Saturday, December 30, 2006


Once upon a time, someone had the great idea of having the Horrors perform a 2 or 3 song set in my livingroom -- plugged in. A very special Casa De Ultragrrrl. I agreed to this idea and the Horrors showed up to my apartment (which my amazing boyfriend cleared up before abandoning for the day) with their roadie who set up their gear in my room as if they were about to play Wembley Arena.

I kept on saying "dude, it's just two songs... can i help you set up or something? we gotta get this over with by 6 so i dont get my neighbors angry."

I just waited as this dude set up EVERY LAST PIECE OF GEAR.

One of them strapped on their guitar and the sound of the plug entering the guitar gave me a slight panic attack.

The band then performed "JACK THE RIPPER" as my roommate Gurj and friends said "ARE YOU SURE THIS SHOULD HAPPEN."

about 20 seconds later the cops had been called, the band was blasting music so loud that i think you could hear it at wembly arena... the band got to play, and then i told them to stop before i got thrown out of my building. We packed up. I went to the Syndicate party to DJ and then came home and cried on the couch due to a nervous breakdown the experience gave me.

I cried for literally 3 days. It was weird and inexplicable to anyone that wasn't there....

But now you can watch what caused me to lose my mind:

Tuesday, December 26, 2006



the entire permanent ME album, After the Room Clears, is up on PureVolume. ALL 12 SONGS.


please listen and let me know what you think!

Next week they're going on a three week tour with Fall Out Boy, and then after that it's Cartel. Weeeee!

Sunday, December 24, 2006


all the bands on stolen transmission have made christmas songs.
please give them a listen. you can download them and play them tonight at your xmas party!

this is your chance to win tickets to the fall out boy/ new found glory / early november / permanent me / lifetime tour:


As many of you know, i'm a huge killers fan. Kind of a geek about it.

Anyway, they recorded this song for Bono's benefit and it's a pretty amazing song, if i may say so. it features the singer of curve in it too! i know that this song doing well is really important to the band (100% of the sales go to charity, i believe) because brandon texted me the other day to make sure i was blabbing about it to everyone i knew. so here i go.

click the image below to buy it and support RED.

if you happen to see the video on vh1 or mtv, it was directed by Steve Penta -- he is the genius behind the "casa de ultragrrrl" videos. i think it's one of my favorite killers videos because it really captures their personalities in a very disarming kind of way. sort of exactly how those close to them know them.

Friday, December 22, 2006

Thursday, December 21, 2006


Here's a video my brother shot from my apartment on sunday... it's of everyone singing along to the oohlas' "small parts".... it was one of the happiest moments in my life.



this is a repost from my brother lawrence... finally bostonians can stalk him.:

Michael and I are deejaying a party in Lawrence, MA tomorrow (see flyer below). It’s a party for the general public to introduce them to this incredible project called “Monarch on the Merrimack”. The Monarch was a turn-of-the-century mill that has now been converted into a 30 acre (!) loft building. The thing that makes this incredible, though, is that it’s a “green building”, meaning it’s extremely environmentally friendly. For instance, it’s heated using geothermal heating and cooling instead of fossil fuels. It’s estimated that every time someone moves into an apartment in this building, it’s the equivalent of plating an entire acre of forest based on the reduction of greenhouse gases. Even the floors of the apartments will use bamboo wood which is more renewable than other woods. They will also be putting in an independent movie theater, spa, coffee shop, rooftop restaurant, and roof terrace with gardens (think of it like living in an apartment in a “green” version of the Chelsea Market). The idea of the party, besides being a holiday party, is to introduce people to this building and show all the cool new things a “green building” can provide.

If anyone wants to attend, please RSVP and you’ll be put on the list. You can also check out the to learn more about the building.

Monday, December 18, 2006


So the last time I checked in i was about to run off to a night with the Oohlas which included Shindig and Misshapes... and some djing. I finally recovered, if that's any indication of my state.

Alright, so i go to Videoland to meet up with the Oohlas for Shindig, and got there before them so I could scope out the place. I dont know how those shindig kids do it, but they always manage to find the most random of places and make them into a twin peakish canadian speak easy where, if you had some more drinks, people would start talking to you backwards.

The band played in this tiny room that was about 10x10 with a stage in it that was approx 4x6 and could hold like, two people. The room was crammed with people and a camera projected the band into the main room and music was blasted into this room as well. so basically, you could definitely have a good view... and there was even a window into the performance room so you could watch the band from the bar. It was very weird and i'll be able to post photos tonight when i get home so you can get a better idea. Oh, and the lighting at this place was spot on -- well done to whomever did it.

The band thought it was their most punkrock show.

We then hopped into cabs and went across town to misshapes to play the second show of the night. I was with Luke and Greg of the Oohlas -- neither had ever been to misshapes or really knew too much about it other than it was a fairly famous party. When we got there, we were greeted by Janelle who wisked us downstairs to the greenroom/vip area and several bottle of booze and beer, which we shared with Brad Walsh's crew and the Ravonettes.

It was so nice to see the Ravonettes again. It'd been about a year, and my Sune immitation had grown terrible. I got to quickly shape it up when i saw him.

Everyone was buzzing around and having a laugh, drinking up and drinking down. I got a shot from my favorite lesbo, Sandra, and a few more of the complimentary drinks tossed my way. Weak on the tongue but hard on the head, as i hadnt had dinner... i dont think.

Brad Walsh was opening, and I love that guy. He's been an incredible photographer for the stolen transmission party and one of the funnier fuckers I know. His deal was like a gay electropop justin timberlake that would've make him a larry t protoge if he came to nyc circa berlinsberg. He's uniquely delightful and a sexy performer that made me squeal til i couldnt get a voice out. He, on the other hand, had a spot on voice.

Following him were the Oohlas, who set up themselves as the Ravonettes DJed their fantastic set. Ollie was cheering them on while strapping in her guitar. it was adorable.

The Oohlas probably played one of their best shows at Misshapes. I danced around with my girlfriends and got that feeling i did when i first saw the Killers at Don Hills (which is where misshapes takes place). Only with this band, their album is out so most of the people watching them were singing along with me. With each song they played, the cheers got louder and louder. They were only supposed to play for 20 minutes, but everyone was so unbelievably stoked that they played for 35 minutes, if not more.

I was elated and celebrated. Went down to the greenroom to gush. I had a couple more drinks and had a laugh and a half with Karen, Gurj, and Jenny Penny. Shortly after, an exhuasted band decided to call it a night. Not long after I decided to hit up my buddy Brian (not battjer) who drives and in my delightfully drunken state, i texted him to inform him that he would be giving me, gurj, karen and jenny a ride home. I was some how very persuasive as he was at don hills about 20 minutes later with a car full of girls who thought they were cartoon characters... each of us giving our cartoon catchphrase. We then broke out into Aiden's "Silent Eyes" as he was pulling on to my street to drop off me and the brownie. I've never seen a man so relieved to get drunk girls OUT of his car.

