Thursday, June 30, 2005


Today is Karen's Birthday. She's turning like, 24 or something rediculously young like that. Go to her blog and leave her birthday wishes in her comments section. or here. whichever you prefer.


fucking awesome.

Whomever said that the super geek on Beauty and the Geek should be seen as Woody Allen was fucking genius. the dude is totally woody allen. watching this show with that in mind made the whole thing a SHIT TON more enjoyable. oh joy. yayopenbar!

UPDATE that genius was my roommate Lindsay

The Stolen Transmission showcase at rothko on july 13. fuck. i'm so excited for this. five o'clock heroes, spinto band and nightmare of you. plus you can buy the spinto band and NOY single at the show... maybe the heroes single too. i'm la di da happy. the show will either be free or $5 or something alongthose lines. it'll be delightful.

do you have any idea how good this show will be? wow.


you know what just exploded while thinking of it?

do you know?

do you?
it exploded.


by the way.
the way i will explain this post is that i went to the elleeeeegirl party. it was open bar. they had alize snowcones and krispy kreme doughtnuts and holes andi stuck five holes in my mouth at once and dry heaved to teh point where i had to spit out the lil balls into a napkin in my hand. it was sexy. then ok go and phantom planet performed and some girl showed up dressed like lindsay llohan and i wanted to stick my tongue down her lil pretty teenaged throat. instead i danced sexy with gay boys. aaron carter was there. i didnt see him. i hope they ran into each other.

hello open bar. goodbye cuation.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005


Check out the King Kong trailer. It's really not exactly what I was expecting. I'm pretty stoked on it.

Friday, June 24, 2005


I just wanna say that the overwhelmingly positive response to the last post was really great. Having friends and readers tell me (in person, IM or email) that they were inspired to get tested as a result was insanely rewarding and I hope everyone's results are as good as mine, and if they're not, that's ok. Thanks to improvements in medicine and education on the virus, people have been able to live incredibly long and full lives. Some people can even live healthy without medication. Two years ago I was hailing a cab on the LES when a woman approached me asking if I was going uptown on the east side, and if so, could she share my cab since none were coming by for whatever reason. I told her sure and once in the cab, she told me about herself and how, for the past 22 years, she had been HIV+. She said she never took any meds and never passed the virus to her husband (whom died a few years earlier from Hepatitis C). The virus affects people differently, and so doctors often had her come in to do blood work so they could discover how come she was alright. Hopefully, one day soon, HIV/AIDS will just be a thing of the past, or something that people don't have to be so scary about. HIV is no longer a death sentance.

That said...


Tonight I'm DJing at Orchard Bar like I do on every friday night. My co-Tart is sadly in Los Angeles for work, so it'll be me... and some possibly wonderfully surprise guest DJs. Come down and show your support, please.

Also, tomorrow night I'm going to be DJ at the Delancey for a really great show:
The Living Things

They're like the Stooges meets BRMC. Definitely worth checking out.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005


This blog is about to get INSANELY personal, but i feel like it's necessary, in hopes of leading by example...

After the infamous Family Guy episode from two weeks back where they made light of HIV and AIDS, I decided to conduct an informal survey to see how many people I know have been tested for HIV. The results: not that many. Of the people I know who have been tested, they are people who get regularly tested as part of their yearly physical, and have tested negative.

I had never been tested for HIV becuase:
1. Those who know me and my sex life (or rather, lack-there-of), know that I have nothing to worry about.
2. I statistically fall into a category of people that have a low HIV rate (white, upper middle class, non IV drug user... this is according to statistics, not personal assumption).
3. I am a hypocondriac.
4. Despite this, I was scared.

But when I went to have a phyiscal on monday and the routine question "Would you like to be tested for HIV" came up, I decided that if I had nothing to worry about, then I should just get it done. If I'm going to be so bold as to be shocked when friends say that they've never been tested, then I shouldn't be a hypocrite and do it as well.

Well, I did it. And it was easier than I thought it would be. I was open about it with all my friends, telling them when I saw them "Hey! how are you! Guess what, i got an HIV test today!" I pray that my ability to have ease with the situation will help others I know realize that it's not so scary. When my doctor called to let me know that I was clear and healthy, I texted a bunch of my friends and told them the good news. Many of them replied with "Duh, you had nothing to worry about!" Others said "Wow, you're so brave. I'm too scared."

When I told a friend that I planned on blogging about taking an HIV test, she begged me to reconsider, saying that the people who read my blog are far too critical. She's right, my readers are often critical. But also, my readers are much like my friends (and previously myself) and possibly scared to face reality. If ONE person reads this and decides to get tested, then all the flaming this post could recieved will be worth it.

"Brother Lawrence": I heard you dropped something
Ultragrrrl: oh, if you think that was heavy, wait til you see what's next.
Ultragrrrl: i dont have time to post til tonight, but it'll be a doozy
"Brother Lawrence": you should post a warning tonight
"Brother Lawrence": dedicate it to those idiots who've been ripping you
"Brother Lawrence": "name drops keep falling on my head..."
Ultragrrrl: hahah
Ultragrrrl: can i post this IM on my blog instead?
"Brother Lawrence": absolutely

Tuesday, June 21, 2005


Rob sent me a really interesting link from Yahoo! today:

Rocker Corgan to reform Smashing Pumpkin
CHICAGO (Reuters) - Singer Billy Corgan said on Tuesday he plans to revive The Smashing Pumpkins, his Grammy-winning band which broke up in 2000 after more than a decade of blending alternative rock with the avant-garde.

In full-page advertisements in Chicago newspapers, the bald-headed Corgan said, "I want my band back, and my songs, and my dreams."

The article goes on to say that they don't know which former members of the band have agreed to to join Billy, so I texted James Iha and I'm waiting to hear back to find out if he'sone of them. Uh... watch this space, i guess.

What's Rob's take on the situation: "billy seems like that one friend you have that always bounces between relationships and keeps saying they're in love and then changes their mind a week later."

If this does happen, I wouldn't be surprised if Mikey Way suffers from a mysterious illness that causes him to leave the MCR tour for a couple of weeks while he goes off and follows the Pumpkins around the world like he would've when we were 18 if he had the funds.

Two weeks ago I went to my friend Brandon's and was a bit nervous before entering his apartment because he had something that I was sure could kill me: a cat. For the past 20 years, I have been insanely allergic to cats. My friend Allison got her cat Yoda when we were younger and I would play with that cat and kiss it and love it, but then I started noticing that I would get all scratchy and ill and have strange bouts of difficulty breathing. It took me a little while to figure out that I was allergic to her cat (because I had never been), and then that's when my allergies started escalating. I could no longer be in the same room as a cat, let along touch one, without my eyes swelling up and feeling like I resembled Sloth from the Goonies. So I stayed away from cats and I stayed away from friends' houses with cats if I could.

So when I went to Brandon's house, I was really hesitant to go inside. His cat greeted us with a bunch of meows (the kind where it sounded like she was saying "HEY HEY! YOU'RE HOME! HI!!!!), and quickly came over and started rubbing herself against me. Brandon's cat is so cute that I couldn't resist. I started petting it a little, then a little more, then a little more, until i was holding the cat and kissing it's head and acting a weeeee bit like Lennie from "Of Mice and Men." And then I sneezed. Once. And that was it. I couldn't believe that I wasn't totally incompacitated and spent the day in total awe that I had touched a cat... no wait, held a cat and kissed it! I've since gone back to his house a couple of times and still i'm not ill. I'm so stoked.

Scott, i'm coming over!

Anyway, the reason for that story was to share this link with you guys of people putting objects on their sleeping cats. This one is apparently on friendster.

Monday, June 20, 2005


If you read Karen's blog, you would see that The Five O'Clock Heroes' new video "Head Games" is being played on MTV2 in the UK and they now have a chance to chart if you vote for them.


I just want them to do good cause my mom wants me to marry Antony one day and damn it if i dont deserve two houses and a few cars.

Sunday, June 19, 2005


One of my favorite staples of the Lower East Side scene during the summer is a food stand my friend once dubbed the Hipster Bar-B-Que -- when the sun comes down, he comes out to feed our alcoholed bellys with smiles and general sweetness. The man behind the Hipster BBQ is cute boy named Sam who looks like he could've been in some Long Island emo band and he's been a total Godsend on some nights, selling food at 4am to the drunks on the corner of Stanton and Ludlow. Alright, so what makes this hotdog stand better than the rest? I'll tell you: he sells hotdogs, veggie dogs, bbq chicken sandwhices, kimchi dogs, and i guess some other stuff, but I haven't tried them yet. So while I'm pulling up to the Darkroom at 2am and realize that I've forgotten to eat that day (which happens a lot these days... i'll be hanging out and at 1am I'm like "fuck, i forgot to eat today!"... I never realized my memory would ever get to be THAT bad), for $2 i can get myself a veggie dog and be stoked. If I have an extra couple of bucks I can buy my friends a dog and together we can pretend that we're at some really cool BBQ.

Anyway, last night I went to the Hipster BBQ and Sam fed me before I went into Pianos to see the Spinto Band. The band was fantastic and watching them I got really excited about the Stolen Transmission showcase on July 13. Between them, the Five O'Clock Heroes, and Nightmare of You, I'm going to have one fucking amazing show going on. I'd love to make the show free, but I need to pay the bands, so I think I'm going to charge as LITTLE as I possibly can, unless I can find a way to save up money and pay the bands out of my pocket, which would be considered "bad business practices" but, uh... I never went to business school so I can plead ignorance.

