Monday, April 21, 2008


As some of you might know, I have a new blog called that is a NYC show and nightlife based blog.

My editor wants there to be like 3 show reviews A DAY!

I, obviously, cant do this alone. So I'm trying to find people who are writers and photographers to help out. I'm looking for people who are energetic and excited about music and live shows. I want a personal and enthusiastic touch to the reviews. For instance, my brother wrote a love letter to the drummer of the Raveonettes.... that was personal and a fun read. I dont need this site to be the next pitchfork or brooklynvegan because those sites already exist. i'm looking for a site that reflects the experience of going to a show -- the people you meet, the songs you dance to, the puke you spit up at the end of the night... I'm looking for people to give me their personal diaries from the night.

If you want to write or take live photos for the site, please write me at:

Almacks will pay for your show tickets, cab ride, drinks, and an OK fee for your work as well as credit. I need reliable people who can turn things in either the same night or next day.

Please send me your writing clips (even if it's just a blog posting) and/or photos you've taken at live shows.


Tonight Cartel are playing at the Blender Theater with I Am the Avalanche and afterwards I'm djing their afterparty!:


if you go RIGHT OVER HERE, you will find out how to win a pair of floor seat tickets at Jay-Z's show at MSG in NYC. OMG!

Monday, April 14, 2008


Duke Spirit are so so s so fucking good!

In 2005 I went to Miami with the Misshapes and a bunch of friends for
Winter Music Conference and had to watch the boy I was in love with fall
in love with another girl right in front of my face -- almost throwing
it in my face -- and oh my god did it kill me. (Sorry if you're reading
this, btw, and know who you are... no hard feelings now, obviously!!!!)

Anyway, I think I killed everyone's mood on each drive from my parent's
condo in Hallendale to South Beach because I insisted on listening to
their EP over and over again to help me get through the heartbreak. It
was so fucking good and perfect.

Ollie Oohlas got into them about 2 yrs ago and kept on bugging me to get
back into them too. She had befriended the band and they stil remained
magical to her.

On Tuesday I got to see them at Bowery Ballroom and I swear to God, it
was like a time warp to the happiest years of my life as being a music
fan seeing shows and loving life.

The most magical time of the night was during "Sovereign" (which is
somewhere on my page). A disco ball spun
around over Leila's head as the entire room slowdanced with her. It was
fucking unreal. I wish I could go back to that moment every day and I
keep watching the footage on my camera whenever I'm out and needing
inspiration. Right now I'm in love and happy with almost every aspect of
my life, and so when I listen to that song it doesn't soothe a broken
heart... instead it feeds a happy soul. I keep wanting to do spins and
slow dance with an imaginary partner as I sit around listening to the

Another test

Is this working
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Friday, April 11, 2008


I saw Duke Spirit the other day at Bowery Ballroom, and fuck, am i in love. Seriously... i can't believe how fucking unbelievably that band is and Neptune is going to be one of my top ten favorite albums of the year. I really think that they could be the next Verve. Leila just has that Richard Ashcroft-ness to her that I can't really understand.

I wrote this pretty extensive love letter to her on AlmacksDanceHall that i think you should read.

Anyway... check out this video for "Sovereign"... incase you happened to see me on the subway today while I was listening to my ipod, i was listening to this song. It took everything in me to no do pirouettes in and out of the subway cars. God, this band is just fucking blissssss! OK, if they're not the next Verve, they could be the next Interpol! Either one I'd be happy with.

Thursday, April 10, 2008


I'm going to Vegas tomorrow (FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE!?) with Brad Walsh, Christian Siriano, Geneva Valentine and Melissa Beck (from the Real World New Orleans!).

Yes, it'll be reality showtastic.

Even more so because Christian is JUDGING the Miss USA pageant and Tao is throwing him a party on Saturday and he was allowed to invite 15 friends, so that's how I'm going! Everything will be paid for and the Kardashians will be there so my ass might explode in jealousy.

Check out this video of me filming Brad as he's photographing me to test out lighting:

I am just really really really hoping to run into K.Fed there. If that happens, i will be so happy.

Also, i am giving away A PAIR OF 2-DAY PASSES on my new blog,
Have you entered to win tickets to Coachella yet? No? You're a stupid idiot because you can win a free pair of 3-day passes just for signing up for this site by clicking here. Did I forget to mention that PRINCE HAS OFFICIALLY BEEN ADDED TO THE ROSTER?

i will say this much... not that many people have signed up for the tickets, so you have a pretty fucking incredible chance of winning.

Also, while I wont be at ST tomorrow at the Hanger Bar, you still should go for a very special STOLEN TRANSMISSION: ST GIVES BACK:

Sunday, April 6, 2008


Incase you didnt know, I'm blogger (and i guess editor) of - a live music and new update rock blog.

I do daily updates with show reviews and this feature i dubbed "red bull and adderall" ... which is just basically an afternoon news breif.

anyway, yesterday i was so fucking upset when i missed a show by a band called Drink Up Buttercup. I really think that they could be huge this year... or if not huge at least blog-loved. total blog rock. haha.

anyway, my buddy meridith valiando caught them and wrote this review about the show. maybe i'll see you at the next one!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Decoy Music posted a disturbing Innerpartysystem TV interview. It appears to be a public access show. There's a number that flashes on screen: 646-510-0317. Call it.

Seriously, call it.


If you're 18+ and love to dance and wish you were old enough to go to a fun party in NYC where there was great indie rock dance music and a pretty amazing photographer taking photos to post on your myspace/facebook/buzznet/bebo, then this is your jam: