Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Just a quickie post to say that I FUCKING LOVE the new Murder By Death album so much. It's like ManMan meets Johnny Cash. So fantasic. They're playing Maxwells in NJ on July 25. I will be there. You should go. They're so good! They're also touring the usa so you can probably see them in your home town.

I also, really, really, really enjoy this video:

I kinda pissed myself laughing reading gurj's blog this morning, which was the opposite reaction i had while reading Karen's blog. BTW, for gurj's post, you'll have to scroll down the cutest doggie ever post.

Eitherway, check out the girls and Jenny Penny posing with what appears to be a wax sculpture of Adam Lazarra from TBS (though, ive been told that it's actually him... as if they've got wax sculptures in great adventure parking lots!):


I'm not sure what it is about these FourEyedMonster video podcast thing... but they're positively hypnotic. I think I lost time. both of the people have these perfect voices where you want to hear more, but know you need to switch back to working, but then the girl is adorable and you're like thinking about what her favorite food is and shit...

New York, NY - Cinema Village

Tuesday June 27th @ 7:30pm | Wednesday June 28th @ 7:30pm
Buy Tickets | Print B&W flier | Directions | Who is attending
Trailer | Video Podcast


I almost forgot, the Stolen Transmission Party Photos have finally been updated. There's like, 200 new photos up there. Go find yourself.

did you know that i'm jewish?cause you do now.

Monday, June 26, 2006


Check out the new version of Lady Sovereign's "Gatheration"!

It looks like Nicole Kidman just can't catch a break today when it comes to news paper coverage. Nothing like sharing a magazine cover with the words "evil wife" and "teen sex rap".

Also, I was just wondering if everyone in nyc knew about MenuPages. I realized i took it for granted whenever I've said to people "just go to menupages." Basically, it's amazing if you're sitting at home and need to figure out a place to order delivery from. Seriously. Delightful.

See also: MaxDelivery which i found out about through my old roommate Lindsay. They'll deliver just about anything to your door in 30-60 minutes. We're talking about everything from cupcakes to champagne to the eventually needed (when you mix those two) pregnancey tests. Delightful!

Oh snap, this thursday is gonna be Nick Snow's wet dream come true! not to mention: KAREN's BIRTHDAY!

as always, the party is FREE:

Sunday, June 25, 2006


Does anyone have the Dirty Pretty Things album to aim/yousendit me? I saw the video on fuse and if it's any indication of the rest of the album, Lizzy was right, this is the strong Libertines followup. it's got all the exciting energy of the libertines, minus the volitile pete.

also, i'm gonna be in dallas on july 1, houston on july 2, austin on july 3&4th for the Nightmare of You/Brand New shows... can anyone recommend fun things to do on those dates? any fun 4th of july parties to recommend?

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Stolen Transmission is beyond estatic to announce a new artist to our incredible roster:


Check out their website

I know that I speak for everyone at ST when I asy that we are beyond excited about this signing. Immediately following SXSW, we became obsessed and determined to sign this band, and fuck, are we excited we did.


June 24, 2004 I threw a prom party that featured a then-basically-unknown band called the Killers. They wore tuxes and looked ADORABLE. Here's a picture of me and the boys:

This party was beyond fun.

June 22, 2006... just two days over two years later, Karen and I invite a band to our Prom that we think has potential to see the same success as our Vegas brothers...

Come celebrate the Prom Themed final date of the Young Love residency TOMORROW, JUNE 22, AT THE ANNEX (orchard btw stanton and rivington).

The band is on at 11:30ish. You will hear the song "Discotech". You might be stoked. You will hopefully be drunk off your knockers. You hopefully will stick around after the show to dance in the basement with the members of Young Love to the DJ stylings of the Tarts of Pleasure.

Check out the sexy video of "discotech" on Last Night's Party.

It doesn't matter if you're in Los Angeles or New York City, stolen transmission has your back:

And this appeared in New York Magazine!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006



For a while now I've had the pleasure of hearing bits and pieces of the unfinished Killers record... and for anyone who has read this blog for a while knows, I've been a huge fan of the band since the very beginning. Imagine, on the eve of their first show before getting signed, Karen and I joined the band for dinner with their soon to be label peeps and the Bronx. After dinner the band played a nervous set at Don Hills that had a bunch of bloggers up front snapping photos and singing along. Oh, they were cute.