So back to the Spinto Band... the group is absolutely adorable in a little brother kind of way. They look like, and probably are, a bunch of college kids. They don't dress particularly cool or have fancy haircuts or wear make-up and that's fine with me. On stage they look like they're having a great time, swaying and dancing from side to side like they were playing their favorite supergrass covers and imagined that that's how Gaz would dance. People have been comparing them to the Arcade Fire a lot, and I can see that in the way the singer sings a lot like David Byrne and how their songs aren't typical. Anyway, if you're in NYC on July 13 you can see them for yourself.

After the Spinto Band I went to Misshapes cause that's what one does on a Saturday Night. Paul from Franz Ferdinand and his wife Esther were booked to DJ so I was excited cause I've never heard them DJ before, and not only that, but Barry from Scotland was in town as well to do a story for the NME about Franz and so he was at Misshapes. I haven't seen Barry in ages, not since he kept on cornering Brandon Flowers at the Darkroom a bunch of months ago to tell him that he loved him. That's why I love Barry. He's very scottish. Very sincere and warm.

Paul and Esther started DJing quite late, I think, because when I got up to the dance floor at around four, they were there DJing songs like "I Like to Move It" without a shred of irony and I booty danced around with the trouble twins, Mike and the Captain until I realized that I should go home, which I did a half hour later. The thing I love most about Misshapes is the lounge area downstairs. Last night I kept on referring to it as the old people section cause it's where me and my friends tend to gravitate to during the course of the evening, and most of my friend are over 23. Most of Misshapes is under that, which is why i love it. 3 or 4 people were wearing Bauhaus t-shirts, including my brother, and I started bumming out that I didnt wear mine. My favorite shirt of the night though, belonged to Nick Manske. It was a white shirt with a sad face drawn in marker with "I Love You" written underneath. Nick is absolutely adorable, so he can pretty much pull off anything like suspenders and look cool.

Anyway, this post is going no where so i'm going to go.

Signing Off. This is General Disarray.

Saturday, June 18, 2005


While I was on the road with the Killers they showed me their video for "Smile Like You Mean It" which caused me to squeal and squeeze Brandon's legs with excitement as he was standing next to me. He looks so fucking adorable in it, and while that song initially wasn't one of my favorites, after seeing the video I got a whole new appreciation for the song and couldn't stop singing it.

You can watch it HERE.


The Spinto Band are playing at Pianos TONIGHT at 10:30pm!

They're doing a tour. Please go see them. You will love it.

June 19 - Newark, Delaware - East End Cafe
June 20 - State College PA - The Crowbar
June 21 - Baltimore, MD - Talking Head
June 22 - Washington, DC - The Black Cat
June 24 - Morgantown, WV - 123 Pleasent St.
June 25 - Norfolk, VA - Relative Theory Records
June 26 - Chapel Hill, NC - Local 506
June 27 - Charlotte, NC - The Milestone
June 28 - Atlanta, GA - 10 High
June 29 - Hot Springs, AR - Valley of the Vapors Music Festival
June 30 - Nashville, TN - The Basement
July 1 - Cincinnati, OH - The Comet
July 2 - St. Louis, MO - Frederick's
July 3 - Madison, WI - High Noon Saloon
July 5 - Chicago, IL - Beat Kitchen
July 6 - Ann Arbor, MI - Blind Pig
July 7 - Toledo, OH - Mickey Finn's Pub
July 9 - Pittsburgh, PA - The Firehouse Lounge
July 11 - West Chester, PA - The Cosby
July 13 - New York City, NY - Rothko (STOLEN TRANSMISSION SHOWCASE)
July 15 - Somerville, MA - 10 Moore Street
July 18 - Philadelphia, PA - The Manhattan Room
July 19 - Wilmington, DE - Pirate BBQ

Friday, June 17, 2005


Please come. we will dance together.

PS - How fucking cute are these photos of Hillary Duff and Greg K?! Greg looks fucking foxy.

A few people have been asking me how I made that huge poster, which you can see a better view of in this photo:

mmmm... fries.

Anyway, the process is called Rasturbation. Click on the word Rasturbation to go to the link.

Thursday, June 16, 2005


Tuesday night, I had three objectives:
1. Hang out with Jenny LSQ.
2. Go to the West Village to see Tracey Pepper.
3. DJ at the Interpol afterparty.

