've read his book. Things like "You can say that this chapter isn't very good. And with this chapter you can say that you thought it was ok, but my hatred of Coldplay is a bit too severe. And in this Zack Morris chapter, just say that you've never seen "Saved By the Bell" and you'll be ok." But everyone's seen "Saved by the Bell", so read Chuck's book Sex, Drugs, and Coco Puffs.

After the book reading I headed home to meet up with Nate and Morgan for dinner and ran into Vicki. She was having dinner at Cafe Louise down the block from our apartments and she said that she spotted Bjork heading into Schillers looking very AsFour. Why, Bjork? Why? Why are you so pretentious? Can't you just not be? Your music is soo good. While I was standing on the corner with Vicki moaning over AsFour, Nate and Morgan passed me with their friend Sam and said that they didnt feel like getting dinner anymore, so I met up with Brian and we tried out our pretentious coats and had a small dinner. Brian knows every human in NYC and knew someone who hosts at Schillers, so we didnt have to wait for a table. I felt cool for a moment.

I ended up skipping out on the Nada Surf show that I had a ticket for. I was so tired by the end of dinner that I thought that my bed would make for a better show than the Nada Surf show. I mean, i fucking love their album but I've been to way too many shows lately, and i finally conceeded that I've seen the best show that I could possibly see, so every show following said show would be nothing but a let down. It sort of reminded me of this time i saw "South Park" and Cartman saw people's whose faces were made of asses and he declared the sight the funniest thing he'll ever see and couldn't laugh at anything anymore. This is sort of how I feel like after seeing that British Sea Power show at North Six this past summer which I attended with Greg the boyfriend. I'm not sure something can move me the same way that show did... and so ever since, every show has been sort of a let down. Seriously.

By the way, last October i was in london and fell on my ass while leaving a tube and my friend Tom compared seeing that to the "South Park" episode mentioned above. He said it was the funniest thing he's ever seen and might not be able to laugh again. But then I fell once more and managed to prove him wrong. I can fall on command. It's my only talent.

Thursday, September 25, 2003

oh and...

I cant fucking see right because the doctor dilated my pupils and now i look like one of those freaky paintings according to my boss, who yelled in fright when she saw my eyes. my freaky freaky eyes. I look like i'm on drugs, and for once, I'm not.

Also, please check this out.

how soon is now?

My head is really hurting. This afternoon I went to the eye doctor to get my eyes checked since i just bought a new pair of glasses. The whole thing -- glasses purchase, eye exam, lens fitting (i got the super thin type of lens since my eyes are so incredibly shitty and i'd have massively thick lenses otherwise) -- cost me nearly $500. I am hoping that a lot of that expense will be covered by my insurance, but hopes are sort of doubtful.

Anyway, last night I DJed Marc's book release party. I'm really proud of him for writing a novel, and even knocked $75 off my original asking price to DJ the event (hey, i was going to have to stand around for 3 hours playing songs while everyone was off having a good time, not to mention, i paid for my own drinks!). Anyway, the sound system at niagra is fucking shit. I looked like an asshole as the sound went from being too bassy to being too treble-y. Since I haven't had anything to drink since last thursday (as pointed out by some people who corrected me when i claimed having gone a week without booze... thanks Jason and Hal for being on top of those things we like to call "alcohol problems"), I spent the three+ hours nursing only two beers. Think about that... 2 months ago, three hours would've meant about six beers. I'm really making progress, if you ask me. But you haven't.

Anyway, Marc's party was fun, i think. I don't know. Everyone went into this super VIP private room that was away from where I was spinning, so I can't even be sure that the whole thing was as fabulous as I can hope. My friend Trish took photos of the night and put them into a little video with "Love Will Tear Us Apart" playing... she took about 40 pictures of my bizoobies.

I was kicked off the turntables an hour early and not because i sucked at what i was doing, but because there was a scheduling conflict and some band took to some small stage at 10pm. That's so lame, and I felt really bad for Marc who had to then have the fucking jukebox play DJ.

I made it an early night because I'm getting old. Jenny gave me a ride back to my house, but only after i fell into a puddle and totally wet my underwear, dress, and shoes. I'm so fucking graceful sometimes, it's just rediculous.