Now, a lot of people are questioning if their follow up record will be any good, and I will admit, I'm probably biased, but the album is sounding fucking amazing. It's way more rocking than people will expect. It's more mature, more complicated, and just more. If Hot Fuss was their Bends, then this album will be their OK Computer. But then again, as many of you will probably note in the comment section, my record label and island records are lovers.

I was gonna post a lot of awesome shit, but I've actually been a bit sick so I haven't been going out much. In fact, I've been in bed by 8pm a few too many nights. Needless to say, I wake up at like, the asscrack of dawn and wonder what the fuck I should do and then find myself in a MySpace-hole... but... I would like to say that I finally have an actual office now. No longer am I in a nook. Now the nook belongs to Nick Snow.

This is my desk. And yes, there is a bottle of Zygo on it. And yes, I sometimes swig from it after 7pm on stressful days. But mostly, i have it there for visitors to spike their Iced Teas with:

When I get to go out, it's for Stolen Transmission, and I manage to whoop it up... and so does everyone else there. Check out Karen's porno face and Brian's... face:

Meanwhile, somewhere else on the dancefloor, I managed to find Andy Greenwald dancing it up. I've finally finished Andy's book Miss Misery, and I must say that it's fucking amazing. It actually made me want to start really blogging again like the old days. It's also kinda refreshing in a hipster Chuck Palahniuk kinda way. Anyway, here we are...

Brandon came home saturday from his tour with AFI. Apparently, I still have a boyfriend and he has not been stolen from me by Davey Havok. However, he returned with a loss voice, so he did what normal people do when they lose their voice, and he clipped Bella's nails:

Which made it easier for Bella to PEE IN THE TOILET! Look at her closed, determined, eyes. I bet she's dropping a doozy:

Here's Josh and Bella discussing what's in our fridge (btw, our freezer smells like we have kilos of cocaine in there. everyone that comes over is struck by it's scent. anyone know why it does that? maybe bella is a drug smuggling pussy):

Sunday, Brandon and I met up with Marc and Lizzy at my favorite brunch spot, La Palapa in the East Village. YOU MUST GO AND GET THEIR HUEVOS RANCHEROS VERDES ASAP. Anyway, the real reason I'm including this photo is becasue i'm proud to say that my old roommate, Lizzy aka Elizabeth Goodman, is now the writer of the Rolling Stone Blog. YAY!:

Monday, June 19, 2006


OMFG, my friend just told me "I want to work at Interpol Burger."
I said, "huh?"
He said, "Interpol Burger... *puts on a paul banks-esque voice* would you like fries with that?"
I asked, "What the fuck are you talking about?"
He instructed me to go here.


Me and the person who started this blog come from the same scene. We helped the scene as much as we could. But now, we're starting to get sick of the scene.

I just wanna have fun.

Maybe I'll see So Scene at the NOY, DEP, AFI show at Roseland on thursdsay or friday.

Friday, June 16, 2006


In order to celebrate the release of their first EP, Fiasco's playing a free show (with an open bar!) tonight at Crash Mansion in NYC.

TONIGHT! June 16th 2006
Crash Mansion
199 Bowery at Spring St.

Fiasco goes on at 8:45pm SHARP!
Open bar from 9-10pm.
Free admission if you send an email to:

Check out thier new website where you can listen to the new Faux Real EP in its entirety:


Muse tickets onsale.

Thursday, June 15, 2006


People were kinda flipping out about the show last week. Join in on the fun!
See fun photos from the party HERE (maybe you're in the photos? if you are, you look like you're having a good time!?) And get to know the songs HERE, ON MYSPACE. I told you guys i wasn't making a big deal out of "discotech" for nothing!


One of the bands I've signed and am A&R'ing is called Permanent Me. The band is comprised of 4, slightly enigmatic 20 year olds from Long Island, whom I used to sneak into the Orchard Bar on friday nights after I had already gotten them drunk at my apartment as an attempt to bond with them.

Dynamics between label person and artist can be a bit weird at times as any of the bands that post in the comments section of this blog can attest to. Sometimes it's up, sometimes you disagree on something, and it's down, but it's like family and blood and no matter what, you still love each other. But this sort of dynamic leaves things in a constant state of unease until enough time has passed and you're sitting around burping and farting with them and yelling at the TV cause Fuse keeps on playing the same shitty band that neither of you can agree on... or Fuse keeps on playing the same shitty band that neither of you can believe you both like.