So I was sitting in my apartment, tidying up, when Rob Hitt starting IMing me saying he was with Mikey, Jeanna, and Seva and that they wanted to hang out. So I invited them to come over cause I really wanted to see Mikey since I don't get to see him so often since he's always on tour, and I love Jeanna and NEVER see her, Seva is pretty to look at and nice, and Rob is unreal to be around, plus I knew that Jenny wouldn't mind and I let them know that I would have to split by 9:30 to get drinks with TP. I was stoked.

The following photos were taken by Seva. He's in a band called Like Yesterday and they're Like, Great.

This is Rob and Mikey outside my apartment. The colorful gates go around a grade school playground by my building, which also used to be a school:

It was hot as fuck outside, so I think that's why Rob's pants are cuffed, unless he's attempting to start a new fashion trend, which is entirely possible. I assume that Bayside is an emo band. Mikey is such a fashionista. His sunglasses are perscription Chanel (which caused Lindsay to jokingly say "now you cant make fun of me for having exboyfriends who wear sunglasses indoors!" ... "they're perscription and he doesnt have his regular glasses with him"... "D'Oh!!!"), I like Misfits sneakers and his Thursday shirt that is an homage to Joy Division... which if you look at the poster above my head, you will see that I'm a big Joy Division fan.

The puzzled look on my face is due to Rob. I love Rob. I want to marry Rob one day so I can grow old with him since I think he'll entertain me forever with his personality. His personality is identical to Larry David's from Curb Your Enthusiasm. It's slightly unbelievable and incredibly amazing. His personality is the opposite of mine, and I fucking adore it. For instance, when I IM him at 2 am to see if he's out, he sometimes replies with "I can't, I'm sorting out the finances of my label, making sure all the bands get the proper amount of royalties..." He likes math, so I can only assume that this sort of is a fun night for him. I like his fashion mullet.

At the point the above photo was taken, Jenny LSQ had come over and BrandonR called and I told him to come over. Brandon, Jenny, and myself had been in stitches for about 30 minutes because of the shit Rob was saying. Brandon thinks that Rob should have his own reality show, and I agreed, so I started eyeing my room for a place to put a hidden camera to capture Rob's personality.

Brandon, Mikey and Jeanna had to peace, so the rest of us watched TiVo'ed episodes of the Family Guy when the doorbell rang and standing there were our new neighbors. Not wanting to be a couple of Goons, we invited them in and showed them the apartment. Brandon was bummed out that he missed meeting my new neighbors.

Unfortunately, because my schedule got offset by our surprise guests, I had to skip out on going to the west village for TP's drinks. This bummed me out since I didn't try to get tickets to the Interpol show in favor of seeing her.

Ah well.

So then Brandon came back over with his friend Brooke and Josh stopped by as well.

It's so fucking cute how the boys are crossing their legs. And look at Brandon's pink shirt! Pink is the new cute boy's shirt. Also: Holes in jeans are SO IN. Josh loves fashion. He's got a Chanel ring AND tattoo, and I saw the scarf he's wearing on the waist of some starlet, but I can't remember whom. The boys i know LOVE Chanel more than all the girls i know combined. Also, all the boys on that couch are so cute that i want to punch their faces in and throw them out the window or in the microwave. I would eat them, but they're so skinny that I'd be hungry afterwards.

Seva went to meet up with Mark and Dennis at Happy Endings and came back shortly after with the boys and a couple of their lady friends.

Mark is really sweet and has this incredibly raspy, manly voice and wears eyeliner. I like having him around and Karen and I plan on recording a song with him. If you look at my table you might see a red can of Liquid Cereal in Fruit Flavors. I got a can of Liquid Cereal the first (well, technically the second) time I ever met Josh. I went to his office which he shares with his brother's manager to hear his brother's album. Apparently they got sent a couple of cases of these cans of gross and so Josh gave me a can. I thought he was really weird when I met him. He still drinks that shit and I tried it once, and basically it's like the milk left at the bottom of a cereal bowl after you've eaten cereal.

Also on the table is a rough draft copy of my new book. It's really small and pocket sized, like me. When the boys saw it they did immitations of me turning the pages of a real sized book, which required both hands and running from side to side. I am STOKED on my book. It looks great. Next to my book is a bottle of Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce. This is the best BBQ sauce I've ever had. Rob liked it so much that he emailed himself the info about the BBQ sauce so he could by it himself. It's THAT good. Get it now, it's perfect for BBQs. Also, you might notice the champagne flutes with some brown liquid in them. I couldnt find shot glasses (cause nobody in my house does shots ... ever), so i had to put shots in those glasses. So klassy.

You might notice the police line up thing behind Mark's head. I put that up a couple of years ago and used to make people take lineup photos whenever they came over. Then i lost all my photos and got so upset that I stopped taking photos... plus my camera was stolen, so that made it impossible.