I woke up the next day with a sligth hangover that La Palapa's brunch with gurj, brandon and joe mccafferey took care of. Gurj and I then went shopping for party supplies for our holiday gathering that was really mostly a casa de ultragrrrl for the oohlas again. I always get nervous at "casa de ultragrrrl"s and dont invite anyone to come cause i'm afraid of trashing my apt. So i'm sorry if i didnt tell you about the party. i literally told 5 people ... i think i even forgot to invite some of my best friends. or i did when they were drunk.

anyway, it was spring break '98 themed. so we got things like shot glasses, beads, 3 wise men decorations, hannukah table cloth, jello, xmas lights, mexican themed decorations... you know, whatever cancun during xmas must look like.

when we got home, brandon had managed to not only scub the place clean but also give the dog a bath and haircut. superboyfriend!

we hung up the decorations and i fucked up some jelloshots and people started showing up. the place got full, but not packed (thank god), and everyone was in high spirits. Joe brought his roommates brussels griffon, regis, with him and so you might just imagine that the apartment was cute overload. I pretty much spent the entire time in my bedroom watching the dogs play. well, at least until the oohlas were ready to perform.

FUCKING AMAZING. they got on my couch and played "THE RAPID!" my favorite song! it's track 12 on their album and is totally trippy and belongs in a movie so i can cry about it like that sia song at teh end of six feet under. Ugh, it was gorgeous. They also did their acoustic version of "gone" which changes the song completely. I literally can't listen to that version of the song without crying... it's going up on sonyconnect soon. the apartment was just stoked beyond belief by the time they played "small parts" ... ollie prefaced it with "you guys have to sing along," and i dont thing she expected a room full of hipsters BELTING IT OUT at the top of their drunken lungs. I couldnt believe it myself. I heard just about every person in the apartment singing "small parts!" !!!!!!!!!!!!! It was like one of those moments where you see it in a movie and wish it happened to you in real life but never does... but here it did!

I dont know... i heard their shows in LA are different than in NYC. That us new yorkers have more excitement at shows. I think that's because LA is a city of people waiting to be discovered while new york is a city of people waiting to discover something.

Anyway, it was incredible. I felt bad for anyone that came after it was over... which turned out to be Pete and Joe from FOB, who were across the street at Revolver where peter gaston was djing. Dan Keyes -- an old frind of ollies -- came late as well... but provided the funniest thing of the evening:
Me: DAN! hi! come in!
Dan: Hey girl! Hey Brandon!
Me: Hi!
Dan: Oh, a keg, who's gonna hold my legs?
TEN DUDES ALL AT ONCE: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12!!!!!!

this was captured on video. it will be amazing.

By 1:30 ish am, everyone was out and by 2, the apartment was spotless again.



Permanent ME and Absolutepunk have 10 pairs of tickets and are giving fans a chance to win a pair to the SOLD OUT Friends or Enemies Tour this January with Fall Out Boy, New Found Glory and Early November.

1. Buy the Permanent ME album and tshirt for ONLY $15 by CLICKING HERE


you're automatically entered into the contest when you do that.

Saturday, December 16, 2006


Lastnight was the Oohlas first ever show in NYC. For those that dont know, I signed them to my label, Stolen Transmission back in February. They were the first band that Rob Stevenson and I approached about signing with us, and so they're kind of like our babies.

Seeing them last night at the Mercury Lounge was unbelievable. They've got 2 other shows scheduled for this weekend (tonight actually), so i was a bit nervous that the place wouldn't have a lot of people. But as I stood at the front of the stage, totally mezmerized by the sexgoddessness of Ollie Stone, I decided to turn around and see if some of my friends were equally as endeared... and much to my delight, the place was completely packed. Mostly dudes there to salivate, but also a bunch of girls lined up at the front looking at their future idol -- myself being one of those girls... Gurj and Jenny Penny being some of the others. Meanwhile, Gideon Yago stood in the back and recieved a shout out from Ollie from stage "This one is for Gideon cause when I was younger and you were younger... ooohhhh...." before launching into "TV Dinners" with the biggest grin on her face.

I stood with Brandon and Jordan Silver and we kept on looking at each other in complete shock by how incredible they were. It was like watching something historic. Jordan was smitten. Brandon loved the band's new drummer Luke, and the room was just puddy in Greg and Ollie and Mark's hands.

There were completely endearing moments when Greg's equiptment kept on freaking out, and while that sort of thing would make a performer nervous, he was just a delight. Played it off so well and continued to make the Oohlas sound like a wall of perfect sound.

After the set, after everyone stood around with the biggest grins on their faces for 20 minutes, I went over to the Annex for the We Are Scientists / NME / Ruff Club party.... I ended leaving about 20 minutes later because I sometimes get quickly overwhelmed by crowds these days. Luckily, as I was leaving, I saw Gideon and Dave and brought them back to my apartment for a drink with Brandon and Jordan. I ended up passing out on the couch for about 20 minutes just to be woken up by the sweet sounds of the four boys playing guitar and singing to each other songs like "who loves the sun" by the velvet underground and "cosmic dancer" by t.rex.

After being joined by Ollie and Speck we then went across the street to Revolver to hear Peter "the Huskey Gentleman" Gaston DJing with a very drunk Gurj Bassi -- fresh from the Crush Management Xmas Party! We thought that the place had rid itself of the "bros" crew, but sadly, the brosephs were in full effect with their cringeworthy girlfriends. One girl ran up to Gideon the second we walked inside and was like "Where do you work?" to which he replied "Uh... MTV," and she replied "I thoooooought soooooooo," and got a bit annoying. She finally walked away after a while only to approach Brandon after Gideon left looking for gidrock. When she was told he left, the girl she was holding by the hand looked very upset. Barf barf barf.

I was delighted to see Mandy and Andrew there at Revolver, but I guess they were overwhelmed and left... but replaced by Jed the lawyer.

I left shortly after arriving because I was suffering from a shitty headache. Ollie and Speck returned with me to watch TV and chill out in a little more lowkey style, but I had to bail after a while due to my headache, and brandon texted me to let me know that he had to cover for gurj in dj duties after she got really ill.

Today Faran and Shruti came over with Thomas Onorato, Jenny Penny, and Karen Plus One to shoot "MADE: I Wanna Be a Hipster". I'm a terrible actress, but holy shit, Jenny Penny is the best. Every time she had to say one of her lines we'd turn to each other and be like "holy shit! jenny!!!!" This is after Karen, Jenny, Gurj and myself realized that we'd be the best adult swim cartoon one day. I dubbed us "hen house" but they didnt like it. Our catch phrases would be as follows:
Me: I dunno....
Karen: uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhHHHHHHHHH
Gurj: doyouuuurekon?
Jenny: aaaaaaaah!

really, it's impossible for me to do these things justice without voices. we all have our own, distinct, annoying voice.

OK, I gotta go ... I need to DJ at shindig where the oohlas are playing acoustic, and then heading over to MISSHAPES to see the oohlas and brad walsh perform live! OMG!!!!

Thursday, December 14, 2006


You know what's funny? Every time I post a bulletin on MySpace about Jared Leto being an incredibly self-indulgent douchehead, i get no less than 50 responses to my bulletin. I dont like picking on people and calling them out, but man, have some of the people closest to me had some of the worst experiences with that dude. Caused people to cry and fear for their safety... BOOOO.

Last night I took Brandon to SushiSamba7 for an early Xmas present. Thats absolutely my favorite sushi restaurant. Their Tuna Tataki is just incredible and my favorite roll to get there is the El Topo, which really shows off their ability to fuze south american and japanese food deliciously. Fusion is my favorite kind... it's like how i like my music -- some of the favorite bits from my favorite artists, reworked into something new. Radiohead + Smashing Pumpkins + Queen = Muse. Joy Division + The Smiths + Justin Timberlake = Interpol.


I'm going to the island def jam holiday party and mark my words: i will dance with jayz. i will dance and i will find ollie and dance with her. spin around and around like a monkey head. ollie is puerto rican, so she moves a lot better than my jewish ass.

A bunch of fantastic Youtubes to spread around:

(from ron perry)

(gurj santa dance by jenny penny)


Tuesday, December 12, 2006


The actual fun part of this blog will come after a message from our non-sponsors:

click the flyer below to buy tickets.
Date: Thursday 12/14
Time: Doors at 8:30pm, Nightmare of You at 11:30pm
Venue: Studio B – 259 Banker Street, Williamsburg, Brooklyn

click this image to enter:

So this afternoon i was at Alex's desk when I turn around and see Kanye West extending his hand out to shake. He was wearing this fantastically massive gold chain and, i think, an LV sweatshirt. He was extremely good looking. Very polite. And very good looking. I'm still smitten, three hours later. I was super slick and smooth and casual about it... actually, I insisted on saying "I'M A HUGE FAN."

Yesterday JayZ came to hang out in my office... well, he was talking to Rob, but still, I get really happy.

Permanent ME were just in the office. I'm so overwhelmed with excitement and eagerness about this project since it seems everything is really falling nicely into place. The band is about to go on tour with Fall Out Boy, after being hand picked by Pete Wentz, which was a huge compliment. Immediately after that tour they jump on the road with Cartel for a couple of weeks. Road dogs. I'm proud of them and feel very bad for any girlfriends that they might have... they're what will be called Road Widows.

Thursday, December 7, 2006

Tuesday, December 5, 2006


Hi guys, I'm gonna be posting a proper update tomorrow or tonight, but i kinda wanted to get this out there asap since the show is getting close to selling out and i wanted to make sure you all were taken care of first! Buy tickets here.

Friday, December 1, 2006



I can't believe it's already that moment between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I feel like a second semester senior or something.

A lot of people have been asking me when the girls Stolen Transmission Tshirt Designed by Fightcats is going to be available and I'm really happy to say that the time is NOW! Please visit our store to pick it up. I promise you that it looks great and it took me forever to pick the perfect shirt - the perfect fit, the perfect cotton blend, the perfect weight… it's really fantastic.

For those of you in NYC this Thursday, I'd like to invite you down to the Annex for Stolen Transmission to celebrate the birthdays of Nick Snow (aka Nick the Intern) and Jonathan Benedict (JB). The two of them will be DJing alongside me and Karan (the Tarts of Pleasure) AND special guest DJ Lindbergh Palace!







Check out our special holiday bundles available from our artists:


Any two full length CDs for $17

Any CD & the Horrors EP for $14

Any CD & shirt (of the same artist) for $20

The Horrors EP & shirt for $18


Here's the news:



They're scheduled to play at Mercury Lounge in the Lower East Side on December 15. CLICK HERE TO BUY TICKETS. I would like to recommend that you purchase the tickets ASAP since this is the Oohlas first NYC show and it's expected to sell out.

They are also playing Misshapes! on Saturday, December 16th!


The Horrors are going to be on You Hear It First on MTV!


Fri 12/1: 850pm

Sat 12/2: 150am, 350am, 650am

Sun 12/3: 550am, 650am, 550pm, 950pm

Mon 12/4: 350am, 550am, 650am, 750am, 850am, 950am


Sat 12/2: 530am, 630am

Wed 12/3: 430am, 530am, 630am, 730am, 1230pm

Mon 12/4: 330am, 430am, 530am, 630am, 730am


Sat 12/2: 745pm, 945pm, 1145pm

Sun 12/3: 145am, 345am, 545am, 745am, 945am, 1145am, 145pm, 345pm, 545pm, 745pm, 845pm, 945pm, 1045pm, 1145pm

Mon 12/4: 1245am, 145am, 245am, 345am, 445am, 545am, 645am, 745am, 845am, 945am, 1045am, 1145am, 1245pm, 245pm, 445pm, 645pm

To date, seventeen (17) stations have played The Horrors EP during their specialty show including: KATT (Portland, OR), KDGE (Dallas), KPNT (St. Louis), KUPD (Phoenix), KXRK (Provo, UT), WAIT (Woodstock, IL), WAVF (Charleston, SC), WCYY (Biddeford, ME), WFNX (Boston), WKLQ (Grand Rapids), WKQX (Chicago), WLZX (Northampton, MA), WNNX (Atlanta), WTFX (Louisville, KY), WTKS (Orlando), WXDX (Pittsburgh) and WXRT (Chicago).

If any of those stations are your local station, please call them and ask them to play more of the Horrors!

Also, the band is featured in the `BREAKING' section of Rolling Stone this month as one of the `FIVE BANDS THAT BROKE THROUGH AT THIS YEAR'S CMJ MUSIC MARATHON' (with photo, pg. 34).

We also have a BRAND NEW HORRORS TSHIRT. It's on a tshirt material that looks like an old, worning tshirt from the 80s. The shirt is ridiculously softĂ‚… feels like velvet or something.


"Ernie Ball and Pure Volume present...

The Spirit of the Winter Thunderland Tour Contest!

We want you to rock, we want you to roll, we want you to have a great holiday season and... we want you to win an Ernie Ball guitar signed by all of the bands on the Winter Thunderland Tour! Here's how you do it.