Permanent Me are funny because they're from Long Island. I'm not quite sure what I mean by that, except for maybe that Long Island, for as close to NYC as it is, is still kind of like a foreign land. There's the scene. There's the politics of the scene. You pretty much assume that every kid from there thinks that Envy On the Coast is the most underrated band and can't figure out why they're unsigned. You pretty much assume that every kid from there worships at the massive cock of Darryl Palumbo or has been saving every last penny for the up and coming Brand New tour. Maybe, in their diary, they're plotting the ways they'll get the Movielife back together.

This is what you assume when you're only lasting exposure to Long Island is via MySpace and a handful of buddies. So imagine my MASSIVE surprise when the PM boys were geeking out to me in a conference room here over the fact that they were hanging out with Greg from the Oohlas, whom also used to be in Everclear. Apparently, Everclear is one of their favorite bands... but more surprisingly, the entire genre of 90s altrock is their favorite thing. They dont want to discuss Morrissey like every other band in their peer group... they want to talk about how fantastic Third Eye Blind is.

Now, the name Third Eye Blind, when I was their age, was a joke. It was representative of those shitty numbered bands from the mid-90s that you wanted to figure out a way to destroy. You were convinced that they were what was wrong with the music industry and that every band should sound like Radiohead. Regardless, you knew basically every 3EB single's lyric by heart.

When Permanent Me said that one of their favorite bands was 3EB, i think you could actually see the question mark form above my head. Dont get me wrong, I actually found out, by accident, that I loved "Wounded" and a friendship was forged thanks to realizing that... but everything else seemed ridiculous.

But now that PM tell me that that's one of their favorite bands, and I'm meeting more and more kids online who love that band, I decided that I should listen to some 3EB to get into the mind of that little band of mine. And now, i'm getting it. I mean, i get what they love. I get what it is about those songs that they're cheering. Weird.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Muse tickets are on pre-sale!

I got tickets to the Philly date *just in case* i can't get tickets to the NYC show since the pre-sale is sold out. If i get the NYC show date tickets I'll sell my philly tix to one of the 3022329 Philly Muse fans... which will most likely be the case.

Go to Muse's Myspace Page to hear their new singles: "Supermassive Black Hole" (UK single) and "Knights of Cynodia" (US Single).

Seriuosly, though, I managed to get sent this album from some Dude in California and I haven't stopped listening to it. Everytime I think i have a favorite song, the next one comes up. Right now, the two favorites are "Starlight" and "Map of the Prolematique" which has an incredible Pet Shop Boys feel to it. I honestly never thought that Muse could write a dance song that doesnt sound the least bit contrived, but this is them going straight up into Depeche Mode territory. If this band doesn't become the biggest cult band in america with this record, then i'll be shocked.

I would also like to mention that this is a political record. When I heard that they were writing a political record, i thought to myself "booooooring!" But hearing Matt sing "you will burn in hell!" in falsetto in the first track, "Take a Bow", instantly converted my reservations. I don't know if he's singing to Tony Blair (possibly) or George Bush (likely), but either way, his opinions are strong and pretty reflective of the overall feeling towards the government that people our age are feeling. The irony of the idea that our President is doing "God's Work" (aka getting rid of terror) by killing thousands of innocent brown people (by "accident") in foreign a country is frustraiting, and Bellamy manages to capture that sentiment gorgeously. This morning I was wondering if Bush's daughters were ever fans of Muse (unlikely, but possible), and how they would feel about that song. Every kid rebels against their parents. I know i share basically none of the same political views as my parents... do you think that the twins are sent to their room for yelling at their dad for their views?

Monday, June 12, 2006


I surprisingly had one of the more busy and active weeks that i've had in a long while. Many, many, many nights spent going to bed way later than I was supposed to, and the weekend... i saw the sun as I closed my eyelids to snooze. I'll be sure to write about my week/end later, but I am up to my ears in work at the moment. I think it's funny whenever I go out these days that friends are like "i never see you out anymore." I guess that's what happens when you start giving a huge massive fuck about where you work and you come home too tired to keep your eyes open. Also, this weather is giving me energy. I will be out more. You'll get sick of seeing me.

The important thing is: Bright Light Fever have 2 new songs posted on their MySpace page from their up coming stolen transmission debut, Bright Light Fever Present: The Evening Owl.

"A Deeper Blue" is one of my new favorite songs. I can't believe the singer of BLF, Evan Ferro, is only 19 (he was 18 when he recorded this). I feel blessed to not only know this band, but to also be working with them.