Seva liked it and took a photo of me and Dennis lined up. Dennis is really tall and I'm not. I'm shocked Seva was able to get us in the same frame. Please ignore my bad hair.

We found this to be really funny.

After these photos were taken we all headed over to La Caverna where, to my surprise, my friend John was there with some mutual friends! John sings in Vega4, which is Bruce's band. I love Bruce so much. He's like a ball of wonderful wrapped in marshmellows. Vega4's songs have been playing on OnDemand and the commercial for the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. I'm stoked to see things working out for them, and I was so stoked to see John. We tried so many times to meet up, and finally it happened by accident. John was so sweet to me even though the last time I met him I might've been a bit looney. Infact, this time i saw him I might've been a bit wacky and drunk.

Patrick also came with his youth group. We were drunk and danced to songs and just kept on saying "wow, i'm so drunk!" over and over again and I kept on giving Patrick drink tickets. He also has a fashion mullet. I saw his band last night and they were great and dreamy. Marc Spitz thinks they sound like Catherine Wheel. After their show, Lizzy asked Patrick how he was doing and he started singing "I've got AIDS, not HIV but full blown AIDS." I love imposing the Family Guy onto others.

Anyway, the interpol afterparty was a blast, but the times leading up to that were the best part. My apartment is the new black.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005


I love how Joel represents Stolen Transmission with his pin all the time. Check it out...the white pin on his jacket:

Extra love to The Spinto Band's number one fan (after me), Steve Aoki, in the background.

I can't believe I didn't write about this sooner: Did anyone see Family Guy on Sunday? Holy Shit... how the fuck do they get away with this shit like last week's episode? Totally unreal.

Now you may be wondering to yourself, what was so unreal about it, Sarah?

When trying to prove a point that he's good at delivering bad news, there's a flashback of Peter in a barber shop quartet singing the following:

You have AIDS
(Yes, you have AIDS)
I hate to tell you boy, that you have AIDS
(You've got the AIDS)
You may have caught it when you stuck that filthy needle in here.
(Or maybe all the unprotective sex that you hear)
It isn't clear.
(But what we're certain of is...)
You have AIDS
(Yes, you have AIDS)
Not HIV but full blown AIDS!
Be sure that you see, that this is not HIV
But full blown AIDS!
Not HIV but
Full blown AIDS!
I'm really sorry, I wish it were something less serious.
But it's AIDS!
You've got the AIDS!

The Tarts of Pleasure are DJing tonight at HIRO from 12-1:30am.

If you would like to go, please IM me at Ultragrrrl or email me at so i can put you and your homies on the guest list.

HIRO is at the Maritime Hotel in NYC.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005


Anytime NY is the best delivery menu I've found that caters to night owls like myself. The menu is rediculous and they deliver from 11am - 5am.

That means that at 4am, you can call and get delivered to you:
Goat Cheese Salad
Mozzerella Sticks
Pressed toast... and fucking shit tons more.



I found out that Karen reads my blog this morning when she called me up to tell me that the song I was asking about a few posts ago was Andreas Johnson's "Glorious". Ah-ha! I remember seeing the video when I was in London and it turns out she was obsessed with the song, and now that I think of it, I think i might've been as well for a minute.

You can hear it for yourself HERE.

Also, Trent the Pink posted an amazing link of a living iPod ad... the guy dancing reminds me of my Brother Lawrence when he dances. Watch it HERE.

I've been so knee deep in book stuff that I really havent been able to participate in my favorite activity of listening to, and finding, new bands to worship. The book was finally turned two tuesdays ago, and then the following monday i got kidnapped by killers, and then i'm here at this tuesday. Finally able to get back my footing and start listening to all the new bands I've been meaning to hear.

When I was in London in November of 2003 or maybe even 2002, my friend Imran took me to see Dogs Die In Hot Cars at the ULU. We got there early and there werent that many people there, so we got to see their opening band Duke Spirit, which was lead by a rediculously gorgeous blond girl with long limbs and even longer hair. She looked like a Goddess and they sounded like a Manc version of the Kills fronted by PJ Harvey. I fell in love, but had no money to buy anything, or maybe they didnt have anything to sell. I joined their mailing list and got emails about what they were up to and stuff. My buddy Peter G (aka the Husky Gentleman), went to London in February and brought back a copy of their EP (which i still have and FULLY plan on returning). He lent it to me and I listened to it over and over again while i was in Miami playing designated driver. Everyone loved it and it made things sort of delightfully calm for me. Go to their site and you can hear songs and watch videos.