Wednesday, September 24, 2003


BRMC are so fucking boring live. I saw them at Bar13 for the Shout! party a few months ago and that was awesome, but last night... I dont think I watched them for more then five minutes before wandering around looking for something more exciting. The highlight of their show was actually outside when Vicki and I were taking photos posing with motorcycles. I was hoping one of us would knock them down PeeWee Herman style, but nope. No dice.

Blimey Captain. Johnny Depp on the cover of the NME? link from Laura.

Tuesday, September 23, 2003

The Pleased...

They're like Jeff Buckley covering the Walkmen after listening to Echo and the Bunnymen all day. Check them out.

Monday, September 22, 2003


i want to go to an island where there are no bars, no birthday parties, no shows, and no things to go to. i want the only thing to go to is:
... sleep
... watch "queer eye"
... roll over and tan your back
... sleep.

it's like, things are really fun and there's nobody having more fun than us. but it's time we chill out for a bit. it's time we sat at home, chatted with our roommates, swooned about a boy, and just sat on friendster all day looking up old friends.

how soon is never?

I'm going to be DJing Marc Spitz's book release party on Wednesday. He wrote this amazing novel called How Soon is Never?, which is technically ficticious but based on the actual time he and Vicki tried to reunite the Smiths.

It's really good.

The party starts at 8pm and will be at Niagra, but downstairs. I'm gonna be DJing only stuff that Morrissey and Marr would've been listening to if they turned the radio on while hanging out together. Does that make any sense?

Sunday, September 21, 2003

oh yeah...

I forgot, last night at the Hole, some guy came up to me that recognized me from Friendster. I think his name was Matt Martin. I forget how we were connected. But anyway, I had taken melatonin about 3 hours ealier because i thought i was gonna sleep, and then when i got called to go out i had to down some redbull so i was a bit stoned. If you happen to read this, sorry i didnt friendster you like i said i would.


I haven't posted in a while, and I haven no idea whatsoever why I haven't.
Wednesday: Went to see the Bronx and the Distillers at Bowery. Then cabbed it up to meet Sarah Wilson at the Thursday show, which was beyond amazing and wonderful and yes, I love emo, screamo, extremo, whatever you want to call it. Sarah Wilson loved it so much that when we arrived at the Radio4 show across town she said "I have to go. I just experienced something so real in that Thursday show, and this crowd is all so fake." I couldn't really disagree with her all that much, i mean, save for my friends that were there.

I'd like to say that RedBull is the most amazing thing I've ever drank in my life. Me and Stephen each drank two cans on our way out for the night and I was totally awake, motivated, and feeling wonderful the whole night. I'm glad I found RedBull before the thought of white lines keeping me awake became something I wasn't scared shitless of. I love you RedBull. TLF!

Thursday: I went to see the Darkness after dinner with Lizzy, Jenny, and Rob. Apart from the show being totally fucking awesome, i got to see Vicki. I haven't seen her in so long that the reunion with her was more exciting than anything happening on the stage 4 feet from us. I also got to hang out with Gideon for a bit which was nice because I haven't seen him in ages and he and I used to be inseperable. I hardly recognized him when I saw him. After the show everyone headed down to Lit to party the night away. At 3:30am Stephen and I were ready to call it quits when while hailing a cab he said "Want to go to the Popbitch party?" which we did. After the party, we -- along with Meg and Julia -- headed up to some random hotel room that was apparently having a party. When we arrived there was a guy at a desk, four people on a bed -- two couples -- and a gigantic platter of cocaine in between them. It was like a scene out of Pulp Fiction, only more depressing. I sat on the floor talking to the people I came with and nearly started a fight with some woman who had her boobs hanging out of her dress because she made some snide comment to one of my friends. The saddest thing was that everyone (apart from the people i arrived with) in the room was totally so off their tits that they could hardly keep their eyes open. Of the original five in the room, the one that was actually quite cool was the one whose room it belonged to. Unfortunately, he'll have to remain nameless.

After a half hour my mind suddenly freaked out. I was having a mini panic attack watching these drunk and incredibly high couples kiss and touch each other. I told Stephen that i was getting sick and needed to leave immediately, which we did. I want to erase the image of that night out of my head forever, but unfortunatley, I think it's there permanantly. It's like how in 2nd grade your teacher says that if you get detention 5 times it ends up on your permanant record -- which is a sort of training for when you fear you're going to get bad credit -- that night is on my permanant memory record.

Friday: A very sad day for NYC. It's new son, Stephen, bid his farewells and stepped onto a plane headed back to London. It's safe to say that he made quite the impression on everyone in this city during his three week stay and will be missed. No longer is he a man with a nickname in the stories i tell, but now, simply Stephen Jones. However, he's more than welcome to pick up any of the nicknames he's aquired during the two years I've known him... most of which are too incriminating to actually write about.

Saturday: The boyfriends called at 1am demanding I return to them. So I met up with them at Pianos and then we headed over to the Hole. I haven't seen the boys in what feels like ages, so it was really nice to be able to just stand around hugging them and catching up on things that we sort of don't need to catch up on (work). I got to meet Raphael's friend Charly, who was really cute and reminded me of Molly Ringwald. On our way to the Hole, Greg and I found baby shoes and stuck them in my bike's basket. I took them out when I left the Hole since they were still there. There's really no reason for me to talk about that, but it was just amusing to me that there was a pair of baby shoes lying around on the street. In anycase, I returned home at 3:30am after the bartender at the Hole ... i think his name was Jason ... gave me shit for drinking only water.

Whoa, you know what? I think i drank a maximum of half a drink during these past four days. Even today at brunch with Lance I stayed away from the special sauce. OK, so RedBull has replaced Alcohol in my list of addictions, but at least it wont make me bloated and fat.

Wednesday, September 17, 2003

For those who like Muse...

My friend Daniel found this in HITS Magazine: "The Steve Sessa repped MUSE apparently has five label suitors in play. with completed record in hand, the english rock act is looking for a u.s. label partner. their new record on safta jaffrey's tasted media label is slated for a 9/22 international release. the lp was produced and mixed by rich costey"


When you're sitting at your desk and growling, it's probably not a good sign. I'm so tired. I dont want to go out at night but I find myself trying really hard to keep my eyes open and my mouth smiling. Despite the endless streams of beer from Mr. Jones (it was a drinking night people), I found myself being very sleepy, and according to sources, in a slightly sour and abusive mood (sorry). The night started off at Sin-e for the Viscious Party where i was reunited with a few friends that I hadn't seen in a while... not to mention the regular crowd of hungry hungry hipsters who loitered out front looking and being fabulous.

I headed to see the Adam Green show and I predict that he'll be the next Beck. I remember seeing Beck when I was 14 and I got the same sense from this show as I did on October 17, 1994. Not to mention, his song about Jessica Simpson -- "Jessica" -- is absolutely fucking amazing.

From there I went to SPINGSTREET for the YES!SELECTOR party where I guess !!! and TV On Radio were DJing, but I'm not really sure. They weren't very good and prompted Eve and I to do that cheesy head bopping dance. I drank a lot tho. A lot. I lost count. I never got drunk but I was very sleepy in the cab, however, incredibly hyper once I got home and in bed. I need to keep a boxing glove by my bed so that next time i'm being hyper i can punch myself in head with it. A Pavlovian reaction will eventually happen and I'll just sleep when i see my bed. Apart from when I'm hyper while trying to sleep, why the fuck am i so sleepy all the time. Maybe I have mono? Maybe i'm bored. Maybe the drugs don't like me.

Monday, September 15, 2003

Free Pete Doherty!

I got this link from Glamorama-online:

The weekend was great. Me and Stephen went to Brent and Karen's wedding at the Frying Pan. Got to see a lot of people I hadn't seen in ages, including my old boss, Michael Hirschorn, from VH1... he is so awesome. I guess I was exhausted and indulged in the whole "it's not a school night!" thing and had one or two many glasses of the wine. Stephen and I started telling people that we were engaged (mostly for greencard purposes) and I held up a very gigantic faux diamond ring and claimed it as my engagement ring. Nobody batted an eyelash. When Stephen and I headed back home I pretty much fell asleep in the taxi. I guess that long chat with Vivian that we had took a toll on our partying.

