Wednesday, October 29, 2003


I just got a Placebo cover album. It's not of bands covering Placebo, but rather, of Placebo covering bands. Here's what's on it:
they cover: "running up that hill" by kate bush; "where is my mind" by the pixies; "big mouth strikes again" by the smiths; "Johnny and Mary" by robert palmer; "20th century boy" by t rex; "the ballad of melody nelson" by serge gainsbourge; "holocaust" by alex chilton; "I feel you" by depeche mode; "daddy cool" by ?; "jackie" by sinead o'connor

My favorite covers so far are the ones of Kate Bush and the Smiths.

Last night I DJed a VH1 party for "I Love the 80s Strikes Back." I had several people asking me if I was still sober -- evidently not -- and offering me drinks. Drank two. Flirted with the waitstaff. Wondered if they're gay. Ate. Lugged about 50 lbs of records and cds on the subway and bus because i only had a $1.50 in quarters to my name.

It rained on me and now my hair is curley!

Tuesday, October 28, 2003

champagne supernova

Last night Marc invited me to DJ with him at the book release party for Rocco -- the guy the show The Restaurant is circled around. Marc didn't want me to DJ "Ice Ice Baby" by Vanilla Ice, but I forced him to let me by giving him another glass of red wine. I downed 4 glasses of champagne... maybe five, and spun the classics... like... you know, stuff.

Whoa. London in less than a week.

Eat Your Heart Out

Saturday, October 25, 2003

who needs enemies or something

I saw the coops tonight. They were great and my favorite member is the keyboardist dood with the fauxhawk. I was told that the entire band is a bunch of choir boys with good hair... in other words: they're all virgins. This is great news. I think I could love a virgin.

Friday, October 24, 2003

ugh. mother of hell.

I am feeling like such shit this morning. My body is like "hey, fuck you, bitch." I didn't really drink all that much yesterday (I think a shot of tequila followed by a frozen margarita with an extra shot thrown in to calm my nerves), but my body is feeling the pains. I stayed out past 4am, which was a really nice thing to do again -- but mostly because it's something I hadn't done in ages, and was unsure that i was actually capable of.

I started the night off at the Virgin Mega store to see stellastarr* perform. Met up with the usual suspects after the show and together we ran off to see British Sea Power at the Rough Trade night at Bowery. I was SUPER dissapointed that they didnt play "Blackout" but probably not as upset as Scott the singer who told me afterwards that he hasn't been so angry in three years. Apparently he thought the sound was total shit... but from where I was standing (which was upfront against the stage and center), it sounded so fucking hot. Not as good as the first time i saw them at North Six, but great none-the-less.

Kiran and I then went to get some Pizza at Rosario's and while i was there my friend Rob from Island Records called me to say that he had just signed the Killers and that they were all coming to the SPIN party to celebrate. So Kiran and I ate up and headed over there where I got to meet up with the boyfriends! I haven't seen the boyfriends in ages and i miss them so much. Greg cut his hair and was wearing this amazing coat and the whole hair-coat ensemble gave me a hard-on. I'm so psyched about going to London with him. Yay! Raphael looked fucking awesome as well. Lovely shirt-tie combo. Word. I have hot boyfriends.

The SPIN party was a fucking nut house. Packed with drunks who were slurring their every word to me. I danced on some tables because that's what i do.... but it took me a while to get to that point and spent the first 20 minutes sitting in fetus position and telling everyone who called "fuck, i can't help you, it's so crowded up here, fuck, i'm sorry, shit, i know you're my brother, but i dont know what to do, please forgive me, fuck". The Killers showed up and i went outside to meet up with them and my brother -- who were all waiting in line to get in. I decided that it was nicer outside than inside so we all went to the Hat to chill out for a bit... but everyone who met my brother said "whoa, you two look so much alike!" Yes. I look like a boy. With tits. That's fine. Anyway, this entry is getting really long. Let me wrap it up.

A new friend asked mine if i was more of a flirt when i was a drunk. The answer is yes. I was. I was the definition of flirt. I think he sort of assumed this when people kept on coming up to me while i was sitting with him and saying "remember when you were making out with so and so and then...?" or "i saw you on Brian's website -- you posed with his balls and he stuck his face in your rack!" you know, the normal shit like that. But alas, sobriety -- or an attempt at it -- has brought me a new found sense of modesty (at least in the making out dept).

My stomach feels like such shit. Ugh. I hate what happens to you the morning after you've been drinking. It's not fun. My belly feels like exploding.

Oh, i saw Carlos last night. I think he's sort of excited that i'm gonna dress up as him for Halloween but pretending not to be. He said that he'd dress up like me, but he doesn't own jeans or sneakers. Diego Garcia told me that he's in love with some mexican model and i accused him of being a modelizer. He's crazy, that Diego, but i like him. I adore Carlos tho. If he and i had kids one day, they'd look EXACTLY like Brian Molko.

I'm gonna crawl back in bed for a bit and curse the sunlight.

Thursday, October 23, 2003

Wednesday, October 22, 2003


First off: The new stellastarr* is amazing. You can watch it on Melody Nelson. It's really, really, honestly amazing. I suggest watching the windows media player version cause the real audio one don't wanna work.

Now back to our regular scheduled "me" fest:

Lastnight began the weeklong-ish festivities of the CMJ Music festival. It was kicked off by a huge club night thrown for America's favorite sub-genre: Emo by the Syndicate. My friend Andy Greenwald (aka DJ No Emo No Cry), was the first DJ of the night... which meant that nobody was drunk enough to dance despite the fucking killer music he was playing. I saw this and ran onto the dance floor and tried out my favorite Britney dance moves with Chris Ryan which involved a failed attempt to do this split then backwards rollover into a head stand move...but ended up just hurting my back really badly. I wish i could say i made that up (that i actually acted that retarded out in public WHILE SOBER, but i can't). At least my embarkment onto the dancefloor prompted everyone else in the club to join -- i guess they figured they'd HAVE to look cooler than me.

I'm seeing the Killers tonight! Last night my friend took me to meet them and this evening i'll be getting dinner with them. I'm really looking forward to seeing them play. I sort of got into a fight with the singer because he doesn't exactly feel the same way i do about the greatest band in the world, Interpol, and I'm just about Interpol's #1 fan. Speaking of Interpol, i saw them last night in concert and their news songs made my heart beat in my pants. Holy fucking shit.

Drink tally: I think 2. I had a beer and a stoli orange with grapefruit and cranberry. My friend Jen seemed to know what this drink was called but i'm at a loss.

Tonight, my liver and i are in a fight.

Tuesday, October 21, 2003

la ti daaaaa

I like the new Cooper Temple Clause album a lot, especially the songs called "The Same Mistakes" and "Blind Pilots." Ooof! The singer sounds a lot like Liam and they've all got great hair. Shallow observation, yes, but look at them!

I'm also in love with this band called Murder by Death. They sound like the Coral playing New Orleans funeral music.

I love the Gaze!

The Libertines are back together!

I know this is my second photo of them... but they're it's so fagtastic that i couldnt resist.

Monday, October 20, 2003

Dear Heterosexuality

You're so going to get fired soon. Look at how hot Keira Knightly is!

Thanks for the photo!


310 count sheets are NOT overrated.

wow. thanks mom!

Sunday, October 19, 2003


Whoa, does Holly have amazing photos of the Libertines on her website or what?!

This photo in particular made me really happy:

Hey Holly. Tell Mr. Barry Marquis to email me.

Friday, October 17, 2003

sarah was a drinking and she was always drunk

My new favorite drink is stoli orange vodka with grapefruit and cranberry juice. Last night I had four more. I was totally stoked. I went to see Metric and was dancing up a storm -- so much so i guess that the singer told me from stage that i was making her night and inspiring her to dance.

I guess she didn’t see me earlier in the evening at Julie Pietrangelo's karaoke birthday party where I got the party started by singing an absolutely off key version of JT's "Like I Love You." It included me dancing, climbing on furniture, and falling on my ass while trying to show Julie just how limber i can be -- which is apparently, not very.

Out of nowhere a guy that nobody in the party knew started singing Christina’s “Beautiful” and were all shocked by how awesome his voice was. I had to take a photo of him, and it’s definitely the best photo I’ve ever taken of someone in my life. I’ve never seen a smile that big!

if that doesn’t work, click here.

I should detox this weekend, but I totally forgot how much fun it is to get wasted. It’s like I’ve got my second wind back!

Thursday, October 16, 2003


I'm just a social drinker with a really active social calendar.

My friend Marti sent this to me:


Drinking Style
Aquarius and drinking don't go together that well (except for water, that is). They have an innate tendency toward know-it-allism, and if they get an idea while sizzled, they're more stubborn than a stain or a stone. If they're throwing a party or organizing an outing, however, they're too preoccupied with their duties to get combative -- and they make perfectly charming drunks in that case. Fortunately, they're usually capital drink-nursers. They also make the best designated drivers (if you can get them before they start raising their wrist): Aquarius is fascinated by drunk people and capable of holding interesting conversations with soused strangers while sober.

Trademark Cocktails
Aquarius is likely to order stuff most people have never heard of: a capirinha, Satan's whiskers, a negroni, an Arthur Tompkins. They like to stump the bartender. This sign rules the color electric blue and would be pleased by any tipple featuring blue curacao. They also rule the olive tree, so pour the juice into that dirty martini.

Drinking Buddies
Jennifer Aniston, Ellen DeGeneres, Dr. Dre, Matt Groening, Ashton Kutcher,
Ronald Reagan, Christina Ricci, Justin Timberlake, Oprah Winfrey, Elijah Wood

Oh, and I like Hail to the Thief now. Caryn found joy in pointing her finger at me and saying "I told you so!"

Separated at Birth

Thom Yorke
And this dude:

lend me some sugar! i am your neighbor!

Last night I DJ'ed at Pianos for some fashion party that had this band called Laptop playing. Laptop were pretty fucking great... the singer's voice reminded me of that gothtronica dude Wolfstein (sp?). The band was made up of all women who were decked out and looking like models and being totally Robert Palmer. Anyway, this isnt important.

What is important is that there was an open bar for Stoli vodka and I double fisted until my speech was slurred. It was literally slurred. I didnt feel totally drunk, just super fucking happy -- but i was drunk. I'm gonna admit it. By the time I got off DJ duty it was after 11. So I rode my bike home and dropped off my records and was planning to head over to HiFi for Andy Greenwald's book release party, but i wasnt sure if it was still going on and Lizzy was worried about me riding my bike while drunk. Last time I did that was after Primal Scream and I turned up at some party gushing blood from a fall and totally oblivious to that fact.

I like Kelly Clarkson's jeans in her new video. She and i have the same "thickness" issues. I should raid her closet. I bought a pair of Diesel jeans the other day but i think i'm gonna return them. Diesels look so fucking cool on men, it's retarded... but on me, i look retarded.

I missed Interpol last night. This makes me really sad. So the tally of great shows I've missed this week is three. Radiohead, Sigur Ros, and Interpol. I did get to see Thursday do an acoustic set at the Apple store last night. That was cool... but it wasnt Interpol. I heard that at the Interpol show, various members of the band actually went into the crowd and had sex with the audience members! DURING THE SHOW. that's how good it was. I'm trying to remind myself that I've seen Interpol 30+ times since 2000... including one evening when they came into offices to record something for our website and I couldnt convince anyone from the office to join me so it was like, me, interpol, and 3 others watching them perform songs. I gave birth right on the spot. it was cool.

Tuesday, October 14, 2003

kill me please.

I just found out TODAY that I was on the guestlist for the Sigur Ros/Radiohead rehearsal show LAST NIGHT.

Oh my God. I want to sit in the corner and mainline Oxycontin to get over this heartbreak. Thank God tonight isn't a sober night, and thank God I have about 2 birthday parties to attend (jasper and lara), 1 show (the prosaics), and a party at my house that Nate is throwing for his Tampa dudes -- he's cooking. I can get drunk and drown my misery in my booze. FUCKING RADIOHEAD AND SIGUR ROS ON THE SAME STAGE MOMENTS AFTER EACH OTHER AND I MISSED IT AND I WAS ON THE FUCKING GUEST LIST WITH A FUCKING PLUS ONE!.

I could've invited the hottest guy i know to that show and he'd be legally obligated by the laws of Rock and Roll to be the best lay of my entire life. Not that I'd want that ... but i'm just saying! Oh, and not that I'd need a Radiohead/Sigur Ros ticket to get laid... I'm just sayin... Cause i would've ended up taking Daniel the Orthodox Jew anyway. ORTHODOX JEW.

While on the topic,,, and have listed me as their pick of the day. I set up that profile as a social experiment when I did a piece for SPIN called "Rock Star Personals." yes... it was a social experiment.

speaking of experiments...


found a clip of the new JC song!

listen here

All Day I Dream About...

Last night, by some act of God, I found myself watching the "Wade Robson Project" where I got to hear the new JC Chasez song and holy shit it was so fucking amazing. He played two songs last night, and it was the second one he played. It's sound was in the dead center of Fischerspooner and the Faint and I think my jaw is feeling slightly dislocated from dropping to the floor in disbelief.

It's so fucking good. So loud and agressive and dirty sounding. The lyrics for the chorus totally rip off Korn and go: "All day i dream about sex, and all night i dream about sex, and all the time i dream about sex with you."

Maybe i was just super high or something, but it was so fucking good. I need to download that song now so i can DJ it on wednesday.

Monday, October 13, 2003

All to myself...

According to sitemeter or something, nobody reads my blog. Which is great! This means that I don't have to worry about censoring myself and worrying that my brothers might read about what i've really been doing with my nights and ship me off to rehab. Perhaps I've installed my sitemeter thing incorrectly, which is possible.

Sadly, I haven't been doing much. I come home at nights and crawl into bed after having a smoke.

Friday night totally ruled my pants tho. I went to see Radiohead at MSG and the motherfuckers played "Creep"... which i'm not embarassed to say is my second favorite RH song (the best rh song is "Let Down"). I spent the entire time jumping up and down and up and down wanting to dry hump the person standing next to me cause i was so stoked that they were playing that song. Vicki and Alex finally arrived and I chilled a bit and experienced Radiohead the way God intended me to. I FUCKING ENJOY RADIOHEAD LIVE. I love them live like way too much. When I'm at their show I forget about Hail to the Kid Amnesiac and I just remember why I fucking love that band. Hail to the Kid Amnesiac songs make my nipples go stiff when they're played live. I'm a fucking loser.

After the show I went to the after party with Vicki and Alex and we had a fucking great time. Colin Greenwood seemed as interested in meeting me as he would be about getting Genital Warts or something. I dont really blame him. He played party host and had a lot of people to say hello to. So many people were pulling and poking at him that I probably would've been like "yes, nice to meet you" and run off as well if I were him. I did have a nice conversation or 4 with members of Sigur Ros (including Jonsi the singer!). I didnt see Thom there, but Alex swears he saw him. I nearly tripped over Ed O'Brien when i was leaving. It might be hard to trip over someone who is clearly a foot and half taller then me, but i should point out that it was an open bar.

Saturday I went shopping with Vicki and then went home to watch Justin Timberlake on SNL before passing out.

Sunday I discovered my new favorite activity: Dog Runs. Brian and I went to two of them and saw lots of dogs humping each other, and playing fetch, and chasing each other. Dogs fucking rule.

One last thing: RIP THE MODERN AGE

Friday, October 10, 2003

Let me clear things up...