Another new band that's been on my mind is Youth Group. My friend Patrick from Australia (whom you might remember if you've been reading this blog from the start) used to be in that band the Vines (he actually started it with Craig way back when), and while the Vines were on hiatus he decided to start playing with this band that his friends were in. He ended up falling in love with the guys and the music and decided to continue on with them rather than the band that had seen the covers of both spin and rolling stone. When I heard that he joined a band called Youth Group, the only thing I could think of was how WONDERFUL that name was. It inspired the band name i made up for my post punk band that will never exist: Youth Movement. So anyway, I finally got a cd in the mail from Epitaph a few months ago cause that's the label they signed with... which surprised me the moment i listened to it since the music possibly the opposite of what I thought i'd hear from that label (but then again, i'm not really familiar with their lineup apart from a few artists, so i could be wrong). Instead, what I heard was something closer to the Longpigs or James than say The Refused or even the Vines. I was pretty stoked on it.

I remember IMing with my other girlfriends who are friends with Patrick and had also recieved their record. We were all blown away by how good they were. It was such a delightful surprise, and it also meant that we might be able to see Patrick again, after figuring he'd be exiled to OZ with the vines.

So the other day I'm waking up and I get a text from Patrick saying that he's in town for a bit doing shows and wants to hang out. We make plans and I finally get to see him on friday after he came by the Darkroom for the party that the Tarts of Pleasure were hosting. Naturally, the Tarts were late, so Patrick and I arranged to meet on a street corner on the way from my apt to the Darkroom (which was also very close to the Delancey which is where he was palying). Josh and I were walking from my house to meet up with Patrick, all the while I'm looking around for him and not seeing anyone with my giant aliEn eyes. Finally, this really good looking, fit young man with a fashionable haircut waves me down.

Holy shit, it was Patrick, looking more amazing than I've ever seen him. Totally fit and healthy looking, and most of all happy. He just looked simply happy, which made me totally estatic. For as long as I've known him he's been somewhat miserable, much like Morrissey (actually, one of my favorite memories in life was of listening to the Smiths with Patrick once when we were both wasted off our tits and falling asleep while sitting up as "Asleep" started playing). But Saturday night on Rivington street, he looked refreshed, happy and healthy. Robust even. We chatted for a bit and he came by the Darkroom after his band's set. He told me that his band was playing again on Sunday, so we made plans to get bunch the next day and drank and danced the night away til we were kicked out. Nick Manske told me about some catered BBQ happening sunday afternoon in Madison Sq Park so we ventured over there ... me not really planning out that that they wouldn't have vegetarian BBQ for folks like me. But anyway, the BBQ was totally fucking cool, and I sort of just wanted to write about that. It was like authentic Austin, and next time it happens, hopefully the dashing Nick will alert me again so i can post it here.

After dropping Patrick off I met up with Karen at her apartment, but not before running into both Sune and my friend Will Scott from high school (whom, in my opinion was the coolest motherfucker in that building), with in a block or two of each other (mind you, the night before while standing outside of the Darkroom and on my way there, I saw more people that I haven't seen in ages in a matter of five minutes, totally surreal). I went to Karen's. We decided on an idea for a Tarts of Pleasure slogan "We Are the Rock" (not like "rock'n'roll" but as in... we've got foundation), and discussed our feud with the Queenz of Noise that the NME decided to start, which is fucking amazing. I convinced Jordan Silver to come over, and then brainwashed the two of them into going with me to see "Mr. And Mrs. Smith". We searched for Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Peppers and went to the movies, but not before i got totally stoked to see Real World's original cast member, Eric Nies (sp?). I could not hide my smile that my middle school self was pushing out with all her force. Needless to say, neither Jordan nor Karen were that into the movie, but i literally swooned at parts and Jordan made fun of me.

Anyway, i digress. I met up with my friend Cedric from LA and his bandmate Zack at Bar 13 for Shout! to see Youth Group. They were tighter than I remember the Vines ever being, and every song made me feel like I was living in Donnie Darko, if it took place in my life and I could soundtrack it, and one of the bands on the soundtrack sounded like James. The disco lights swirling around my blissfully buzzed head as the tambourine of "Skelaton Jar" (which you can hear on their site) starts playing and forcing me to see the love of my life, our life together, our kids, our happiness, our fights, our giant rabbit standing in the bathroom with a busted eye, us making up and growing old and dying. It was a pretty intense 3 minutes.

Afterwards we chilled out on the roof of Bar 13 and decided to head out else where the other girls who had come to meet up (Karen, Jenny, and Mahsa) went to the Darkroom to meet up with Simon White, and I took the mens to the "gay morrissey party" as someone called it. Me and the sausage party (which now was: patrick and youth group, cedric and zack, and some other dudes) danced the night away DESPITE some of them saying they weren't going to dance. You can't stick a bunch of slightly effeminate dudes in a sexy bar with a DJ playing good Moz/Smiths song after another and expect them NOT TO GET DRUNK AND DANCE AS IF THE ROOM IS FILLED TO THE BRIM WITH SEXY YOUNG GIRLS. It was completely DELIGHTFUL and fun. I was bummed when I had to leave, but the Bat Signal got raised and I had to go back to being a crimefighting goth of gotham. Or not.

Youth Group is playing wednesday night at Mercury Lounge in NYC at 9:30pm. I urge, urge, urge you to go to this show.

Alright! I'm getting back to posting mundane bullshit on this blog again! horay! back to the old self.

Someone mentioned the Libertines in the comment section, and they're actually a band that has been coming up a lot in my life in the past month. Josh has become obsessed with Pete Doherty and I made Brandon a copy of some songs from their albums and he's been dancing around in his apt listening to them. Almost every night i listen to "Can't Stand Me Now" cause it reminds me of a night that is both beautiful and heartbreaking. It's my thoughts thrown onto music. I remember when I heard this song for the umpteenth time, but finally ACTUALLY heard it was when i was lying in bed asleep and the song came on mtv2 since i left the TV on. The opening guitar sound must've penetrated my snoozing mind in a way that allowed me to hear the lyrics for real and the moment they start singing "i know you lie, i know you lie, i'm still in love with you" i started feeling like someone was singing right to me, so much that when "You can't stand me now" started to get sung, i actually felt like that was my subconcious reply. I cried myself to sleep that night.

There's something genuinely gorgeous about the lyrics those boys write. The narrative of it all mixed with the romance of longing, even if that longing is for drugs or physical contact.

There was an article in the issue of Q Magazine with Green Day on the cover that's about the east London Crack scene. It mostly centers around the notoriously cracked out Pete Doherty who plays house parties for 15 pounds a head and uses that money for drugs. I'm a bigger fan of their first album, which i imagine, was written before the downward spiral of heroin and crack, my favorite song on the album is "What a Waster" which is about that very topic and it could almost have been written today to describe the past two years for the band. "Can't Stand Me Now," which PERFECTLY chronicles the travels of Pete and Carl Barat from their first album to their second album, is possibly my favorite Libertines song. Obvious choices, sure. But they're mine.

I remember when I was about 22 or 23, i was supposed to interview the band for my spin column. Pete was missing from the mix and I was supposed to take a photo with the entire band and chat with them for a bit. So I took a photo with the guys (which has since been lost in a file transfer mishap) sans Pete and asked one of them where he was. "probably off finding drugs" was the reply, and I thought that was a bit odd and guessed it to be a joke since I was very young and innocent then.

A few days later, I was prowling through photos on Friendster and came across a very disturbing one someone had taken of Pete as he's preparing a needle of heroin. I was utterly disturbed. Showed it to my friends in horror and disbelief, and became completely fascinated. It was such sad and hauting photo, and again, I can't remember where it's located or if I even have it, which I dont think I do. Then Blender printed a disturbing photo of Pete smoking from a crack pipe that seemed to be taken with his consent. It's just so strange and almost Verlaine & Rimbaud of him, only, I'm not sure which one he'd be. Is he the wise, yet twisted, older man who inspires? Or is he the young, devilishly clever and manipulative genius? Either way, both of them had a chemical romance. THEY had a chemical romance. They get into them and use drugs as a cover for their emotions, using them as a scape goat to see each other and a bonding tool. Eventually the drugs become their emotions. They're no longer using drugs to get closer to the one they like, but to get closer to feeling the way they like while on drugs. Anyone who has had an addiction to drinking knows this. Drug users know this. This means that one of the drug buddies can escape without notice and fix themselves up while the other just strives for that feeling that they didn't even know they were looking for.

Anyway, those are my random thoughts about the Libertines, inspired by someone talking about them.

Monday, June 13, 2005


What song is used in the new Volvo commercial? it sounds like a synth version of a song I once loved, but I can't remember which one and it's killing me.


Friday, June 10, 2005


For anyone that has seen the Killers on this tour might've heard their new song "All The Pretty Faces" played during sets. On tuesday night I was watching the band with Paul Banks and he turned to me saying "is this a new one? it's really good." I admire Paul's music and so does Brandon, so hearing sing the praises of the song is delightful.

You can hear it for yourself HERE

UPDATE: I put up a better version of the song thanks to someone who posted as "water".

Also, listen to Neil Diamond as much as you can today. He's so cool that he'll make this hot weather seem more tolerable.

Thursday, June 9, 2005


I must apologize for my lack of updates, but it's not my fault. I was kidnapped by a band of handsome and well dressed killers wearing eyeliner masks. I was only supposed to be gone for roughly 24 hours, but found myself on tour with my favorite band (that is not Interpol, Muse or My Chemical Romance), being sneakily kidnapped from state to state.