1. Come to any date on the 2006 Winter Thunderland Tour!!!

Take a picture in or around any one the upcoming Winter Thunderland Tour dates. It should be a picture that you think captures the spirit of the tour and the holidays. Pictures of the bands hanging out, pictures of the bands playing together, pictures of the bands hanging out with you and your friends...anything that you think captures the spirit of tour.

2. Upload your photos

Go to the bottom of this page and upload your photos!

3. View all entries

The photos will be uploaded to a special Winter Thunderland Tour page that you can check out both on Purevolume and on each band's website.
add links here

At the end of the tour, the bands will get together and choose the photo that they think best captures the spirit of the holidays and the Winter Thunderland Tour. The winner will receive an Ernie Ball guitar signed by all of the bands on the tour! There will be three runner ups and the prizes for that will be announced soon.
See you out at the shows!


- Remember to include ALL the bands in your entries! This contest is for the Tour, not just MAI.

- It's called "The Winter Thunderland Tour", so some ideas for themes could include: winter, snow, thunder, face melting solos, holiday cheer, toys, friends and family, sugar plum fairies, caroling, matzoh balls, sleds, gifts, snowboarding in the mosh pit, serenity now, chinese food and a movie, etc.

- We're deciding the winner, so make sure you're as CREATIVE and have as much FUN as possible!!!



Permanent ME are going on a really amazing tour. Check it out:

Go to their MySpace or PureVolume page to hear their new song "Until You Leave."

The band will be joining Monty Are I tomorrow for the Winter Thunderland tour. Please give them hugs.


You can stream the album on Friday and then later that night you can go see them play in Ft. Collins, CO at The Aggie Theater with the Hot IQs.


Check out the Bright Light Fever interview on Revolt Media. It's fantastic and Revolt is fantastic.

Friday seems like a big show day for our bands! You can check out Bright Light Fever at the Old Ironside in Sacramento on December 1!

Go there. We promise it will be amazing.

Thursday, November 30, 2006



Also, thank you so much to everyone that voted for me for Best DJ and voted for Stolen Transmission for Best Party. WE WON!!!!!!!!!

(photos by Brad Walsh. Dress by Tsubi, styled by Faran)

Tuesday, November 28, 2006


A few weeks ago I went up to Boston and DJed the Paper party. A reporter named Elizabeth from the Boston Globe hung out with me and Brandon and did a "Hanging With..." piece on me that i just found and LOVE. Check it out. She really captured things prefectly.

I havent been able to sleep for days. I sit there staring out into the night, thinking about things. Over-thinking things. Changing scenarios in my brain... things I should've done. Things I would've done. I've been working on cleansing my system and getting healthy again, and going to bed can sometimes be hard when you've got less toxins in your body. The sad thing is that despite all this insomnia, I'm not going out more. I'm still getting centered.

Monkey got giardia at the dogrun, so I've been dealing with a lot of that. Lots of medicine, feeding her by hand, preparing the doctor recommended dish of chicken and rice. I was supposed to go to Las Vegas last weekend, but I woke up and found blood in her stool and cancelled my trip, which would've been my first time to Vegas... something I was really looking forward to. But priorities are important to have, and she and bella are it!

So this has been my life lately. Cleaning poop. Cleaning rumps. Giving a cat and a dog meds. Trying to find time to eat is really hard.

Monday, November 27, 2006


this is a fantastic parody of "sheena is a parasite" video. so sweet!


even if you dont like at the drive in, you should watch this:

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


HOLY SHIT OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111

Their first ever nyc show for public consumption will be at Mercury Lounge on December 15th, 2006. OPENING UP FOR LAKE TROUT!


Buy tickets ASAP. This will be the first time the Oohlas place NYC and it will be absolutely memorable.

Saturday, November 18, 2006


Lastnight I went to Hoboken after shabbat dinner with the family to see Nightmare of You and the Washington Social Club play at Maxwells. I started feeling a bit under the weather, and by the time NOY came on, I was doing my best not to faint. My friend Joey went to get me a bottle of water when I looked up and saw a six year old noy fan and her dad watching the band get ready from the back. I'm short, but a six year old is even shorter, so i walked up to the dad and told him that he and his daughter should follow me as I walked them to the front and got brandon's attention to let him know that his youngest fan was there. He met her earlier in the night when she gave him a t-shirt she made him.

"Francesca!" he yelled, and picked her up in the audience and propped her on the stage so she could have the best view. After the show I asked her if she's ever been to another show before, and she told me that last week she went to see Mates of State. Her dad told us she'd been to about a dozen concerts in the past year. If I'm not mistaken, he said she listens to XM radio and discovers bands that way. I guess that when she likes a band enough, her pop gets her tickets to the shows if they're in town. They drove up from DC just for the show and stayed at a hotel so that she could take a long nap before going out.

He told us that they recently went to see Echo and the Bunnymen, and Ian McCollough -- THE MAN, THE MYTH, THE LEGEND, HIMSELF! -- propped little Francesca on his lap and she sang back ups on "The Back of Love."

MOVE OVER JACKSON POLLIS. (even though i still love you and want to adopt you)

Anyway, we went home and Brandon went to visit Peter Gaston the Husky Gentleman, at Revolver. Apparently it was packed with Bridge and Tunnell folk... which is weird cause this area is pretty fucking ghetto. I know cause it's been my area for nealy 5 years. There's projects to one side and Libation to the other. Whatever... i just want a nice cafe to be even closer than the nice ones that are already here -- i'm as guilty as the B&T-ers. While in Revolver, Brandon found Vince from Army of Me who was in town doing acoustic stuff. Vince ended up crashing on our couch and played us his album in the morning (as each of us wondered out of our rooms, completely defeated in a killer cold). It's a GORGEOUS album. Simply beautiful. His lyrics are beyond endearing and clever, and his voice is angelic. Some songs sounded like Oasis -- or how they wish they could still write. I LOVE Vince.

I missed going to the Permanent ME video shoot because I couldnt swollow. boo. But Joe McCaffery just sent me photo updates and they look incredible. i can't wait to see the video!!!! permanent me is so fucking good. guh. their album makes me so proud.

Anyway, the Foreign Islands are one of my favorite new bands from New York. They just rule in every single way, and were nice enough to let me post an EXCLUSIVE FOREIGN ISLANDS MP3 on my blog. This band is one of the greatest live bands that i've ever seen and they have some of the most riotstarting songs around these days. Think EMF.


Friday, November 17, 2006


I've been nominated for BEST DJ (ultragrrrl) and The Stolen Transmission Party at The Annex was nominated for Best Party!

Please please please vote for me.


Or actually, vote for whomever you want. I'm just putting it out there... if youv'e got nothing better to do and all. I'm DEFINITELY not the best DJ... but I do LOVE to DJ.