I'm not a "writer" as much as I "chronicle pop culture." I think there have been some misunderstandings about this.

Also, I drank heavily at the ELLEgirl party and Michelle Branch is very sweet. I didnt get drunk, but i did get rowdy. Brian nearly got punched in the face when I stared yelling at a couple who were making out in Chelsea (a boy and girl mind you!). I yelled "Wooo! Make out City!!!" Moments later my back started to give in and I had to call it a night. For whatever reason, I can't have coke (the soda kind) after i've had a beer, and i cant have mix drinks after i've had a soda type of drink. I have no idea why, but my back gets in such massive amounts of intolerable pain.

When i burp I feel better, but sometimes, that doesn't cut it.

Tonight I see Radiohead.

Wednesday, October 8, 2003

REM covers Interpol

And you can hear it here: rightclicksavetargetas

Dear Ms. New York Doll

Next time you find out about extras needed for an OLSEN TWINS movie, will you fucking tell me? I love you, but man, this is like stabbing me in the back with my own stilettos or something.

Also, someone at work thought i was 26. I am now about to crawl into a hole and cry. Where is that bottle of wine? 26 isn't old, but c'mon, why you aging me 3 years premature?


Radiohead. I love Radiohead. But more, I love old Radiohead. New Radiohead makes me question myself. Do I like those albums because they're good albums or do I like them because Radiohead made them? If Radiohead came out with an album that was like Muse's Absolution, or Coldplay's A Rush Of Blood to the Head, or Interpol's Turn On the Bright Lights, or even the Walkmen's Everyone Who Pretended to Love Me Is Gone, people in the music industry would be allowed to take the day off of work so they could spend the day patting themselves on the back while listening to the opus.

Hmm... My weekend, by Sarah Lewitinn:

Laura is a scenester. I love Laura like a fat kid hates dieting. The funny thing is that the girl never leaves the house, so it seems.

I DJed the birthday party which was really fun. I drank a bit, which was uneventful seeing as I didn't get drunk and instead opted to leave the party at about 2am in favor of my bed. I atoned for my sins on sunday and monday, which was actually quite easy save for my brilliant idea to each Tostidos before sunset and NOT drinking a gallon of water to combat impending thirst. You can't even drink water when you're fasting for Yom Kippur and so i spent a lot of the time trying to savor my own spit. I'm sure that this is an appetizing image to anyone reading. I did fast for two extra hours than I had to... It's been a sinful year, I should've gone for another day. Needless to say, I haven't had much of an appetite since.

Monday night Brian -- equipped with an updated site that is beyond funny -- took me to do Kareoke at Nolita Tavern on Spring Street. Brian is the best Kareoke person ever. He sang Bon Jovi's "Shot Through the Heart" and managed to get the entire audience cheering and dancing while waving their arms in the air. He convinced me to give it a try and so I sang "All the things She Said" by TATU.... while sober. During the verses I was shivering. I get so fucking stage fright it's unreal. I'm scared of two things indefinitely:
1. Guns. I don't like to be near them, but at the same time, I'd love to shoot one one day.
2. The Stage. Maybe when I'm drunk i'm ok on stage, but sober, it's like you might as well point a gun to my head. I wasn't always like this, and know exactly when the fear was set: In middle school (tenafly middle school in NJ to be exact), I performed in the orchestra where I played cello. The stage was so fucking packed during the performance that i was seated all the way on the outskirts and had to face away from the audience in order to see the conductor, so my unfortunately back was to the audience. I didn't think that was such a big deal until I found out the next day that Mr. Schneider had made fun of me to every one of his classes saying that I looked totally ridiculous with my back to the audience. From that moment on I became stage freight. I hate that man.

Last night I had a really nice dinner with Vicki and then went to Brooklyn to wish Phoebe a Happy Birthday.
Today I got the new Britney Spears single. She looks like she had a nose job.
Tonight I party with Michelle Branch courtesy of ELLEgirl. We will do loads of heroin because that's the cool thing to do these days.