Saturday we went to visit my poor friend Anthony in South Jersey for a few hours. Ant broke his collar bone and pelvis bone while riding a motorcycle very fast. He looked great despite the definite internal injury. I managed to not ask him to give me some of his meds. I must say: i'm sort of proud of my restraint. After missing our 9:20 bus back home, we went to see "Pirates of the Carribean" and had to leave during the last 2 minutes as to avoid missing another bus. So if anyone can tell me what happens at the very end, i'd be stoked.

Sunday=Trivial Pursuit with the roommates. Cartoon Tea. Friendhouse Sushi. Carona (oops! forgot it was a sunday)! and the very boring Dandy Warhols show followed by passing out.

So, not exactly what i'd call a "progressive" weekend in "avoiding the sauce"... but one step at a time. Last time i counted there were 12 steps. I'm like, on 2. Back off brothers. Stop threatening the rehab!

Friday, September 12, 2003


So sad about Johnny Cash and John Ritter. So very sad.

Sia came up to me this morning saying i was psychic "First you said that gay's were big, and Britney and Madonna kissed. Then you said we should write a Johnny Cash obit, and the today he's dead."

I predict that tonight I go to a wedding.

The new Strokes album has hit our offices. I want to dance a little bit but I also would rather be listening to the new Interpol album. However, i gotta say, Fabrizio's drumming is fucking great.

No drinking last night. No drinking on wednesday night. Tonight is not a school night and the parent's are in Florida... what's up biatch?

Thursday, September 11, 2003

2 years ago today...

I was sitting in my brother's apt, talking with my friends via the internet (forget about using the phone... that wasnt possible), making sure everyone was ok and freaking out to no end while watching cnn. It was a week after then that i was like "i must live life as if tomorrow is my last." and so the alcohol/party/losing the plot problem began. I've had fun. But tomorrow wont be my last day alive, so it's time to put the drink down. Time to go to bed before 4am. Time to chill the fuck out.

Right. So anyway, last night i went to see Jet and 22-20s. Both were really great. I've seen Jet before, and I didnt like them, but last night I had such a great time. I dont know if it's only because of the gigantic british man infront of me who was the closest thing a guy like him could be to being a 22-20s groupie, or if i actually liked their songs (one of Jet's songs sounded exactly like "Lust for Life" by Iggy, and I kept on thinking that they were going to start playing it so i could run around the audience like Renton being chased from the cops...). Instead I just bounced around, getting sweaty, and screaming. I managed to not drink a drop of ze ol' booze last night. Despite being pressured into drinking by one of my friends, i managed to stay away. Leave me alone you fucking barley or whatever the fuck it is that makes you make me be the way i get. Needless to say, this morning on my way to work i started plotting for the weekend... a bottle of your finest pinkest wine, please.

Oh, and my egg&cheese on a roll had an after taste of bacon. Fucking hell that's nasty. How do you people eat that? I haven't had to puke so badly since... since... since saturday night when i lost the plot.

Today I'm going to voluenteer at a soup kitchen. If i ever leave the office. Should be fun. I like people.

Wednesday, September 10, 2003

how soon is never?

he wrote the book. marc spitz. i took this photo of marc the other night before he threw his book at me. it's one of my favorite photos of him.

quote of the night

"you're so cute, i want to kill you." - elliot

dizzy nights.

Last night was a very dizzy night for me. First i made it down to the Kill Hannah show. They were amazing as per usual. I saw Julia and Megan there, they were excited about it being a tuesday night and were looking forward to seeing me drunk and dancing on tables (which i did)... Then I went home to regroup, get changed, and eat a bit with Nate the Roommate. The fucking OC pulled me in like a line of vicodin that just wont quit. However, halfway through Lawrence called me saying that i had to come down to the stellastarr* show at that moment because they were getting on stage and i had his ticket. So i rode my bike over in my dress and the motherfucking bike ripped my motherfucking dress and then i forgot my motherfucking bike lock. I was pissed. Not to mention i had to interview Ben Lee about a half hour later, so i said fuck it and went home. interviewed Ben, and headed over to SPRINGSTREET.