I won the award last year thanks to all your votes. It was pretty fucking amazing... especially when I got up there for the third time that night (karen and i had won a couple other awards), and all the old nightclubbers looked pissed off since they never heard of me. I think i actually heard someone say "who the fuck is this girl?!?!?" in an angry voice. And then when i went to the upstairs lounge to collect my gift baskets, some self-important person, literally pushed me out of the way so they could get the last one. The Misshapes were nice enough to give me one of their gift baskets cause they're really great friends like that.


Thursday, November 16, 2006


Brad Walsh is my favorite party photographer. So much so, that he's the official Stolen Transmission Party Photographer... and i couldnt be happier with his work.

Anyway, i was first introduced to Brad through his music... and i'm so excited to announce that he's got an album out now! You can buy it off his blog for anywhere between $4 and $9.99. The albums are all handmade and I just bought mine for $15 since I wanted BW to put a little extra love into his packaging of mine.


You can buy a hard copy of the album or individual songs via snowcap RIGHT HERE.

PS - Dear We Saved Our Souls clothing... please send me a woman's "hold onto hope" t-shirt in size small... or maybe medium cos of the tatas. THANK YOU!

So after reading/hearing a few comments about how horrible my hair was... and after seeing a few unflattering photos that were accented by my sometimes blonde, sometimes silver, sometimes blue, sometimes purple hair -- i decided to to black. I LOVE HAVING BLACK HAIR. It's so much easier to handle, look at, match with, and live with. I started feeling like "that girl" with the purple hair. I dont want to be "that girl." It's just not my thing. Not to mention that during and after cmj week i had a total stress-attack, and black was the haircolor of choice. Plus, I was going to Brandon Schmidt's wedding, and I wanted my hair to match my dress.

Here's the new and improved black hair:

Black hair plus TONS of sleep, have made me a healthier, happier, woman.

So tomorrow, which is now today (i'm still in the office, btw... kill me), i'm throwing a very special Stolen Transmission for a girl whom I've known for nearly 10 years (omfg). I'm not gonna get into specifics, but you can get the idea of the gist of the party from the flyer, i suppose:

OK, so i'm gonna go down to Revolver and meet up with Gurj, whom is djing there right now in place of Josh. It's pretty close to our home... what luck!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


For those of you who managed to come to the last Young Love show at Stolen Transmission a few months ago, you might see yourself in the new Young Love video for "Discotech"!

There's a tons of cameos in there... click here to VOTE AND WATCH.

(also, check out the Cinematic's video. they're playing tomorrow at Rebel at 10pm. It's on 30th street).


holy fucking shit. holy fucking shit. holy fucking shit. holy fucking shit. holy fucking shit. holy fucking shit. holy fucking shit. holy fucking shit. holy fucking shit. holy fucking shit. holy fucking shit. holy fucking shit. holy fucking shit.

Thank you to Nick Snow and Crit Obara for sending it to me.

"Snowing Season (Yeah)" and "Degausser". And I love "Jesus Christ" even though it sounds like Modest Mouse.

My ovaries are in paaaaaaaaaaaain.

Monday, November 13, 2006


When I look at this photo, I kinda can't type anymore and my knees become a little weak. Ah yes, once again, if only i was 15 or 16 again:

So, in reference to the title of this blog posting -- When I was at CMJ, I spoke on a "next big things" panel, and sat with a woman named Liz who had just signed Elvis Perkins the day before. As part of the panel we got to play music by artists we were working with that we thought would be the NBT, and when she played "All the Night Without Love," I found myself closing my eyes and drifting away like a feather being dropped from the top of the empire state building. Corny descriptions aside, the music was a cross between Beirut and The Decemberists.

Listen here to hear Elvis sing.

Also, i finally figured out (i think), how to use dodgeball. So if you're signed up for Dodgeball, please add me to your list. I think i'm under either "ultragrrrl" or email "" ... thanks!

Friday, November 10, 2006



I've been staying indoors a lot lately... staying away from parties, finding cubby holes to hide in. Not sure why. Stress is probably part of it, but that's the way it goes when you're transitioning in your life. Lately I've been trying to figure out if i'm still a kid or not... if i'm an adult or not... and how to have the better balance of both worlds. It's hard to be a kid though, when you find yourself sleeping at 11:30pm every night. I'm gonna get myself back on track tho, this is a promise i made myself yesterday, and it's one i intend on keeping.

Anyone see the Borat movie? During the naked wrestling scene, i found myself laughing so hard that my body physically ached. Karen and I were grabbing for each other's arms so tightly that i probably still have bruises... sadly, gurj missed that scene to go peepee. gurjy make a peepee!!!

Those lame drunken frat dudes who told Borat that women were slaves in their eyes and that it was terrible that the minorities had more power than the general public (???!) are suing the creators of the Borat film. Check it! Booyakasha!

The oohlas are so fucking great. check out this live acoustic video they shot for "liquid generation"... blows my little brain.

And Permanent ME did a video interview with my girl Crystal for Buzznet:
Watch it here.

Something that made me do mini-cartwheels last night was when Brian told me how much he loved the Permanent ME album.... saying that it reminded him of the Cars and that listening to it once was not enough. He said he listens to it all day long! I can't even begin to tell you how much that meant to me from Brian since he's not the type of person to bullshit me on something. You can only imagine the look on his face when i told him that a photo that he took of the band was going to be their album cover!

Every first of the month we've been posting new PM mp3s on their MySpace and PureVolume pages. There's both "Allison" and "Christine" up... on december first the bohemith known as "until you leave" is going up. Tonight, Brian the singer is coming into the city to hang out and i'm gonna introduce him to his label mates in the Horrors. They're the same age, which is so weird to me.

Anyway, i'm tired. i wanna go home a sleep sleep.

Thursday, November 9, 2006

Tuesday, November 7, 2006


Saddam is getting the noose.
Today is Election day.


Oh, just the fact that Britney Spears is finally filing for divorce from Kevin Federline.

This is awful for two reasons:
1. I missed his show on Saturday night at Webster Hall.
2. I'm finally over him... i even took him down as my blog-icon about 3 days ago.

Now... has anyone heard the album? How is it?

Fuck that... WHO HAS HEARD THE NEW BRAND NEW RECORD? I heard a few songs this afternoon and seriously, it's fucking incredible. When I heard it, I yelled out "I WANNA BE 17 YEARS OLD AGAIN!"

Monday, November 6, 2006


First off, i would like to invite everyone to visit the Stolen Transmission Message Board. It's still a budding community, but you can make it your own.