If you like what you hear, and I'm assuming you will, VOTE FOR BLF AT THE SAMMIES!!!!!!

Hey Evan, can i post that photo of your new dog?

Image hosting by Photobucket

Sunday, June 11, 2006


Me and Laura explore each other's cultures at Audrey's birthday party.

More photos of all of Audrey's really good looking friends can be seen here: the modern age parties.

Friday, June 9, 2006


So... What did you all think of the first ever Young Love show at Stolen Transmission last night? I'm assuming that a number of you attended because the place was so beyond packed. TheModernAge was there... and loved it.

If you want to hear the song "discotech" that i talk about endlessly, go to Young Love's myspace page.

Thursday, June 8, 2006


Please disregard any postings I may have made last night that hopefully are no longer here.

Join Stolen Transmission, the Tarts of Pleasure, and SPIN magazine...


When it comes to religious beliefs, you wont meet someone as open as me. I do my best to not talk smack on Scientology or ANYTHING else because as a person who grew up getting picked on a lot for my religious beliefs (even in Tenafly... a mostly jew town... but i was more religious than others), i refuse to put someone through the same thing.

But this is something else. This is what happens to Jim Hensen's muppets that looked too human-like.

Can i laugh at this or is that offensive?

Wednesday, June 7, 2006


My day's can be extraoridnarily long sometimes. Everyday, I'm woken up, reluctantly because my bed is awfully comfortable, by a cat named Bella who lives up to her name. She jumps on the bed, usually her belled collar gives me some warning, and positions herself on my chest purring as loudly as she can. She bites my nose. Licks my nose. Butts her head agains my face, smack smack smack, purr purr purr... if I dont respond, she grabs my bracelet and attempts to move my hand in a petting motion. She's a smart cat, and it will only be a matter of time before she is trained to pee in the toilet. This all happens at around 8am... approximately 4 hours after I have finally gotten to sleep.

Yesterday I had a meeting in the morning and headed over to the office where I managed to have a couple more breif meetings before heading over to a mid-town studio to watch Young Love perform infront of a bunch of people that work for Island/DefJam. This was technically the first time they played infront of people, but tomorrow will be their first show. Much to my joy, my friend Jeffery's little brother was playing Keys for Mr. Keyes, and was flawless! I was actually insanely surprised that their live performance held up to their album tracks as much as they did. A song like "Discotech," which is basically like a Justin Timberlake song mashed with a Bloc Party song, sounded more agressive live than on CD and "Too Young To Fight It," managed to be sexier live than on CD, which is pretty awesome since the song is a reggeatone song...

After the showcase, some people headed to some restuarant/bar a few blocks away and had some drinks. More drinks. Tons of drinks on the label (not stolen transmission... we only do free Fanta). A few peach vodka soda's later and I was in a cab heading downtown to meet up with my mom at the Lion's Den to see my cousin Maurice's band, A Seperate Peace, perform. Please go to the linked myspace page to get an idea of how fucking hilarious it is that my mom, in all 61 years of glory, attended this show. When we walked in, there was basically nobody, so my mom and I did the supportive thing and walked to nearly the front of the room and stood against the wall. As soon as the band begun the room filled up with about 30 or 40 kids who then began moshing and circle pit dancing around, basically, just barely, missing my mom. At one point, some dude got so stoked out of his face that he did a kung fu style kick dance about 3 feet from my mom and at that point, i grabbed my grinning mommy and pulled her towards the back and into safety. She's never seen a band like this, or an audience like this, and all she could do is turn to me, grinning from ear to ear and say "They're dancing like magnooons!" Which in arabic means "they're dancing like crazy people." She was right, or I was old. I can't figure out which.

I don't mean to sound like i'm showing favoritism, because I'm not. I give my family members a harder time than anyone i know because that's how my family is... but my cousin is probably one of the best frontmen I've seen in ages. He's like the hardcore reincarnation of Gerard Way. So completely natural and at ease on stage with no inhibitions. The kind of music he plays is not my thing, I would have no idea what to do with it, or what, so i could never sign it... but fuck, if someone smart doesn't. My only critique is that he's such an amazing singer with a strangely melodic voice (even when he was 3 he could sing songs pitch perfect, and not in a 3 year-old kind of way), i'd like to hear him "sing" some more. But then again, that's cause i'm not a hardcore type of girl.