"We'll do the interview later." Turned into "We'll do the interview after the set." Turned into "We'll do the interview after bus call." Turned into "Well do the interview tomorrow night." Night after night. I packed for a day trip, with a slight chance of overnight-age. I ended up reliving Almost Famous. Our "Tiny Dancer" was "Helena." Our Golden God was a Morman. Our nights spent with bands that blow our mind. Being treated like a sister. Being disgused as a boy. Never being treated like I was imposing.

It took me a day or two to realize that i was living out the biggest dream of my life. And when I found myself at the Marriweather Pavillion in Maryland, watching the band from the side of the stage for the 3rd time in 3 days, as Brandon called out to the audience during "All These Things That I've Done" that he wanted to see 30,000 hands in the air... and actually seeing them... I had to hold myself back from crying. I put my hands over my mouth and stared out in disbelief. A year ago they were playing Mercury Lounge and today here they were... Brandon performing like the frontman I always saw him as (like a young Morrissey), Dave and Mark looking like they're enjoying every moment of life, and Ronnie being the heart and soul. I could not believe what I saw. Backstage, in their dressing room, standing in the doorway of the side room, Brandon looked at me as if he sees his sister about to cry and throws his arms around me to give a hug. We spent the past three days trying to convince people we were twin. We managed to convince most. And now we were being plyed apart. Mark pestered me about staying on tour -- telling me that it's only 3 more days, and offering the day off as a bargaining tool, and Wyatt kisseed my head and offered whatever little amounts of money he had to make sure I get home safely, since my bank account had only $40 in it and I was walking around with a $20 for three days.

I fucking love the Killers.

I'll post details tomorrow... today I've gotta run.

"over and in, last call for sin, while everyone's lost and the battle is won, with all these things that i've done."

Friday, June 3, 2005



I am not in the Killers.
I am not dating any of the Killers.
I am not getting money from the Killers for talking about them on my blog.

For this reason, I was unable to get my brother tickets for their show tomorrow in central park. So he needs a pair:
he wrote: If anyone has two extra tickets for the Killers tomorrow at Central Park, please email me at Let me know what you want for them and how I can pick them up.


By the way, the afterparty is gonna be at Misshapes.

with the Tarts of Pleasure djing!

Thursday, June 2, 2005


Nightmare of You is playing tonight at the Delancey. I can't stress enough how good this band is. Come to see them tonight at 11pm at the Delancey.

Here's what Gurj had to say about it:

Saturday I headed to Long Island with Sarah and Tara to go to the Crazy Donkey show, a fire benefit gig with Head Automatica and Nightmare of You, who by the way are fucking amazing. I HIGHLY recommend that you listen out for these guys because from the sounds of their EP, they can only hit it big time. At first look they’re young, cute and their image screamos EMOOO but then as soon as they start playing you’re like, “Erm, hold on a minute, what the fuck?! This shit is amazing!” The lyrics hark Morrissey’s dry, sharp wit and the beats are like dance rock, with INSANELY infectious hooks.

Wednesday, June 1, 2005


Tonight if you're in NYC, here's what you can do:
9:30 - Michael Pitt's band Pagoda is playing at Pianos. Michael Pitt the actor.
Later on - Go to Hiro for the Kraftwerk after party DJed by Martin Gore of Depeche Mode

Tomorrow night: GO SEE NIGHTMARE OF YOU at the Delancey at 11pm.
Trust me on this one people. It's like a better version of Brand New. I'm loving this band so much, it's rediculous. You can hear songs of theirs on their Myspace page.


If you're going to see Bloc Party tonight, ARRIVE EARLY TO SEE THE OOHLAS!

they're also playing with Bloc Party in Los Angeles! GO EARLY!

Saturday at Misshapes was like a pre-Warped tour meeting spot. I will cherish this photo forever... how fucking hot does Mikey look in this photo? My girlfriends are like, drooling all over themselves over the hotness overload in every direction in this photo.

From Left to Right:
Rob Hitt from Midtown, Mikey Way from My Chemical Romance, Brandon Reilly from Nightmare of You, Sarah Lewitinn from right fucking here.

more photos can be seen here

Saturday night at Misshapes was fun as fuck. Brandon and I think someone roofied our drinks cause we went BANANAS. Mikey is a fucking trip and a half sometimes. Like, he's all shy and quiet and then he has a bit to drink and suddenly he's the the trippiest, funniest, dude to ever wear liam's haircut. We were in the backroom at misshapes when Mikey picks up a plugged in hair iron and said:
"Whoa, they have a hair iron on call here. EMERGENCY HAIR STRAIGHTENING!"