So... it was a few days ago, but i've been meaning to post about my Thursday night Stolen Transmission showcase for a while. Here it goes:

So it was a really fucking long day for me that started at about 9:30 in the morning (which was preceeded by two nights of little sleep due to stress). I went to work, left work to run errands, had an hour to myself in which i ate dinner, and then went to the annex to help set up. There was a lot of delay in stuff that really got on my nerves, and I turned to have a couple of drinks.

Throughout the night, I had a few drinks. Zygo was kind enough to send over a case of vodka, so i set up a bunch of bottles upstairs for the bands to enjoy while they were sitting around. I took advantage of these bottles as well and kinda got drunk. The majority of the night was a blur, but it was crowded as hell and a huge success overall.

Now, at about 3:20am I got tired of DJing so Karen took over for me. I stumbled into the smokers room and had a cigarette -- which is weird since i dont smoke. I had about half a cigarette when I decided that I was really tired and needed to lay down for a minute. So i walked upstairs to the dark empty bar and laid down on the couch in one of the booths across the bar.

I heard karen's set, which was better than mine, and just thought to myself "i'll lay here for three more of her songs and then go back downstairs to get paid. i'm so tired."


Suddenly I'm woken up by Jordan the bartender.
"Sarah! You're here! Everyone's been looking for you! GUYS! SHE'S UP HERE!"

To which i replied "huh? what time is it? is it time to get paid out already?"

Suddenly, Gurj, Karen, and Joanna the intern came running up to me, Gurj bursted out in hysterics.

"Oh my god sarah!!! I've never been so happy to see you in my life," she said.

I just stood there confused as the three girls hugged me at once.

It turns out that I had fallen asleep for over an hour. When the night was over and lights were turned on in the basement of the Annex, Karen was there alone with my purse (that contained my phone, blackberry, and personal belongings), my jacket, my cds... and everything else i came with that night. She asked if anyone had seen me, and nobody had. The bartenders said that nobody was upstairs and that the bathrooms were cleared. This is where I get a bit confused, so maybe someone can clear it up in the comments section... Karen, i think, called Brandon to see if i had gone home. I wasn't there either. Gurj and Joanna had returned to the annex and were trying to help karen find me, and couldn't. They went back to my apt to figure out a game plan, where they found a very sober brandon freaking out.

Now, anyone that reads my blog's comment's section or knows anything about my history knows that there are kind of two types of people out there whom also read my blog: those who love me, and those who hate me... hate me so much that they leave threatening comments on my blog. So, now, it's nearly 5am and I have yet to turn up anywhere and for all anyone knows, one of those creeps finally got a hold of me and fucked me up. Brandon, knowing my big mouth and tendancy to forget my size, was convniced i was murdered.

Not willing to give up, Gurj and the girls headed back to the annex and left Brandon to stand guard at home incase I returned. They banged at the door of the bar and yelled at the security til they let them in. They insisted that I was still there, that there was no way I wasn't, and continued to look for me... which is when I was found by Jordan... fast asleep.

So when while I slept soundly on a bar bench, I managed to cause a panic.

I have the best fucking friends on earth. Seriously. They care so much about me. I dont know what I ever did to deserve such great friends, but I'm so happy that I have them.

The Horrors are playing ONE SINGLE SHOW in Los Angeles. If you're wise, you will go. Also, they managed to make more friends in NYC than any other group of people i've ever met. I have been dealing with IMs from people saying "i miss the horrors..." all morning. So, go be nice to them and become their friend.

Thursday, November 2, 2006


Healthy fun. Free booze. Great bands. Dancing til 4am.

Line up:
8pm - The Films
9pm - This Moment in Black History
10pm - The Assassins
11pm - The Photo Atlas
12am -The Horrors

We're very, very, very happy to announce a new signing to Stolen Transmission:


PlayRadioPlay has been an obsession of all of ours for the past couple of months, and after months of courtship, we finally won over their heart... or his heart.

In 2007 there will be an EP out on ST followed by a full length, but until then you can visit their MySpace and PureVolume, where over 1 million people have been flipping out about PRP.

Oh, and here's my puppy, Monkey, listening to Dan from PRP set up for his Casa De Ultragrrrl.... he's Monkey approved!


And kisses:

(both photos by BrotherLawrence)

PS - a lot of people ask me where i got Monkey and the answer is: A woman named Debbie Withrow is the breeder and she did an INCREDIBLE job with Monkey. I've been in touch with owners of other dogs she's bred, and they all have the same glowing reviews of their pups and Debbie's ability as a mommy. So if you get a Brussels Griffon from someone, GET IT FROM HER!

Wednesday, November 1, 2006


Yeah, I'm kinda buying into this whole Borat phenom that's going on right now and I will probably buy tickets to see the movie as soon as I make this entry... but i dont care if I'm a victim of hype or what. I personally prefer Sasha Baron Cohen's character, Bruno, but I guess I'll just have to wait a little longer til the Bruno movie comes out. Until then, and until the movie, cornerstone just informed me that Borat will be making his first ever TV musical performance on "Late Night With Conan O'Brien" on November 1. THROW THE JEWS DOWN THE WELL? We can only hope! Set your DVRs. I never reprint press releases, but i like that the Borat one calls him the 4th most famous person in Kazakhstan. Buy the Borat album here.

Here is me with Borat:

So last night, I planned on going to see the Horrors at the Dimmak/Nylon party, especially since the last time i saw them play was in my livingroom. YES, my livingroom. I cleared the place out with the help of Brandon, and the band set up full gear there as if they were gonna play MSG. "Guys, not too loud, ok?" Less than a song into their set, Karen texted me that she was standing outside my door with the building's super's wife, and a security guard and they were pissed. The cops had been called. The show was over. But at least we got one song vidoe taped that will go up on this december. I watched the edited version for the first time yesterday and cried cause the whole ordeal made me so upset from nerves that I found myself curled in fetus position on the couch next to brandon staring at the wall for two hours.

Anyway, so Brandon and I were supposed to go as John and Yoko, but we were beat and tired and wanted to stay home instead. I brought home a Lady Sov mask from work and we all took turns posing with it:
and bella, the big fat lesbian cat:

Immediately after the photo shoot, Gideon came over with Travis Buddyhead and Aaron from NIN. I showed them the edited footage from the Horrors' Casa De Ultragrrrl and we drank South African wine that Gideon bought us since he's fucking awesome like that. When the trio left to be gay on the street of NYC and watch the Halloween parade, me and brandon ordered sushi and then i napped. I tend to nap a lot these days and thankfully redbull is sending me a case of drink to my apartment so i can stay up at night and not sleep all the fucking time.

My nap was disturbed by mulitple calls and text messages from people at the Horrors Halloween show. Apparently people in the audience had attacked dear Faris, and tried to pull him into the audience to beat the shit out of him. This is what happens when you party above 14th street. A bunch of mooks were let into the private event and i guess they decided to beat up the "freak" on stage. I hate the meatpacking district so fucking much. Anyway, people were calling me as they were fleeing the scene so they wouldnt get trampled or injured. I wanted to send the band home to London after this so they wouldn't get hurt again, but they're troopers and staying here. By the way, i hate the meat packing district.