Yes!Selector is really fun -- I go almost every week to support DJ Jesus -- and i was really happy to be there with Greg and Lizzy and her teacher/boss Kate... but my head started to go dizzy from over stimulation and people. I love everyone. i do. but sometimes i get dizzy and annoyed when i cant get from one end of the room to the other. I did get to see a bunch of my favorite people... which is typically everyone that has a pulse. I danced on the tables with Megan. I got totally and utterly molested by Mat Devine and Greg Corner. Like felt up from every angle as if they all had arms like octopi. They claim they were tickling me... which is what you would say if you're some perverted uncle, right? Which is fine, cause those boys are like my brothers, however, my brother would never do that. Got good quotes from Carlos, some guy named Chris from Jet (all for my spin box/column thing), and got great photos. I attempted to speak to the guy from the Kings of Leon outside as i was trying to hail a taxi, but i was drawn into the black hole of his hair and couldnt hear a word he said.

I feel like last night didnt happen to me. It was such a blur and a whirlwind and a confusion of senses that it was like something out of a really trippy movie out of england about the rave drug culture or something. only, minus the dancing.

Tuesday, September 9, 2003

I'm about to break-k-k-k-k

So by now, everyone knows that I really love Linkin Park. I had no idea that so many people watched MTV2 over the weekend, but apparently their ratings must've been pretty fucking high since i got hounded at the stellastarr* show about my taste in music (I think i try everything possible to ruin my credibility... and i might've won this time). Yes, I love Linkin Park. Yes, their Hybrid Theory was one of my favorite albums (however, i haven't listened to the new one really at all). Yes, they're one of my favorite bands... but no, i don't think they're one of the best bands of all time. I just like them. I don't know why, but I do.

Tonight Iann will be my date for a long, long, long night of whoa. Starting off with Kill Hannah at Mercury Lounge, then The Hong Kong, stellastarr*, and Ravonettes at Bowery, followed by Yes!Selector at SPRINGSTREET featuring Jarvis Cocker, Carlos De., and Sume Ravonettes. Oh dear. It's one of my drink nights, but since i have to work -- my spin stuff -- i will probably be sober. However, whenever Mat Devine is in the room, there is no staying sober whatsoever. Nope. No way. No how. Oh dear.

This is Mat. Go swoon at him at 7pm at Mercury Lounge. His band is called Kill Hannah. I love them like i love the nightlife.

Monday, September 8, 2003

How I spent my Weekend, by Ultragrrrl

Even though I wasn't home on Friday night because of Shabbat, there was still mayhem in good old Apartment 3A thanks to the newest member, Nate. Oh, Nate. You're great. Tim was staying over and was going to crash on my couch or the inflatable bed, but when he came home at 5:30am he found one of Nate's friends asleep on the airmattress. So he went into my room to crash on the couch and found a boy -- Lizzy's brother -- already occupying that space. So he went into the main bathroom to collect his thoughts and found Nate passed out on the bathroom floor. So then he started walking over to my bathroom and Nate's friend pushed right passed him and stayed in the bathroom for about an hour -- presumably she passed out -- and so Tim was forced to sleep in my bed... which had no sheets because they were going to the wash. So he had to put the papazon cushion on top of the bed and passed out there. Lovely.

Saturday, when i finally returned home after a baby shower, I found myself host to a party in my room. The door was endlessly revolving with people, and so at some point it was me, Tim, Robert from the Music, his brother, Nate, his friend, my brother, Lizzy and Niki. We sat around eating McDonalds, Zen Palate, and drinking beers and then headed over to see My Morning Jacket. Despite drinking tea earlier that night, i just wasn't feeling it. The sound of the music was just amazing, but watching the band just gave me nightmares. So I rounded the troops up again and added Sarah Wilson and Kate Golden for good measure. When we got back to the house where i could play the Adam Green "Jessica" song over and over again, we all started to hear Robert singing from Lizzy's room. He was playing this new song he had written that was just so utterly amazing. I nearly collapsed. My heart was beating so quickly... his voice is just so powerful and stunning and the song -- a ballad -- just knocked me over. The looks on everyone's face in the room was just of total shock. It's gonna be surreal to hear that song finally recorded... and I regret not videoing it myself.