I went home and was greeted by Casey from Dallas who came over the day before after driving Brandon's band's van up from Austin, Nick from Hull/Resivior, and his frien Dan from High Times. We then went to Joey Night's house in Brooklyn, which i'd never been to... but there was supposed to be some bbq, and I had to pick up Permanent Me demos, so it seemed like a good idea. I got there and was basically falling asleep so the party pooper in me decided to go home after an hour and a half. Wah waaaah.

At about 1am, I was finally passed out in bed. Blissfully sleeping. snore snore.

I woke up with the urge to listen to Muse, in a semi-failed attempt to get Brandon into the band, and proceeded to play Origin of Symmetry, probably their best album to date, and, in my opinion, the album that all those emorbid bands are based on. He la-ti-da'd in falsetto as we left for the day... but i'm not sure if he dug it as much as I do, or any member of Thrice.

Check out "Citizen Erased" from the album... I used to listen to this song on repeat with my friend Chris Kelly when we'd go out every single sunday to the movies in Ridgefeild. We'd drive around freaking out over how genius the album was and how we couldn't understand why no American labels were trying to steal them from Maverick (who may have dropped them at that point, I forget). Now Chris is studying to be a Brain Surgeon and coincedently taught one of my oldest best friends, Sydney Rose, biology at Columbia Presbyterian. He was... 22 at the time, maybe 21? The kid is a fucking genius. He also used to itern for my partner Rob Stevenson way back when he was 15 or 16, and when he was 17, he interned for Lyor Cohen (who ran I/DJ at the time)... he'd get calls from Lyor Cohen on his cell asking him to set up meetings. When he turned 18, Chris decided that he wanted to better humanity and quit the music buisness to go to med school. If Chris doesn't discover the cure to some disease that plauges humanity, then I don't know who will. Seriously, if people should be cloned, they should start and end with Chris Kelly.

Speaking of genius, I found this quote painfully hilarious:
"I know many Christians who are rational thinkers that I adore to pieces, but not THAT many. I'm not anti-religion. I'm anti-imbecile. Let out a massive sigh of relief because I won't talk too much about politics on these posts, mainly because I feel that it ultimately and unfortunately doesn't matter how the music community or its bands feel about it. Music can't fix it. It starts with the rich, old white men with grey hair that inherited our government whom are completely senile at this point. It starts with the absurdity of the concept of an electoral college, which enabled Bush to win in his first run. Alas, if The Beatles and Bob Dylan couldn't bring peace to the world through their music, then no band ever will. Well maybe the grey-haired guy from American Idol, but that's about it."


Tonight I'm headed to some "Entourage" party with JennyPenny. If i can stand. I hope I can stand. snore snore snore.

Something that wont make you snore:
Sum41 dudes doing drugs and sucking each other off.


That photo was by Irene Tien, who has taken genius photos of The Oohlas since the very beginning.

Click here to see more photos from the show at Safari Sam's.

Tuesday, June 6, 2006




Monday, June 5, 2006


I took this photo from Pink is the New Blog...
Is Muse's Matt Bellamy hanging out with Brad Pitt? Matt do you read this blog? Say it IS so!


For fans of Young Love (featuring Dan Keyes from Recover), you will not be disappointed from this video on StolenTransmission.com, the FIRST in the series "Live From The Casa De Ultragrrrl". It's a live acoustic performance by YL's DK called "We Want Drugs"....

But first, if you like what you hear and live in NYC, you can see Young Love in their FIRST EVER live performance on Thursday June 8, at Stolen Transmission (the party)

WHERE: Stolen Transmission at The Annex - 152 Orchard St. Btw Stanton and Rivington (LES)

DATE: June 8

TIME: 11:30pm

If you want to buy the single which this single appears on -- as well as the album version of "Tragedy" and a demo version of "Find a New Way" -- you can buy it ONLY AT Ultragrrrl.com... just so you know.


For those of you who are fans of Pucci, you should check out this auction.

that's all for now.

Sunday, June 4, 2006


I found this little monkey in my closet trying to help me pick out an outfit.

Thursday, June 1, 2006


Unfortunately, Damone had to cancel their performance tonight at Stolen Transmission. I can't be too upset, because they pulled out to open up for Joan Jett!

But come anyway for the dancing and drinking. Karen and I enjoyed the basement so much, that we're gonna be down there tonight. So if the upstairs looks bare... just go to the back and down the stairs.