I went back to nap again on the couch and Brandon woke me up cause Brian Battjer was coming over with a friend of his, Alejandro, also from NIN. Weird, huh? Ale needed to borrow Brandon's acoustic guitar for his Buddyhead showcase that's tonight at Lit. Anyway, we all sat on our asses watching TV on the couch... I passed out while watching Curb Your Enthusiasm and then went to bed.

Anyway, dinner time now.

I love you.

Monday, October 30, 2006


I'm probably spelling his name wrong, but he blows.

what doesnt blow, is this video of my dog with dan from PlayRadioPlay!

Dont miss the party this week!

My buddy Marc wrote a book about a band that kinda gets rediscovered by a blogger that is based on me, which was very flattering for me. Anyway, in the book, my character flips out over a band's song "Lets Go Steady Debbie" and they become an overnight success. As part of a contest, bands were asked to submit a song... and the winner is playing the Productshop Showcase with the Horrors! should be fucking fun.

We have a winner- Three Rivers Press announces rock band winner in novel contest!

Veteran rock writer Marc Spitz moved readers with his fictional band, the Jane Ashers, in TOO MUCH, TOO LATE (Three Rivers Press, $14.00 paperback), and now New York band ECHO STATION has brought them to life with their contest-winning adaptation of the hit song Let's Go Steady, Debbie, described in the book. This one-of-a-kind contest has won the band a showcase performing slot at Club Studio B next Friday November 3 and 1000 promotional copies of a CD single, sponsored by Productshop Records.

The band read the book carefully and wrote their own interpretation of the sensationally famous (yet fictional) song, standing out from the pack and impressing the celebrity judges and pop culture luminaries, including Marc Spitz, James Iha (ex-Smashing Pumpkins), Andy Greenwald (SPIN, author of Nothing Feels Good, Miss Misery), Chuck Klosterman (SPIN, author of Killing Yourself to Live), Alan Light (former editor-in-chief of Vibe, Spin, and Tracks, author of The Skills to Pay the Bills ) Sia Michel (former SPIN magazine editor-in-chief), Jason Gordon (, Mary Huhn (New York Post) and Sarah "Ultragrrrl" Lewitinn.

In TOO MUCH, TOO LATE, the Jane Ashers, broken up for nearly 20 years, reunite for a casual garage session and, thanks to a precocious blogger, they make it big. Their runaway single, “Let’s Go Steady Debbie,” takes the world by storm and propels the rapidly aging Sandy Klein into the irresistible yet overwhelming spotlight of the global music scene. Are they too old to take it or can they pull it together and rock the world?

Here's the flyer and following the flyer is the set times:

>>>>>$10 COVER | 5:30PM DOORS

The Horrors---------------------12:30am
Ra-Ra Riot----------------------11:30pm
The Thermals------------------10:30pm
Sam Champion----------------9:30pm
Ferraby Lionheart-------------7:45pm
Brooklyn Playboys-----------7:00pm
Echo Station--------------------6:00pm

Betwenn Set Music Provided By Marc Spitz, DJ Del, 3xWes, & Late Night Special Guest DJ's

Friday, October 27, 2006


My friend Kris' mom recently passed away from Brain Cancer. Please click on this link to see how you can contribute to the National Brain Tumor Foundation. Thank you.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Wednesday, October 25, 2006


For Bright Light Fever fans, you can do something special today.

1. You can stream the entire album here on PureVolume.

2. You can buy the album here at the Stolen Transmission webstore FOR ONLY $7! Full album with art. CD in you stupid hands for only $7!

3. You can buy the album on iTunes!

Shit, that means you can hear the album, and fall in love with it because it's fucking amazing, and then BUY IT for a super low price. Holy moly.

Lemme know what you think of the album when you listen to it. THANKS!

Sarah Lewitinn

Thursday, October 19, 2006


Brandon (nightmare of you) is playing a secret solo show tonight at Maxwells in Hoboken at about 10:30pm... playing after him is the best fucking band out of canada since the Arcade Fire -- Tokyo Police Club.

When you're standing next to me... it's TOKYO POLICE CLUB!

Lastnight i saw them play with the Spinto Band and Art Brut and spent the majority of the time dancing like i was 23 years old again!

Tonight I'm going to be rushing back to the Annex after the show because we're doing the Art Brut AFTERPARTY! I think one of the dudes is DJing. I also think that one of the Lost Prophet dudes are djing, but karen isnt picking up her phone for me to confirm this.

There's also a secret Yeah Yeah Yeahs show at Bowery Ballroom. I wonder where they'll be afterthe show.....

i'm trying to figure out if i wanna go down to Atlantic City for the killers show on saturday or stay in town and go to the SNL after party since MCR is playing. Seriously, I'm stoked that this is something i'm dealing with... but i wish that was it. Sometimes people have one of those days that is comically bad, and this is one of those days for me. I can't wait to wake up on saturday and be like "how do i party tonight?" Something stupidly simple like that. No marketing plans. No sales analysis stuff. No show drama. It's all worth it at the end of the day because i love my job, i love my bands, i love music. i'm just a typical nycmusiclover. But sometimes I wanna take peyote and sit in a sweat tent like John Locke did on LOST last night, and see someone like Boone talking to me.

I love Boone. Even though he's dead.

Anyway, my label's merch store is up and we've got a super deal going with Bright Light Fever and the Horrors. Both for $12!

Speaking of LOST -- I'm so impressed with last nigth's project runway collections. Jeffery and Uli both did a STANDUP job with their showings... i want the first dress of Jeffery's collection (wow, i'm not even calling him necktattoo guy), and a few items of Uli's collection. God bless!

OK, Gideon Yago sold a screenplay. He has literally been telling me for the past 5 years that he was gonna be writing a screenplay and sell it. I thought he was full of shit, just like i did when he said he was gonna be an MTV VJ. I guess I should stop that. Anyway, I'm very proud of my little dude.

By the way, last night I was on my way home and stressed out of my mind -- skipping from song to song, trying to find something that would relax me, and the only thing that really did the trick at that very moment was Beirut's "Postcards from Italy." I'm trying to find it on myspace, but i'm having issues, please post a comment if you can help... but, BUY THE SONG. seriously. do it.

OK, i'm outta here, fools.

love, sarah

ps. the stolen transmission cmj party is gonna have the following bands: this moment in black history (aka the best band name ever), the films, the assassins, the photo atlas and the horrors. SHIIIIIIIT.