So after that stunning performance we all had some more beers (Lawrence claims to have counted me drinking 3 beers... which he wasn't very happy about... and he wasn't too keen on the vike either), and headed over to Lit for some dancing. I met up with the boyfriends, riled up the crowd, and when i attempted to go home at 4am I got kidnapped by Tim and SiouxZ and we ended up at her apt til 7am picking up where we left off at my apt... which was basically more beer and more music being played. I came home and while talking to Tim i had to excuse myself mid-sentence to empty the beer from inside me. It sucks coming back up. It's not that good going down, even. I woke up at 4pm on sunday.

Anyway, I've derailed from sobriety. Not because i've got a problem. I don't. The brother's think I might, but the reality of the situation is that I don't. I drink because rock and roll etiquette dictates that you must. However, to appease them, I will go back to my prior routine of no alcohol on a school night (except for tuesdays). It's either this or them forcing me into rehab, and well, I've got too many shows and parties to attend for rehab to get in the way.
I think the singer of the Stills is officially the new George Michael with his 5 o'clock shadow... and there's nothing wrong with that.

thanks to New York Doll.org for the photo.

Also, I really like the new Muse album a lot. And i think i've posted too much today. But I will eventually write about my weekend. The lost weekend... as Yoko would call it.

Kids in America

There's a really cute photo gallary up on SPIN.com of photos I took when hanging out with the Sounds. I missed them when they came to NYC this weekend. Too much shit going on.... which i'll write about sometime today.

Greg the boyfriend is a genius

Greg (of Greg and Raphael - the boyfriends) is a genius. Here is an IM we had:

Greg: I have a theory that no one listens to the new Radiohead. Can you prove me wrong?
Ultragrrrl: no.
Greg: Everyone gave it good reviews, but I think it was all a false sense of appreciation. Like ex's you can't shake. Like dead pets that you'll always love. And when I ask people, they get all defensive, then I ask "when was the last time" and people always give this "just the other day" lie.

Marc Sptiz is also a genius. He's on funny mode today. Apparently Adam Ant is remaking "Stand and Deliver" to be "Save the Gorilla." Here's an IM about the whole thing:
Ultragrrrl: WHAT THE FUCK is a dandy highway man?
Marc: someone who dresses like a pirate and robs you on the motorway
Marc: and then fucks you in the rump
Marc: and now, saves gorillas, apparently

Neither one of these men are sober people. Both of these men look strangely alike. Both of them i love dearly.

Dear God...

Today I re-enter sobriety. I hope that I do it right. This "no drinking on school nights" fell by the way side with my multiple vistors from the UK. I don't like drinking. I dont even get drunk anymore. It's just a waste of money. So God, protect me from these demons we call booze (only on "school nights" and this doesn't include Tuesdays, tho, I think it wouldnt hurt to NOT drink on Tuesdays). Protect me from all that is wrong on this earth. Save me.

Tuesday, September 2, 2003

Sorry for the lack of posts...

It's cause I haven't been sober enough to get behind a keyboard and type type away. I'd love to recap, but that would require remembering things. I recall my reunion with Greg and Raphael... it was like something out of a movie. I missed my boyfriends very much. We've all been busy, or broke, or domestic, but there is no safe dancefloor in nyc once Pulp is played. My apartment is also a hotel. Sarah has sadly moved out. Millions have moved in. I think i had a party before motherfucker the other night. I know there were a lot of bodies in my room. A lot of beer consumed. A lot of DJing fights. I danced on tables at some point this weekend... but i never got TOTALLY drunk. I always had control. I miss losing control. I cant get to that point anymore, and well, to be honest, I sort of miss it. However, I'm sure the people around me are totally psyched that they dont have to deal with my off key singing of "Please, Please, Please Let me Get What I Want," however, they do have to deal with me being a total psychopath... but that's my M.O.