Friday, October 3, 2003

Back to the Beginning.

I finally got closer to drunk than i've been in ages, which felt really wonderful and so i'm sort of enjoying this hangover right now and nursing it with a coke and buttered bagel.

Anyway, getting a bit drunk last night was great. someone handed me a bottle of beer and the first thing i did was shake it up and hold it above my head as the beer squirted all over and i nearly got kicked out. I had so much fun DJing at Broadcast. I haven't had fun like that in ages and it just felt like so much fun to DJ to a full room and to act retarded and make mistakes and dance around and not be tired. I think I'm getting back to square one with all this sobriety. Getting drunk was just so much fun. I forgot that getting totally retarded is actually really fun. Oh man. I can't be my friend Baron's sponsor now. Needless to say, i probably wasn't looking very hot when I went to shoot "Hot Babes, Ugly Dudes" for VH1 this afternoon. "Ugly Writers, No Boyfriend."

I really love this band called the Killers. I can't stop listening to them and especially the song "Jenny" (which is on the page i've linked). I don't know how to describe their sound... they're sort of dark, rocking, dancey and the singer's voice is super unique -- one moment it sounds like the guy from the mars volta and the next it's a bit like Robert Smith. I once rode my bike home listening to "Jenny" about 10 times.

This sort of make me thinks about how hard monthly magazines have it. We write our content three or more months before it actually hits the stands or lands in someone's mailbox. We need to predict what will be popular and who our readers will want to read about, and with the internet being the absolute best tool to find about new bands, i worry that people will think that we're so behind the times. Magazines really didnt have to compete with the web 5 years ago.

More importantly, why are people constantly shocked by the fact that i think Tom Cruise is fucking hot? I mean, I also like Ewan and Jude... but Tom isn't bad, I don't think.

RedBull sent me 5 cases of their product today. Five fucking cases! Maybe I should write Phizer and tell them how much i love Vike. This is a joke!

Thursday, October 2, 2003


Fly Life thinks i have bodacious tatas. Thank you!

My friend Iann just shared this little tidbit about Morrissey that I thought I'd share: "i also love that the four times I saw him, the "pit" if you want to call it that, was three times as insane as any metal show. all these buff young jock men finally being ok with being a little gay and fighting each other to get on stage to give morrissey flowers"

OK, so Tuesday night was a fun night for me. I drank because I was allowed to. First i went to see Kill Hannah perform on the Carson Daly show, and in typical fashion i showed up an hour late and came just in time to see their part of the show. After the show me, Julia, Megan, Jess and a couple other went to get frosty drinks at Tequilaville since we've got class, and then wandered over to a Thai restaurant. Afterwards we all then went to an irish pub with KH near roseland and had a few beers (i only had one!) and Carson came to join us, which was nice cause he never did that with any of my other friends' bands who've played his show. Then we all went to SinSin to bid farewell/happy birthday to Tara Levitan, my bizarro twin. Then to Tribeca Grand to see Tommie Sunshine DJ. Then to Brooklyn to do Kareoke at Stingers. Then ... I've become such a fucking dork.

Last night was Marc's birthday party-thing, which he decided to hold at the St. Regis. Since i had nothing to do between work and those drinks, i decided to try the dinner at the St. Regis. Ugh. It was so not worth the price paid. Mind you, i'm willing to dish out a pretty penny for a good dinner, but what I got in return at the St. Regis was just satisfactory. I did get a kick out of looking like Oliver Twist in this fancy dining room eating raw tuna whilst reading the new issue of Details. They stuck me in the corner as if they were worried I'd scare off the other possible customers. Wonderful!

Anyway, the bar at the St. Regis is retarded amounts of expensive and despite only having a coke, I managed to blow more money than i'm comfortable parting with. Ugh. I didn't have any booze. I got Marc a shirt that says "I'm not an alcoholic, i'm a drunk. alcoholics go to meetings." He hated it.