Tuesday, October 17, 2006


I was sitting in my livingrrom with Gurj and Brandon on Sunday when my uncle Felix called me from Miami where he was spending some time with my parents. He was calling to let me know that it was his grandson's birthday... his grandson is also named felix. He said the coversation went like this:
"What do you want for your birthday? Grandpa Felix will get it for you!"
"I don't want a gift from you, i want one from cousin Sarah."
"Sarah? Ondine's daughter? Why her?"
"Because she has $10 Million dollars and she can buy me whatever i want."

I hung up the phone after we laughed about it and relayed the story to Brandon and Gurj. Brandon's response was "Wow, you have a lot of people fooled into thinking you're rich. That's not the first time I've heard rumors of your wealth."

Rumors. I wish they were true.

I'm running late for the Hennessey thing at Capitale i posted about a few days ago. I dont want to miss Goldfrapp or the Strokes. I think I've seen Kanye live before, but i dont remember. I'm not the biggest live hip hop fan -- i think the only live hiphop show i like these days is Lady Sov since she's a midget and i can relate to that. She's also #1 on trl today, and i tried to get Rob to celebrate by offering to buy some champagne... no dice. Anyway, I'm not sure what Hennessey tastes like, but I bet it tastes great since all the rappers drink it and they apparently have enough money to afford Capitale and Kanye West AND the strokes.

By the way, i'm kind of obsessed with The Films. They're like the american Libertines, hopefully minus the brown. I love the Libertines... even to this day. i even have a libertines poster hanging up in my livingroom.

Last night i had night terrors and today i have bags under my eyes. I'm feeling super tired. I kept on dreaming that someone that wasnt brandon had come into my bed and decided to try to hold my hand, rest their head on my shoulder, etc. I remember throughout the night constantly throwing brandon's various limbs off my body. I remember yelling "get off!" but thinking it was this other person and not my boyfriend. I was too tired to get out of bed in my dream and too upset to do anything. When i finally got out of bed, in my dream, i was at a BBQ eating a burger (i am a fish eater -- a pescatarian), and freaked out that i was eating meat forgetting that burgers were made of beef. I then remember that someone's mom died and woke up hysterically crying and my pillow covered in tears. About 20 minutes later i woke up again in a panic yelling "get off!" as brandon's head was resting on my shoulder, bella the cat was balancing her self on my stomach and Monkey the dog was climbing up onto my chest.

I don't think I'll ever eat mangos before bed again.

Anyway, there's this band that I love called the Annuals that my friend Eric Speck signed to AceFu. I LOVE the annuals. All of us at ST offices are kind of obsessed with the band and kept on listening to the album. Live, they're like a mini-Polyphonic Spree... the singer is like 19 and a total gem.

Their album came out today and you can find it on iTunes and I couldn't recommend them anymore for people who like bands like the Spree or the Flaming Lips. They're playing this thursday with the Spinto band and Art Brut at Irving Plaza (warsaw tonight -- wednesday). GO GO GO TO THIS SHOW.

About a month ago the band was in town and stopped by my apartment for Casa De Ultragrrrl. Here's a performance of "Bleary Eyed," which is made 100x better thanks to Nick Snow laughing:

If there weren't so many psychos out there, i'd post about those on here inviting you all, but alas, there are nut jobs out there -- most of them post in the comments section of this blog. In a couple of weeks i'm gonna be having the Horrors come for a very special Live from the Casa De Ultragrrrl... which will require a lot of furniature to be moved out of the living room. Oh god, i hope they dont trash my apt.

Monday, October 16, 2006


Bright Light Fever's INCREDIBLE debut album, Bright Light Fever Presents: The Evening Owl, can now be streamed IN FULL on! You can buy it on October 24 on iTunes and in stores around the country. Also on!

Bright Light Fever's Pure Volume Page

Check out what AP had to say about them:

Friday, October 13, 2006


My buddy Gideon, who has gone to places like Afghanistan and Iraq for work, sent me this delightful article, which is basically about how the Canadian Troops are having a hard time fighting Taliban militants because of marijuana forests.


Seriously, you gotta read the article, it's almost too funny to read. I want to offer the services of most (if not all) of the bands on Stolen Transmission. Give them a week and that forest will be a goner.

I already started making some merch designs. Here's one:

EDIT: I can't believe i didn't put this up originally. My buddy Crobin made this video... not sure what for, not sure you'll ever see it anywhere ... but it's pretty fucking hilarious. The actor in the video is Brandon's brother Travis, and before anyone is offended, both boys are total jew lovers -- i make fun of them for that fact all the time. Watch on:

EDIT AGAIN... someone close the me who is now apparently the blogger police, has asked me to take it down... he didn't see the humor in it, which is probably cause he didn't watch it! Go to YouTube and do a search for "crobin"... fuck that!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

You're probably fucking sick of hearing from me about Stolen Transmission by this point -- between these news letters, blog posts, myspace messages -- but I don't really care to be honest. How about that? I'm dancing around my office and singing along to the oohlas, spraypainting on the walls, and drinking too many redbulls. And tonight there's gonna be free Zygo Vodka at 1am at the Stolen Transmission Party (152 Orchard st. btw Rivington and Stanton in NYC). It's one of those days...
Anyway, I love you a lot. So love me back. Buy my records please. They’re really good. Thank you.
I love you.
Sarah Lewitinn

PS – Visit my label’s new webstore!!!!


The Horrors are releasing a 5 track EP on October 24rd on Stolen Transmission!
The tracklisting is:

1. Death At The Chapel
2. Crawdaddy Simone
3. Sheena Is A Parasite
4. Jack The Ripper
5. Excellent Choice
Enhanced with the 'Sheena Is A Parasite' video

PRE-ORDER THE HORRORS EP by OCT 23 and receive a limited edition autographed poster!
Go here now to pre-order the EP.

To end speculation, there WILL be a handful US tourdates happening very soon so keep your eyes peeled….

Great new for Monty Are I fans, the band will be performing THREE acoustic shows in a little over a week! Two of the shows will be at FYE, and another will be at Wentworth School of Technology in Boston. The band will also be signing posters and CDs at these locations, so YOU GOTTA GO! Look after the flyer for more info:

Here is more info:

Date: October 20, 2006
Location: Wentworth Institute of Technology, Boston, MA
Time: 1pm.

Date: October 20, 2006
Location: FYE - S. Washington St., North Attleboro, MA.
Time: 4pm

Date: October 21, 2006
Location: FYE - 1201 Boston Post Rd. STE 1043, Milford, CT
Time: 2pm

Lastly, Bright Light Fever are on the October cover of Alive and Kicking magazine out in Sacramento! Check out the cover and pick up copies!

OK. I will post a personal post tomorrow. I think i love you, but i'm not sure.